Qatar Family Visit Visa Requirements & How To Apply (2024)

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What is Qatar Family Visit Visa?

Qatar Family Visit Visa is a type of short-term visa that enables expatriate residents to bring their spouse, children, father, mother, or other relatives of the first and second degrees to Qatar for a short visit. The visa is issued for one month and can be extended for another five months (in some cases).

This article explains the requirements, documents, application process, visa cost, and other details of the Qatar Family Visit Visa.

Please Note: This is a short-term visa for visiting purposes only. Foreign employees who wish to sponsor their families to live long-term in Qatar should refer to the Family Residence Visa Procedure.

Qatar Family Visit Visa Latest News And Updates 2024

Ramadan Working Hours: The Ministry of Interior has announced the official working hours of its departments during the holy month of Ramadan. The General Directorate of Passports offices will be open from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM.


Currently, the Family Visit Visa also requires CEID verification for adults. This stage comes after the visa number is issued. The application status on Metrash will be “Under Process” with the visa number. On average this is taking 1-2 weeks.

Since September, Family Visit Visa applications are being accepted for visitors aged 60 and above. Many recent applicants have already received their visa numbers.

Additionally, visit visa extensions of up to 6 months are permitted for spouses and children.

Since the first week of October 2023, there has been a delay in approvals for adults. Some applications are taking 3-4 weeks.

Applications for family visit visas can be submitted online using the Metrash app.

The new Immigration office at Al Duhail is now allowing entry for expatriates who want to make changes to their Visit Visa or Family RP applications or resubmit documents. You can park your car in the basement and proceed to the first floor.

04 December 2023 Update

The Ministry of Interior has clarified the eligibility criteria for Family Visit Visa as follows:
1. Applicant should have a minimum salary of QR 5000.
2. The profession should be a non-labour category.
3 The applicant should have family accommodation duly accredited by relevant authorities.
4. The visitor must have health insurance.
5. The visitor must be a relative of the applying resident within the allowed degrees of relation.

Please note that the information provided above is not based on any official announcement but rather on the recent experiences of applicants who visited MOI Centers. Individual outcomes may vary depending on various factors.

Health Insurance For Family Visit Visa

Health insurance is now mandatory for a Family Visit Visa. Once your visa is approved, you will receive an SMS with a link to purchase the health insurance online.

Applicants can buy health insurance for QAR 50 per month from any of the registered insurance companies listed on the MOPH website. More details about visitors’ insurance are available here.

Attestation For Marriage Certificate

Until recently, most visit visa applications for spouses were approved without an attested marriage certificate. However, nowadays attestation is compulsory for marriage certificates.

For a Family Visit Visa, attestation is not mandatory for children’s birth certificates. It is mandatory for a Family Residence Visa.

Qatar Family Visit Visa Requirements

Expatriate residents in Qatar can apply for a family visit visa subject to meeting minimum salary and professional requirements.

Minimum Salary For Family Visit Visa in Qatar

The minimum salary required to apply for a Family Visit Visa in Qatar for spouses and children is QR 5,000 per month.

A minimum monthly salary of QR 10,000 is required to apply for Family Visit Visas for other relatives.

Visa TypeMinimum Salary Required
Family Visit Visa – Spouse and ChildrenQR 5,000
Family Visit Visa – Other RelativesQR 10,000
Minimum salary required for a Qatar family visit visa

Profession Requirement for Family Visit Visa in Qatar

Most expatriates with the required minimum salary are eligible to apply for a family visit visa. However, some applications may be rejected if the applicant’s profession on Qatar ID is labour-type.

Even if an application is rejected due to an ineligible profession, the Captain at the MOI Service Center has the power to change the decision.

Family Members That Can Be Hosted

  • First Degree: Wife, Children, Father, Mother
  • Second Degree: Brother, Sister, Grandfather, Grandmother, Grandchildren
  • Third Degree: Children of brother or sister, Paternal uncle or aunt (brother or sister of father), Maternal uncle or aunt (Brother or sister of mother)

Documents Required for Qatar Family Visit Visa

If applying for a visit visa for wife and children

While applying through Metrash, the following documents should be uploaded:

  • Visitor’s passport copy (minimum validity of 6 months)
  • Proof of relationship (Wife: Marriage Certificate / Children: Birth Certificate)
  • Round-trip flight tickets

Employment details are not required when applying through the Metrash app, as currently labour contracts are linked with the Metrash system.

If applying for a visit visa for other relatives

Only married expatriates with family in Qatar can apply to sponsor other relatives.

While applying through Metrash, the following documents should be uploaded:

  • Visitor’s passport copy (minimum validity of 6 months)
  • Proof of relationship (Birth Certificate, Passport, etc.)
  • Round-trip flight tickets

Qatar Family Visit Visa Fee

Qatar Family Visit Visa fee is QAR 200 for 30 days. The entry visa can be extended by paying QAR 200 per month.

  • Medical check-up: A medical check-up for a visa extension costs QAR 100.
  • Fine for overstaying: The fine for overstaying beyond the allowed period is QR 200 per day.

Qatar Family Visit Visa Validity

Qatar Family Visit Visas are initially issued for one month (30 days). After the visitor enters Qatar and undergoes a medical test, the visa can be further extended for another five months for spouses and children (total 180 days) and two more months for other relatives (total 90 days).

Health insurance needs to be taken for the additional period.

As the rules may change from time to time, an extension beyond 90 90-day stay is not guaranteed. If you are planning to extend for 5 more months (after one month) please confirm with the Immigration Department before purchasing additional insurance.

Number of Days To Enter Qatar After Visa Approval

Once the visa is approved, it will have the “visa valid till” date printed on the top. This is the last date for entry to Qatar (not the last date of stay in Qatar). Currently, it is 90 days from the date of visa approval. Visitors cannot use this visa after this date.

Qatar Family Visit Visa Application

Traditionally, applying for a family visit visa was to visit any Ministry of Interior (MoI) Service Centre and submit copies of the documents along with the printed application form.

In 2018, Qatar introduced an online system where residents can apply for family visit visas through the Metrash2 mobile.

Through this service, you can upload all the required documents in the specified fields. You can also track the application status and pay the fees electronically once approved.

How To Apply For Qatar Family Visit Visa Online

Below are the steps to apply for a Qatar Family Visit Visa using the Metrash mobile app.

Step 1. Open the Metrash2 app on your mobile and log in

If you haven’t registered for Metrash2, see our comprehensive Metrash2 User Guide.

Step 2. Click on the “Visa” icon

Apply Family Visit Visa Metrash

Step 3. Click on the “Issue Visa” icon

Apply Family Visit Visa Metrash

Step 4. Click on the “Family Visit” icon

Apply Family Visit Visa Metrash

Step 5. Select “Family Visa Application”

Apply Family Visit Visa Metrash

Make sure to select “Family Visa Application”, not “Family Resident Application”.

Step 6. Click on “New Application”

Family Visit Visa Metrash New Application Button

Step 7. Fill up the details of the visitor

The details to fill up include Gender, Relation, Nationality, Date of Birth, Passport Details etc.

Family Visit Visa Application Page on Metrash

Step 8. Click on the “Validate” button

Qatar Family Visit Visa Metrash Validate Button

Step 9. Upload the required photos or scans of the documents

  • Document scans/photos must be clear and readable.
  • For documents with multiple pages, you must combine both photos/scans to create one JPG file.
  • When uploading passports, photo and bio pages should be on the same side.
  • For “Marriage Certificate (Others)”, you can upload the attested backside of the marriage certificate.
  • Often a birth certificate is asked to prove your relationship with the visitor. If this is unavailable, you can also use any other document proving the relationship.

Step 10. You will receive an update after a few days

If there are any missing or mismatched documents, you will be notified to make the required changes. After verifying and approving the application, you will receive an application number.

The application status will change to “Under Process”, “Under Review” and again to “Under Process” before getting approved.

Step 11. Pay the required fee

Once the visa is approved, you have to pay the visa fee (QR 200) online via Metrash. To make the payment, go to the “Visa Fees Payment” icon on the “Visa Operation” page.

Pay Visit Visa Fee On Metrash

Step 12. Buy health insurance

From April 2023, health insurance needs to be taken after the visit visa is approved (not during application).

Once your visa is approved, you will receive a message to buy the insurance. While buying the insurance, enter the visa number and it will be updated in the Metrash system. The visa can be printed only after insurance has been purchased.

After this, you can download the visa copy and send it to the visitor for travel.

How To Check the Status of Family Visit Visa

You can see the status on your Metrash app itself.

Check Family Visit Visa Status on Metrash

You can also check the family visit visa status on the Ministry of Interior website under Inquiries >> Visa Services >> Visa Approval Tracking (link).

Qatar Visa Check Online

Enter the application number and application date or sponsor’s QID number. Make sure all the required details are filled in correctly, and you’ll be able to check your visa status.

Applying Family Visit Visa Offline

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) no longer entertains offline applications for family visit visas. You are required to apply via the Metrash mobile app.

Family Visit Visa Rejected: What To Do

There may be several reasons why your family visit visa application is rejected. Often it is due to submitting wrong or insufficient documents.

If the document photo is not clear or not attested (in the case of a marriage certificate), you can do the attestation and resubmit again. However, it is imperative to understand the reason and fix it before applying again.

Applications can also be rejected if the applicant (a Qatar resident) does not comply with the required conditions (salary or profession). If the application is rejected due to the applicant not meeting the salary requirement, it would be difficult to get approved again.

However, in case of rejection due to profession, you can try to meet the Captain at the Immigration Office in Duhail, and request for reconsideration. Sometimes he would approve if the profession is acceptable.

How To Cancel Visa Application In Metrash

If your application is still under review or process, you can cancel it by clicking on the right arrow on the status page. If this option is not available, you will have to visit any MOI Service Center.

Document Checklist for Family Visit Visa Travellers

  1. Passport (minimum validity of 6 months)
  2. Visa printout
  3. Two-way flight tickets
  4. Health insurance

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How To Extend Family Visit Visa

As the initial visa is issued for one month only, the sponsor has to extend it within the first month to avoid any penalties.

Relatives wishing to stay beyond one month must undergo a medical test within a few days. Here is the detailed process of the medical test for a visit visa extension.

Once the medical examination is passed, the visit visa can be extended online using the Metrash mobile app (Visa –> Visa Services –> Extend Visa) or by visiting any MOI service centre.

Family Visit

Other Points To Note

If the return ticket is after 30 days, some airlines may not allow visitors to board the flight since the initial visa is only for 30 days. So make sure to book a flight ticket that can be modified with a minimum change fee. In this way, once the visitor reaches Qatar, the ticket dates can be modified.

As this is an online visa, some airlines may require an “OK to Board” status in their system before departure. You can get this status by showing the visa copy to the airline’s Doha office.

“Null” Status on Visit Visa Application Receipt

Some of our readers have raised concerns that the receipt they received after application submission shows “null” in most fields.

Please note that this is normal for all applicants. This document is only an acknowledgement that they received your application. Your application details will be in the system.

Visit Visa Application “Under Process” and “Under Review” Status

Applicants often get confused about changes to their visit visa application status. It is normal that each visit visa application moves through “Under Process” and “Under Review” statuses multiple times before approval.

If your application status changes between these two, you do not have to do anything. In most cases, the application will be approved within days of a status change.

Qatar Family Visit Visa Approval Time

As of 2024, the average approval time for a Family Visit Visa is 1-4 weeks. Please note that applications are processed in batches and may not be on a first-come first-serve basis.

Here is a video explaining the Family Visit Visa application process:

You can also watch the same video with Malayalam and Hindi audio. Please subscribe to the Doha Guides YouTube channel for more videos.

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FAQ on Qatar Family Visit Visa

What is the salary requirement for a family visit visa in Qatar?

To apply for a family visit visa for your spouse and children, a minimum salary of QR 5,000 is required; for other relatives, a minimum salary of QR 10,000 is required.

What is the cost of a family visit visa in Qatar?

A Qatar family visit visa costs QAR 200 (USD 55) per month.

How can I apply for a family visit visa in Qatar via Metrash?

You can apply for a family visit visa online by filling in the visitor details and uploading document scans or photos. Step-by-step instructions can be found on this page.

How can I extend my Qatar family visit visa?

You can extend the one-month visit visa after a medical check-up. There is a renewal fee of QAR 200 per month for each additional month.

Can I convert my family visit visa to a residence visa in Qatar?

Yes, if you are eligible to sponsor your spouse and children, you can convert your family visit visa to a residence visa.

Is Qatar Family Visit Visa multiple entry?

No, the Qatar Family Visit Visa is a single-entry visa.

I cannot find the option to upload health insurance in Metrash. What to do?

From April 2023, health insurance need not be uploaded on Metrash. You have to buy the insurance after the visa has been approved. While buying insurance, add your visa number and it will be automatically updated in the system.

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    Visit visa approved for my wife and kids. May i know, round trip ticket is compulsory while travelling time also. I have taken one way ticket only.

    1. Doha Guides Team

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      Thank you Mohammed, Air ticket is required for visit visa. Attested tenancy contract is not required.

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    I wish to bring my mother on a family visit visa. I have some concerns to clarify.
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    3. Shes already has an A1 tourist visa, do I need to cancel before proceeding with a family visit visa?
    Please guide me.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Anas, Sorry for the late reply. If you haven’t applied yet, here are the answers:
      1) Yes, you can.
      2) Usually 90 days (the validity will be on the visa).
      3) If she is outside the country, you can try applying without cancelling. Sometimes it gets approved. If you are sure you won’t use A1, you can cancel and apply for family visit.

  18. Hi DG team,

    Please advice under family RP application for the children -10 Yr category, what are documents to be upload in the “others document “

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