How To Change GCC Driving License To Qatar License (2024)

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There are many expatriates moving to Qatar from GCC countries like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain. Many of them have lived in other GCC countries and possess valid driving licenses from those countries.

A common question is whether they can convert or change GCC driving license to Qatar driving license. This article will answer the current law regarding this and the procedure to get a new Qatar driving license based on a GCC driving license.

What is GCC driving license?

GCC driving license refers to a driving license issued by any country of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). These countries are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar.

Can I drive in Qatar with a GCC license?

When someone comes to Qatar from another GCC country such as the UAE or Saudi Arabia, they have two options:

  1. Drive in Qatar using their GCC driving license, OR
  2. Get a Qatar driving license.

Let’s examine the possibilities here:

Expatriate GCC residents who are visitors to Qatar can use their GCC country’s licenses in Qatar for up to three months. A passport or entry visa must be carried at all times as proof of entry to Qatar.

Note that this rule only applies to “visitors” on family visit visas, visas on arrival, GCC resident visit visas or other types of tourist visas.

However, once an expatriate becomes a Qatar resident (a residence visa is stamped), he/she cannot use a GCC license to drive in Qatar. Instead, he/she will need to apply for a Qatar driving license.

Can I exchange GCC driving license to Qatar license?

Earlier, there was a provision whereby holders of GCC driving licenses could simply exchange their licenses to get a Qatar driving license. As per the current rules, this is not possible anymore. However, there is some good news:

Expatriate residents with a valid driving license from another GCC country (UAE, Saudi, Kuwait, Bahrain, or Oman can register for a direct test to obtain their Qatar driving license. They do not have to attend a driving course like others.

This would save them several weeks of their time and thousands of Qatari Riyals in driving school fees.

This rule was confirmed by First Lieutenant Muhammad Al-Amri, from the General Directorate of Traffic, while speaking with Qatar TV.

How To Get Qatar Driving License Using GCC License

An expatriate resident who moves to live in Qatar (not visit) can apply for a Qatar driving license by following the below steps:

Step 1: Go to any driving school in Qatar

You can visit any driving school near you. Here is the list of all driving schools in Qatar.

Step 2: Open a new file with the Department of Traffic inside the school

All driving schools have an office of the Traffic Department attached to them. Make sure to visit in the morning, preferably between 6:30 and 9:00 am.

The documents required are:

  • Original driving license from a GCC country
  • Qatar ID card
  • Eye test certificate
  • QR 50 fee using a debit/credit card

The following may also be required in some cases:

  • NOC letter from the sponsor (this can also be done on Metrash)
  • Trade license of the sponsor company / QID of the sponsor (if under personal sponsorship)
  • 3 passport-size photos

Most driving schools will have facilities for eye-test. You can use them or do the test from any optometrist shop or clinic.

Step 3: Enrol in a theory class and book a test date

You must return to the driving school reception and enrol in the theory (signals and rules) class. Most schools charge QR 300 or QR 350 for this.

You can book a date for the theory test through the school itself. This date can be changed using your Metrash2 mobile app.

Step 4: Study for the theory test and take the test

Your driving school will provide you with theory classes and learning resources such as guidebooks and mobile apps. You can also check our guide to Qatar traffic signs here.

On test day, visit the school and attend the test. This is a computer-based test, and you will know the results immediately.

Step 5: Pay the road test fee and book a test date

Once you pass the theory test, you can pay the fee for a road test and book a test date. The road test fee is QR 200 (includes two chances).

Note that you may need to wait a few weeks for the next test date as demand is high. You can also take the road test at a different driving school. All this can be managed using the Metrash mobile app.

Step 6: Take the road test and the parking test

Driving Test To Change GCC Driving License To Qatar

On the day of the driving school and register at the reception. You will use the vehicle of the driving school. Usually, the road test lasts 10-15 minutes, where you will be evaluated by a police officer.

After you pass the road test, you can take the parking test. This may be on the same day or another date.

Step 7: Pay the license fee and collect the driving license

After the successful completion of the road test and parking test, you can collect your Qatar driving license. You must pay a driving license fee of QR 250 for five years. The license may be issued the same day, or you can collect it the next day.

The newly issued license will be valid for five years.

Important Things To Consider

  • The GCC license should be valid. An expired license may be accepted in some rare cases.
  • The license holder’s profession should not be on the list of professions not eligible for a driving license.
  • The license class should be the same as the old license. If a light-vehicle driver wants a heavy-vehicle license, he must attend classes.
  • The rules are sometimes relaxed in the case of professional drivers (household drivers) under personal sponsorship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a UAE driving license valid in Qatar?

Visitors with UAE driving licenses can drive for up to 3 months in Qatar. Expatriates who become residents cannot use their UAE driver’s license in Qatar.

Can I exchange my UAE license for a Qatar license?

As per the new rules, you cannot exchange a UAE license for a Qatar license. However, you can register for a direct test without going to driving classes.

Do GCC citizens have to take a driving test for the Qatar driving test?

No, in the case of GCC citizens, they can convert their country’s licenses into Qatari driving licenses immediately if they have a Qatar ID. Only expatriate residents need to take a driving test.

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  1. Hi,
    I was holding Qatar driving license, when I moved to Saudi, I exchanged Qatar license with Saudi license, they took the original Qatar license. Now, I’m again back to Qatar what is the procedure to get Qatar license?

    Thank you.

  2. I have soudi driving license from 2014 but license is expired in June 2023
    Can i convert to qatri driving license i have qatar id plz sr reply mi

    1. Hi Aman, There is no change option from the UAE license. You can get a direct test using that. Please contact a driving school.

  3. i have ksa licence but expire now i live in doha i already give road test but two time fail i drive good i dont know what happen so can i take again direct test?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Prem, Usually they will ask you to take classes if you fail two tests. You can check with your driving school if there is a chance to get third test without class.

  4. Hi, I am at multiple entry visa (RP not available) and I having with a valid Oman licence is it possible to get me the Qatar driving licence from the direct test.

  5. Hello DG Team,
    Good evening!

    I have a valid Saudi license and I see that I can take the test directly. But my QID profession is Programmer. So, I’m I eligible to take the license. Please clarify.

    1. Hi Syed, As per the available list of professions, Computer Programmer is not eligible to apply. Please check with a driving school to see if the list has changed. Please let us know so that we can update the list if required.

  6. Hello sir,
    I am in qatar on work visa single entry and going for residence visa in qatar. I have UAE driving license which expired 2017. May I eligible for direct driving test? If you have any contact please let me know contact no. +97430007184

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Aiman, The requirement is that GCC license should be valid. In your case it has expired 6 years ago. So we are not sure if they would allow direct test. Anyways you can check with any driving school.

    1. Hello sir! I have Bahraini license Oman license and Pakistani license can I change with qatari licence

      1. Doha Guides Team

        Hi Ghulam, There is no option to change. With Bahraini / Oman license you can get a direct test (without classes). Please contact a driving school.

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi Muhammad Ali, With your KSA/UAE license you can get direct road test (without attending classes). Please contact any driving school.

  7. Christopher kipchirchir kibet

    I have qatar heavy driving license and want to be stamp to light driving license…

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Christopher, You will need to attend a light vehicle course and take test. Please contact a driving school.

      1. Doha Guides Team

        Hi Azaz, With a Saudi license, you can give direct road test for Qatar license (without attending classes). All steps are explained in the article. Please contact a driving school.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Iftikhar Khan, You will need to take test as explained above. Please contact a driving school.

  8. I pay 350 and install theory app from driving school. after i change test date in metrash another School, I can attend theory test My fast theory app?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Mahamood, The theory lessons are same for all schools, but apps may be different. You need to request this to your school.

  9. I alreday pay 350 riyal for theory app driving School. but I change theory test date, another School in metrash.i can use same app that School aslo?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Mahamood, The theory lessons are same for all schools, but apps may be different. You need to request this to your school.

  10. This process now taking nearly 6 months when we go to school they are giving date for signal test after 5 months and after that test you need to wait 3 months for road test.

    Want to avoid waiting they are asking to join Vip course to get license early in 1 month which costs you 4500 approx.

    Need more fast they are asking a bribe under table 8000. Here it’s all for money.

  11. Hi sir I have a dubai light driving license but expired in 2005 can I changed to Qatar and the lincese is old photo and writing r scratch

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Amin, It will be difficult because it has expired 18 years back. Anyways you can check with any driving school.