How to Change Job in Qatar Without NOC (2022)

Stuck in a job that isn’t you? Ready for a career change, but have no idea what else you could do – or where to start? Here is some good news for you.

According to the latest labour law announced in 2020, all workers in the State of Qatar, whether on fixed-term contracts or opened-ended contracts, can change jobs without having to obtain NOC anytime during their contract period.

This article explains the procedure by which expatriate workers can change jobs in Qatar, without the need for NOC from the current employer.

Recent History of Qatar’s Labour Reforms

Law No 21 of 2015 that deals with the entry, exit, and residency of expatriates, had abolished Qatar’s existing Kafala (sponsorship) system, replacing it with a modernised, contract-based system.

After Qatar’s new sponsorship law came into force in December 2016, the automatic two-year ban was removed.

In September 2020 Qatar Government announced that a No Objection Certificate (NOC) would not be required for changing jobs, subject to certain conditions. The new law has been published in the official Gazette.

New Procedure to Change Job in Qatar

On 5 September 2020 Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour, and Social Affairs (ADLSA) has listed down the steps to change employers without having to first obtain a NOC. The steps to change jobs will include: 

Step 1: Worker notifies employer through ADLSA system

A worker wishing to change employer must notify his/her current employer that he/she plans to terminate the employment contract, through the electronic notification system of the ADLSA.

The worker must work until the end of his/her notice period:

  • If the worker has worked with the employer for two years or less, the notice period is one month.
  • If the worker has worked with the employer for more than two years, the notice period is two months.

Step 2: Worker attaches the required documents

While expressing the intention to change jobs through the electronic notification system, the following documents should be enclosed: 

  • a. ADLSA change-of-employer form (Link) – with signature and stamp of the new employer
  • b. Copy of contract signed with the former employer, authenticated by ADLSA or employment offer in absence of contract copy (Note: In some cases, the application is approved even without this)
  • c. The new employer’s job offer in Arabic
  • d. Resignation letter – with signature and stamp of the the former employer

For specialized professions: Attach a certified copy of the educational qualification and a license of practice from the concerned authorities in the country.

ADLSA Change of Employer Form
Change of Employer Form

What to do if your employer refuses to sign your resignation letter?

If your employer refuses to sign the resignation letter, you can try to send the resignation letter as an email to the employer’s official email address and attach the screenshot of the email. The date, email address and content should be clear on the screenshot. (This is not an official instruction but has worked for many people)

Step 3: Approval from ADLSA

Upon receiving the application, a text message will be sent from the Ministry to inform the employer that the employee has applied for a job transfer and the application is under assessment of the Ministry. This means the worker should remain in the company until the end of the assessment.

The employer is also entitled to raise his concerns through a hotline or email available in the text message.

The application will be processed by the competent department at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs and a confirmation will be sent.

After processing the application, the Ministry will send another text message to the worker and the current employer informing them that the notice period of the worker has started. In case the application is incomplete, further information will be requested.

NOTE: Due to the high volume of applications, nowadays this process is reportedly taking several weeks. So please be patient if you do not get a response soon.

Step 4: New employer initiates electronic contract

After the expiry of the legal notice period, the new employer should initiate the electronic employment contract on ADLSA’s Digital Authentication System.

Step 5: Signing new employment contract

The new employer should print out the employment contract and discuss and sign it with the worker.

Step 6: New employer uploads signed contract

The newly signed employment contract should be uploaded on the ADLSA system with the authentication fee of QR 60.

Step 7: Request for new QID

When the contract is authenticated, the new employer should submit a request for a new QID to the Ministry of Interior through Metrash2 or the Ministry of Interior website.

Upon the completion of this procedure, the worker will be able to start the new job. The worker should receive his/her new Qatar ID card (QID) and health card from the new employer. 

Both workers and employers can download a copy of the employment contract at all times through the Digital Authentication System.

Change Job in Qatar

The steps above apply to private-sector workers covered by Labour Law No. 14 of 2004, agricultural and grazing workers, domestic workers and fishermen.

Steps for Terminating Employment and Leaving Qatar

Download, fill and sign the Leave Country Form (Link)

ADLSA Leave Country Form
Leave Country Form

The application will be processed by the competent department at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs and a confirmation will be sent by a text message within a week of the date of the submission of the application, confirming the required notice period.

Notice Period

If the worker has worked with the employer for two years or less, the notice period is 1 month. If the worker has worked with the employer for more than two years, the notice period is 2 months.

The employer should continue to pay the wage and other benefits to the worker during the notice period, as per the employment contract.

The employer must also continue to provide food and accommodation (or the relevant allowances) until the termination date.

What happens if a worker does not honour the notice period?

If a worker terminates his/her contract without observing the notice period, he/she must pay the employer a compensation equivalent to his/her basic wage for the notice period or the remaining part of the notice period.

This is calculated as an amount equivalent to the basic wage for the remaining part of the notice period.

For example: If the worker’s basic wage is QAR 2,000 per month and the worker stops working two weeks before the end of a one-month notice period he/she will have to pay to his/her employer QAR 1,000 to terminate the contract legally.

NOTE: If the worker leaves Qatar without giving a notification or completing the notice period during the probation period, the worker will not be able to return to work in Qatar for one year.


Probation Period

The employment contract may contain a clause that the worker shall be subject to a probation period agreed upon by both parties. The probation period should not exceed six months from the date of joining and the worker should not be subject to more than one probationary period with the same employer.

Changing job during the probation period

A worker may terminate the employment contract within the probation period, provided the worker complies with the following:

  • The worker must notify the current employer at least one month before leaving the job, through ADLSA’s electronic system. The notice period cannot be more than two months.
  • The worker’s new employer must compensate the current employer a portion of the recruitment fees and one-way air ticket at the level that was agreed to by the current and new employers (not exceeding two months of current basic wage). The compensation amount should be discussed between the new and old employer.

If I have not been paid my wages, do I still have to give notice before changing jobs?

If the current employer has not fulfilled his/her legal obligations (including payment of wages), then the worker can change jobs without giving any notice as per amended Article (51) of the Labour Law. The worker should submit a complaint with the Labour Relations Department of ADLSA.

Changing Job If Employer Not Paying Salary

End of Service Benefits

If the worker completed at least one year of employment and the contract was not terminated for committing any of the violations described in Article 61 of the Labour Law, the employer must still pay the worker his/her end of service benefits, accrued annual leave not taken and any other benefits stipulated by Labour Law No. 14 of 2004 and the signed employment contract.

If the employer terminates the contract without observing the notice period, he/she must pay the worker a compensation equivalent to the worker’s basic wage for the notice period or the remaining duration of the notice period.

Workers Entitlement During Changing Job

Termination During Probation

An employer may terminate the employment contract of a worker during the probation period if the employer finds out that the worker is unfit to carry out his/her duties. The employer must notify the worker at least 1 month before the termination, through ADLSA’s electronic system.

Upon termination of the employment contract, if the worker is going back to his/her country, the employer must cover the expenses of the return plane ticket.

Non-compete Clause in the Contract

Employers can only include a non-compete clause in the employment contract if the nature of the employee’s work puts him/her in a position to know the clients of the employer or the secrets of the business.

This means that after the contract termination, the employee cannot compete with the employer or take part in any competing business in the same economic sector. The duration of the non-compete clause cannot exceed one year from the date of leaving employment.

ADLSA has assured to issue a regulation to further clarify the provisions related to the non-compete clauses.

Non-compete Clause in Employment Contract

Cost of Return Flight Ticket

The employer must complete the worker’s repatriation procedures, including bearing the cost of a return air ticket, to his/her country of residence within a maximum of two weeks from contract expiration. If the worker joins another employer before leaving the country, the repatriation obligation shall be incumbent upon the new employer.

In cases where the worker terminates the employment contract prior to its end and plans to leave Qatar while respecting the notice period (outside of the scope of amended Article 51 of the Labour Law), the employer shall cover part of the cost of the return air ticket proportional to the actual employment duration the worker completed out of the full term of the employment contract.

The employer has the right to claim for any charges and cost related to training the workers and obtaining a driving license from the new employer as per the law which safeguards the rights of the employer and employee.

Other Conditions for Changing Job

  • The new employer should have an approval of the same nationality, gender and profession. For example, a “Indian male accountant” who wants to leave his current employer and join another firm can be hired only by a company that has the approval for employing a “Indian male accountant”.
  • There should be no restrictions against the new employer that would stop the change.
  • The employee’s age should not be above 60 years.

Time Period for Change of Job

If the expatriate has completed the required contract period and has a new job contract and visa, he can immediately come back (even on the next day).

  • If there is no job contract, the expatriate has to leave Qatar within a  week of cancelling the residence permit.
  • In special cases like termination by the employer, MADLSA may allow expatriates up to three months to find a new job.

When the expatriate has found a new job, he will be required to return to the Ministry and present the new employment contract. Expatriates who do not find work within this period must leave Qatar.

Expenses for Change of Job

Important Points to Note

  • The new law does not require existing employees to sign new contracts.
  • Under the new law, service periods are calculated from the day that the employee started working for their employer.
  • This includes all days of employment accumulated prior to the implementation of Law No 21 of 2015.
  • All prospective expatriate workers will be able to see a copy of their job contract, prior to leaving their country of origin, as obtaining a work visa will now require a job contract approved by MADSLA.
  • Expatriates who leave Qatar and have had their employment and Residency Permit terminated, will be able to return to Qatar to take up new employment immediately after being granted a new visa.
  • However, this will not be the case for workers who have been found guilty of misconduct whilst working for their previous employer in Qatar. Such workers will face 4 years ban.
  • Employers found to have confiscated passports can be fined up to QR 25,000 per worker. When enacted, this will be the toughest financial penalty against passport confiscation within the region.

PLEASE NOTE: The job change process and filling up these forms can be confusing for some workers. If you are not sure how to proceed, please get this done through a reputed typing centre or PRO. They would be able to guide you on the exact process.

For more information, you can contact the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs on the Hotline Number 16008 or send an email to [email protected], or website

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FAQ on Changing Jobs in Qatar

Can I change my job in Qatar without NOC?

Yes, as per the new law, all employees can change jobs without having to obtain NOC, anytime during their contract period.

How long is the notice period before changing employers?

If the worker has worked with the employer for two years or less, the notice period is one month. If the worker has worked with the employer for more than two years, the notice period is two months.

Can I just leave Qatar and come back again to start a new job?

No, If you leave Qatar without giving a notification or completing your notice period, you will not be able to return to work in Qatar for one year.

Can my employer terminate me without notice period?

If the employer terminates the contract without observing the notice period, he/she must pay the worker a compensation equivalent to the worker’s basic wage for the notice period or the remaining duration of the notice period.

Can my employer keep my passport without my consent?

No, employers found to have confiscated passports can be fined up to QR 25,000 per worker.

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    1. Hi Divyansh, Please submit your resignation letter with the notice period and get it signed by your employer. Then notify your employer through the ADLSA website (follow the steps explained above). If needed you can get help from any typing centre or check if your new company PRO can help.

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