Qatar Family Visit Visa Requirements and How To Apply (2022)

What is Qatar Family Visit Visa?

Qatar Family Visit Visa is a type of short-term visa that enables expatriate residents to bring their father, mother, wife, children or relatives of the first and second grades to Qatar for a short visit. The visa is issued for one month and can be extended up to six months in some cases.

Please Note: This is a short-term visa for visiting purposes only. Foreign employees who wish to sponsor their families to live long term in Qatar should refer to the Family Residence Visa Procedure.

Current Status of Family Visit Visa

After the suspension of various visit visa services to Qatar in 2020, the Ministry of Interior is now accepting family visit visa applications from all nationalities including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and the Philippines. Qatar residents who wish to bring family members on a visit visa can now fill in the application details and submit relevant documents through the Metrash2 app. 

Please note entry on tourist and family visit visas will be restricted to the following:

  • Only fully vaccinated visitors who received any of the COVID-19 vaccines recognized in Qatar with at least 14 days since the last dose, are allowed to enter Qatar.

 The Ehteraz pre-registration and obtaining prior approval is mandatory for visitors.

11 NOVEMBER 2021 UPDATE: This article has been updated with the new requirements listed by the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Interior.

28 JULY 2021 UPDATE: Travel insurance with coverage for healthcare services in Qatar is now mandatory to apply for a family visit visa. The insurance document should be uploaded to Metrash2 or submitted in person while applying for a visa.

This article explains the requirements, documents, application process, visa cost and other details of the Qatar Family Visit Visa.

Salary Requirement for Qatar Family Visit Visa

To apply for a family visit visa for spouse and children, a minimum salary of QR 5,000 is required while for other relatives a minimum salary of QR 10,000 is required. *

* This requirement was confirmed by the Ministry of Interior’s senior official on 11 November 2021.

Family Visit Visa Duration

Qatar family visit visa is initially issued for one month. Earlier, the family visa could be extended for another five months for first and second degree relatives and in-laws (Father, Mother, Sister, Spouse and Children) and two more months in the case of other relatives.

13 MARCH 2022 UPDATE: For the last several months, new family visit visas are being extended for two months only (total stay of three months). There is no official announcement on when they would start extending for six months.

Age Limit For Qatar Family Visit Visa

Currently, there is an age limit of 60 years for issuing a family visit visa. The Metrash system does not accept applications if the visitor age is above 60 years. In such cases, you can see if the visitor is eligible for a visa on arrival.

Documents Required for Qatar Family Visit Visa

If Applying Visit Visa for Wife and Children

  • Applicant’s Qatar ID copy
  • Visitor’s Passport copy
  • Proof of Relationship (Wife: Marriage Certificate / Children: Birth Certificate)
  • Round Trip Flight Tickets
  • Health Insurance valid in Qatar

The following documents may also be required in some cases (especially if applying offline):

  • No objection letter from employer, citing profession and salary
  • Work contract (Notarized by the Labor Department)
  • Photocopy of Company Card 

If Applying Visit Visa for Other Relatives

Only married expatriates with family in Qatar can apply to sponsor other relatives. Below are the required documents:

  • Applicant’s Qatar ID copy
  • Visitor’s Passport copy
  • Wife’s Qatar ID copy (if she is a resident)
  • Document to prove relationship (Birth Certificate, Passport etc)
  • Round Trip Flight Tickets
  • Health Insurance valid in Qatar

The following documents may also be required in some cases (especially if applying offline):

  • No objection letter from employer, citing profession and salary
  • Work contract (Notarized by the Labor Department)
  • Photocopy of Company Card 

Qatar Family Visit Visa: Online and Offline Application

Traditionally the process to apply for a family visit visa was to visit any Ministry of Interior (MoI) Service Centre and submit copies of the documents along with the printed application form.

In 2018, Qatar introduced an online system using which residents can apply for family visit visas through Metrash2 or MOI website.

Through this service, you can upload all the required documents in the allocated fields, track the application status and pay the fees electronically once it is approved.

How to Apply for Qatar Family Visit Visa Online?

Step 1. Open Metrash2 app on your mobile and log in

If you haven’t registered for Metrash2 see our comprehensive Metrash2 User Guide

Step 2. Click on the “Visa” icon

Apply Family Visit Visa Metrash

Step 3. Click on “Issue Visa” icon

Apply Family Visit Visa Metrash

Step 4. Click on “Family Visit” icon

Apply Family Visit Visa Metrash

Step 5. Select “Family Visa Application”

Apply Family Visit Visa Metrash

Step 6. Click on “New Application”

Step 7. Fill up details of the visitor

The details to fill up include Gender, Relation, Nationality, Date of Birth, Passport Details etc.

Step 8. Click on “Validate”

Step 9. Upload the required photos or scans of documents

  • It is very important that the document scans/photos are clear and readable.
  • When uploading passports, both photo page and bio page should be on the same side. You will need to combine both the photos/scans to create one JPG file.
  • Similarly, when uploading Qatar ID, both front and back should be on the same side of the JPG file.
  • Often a birth certificate is asked to prove your relationship with the visitor. If this is not available, you can also use any other document that proves the relationship.

Step 10. You will receive an update after a few days

If there are any missing or mismatching documents, the applicant will be notified about it to make the required changes. You will receive an application number to proceed with the fee payment after the application is verified and approved.

NOTE: Earlier, the time taken for processing of family visit visa used to be a maximum of one week. After resuming the visa applications in 2021, it is taking up to 4 weeks for many people. So please plan accordingly.

Step 11. Once the visa is approved you have to pay the visa fee online

Once the visa fee is paid via Metrash2, you can download the visa copy and send it to the visitor.

Applying Family Visit Visa Offline

For the offline application, you would need a completed application form [Download the form here] in addition to other documents mentioned above. You may also get this application form filled from any typing centre.

Qatar Family Visit Visa Application
Family Visit Visa Application Form

In addition to the documents listed above,

  • Take originals of your Passport, QID and Letter from the employer for verification if needed
  • Take a copy of your Tenancy Contract / Kahramaa Bill, as a proof of where the visitor will be staying while in Qatar (often this is not required)
  • If you are on your spouse’s sponsorship and the tenancy contract is in your spouse’s name, then you will need to supply a marriage certificate to show proof of relationship

Take the required documents to any Ministry of Interior (MoI) service centre. Take a token number from Reception, and wait for your turn. When your number is displayed on the screen, go to the counter and submit the documents.

Sometimes they would write the comments on your application and ask you to meet the Captain for final approval. The Captain will decide if your application can be accepted. If found satisfactory, you would be given a receipt and asked to check after 2-3 working days.

After 2 days, check the status online through the link on the receipt. If you have Metrash 2 installed on your phone, you would be notified of the status change.

If the visa is approved, you can pay the visa fees online via Metrash2 or pay at the MoI Service Centre. The visa can be downloaded on this link.

Family Visit

Travel Using Family Visit Visa

  • Ehteraz pre-travel registration is required for all visitors. Here is our detailed guide on how to do Ehteraz pre-travel registration.
  • All passengers must sign an Undertaking and Acknowledgement Form before arriving in Qatar.
  • A negative RT-PCT test taken within 48 hours of arrival to Qatar is needed.
  • Travelers should download the Ehteraz mobile application and activate it on their mobile phones using a local or international SIM card.  
  • Travellers from red list countries may be required to undergo one day hotel quarantine (even if they are vaccinated)
  • Travelers should check the quarantine policy for detailed guidance according to the country of arrival classification.

Documents Checklist for Family Visit Visa Travellers

  • Passport
  • Visa Printout
  • Ehteraz Approval
  • Two-way flight Tickets
  • Vaccination Certificate
  • Negative PCR-Test Result
  • Acknowledgment Form
  • Travel Insurance
  • Hotel Booking (if required)

How To Extend Family Visit Visa

As the initial visa is issued for one month only, the sponsor has to do the visa extension within the first month to avoid any penalty.

Relatives who wish to stay beyond one month has to undergo a medical test within a few days. Here is the detailed process on how to do a medical test for visit visa extension.

Once the medical examination is passed, the visit visa can be extended online using the Metrash mobile app (Visa –> Visa Services –> Extend Visa) or by visiting any MOI service centre.

Family Visit Visa Fees

A fee of QAR 200 applies for each visa and QAR 50 for each registered dependent or companion.

The visa can be extended for QAR 200 per month (QAR 50 per month for the companion).

  • Medical check-up for visa extension costs QAR 100.
  • QR 200 per day is the fine for overstay beyond the allowed period.

Bonus Points To Note

Even if the visitor is planning to stay for more than one month, the return ticket should be within the end of the first 30 days.

Since the initial visa is for 30 days only, some airlines may not allow the visitor to board the flight if the return journey is scheduled after 30 days. Once the visitor reaches Qatar, the ticket dates can be modified.

As this is an online visa, some airlines may require “OK to Board” status in their system before departure. You can get this status by showing the visa copy at the airline’s office in Doha.

Please see the MOPH website for the latest updates. As the rules can be revised at any time, we strongly recommend that you check this regularly for any changes that may affect your plans.

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FAQ on Qatar Family Visit Visa

What is the salary requirement for family visit visa in Qatar?

To apply for a family visit visa for spouse and children, a minimum salary of QR 5,000 is required while for other relatives a minimum salary of QR 10,000 is required.

What is the cost of a family visit visa in Qatar?

Qatar family visit visa costs QAR 200 (USD 55) per month.

How can I apply for a family visit visa in Qatar via Metrash?

You can apply family visit visa online by filling up the visitor details and uploading the document scans or photos. Step by step instructions can be found on this page.

How can I extend my Qatar family visit visa?

You can extend the one-month visit visa after completion of a medical check-up. There is a renewal fee of QAR 200 per month for each additional month.

Can I convert my family visit visa to a residence visa in Qatar?

Yes, if you are eligible to sponsor your spouse and children, you can convert your family visit visa to a residence visa.

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