How To Change Driving Test Date in Qatar (2024)

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Obtaining a driving license is a crucial step towards independence and mobility. In Qatar, the process of obtaining a driving license involves passing a driving test, which can be daunting for many.

However, if you need to change your driving test appointment date, the good news is that it can be done quickly and easily through the Metrash2 mobile app.

This article will guide you through the steps to change driving test date in Metrash, ensuring that you can take your test at a time that is convenient for you.

How To Change Driving Test Date in Qatar

If you need to change your Qatar driving license test date, you can approach your driving school. Alternatively the process can be easily done through the Metrash app. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Log in to your Metrash2 account

Metrash Login Page

If you don’t have an account, you can create one by following our Metrash registration guide.

Step 2: Select “Traffic” from the main menu

Metrash App Traffic Icon

Step 3: Click on “License Service”

Metrash License Service Icon

Step 4: Click on “Appointment License Test”

Metrash License Test Appointment Icon

Step 5: Enter your e-mail ID

Change Driving Test Date Metrash

Click “Next” after entering your e-mail ID.

Step 6: Select your driving school

You can find a list of available driving schools to choose from.

Step 7: Check the available date and time

As most dates are filled quickly, you may have to repeat the above steps multiple times to find a suitable appointment.

Step 8: Select the new date and time for your driving test

Choose the appointment you want to change.

Step 9: Confirm the changes and submit your request

Once you have completed these steps, your request to change your driving test date will be processed.

You will receive a confirmation message on the email ID you provided.

You can also check the status of your request by logging into your Metrash account and checking the “Driving Test Appointments” section.

By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure that you can take your driving test at a time that is convenient for you.

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  1. Hi ,
    I have joined driving school on September and I got test date on 28 Jan 2024. it was too long wait (around 4 months) I didn’t know that I can change it through metrash and unfortunately I failed the test. again I got date after another 4 months ( May ). I’m badly in need to get test date soon . I tried metrash but no date found. even I contact my driving school they says come this day that day this month last like that.
    is there any proper solution for the date change plz plz update me.
    God bless you.
    thank you

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Raaf, Unfortunately, there is a high demand for test dates, so the waiting period is long. You will get a new date on Metrash if someone else cancels their test. You have to keep checking online (especially during the early morning).

  2. hi sir my name is Laxman.
    the metrash2 driving test date booking for any driving school are ?
    only thaery test wear I get appointment in same need book please tell me

  3. Hi, after I passed my theory test (direct test) I booked my road test appointment thru Metrash2, but not a same school I did for theory test. Is that fine to choose a different school?
    I choose Qatar School from Metrash2, I could not find the location of Qatar school in google map, do you know what is the actual school name of Qatar school (if you know).
    Thank you.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi May, It is OK to choose a different school, but you need to contact the school in advance. There may be a fee as you are using their vehicle for test.
      We think the school you are referring to is “Qatar Driving Learning Institute”.

  4. hi sir, By Mistake I confirmed the theory test date in metarash2 mobile app , can i change once more, is it possible, please let me know.

  5. Hello..
    After entering email then click Next it says that no Lp found for the appointment text.. What is mean by LP not found

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Jawad, LP is Learner’s Permit. Either it is not registered or it has expired. Please check with your driving school.

  6. Subhash sharma

    I got L & P parking test date on 12December, this date was given by Traffic department situated in driving school.
    How can I change my parking test date?
    As I know they charge 50QR for test date but in my case she did not charge me, Why?
    and it was my first parking test date.
    Normally they give parking test dates with in 1 month only

      1. Hi i have dubai license i applied for direct qatar driving test in May traffic department given me theory’s test date on September.
        Is there any way i can change the test date metrash2 its not easy to get early slot

  7. Hello,
    Actually I tried to change my date in metrash 2 and it shows LP not found please tell me how to solve this issue

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Alex, Please check if your Learners Permit has not expired. If it is valid and you face the issue, please contact your driving school.

  8. Subhash sharma

    When I tried to change road test date through metrash2, why is it showing No LP found for test date assignment.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Subhash, Either your Learner’s Permit has expired or there is some issue in the system. Please check with your driving school.

    2. Hello,
      Actually I tried to change my date in metrash 2 and it shows LP not found please tell me how to solve this issue if you know please tell me

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