Doha Metro Map, Stations, Timings, Tickets (May 2022)

The Doha Metro is a state-of-the-art, best in the class automated rail network, running mostly underground and across the city of Doha.

Completed in May 2019, Doha Metro is one of the fastest driverless trains in the world. Departures are frequent, it is very easy to navigate, and connects with most major tourist attractions in Qatar (including the Corniche, Qatar National Museum, Katara Cultural Centre and Shopping Malls) with dedicated ultra-modern stations.

On May 8, 2019, Qatar Rail started the preview service of Doha Metro with 13 stations on the Red Line, starting from Al Qassar station in the north to Al Wakra station in the south. The three metro lines that form the current network were fully operational by September 2020. 

 The Doha Metro fleet consists of 110 trains, each of which consists of 3 cars that are regularly inspected, maintained & monitored whilst in service. A Maintenance routine is carried out to ensure the highest levels of performance are achieved.

This article covers Doha Metro Map, Stations, Timings, Ticket Prices and everything else you need to know about using the Metro service.

26 MAY 2022 UPDATE: On 27 May, Doha Metro services will be replaced with alternative services on the Green Line. Replacement buses will operate every 10 minutes between Al Bidda and Al Riffa Mall of Qatar stopping at all the stations except White Palace. A replacement bus service will run every 10 minutes between Al Mansoura and Al Doha Al Jadeda station on the Red Line. Metrolink will operate as usual.

Doha Metro 27 May 2022

18 MAY 2022 UPDATE: To mark three years of Doha Metro, Qatar Rail has announced that it is giving the public the opportunity to travel on Doha Metro for free for a year. Also, Goldclub Travel Card holders have the chance to win an iPhone 13.

To win a free year’s travel on Doha Metro, those interested have to travel with their registered Travel Card between May 17 and June 17, and they will be automatically entered into a draw. There will be three yearly passes available for Standard Travel Card holders.

Meanwhile, the third-anniversary celebrations of Doha Metro continue with a lucky draw for Goldclub registered customers. Those interested have to travel with their registered Goldclub Travel Card, between May 17 and June 17, to be automatically entered into a prize draw and have the chance to win an iPhone 13.

Winners will be selected at random. To be eligible to be automatically entered, one must travel within the specified dates and with a registered Travel Card. One must be a resident of Qatar with a valid ID.

6 MAY 2022 UPDATE: Doha Metro and Lusail Tram timings are back to normal after the Eid holidays. See the new timings here.

Doha Metro Network

Doha Metro network consists of three lines – Red, Green and Gold, with 37 stations including 2 interchange stations.

Doha Metro Line

Doha Metro Red Line

The Red Line runs for 40 kilometres from Al Wakra in the south to Lusail in the north. This line also connects Hamad International Airport at Terminal 1 to the centre of the city.

It has 17 currently active stations (Legtaifiya will open next year), notably West Bay QIC, Katara and Qatar University. The Red Line has two interchange stations for the metro lines – Al Bidda and Msheireb.

Doha Metro Green Line

The Green Line runs east from Al Mansoura to Al Riffa in the west. There are eleven stations along the line with notable stops being Education City, Hamad Hospital, Al Shaqab and Qatar National Library.

Doha Metro Gold Line

The east to west Gold Line extends from Ras Bu Aboud to Al Aziziyah. Eleven stations run along the Gold Line, with stops at the Qatar National Museum, Souq Waqif, Sport City (for Khalifa International Stadium) and Al Aziziyah (for Villaggio Mall).

Doha Metro Map

Below is the latest map of the Doha Metro stations network as of 2022:

Here, you can download a high-resolution PDF of the Doha Metro Map:

Here is the geographic map of Doha Metro:

Types of Travel Cards

To travel using the Doha metro, you will need to buy a travel card. There are two different types of travel cards available for Doha Metro:

  • Standard Travel Card – Rechargeable Plastic Cards; Costs QR 10 for the card; Use in Standard & Family class
  • Gold Club Travel Cards – Rechargeable Plastic Cards; Costs QR 100 for the card; Use in Gold class

You can see a comparison of the two types of cards here:

Type of CardStandard CardGold Club Card
Class of TravelStandard & FamilyGold Class
Single Journey CostQR 2QR 10
Maximum Charge Per DayQR 6QR 30
Travel Card CostQR 10QR 100

UPDATE: As part of its efforts to promote sustainability and preserve the environment, Doha Metro has suspended the limited use of paper tickets until further notice.

Standard Cards

These are rechargeable cards for travel in Standard Class & Family Class. The card costs QR 10 and needs to be topped up with the journey fare.

In Standard & Family class, one journey costs QR 2 and the maximum charge per day is QR 6.

Doha Metro Standard Card

Gold Club Cards

These are rechargeable cards for travel in Gold Class which is more luxurious. The card costs QR 100 and needs to be topped up with the journey fare.

In the Gold class, one journey costs QR 10 and the maximum charge per day is QR 30.

Doha Metro Gold Card

More than 1.5 million Travel Cards (Standard & Gold club) have been sold from day one up until March 2022.

Where To Buy Doha Metro Travel Cards

Standard Cards can be purchased at all Metro stations (from Vending Machines) as well as licensed retailers like Al Meera, Lulu, Carrefour, Family Food Center and Jumbo.

Gold Club cards can be purchased at Gold Club offices in all Metro stations.

These cards are valid on both Doha Metro and Lusail Tram. Note that Lusail Tram does not have Gold Class.

How To Top-up Doha Metro Travel Cards

Standard and Gold Club Cards can be recharged at Station Travel Card Vending Machines, Qatar Rail website and mobile app

The Standard Cards available at licensed retailers are priced at QR 30 including travel credit for QR 20. However, retailers will not able to top up them for you. The cards can be recharged at Vending Machines, website and mobile app.

A rechargeable travel card can be used again and again as it is valid for five years. Hence these cards are more suitable for frequent users rather than occasional users.

Doha Metro Station

Journey Rates

  • If you use a Rechargeable Card to travel in Standard or Family Class, the rate per journey is QR 2.
  • If you use a Rechargeable Card to travel in Gold Class, the rate per journey is QR 10.

The rate per journey is the same irrespective of the distance. The Travel Card will be scanned/punched twice during any journey: first while entering the platform and second time while exiting the platform.

Maximum Charge Per Day

If you travel multiple times during a day using Standard or Gold Club cards, there is a daily limit on the amount charged. The maximum is three times the normal journey rate. From the fourth ride onwards, the ride is free of charge.

That means, you will pay no more than QR 6 a day (for Standard Card) and QR 30 a day (for Gold Club Card) no matter how many journeys you make in a single day.

Please note: You don’t need to tap out and in when changing stations. However, there is a 90 minute limit on travel throughout the network. You will be charged after spending 90 minutes on the network. 90 minutes is more than enough time to travel any possible route on the Doha Metro network and should not be an issue even if you are changing the trains at an intersection.

Doha Metro Frequency

The trains on the Doha Metro network operate every 3 minutes, which means you do not have to wait more than 3 minutes for the next train.

Travelling With Children

Anyone aged 5 and above needs a Travel Card to travel on Doha Metro. Children aged 4 and below do not need a Travel Card and must be accompanied by a fare-paying adult.

  • Adult and child fares are the same for any class.

A child must be 9 years old or above to travel alone on the network. Younger kids should be accompanied by someone at least 16 years of age.

Doha Metro Interior Image

Doha Metro Timings

Below are the regular timings for Doha Metro (Updated from 6 May 2022)

Saturday to Wednesday06:00 am to 11:00 pm
Thursday06:00 am to 11:59 pm
Friday02:00 pm to 11:59 pm

Free Shuttle Services

Doha Metro Metrolink Bus

Mowasalat is running Metrolink feeder buses providing first and last-mile connectivity to Qatar Rail customers within a 2 to 5 km radius of the Doha Metro stations. Over three years, the Metrolink route network has grown from 13 routes to 43 routes covering areas around 23 metro stations. 

These are free of charge and operate at the following times:

  • Saturday to Wednesday: 06:00 am to 11:00 pm
  • Thursday: 06:00 am to 11:59 pm
  • Friday: 02:00 pm to 11:59 pm

(The above timings are updated from 6 May 2022)

You can find the Metrolink route maps here.


Doha Metro Metroexpress

Metroexpress is a free ride-sharing service, with a fleet of branded Mercedes Vito vans, seating 7 people per vehicle.

MetroExpress service currently covers 8 metro stations: DECC, West Bay – QE, Al Qassar, Katara, Legtaifiya, Qatar University, Al Waab QLM and Sport City, in addition to 6 stations on the Orange Line of Lusail Tram.

The service operates during the following timings:

  • Saturday to Wednesday: 05:45 am to 11:00 pm
  • Thursday: 05:45 am to 11:59 pm
  • Friday: 02:00 pm to 11:59 pm

(The above timings are updated from 6 May 2022)

This service is provided strictly for Doha Metro customers registered with Qatar Rail and is to be used only in conjunction with a metro journey. The Service can be booked through its mobile app.

Doha Metro Park & Ride Facility

One convenient way to reach the metro network is to use any of the ‘Park & Ride’ facilities available for the public at 12 stations across the Doha Metro network with around 12,000 parking spaces.

As part of this initiative, free parking spaces are provided to passengers who can park their vehicles and avail of Metro services to reach their destinations. It is aimed at encouraging vehicle owners to use the modern public transportation systems while helping them save time and cost.

The Red Line Umm Ghuwailina station has a ‘Park & Ride’ facility with 2,500 parking spaces, Qatar University station has 3,800 parking spaces and Al Messila station on the Green Line has 4,000 parking spaces. These will allow the public to park their cars and use the metro to reach their destination without worrying about traffic.

How to Plan A Trip With Doha Metro

To travel using Doha Metro you can use the Plan My Journey feature on the Qatar Rail website or download the Qatar Rail app from App Store or Google Play.

Doha Metro Station

Free Wi-Fi Connectivity

Since September 2020, Qatar Rail is also providing seamless Wi-Fi for public use across all trains and lines (Red, Gold and Green) to Metro customers.

The Qatar Rail Wi-Fi offers users free connectivity for 30 minutes per day on limited bandwidth.

Customers can connect online as soon as they enter any station and until they leave. One-time registration will be required per user. They will be required to sign in using their mobile number, input a One Time Password (OTP) or use Facebook or email authentication before use.

To enjoy high-speed Internet services, customers can purchase a daily, weekly or monthly subscription plan under ‘Add-Ons’ on the easy-to-use Metro Wi-Fi screens. On using a subscription plan, customers can automatically connect to Qatar Rail’s Wi-Fi services when in the proximity of any station or on a journey.

Doha Metro Contact Number

Doha Metro has a 24×7 customer care helpline on 105 (inside Qatar) and +974 4429 3777 (outside Qatar).

Doha Metro During The Arab Cup

 The total number of passengers who used the Doha Metro during the FIFA Arab Cup™, from November 30 to December 18, 2021, exceeded 2.5 million passengers with an average of 130,000 passengers daily. Doha Metro operated 50,000 trips during the tournament which led to 885,000 km and the average time between trains is 2.5 minutes in one line in one direction.

For the first time since the start of the metro operation, it had the 6-car trains on the Red Line, which contributed to doubling the capacity of the trains on that line. The entire Doha Metro train fleet, which constitutes 110 trains were fully deployed in service during the tournament.

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FAQ on Doha Metro

Where can I buy Metro tickets in Qatar?

You can buy Standard Travel Cards at all Metro Stations and authorised retailers. Gold Club Cards can be bought at Metro Stations only.

How much do Doha Metro tickets cost?

The rate per journey in Standard and Family Class is QR 2. The rate in Gold Class is QR 10 per journey.

Should children have tickets for Doha Metro?

Children aged 5 and above need Travel Card to travel while children aged 4 and below do not need a Travel Card.

How can I recharge Doha Metro Travel Cards?

Standard and Gold Club Cards can be recharged at Station Travel Card Vending Machines, Qatar Rail website and mobile app.

What are the timings for Doha Metro?

The regular timings of Doha Metro are: Saturday to Wednesday: from 06:00 am to 11:00 pm, Thursday: from 06:00 am to 11:59 pm and Friday from 02:00 pm to 11:59 pm.

How many cars are there on Doha Metro trains?

On normal days Doha Metro trains operate with 3 cars, however, they may operate with 6 cars on special occasions.

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