Qatar Family Visa: Requirements and Step by Step Guide 2020

Family Visa in Qatar Requirements, Documents and Steps

What is Family Residence Visa in Qatar?

A Family Residence Visa is the type of visa using which a foreign worker can sponsor his immediate family members like wife and children for long term stay in Qatar. Every family member, including infants, must have an individual Residence Visa to stay in Qatar.

In order to sponsor his family members, an expatriate resident has to meet some eligibility requirements like profession, salary and accommodation.

Applicants are also required to submit a number of documents, including authenticated marriage and birth certificates, tenancy contract and salary certificate from the employer.

This article explains the eligibility requirements, documents needed, visa fees and step by step procedure to apply for Qatar Family Residence Visa.

Qatar Family Visa Requirements

Here are the major requirements for an expatriate to be eligible for sponsoring his family:

The sponsor should have Residence Permit

The first requirement is that the applicant shall have a valid residence permit in the country. Your Qatar ID / Residence Card should be ready before you apply for residence visas for your family.

Profession Requirement

The sponsor’s profession as per his Qatar ID should be technical or specialised (non-labour). Those belonging to labour category like drivers, delivery boys, cleaners etc. may not be eligible to sponsor their family irrespective of their salary.

Salary Requirement

The applicant should have a minimum salary of QR 10,000 to be eligible for sponsoring family.

Those who have a minimum salary of QR 7000 + free family accommodation can also apply (if family accommodation is provided by employer).

The salary requirements are in place to ensure that the sponsor is capable of supporting his family expenses like accommodation and grocery.

Housing Requirement

If your salary is QR 10,000 or above you have to provide a tenancy contract attested by Municipality.

If your salary is above QR 7,000 but less than QR 10,000, then your family accommodation should be provided by your employer. If not, you have to produce an employment contract that specifically mentions family housing allowance will be provided in addition to your salary. 

Qatar Family Visa Process

Before you begin the application process for Family Residence Visas, check with your employer to see if they can assist you in the process. Employers are not obliged to process or pay for Family Residence Visas, but some companies do take care of this process as part of their employment policy.

Qatar Family Visa and Residence Permit process can be summarised as below:
Step 1. Apply for Family Entry Visa online or directly
Step 2. Family members enter Qatar on entry visas
Step 3. Undergo the Medical Test
Step 4. undergo the Fingerprints Process
Step 5. Apply for Family Residence Permit Card

Let’s examine the above steps in detail:

Step 1. Apply for Family Entry Visa online or directly

The first step is that you should submit all necessary documents to get family residence visa approved. This one month visa will allow your family to enter Qatar. However other formalities like medical test and fingerprint have to be done after arrival.

Another way is to bring the family on a visit visa which will have a simpler process. Visit visa can be converted to Family Residence Visa after submitting the same documents. You have to pay an additional fee QR 500 if you are changing the visa without leaving the country.

Since employees working with private companies are required to submit 6 months bank statement, many people opt to first bring their families on visit visa until the 6 months period is completed.

Documents Required for Qatar Family Visa Application

When applying for a Family Residence Visa, you will need to prepare the following documents:

  1. A completed application form in Arabic (Download Form) – Not needed when applying online
  2. Copy of your Passport (photo page + bio page)
  3. Copy of your Qatar ID card (both sides)
  4. Passport copies of all family members to be brought in
  5. Copy of Marriage Certificate –  attested by the Qatar embassy in your country, your country’s embassy in Qatar, as well as Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  6. Copy Birth Certificates (for children) -attested by the Qatar embassy in your country, your country’s embassy in Qatar, as well as Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  7. No Objection Letter (NOC) from your employer stating your profession and salary – in Arabic and dated within the last 3 months
  8. Copy of Tenancy Contract attested by Municipality or letter from your employer stating that family accommodation will be provided
  9. Bank statement of last 6 months to prove your salary credit. Get this stamped from your bank.
  10. Copy of the Employer QID / Company Registration Card
  11. Labour Contract stamped by Ministry of Labour (MADLSA)
  12. Copies of your attested educational certificates

Items 10 to 12 may not be needed in some cases, especially for public sector companies.

If documents like Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate or Education Certificate are not in English or Arabic, you will have to get them translated.  There are many private attestation companies in Qatar that can assist with attestation and translation works.

If you have adopted children, statements of adoption, as well as reasons for adoption, will be required.

Option 1: Applying for Family Residence Visa through Metrash

Recently Qatar has made the application process easier by allowing applicants to submit the documents via Metrash2 mobile app. If you haven’t registered for Metrash2 see our comprehensive Metrash2 User Guide. Here are the steps to follow to apply for Family Residence Visa on Metrash2 mobile app.

  1. After logging to Metrash, Click on “Visa” icon
Metrash2 Family Visa Application 1 1

2. On the next page, click on “Issue Visa” icon

3. On the next page, click on “Family Visit” icon

Metrash2 Family Visa Application 2 1

4. On the next page, select “Family Resident Application”. Click on “New Application” (bottom right of the page)

6. Carefully fill up the form with details of your family member. Click “Validate”

7. Follow the instructions on screen and upload the scanned copies or photos of the documents

  • It is very important that the document scans/photos are clear and readable.
  • When uploading passports, both photo page and bio page should be on the same side. You will need to combine both the photos/scans to create one JPG file.
  • Similarly, when uploading Qatar ID, both front and back should be on the same side of the JPG file.

8. After confirmation message you will receive an update after few days

If the visa is approved, you can pay the visa fees (QR 200) online via Metrash2 or pay at the Immigration Office. The visa can be downloaded on this link.

Option 2: Applying for Family Residence Directly

For the offline application, you would need a completed application form in Arabic (Download Form) in addition to other documents mentioned above. If you are a non-Arabic speaker, you may get this application form filled from any typing centre.

Take the required documents to the Immigration Department in Al Gharafa (Location Map). It is better to go early morning between 6 and 9 am.

Take a token number from Reception, and wait for your turn. When your number is displayed on the screen, go to the counter and submit the documents. If the documents are in place they would accept the application and you will be notified in a few days.

If the visa is approved, you can pay the visa fees (QR 200) online via Metrash2 or pay at Immigration Office. Note that you would need Debit or Credit card for payment.

What to do if the family visa application is rejected

Sometimes the visa application can be rejected even if you meet the requirements. In such cases, visit the Gharafa Immigration Office and request a meeting with the visa approval committee.

Take a copy of the visa application receipt as they will keep the original receipt with them and give the copy on which they will mention the meeting date.

If there is no serious problem with your submitted documents after their scrutiny, you will be given an appointment date with the visa approval committee.

On the meeting date, the committee will ask you simple questions like your qualification and profession. Take originals of all the documents you submitted including your education certificates, in case they ask for it. If everything is OK, you will get the approval in a couple of days.

Step 2. Family Members enter Qatar on Entry Visas

Once the Family Entry Visa is approved, the family members can travel to Qatar. The entry visa is valid for 30 days from the date of entry, within which the next steps like medical test and fingerprints should be done.

If the family members are already in Qatar on visit visa, you can proceed to the next steps after approval.

Step 3. Undergo the Medical Test

Visa holder shall start the Residence Permit (RP) procedures by completing the medical examination. The purpose of this test is to protect the health of the population and prevent the spread of infectious diseases from newcomers.

The Medical Commission is the authority responsible for conducting the health exam in Qatar. The Medical Commission Department is located on Al Muntazah Street, off the E-Ring Road (Location Map).

The medical examination may include Blood Test, Chest X-Ray, Screening for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C.

The following documents are generally needed for the medical test:

  • Original passport
  • A clear copy of the residence visa with the mobile number to be contacted if necessary
  • Debit/Credit card for payment of fees

The fee for Medical Test is QR 100 per person. Children do not have to go for a medical test. However, you have to take their passport and visa copy to Medical Commission and pay QR 100 to mark as fit in the system. Here is our detailed guide about Medical Test in Qatar.

If you are converting visit visa to residence, you have to inform the officer about converting the visit into residence.

The results of the medical examination are sent electronically to the residency system at the Ministry of Interior. 2 or 3 days after Medical Test you would receive the result on your Metrash mobile app. You can also check the result online on the MoPH website.

Check Qatar Medical Test Result Online

Step 4. Undergo the Fingerprinting Process

After completing the medical test, adults are required to register their fingerprints digitally with the Ministry of Interior.

For Residence Permit, you should obtain a blood-type (blood group) certificate from any local clinic. This costs around QR 30 to 50.

The Criminal Evidence and Information Department (CEID) is responsible to collect the fingerprints of all residents in Qatar. The CEID Headquarters is located just after the Industrial Area flyover on Salwa Road (Location Map).

The following documents are generally needed for the fingerprint process:

  1. Sponsor’s passport & QID copy
  2. Applicant’s original passport and copy
  3. Blood group report
  4. 2 x passport-size pictures on blue background

In addition to the above, you have to fill a fingerprint application form which is available at the CIED. If you are provided with a receipt after fingerprint, you have to keep it for future reference.

Once the fingerprint process is complete, you would receive an update on the Metrash2 app.

Step 5. Apply for Family Residence Permit Card

The final step is to apply for a Residence Permit Card (Qatar ID). You have to go to any Ministry of Interior Service Centre with your Qatar ID, Passports of the family members, and passport-size photos with a blue background.

The Residence Permit costs QR 500 for the first year. After payment of the fees, they would advise you when the cards will be ready for collection.

Qatar Family Visa Fees

Qatar Family Visa Fee is QR 200 per dependent.

However there are other expenses to be considered:

Medical Commission Test: QR 100
Residence Permit: QR 500 for one year

In addition to this, there may be charges for Documents Attestation, Blood Group Report etc. There would be additional charges if you are transferring a visit visa to the residence without exiting the country.

Rules To Sponsor Adult Children

One of the things to be aware of when applying for visas is that male children aged 25 years and over are not eligible to be on either parent’s visa; there is no age restriction for daughters, as long as they are not married.

Children who are grown up and exceed the legal age may be granted Residence Permit under their parents for one more year in order to find an employer during the following year.

Work Permit for Spouse and Children

Dependent spouse and children above 18 who wish to work, require a special work permit in order to be able to work while in family sponsorship. This work permit can also be applied on Metrash app.

FAQ on Qatar Family Residence Visa

How much is the minimum salary to sponsor my family in Qatar?

To be eligible for sponsoring your family in Qatar, you should have a minimum salary of QR 10,000 or QR 7,000 with family accommodation provided by employer.

What to do if my family visa application is rejected?

If the family visa application is rejected you can visit Gharafa Immigration Office and request a meeting with the visa approval committee.

How can I renew Residence Permit for my family?

You can renew the Residence Permit (QID) for family members using Metrash2 application. The payment can be made online and delivery will be by QPost.

Can I get a residence visa for extended family members?

In Qatar, family residence visas are generally issued for immediate family members like spouse and children only. Parents can be sponsored on exception cases.

How much does the family visa cost in Qatar?

The cost for initial entry visa is QR 200. However there are other expenses like Medical Test fee, Residence Card fee and miscellaneous expenses like attestation charges.

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    Hello, My Family under family visit visa. My visa profession in Qatar ID is Foreman. Before I checked in Gharafa immigration centre, they told i can’t apply, change my profession. I don’t any other issue. Is I can apply Family Permanent Resident visa to my family?

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    Good day! Can my husband sponsor me for entry visa now? Did the qatar govt temporarily suspend bringing in families due to the pandemic? Thank you.

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    Hello All, I applied for family resident visa in March 1st week 2020 and in July mid got visa approval message for kid only. Till now my wife’s visa status is under process. While checking status on MOI Portal visa validity date and visa issue date is showing and its same like my kids visa validity and issue date but status is in under process. Please suggest me what I should do now.

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      Doha Guides Team

      Dear Rakesh, Since it has been several months we suggest you visit the Gharafa Immigration office and check directly. This could be a clerical error and visa status is yet to be updated in the system.

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      I have similar issues. All my children received approvals but my wife shows “under process”. They have issued her visa number just like my children on the same day. Wonder why this is the case. Please let me know Rakesh how you are able to resolve it

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    Hi, Pls let me know the procedure and documents required for obtaining RP for my child (7 months old), both father and mother is having valid QID. Indian nationality.

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    Hi everyone. my profession mentioned in qatar ID is electric technician but i earn more than 10K qar. Can i get permenant family residence ? Please reply on urgent basis.

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    Hello i am planning to bring my wife as family visa in qatar but she can work or no ? She came before as family visit visa then she find job so now we want stay together with my sponsor this is possible ?

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    1. Business. EXECUTIVE visa is ok to apply for family Residence visa
    2. salary 11000 QR IS ok

    any body tell me about this please


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    Hello. Can a Syrian teacher with salary 16000QAR
    can apply for second wife (syrian) residency permit? Or is it 10000qar per wife? Any restriction regarding nationality nowadays?

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    Hi ! Each one of us get less than 10k QAR salary per month but if we total it together it will reach more than 10k QAR. Do they consider it here for sponsorship? Thanks

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    Salauddin Khan

    HELLO FRIENDS I have some query
    1. Formen visa is ok to apply for Family Residence visa.
    2. What is the highest degree certificate required. Can I apply with HSE Certificate.

    All other documents I have, Only these are the above two clarification required please help.

    Salauddin Khan

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    my son aged 24 years is under my sponsorship, he has got an offer letter from a company here, but they said he has to cancel his under family visa RP go exit and they will issue a new work visa collect from QVC in india come back to join.

    is it not possible for Sons change sponsor from here itself.

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    General Supervisor profession can apply for the family visa, basically I am a graduate engineer working as subcontract administrator

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    My profession is Supervisor and im working as a Operation Manager, In this case, can i apply for the Family RP in this profession? I was trying for changing my profession but my PRO lost my all original documents and its harder for me now to get those all original documents back. Please advise. Thanks in advance

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      Hi Ish, Please contact directly with any MoI Service Center or through your PRO, as there are some restrictions on females sponsoring family. Apart from the salary, designation is also considered.

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    Hi My Wife and infant is in india can i apply for family residence visa and bring them here after getting approval or they need to be here while applying.

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    Hi sir,

    I plan to bring my mother here. me and my wife having the valid RP.

    But I have only one doubt for mother birth certificate is must for applying Visa?? please clarify.

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    Hi I have a similar issue I am not a degree holder I work as a Restaursnt Manager can I get family Visa please help with info

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    Hi , This is a wonderful service. May Allah bless u.

    I am a Finance Manager in my company. But my visa status is “Cashier” . To change my professional at least to Accountant they require an University degree they did not accept my CPA certificate. Now my boss decided to change it to ” Supervisor” . Please advise me whether it is ideal for Family RP visa ? I am comfortable with Supervisor. But I noticed Chamara(below) commented as his one rejected.

    Please kindly advise me.

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    Hi I earn over 50,000 QR monthly but I don’t have my university degree. I already applied but they said you need university degree. I am in the process of obtaining my masters degree. First is there any way I can get family residence visa with out university degree? And is masters degree from a well known London university can do the job once I have it?

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    Dear Sir

    I have Work Visa (eamal) here & i am a diploma engineer. can i apply rp for my family. I have more than 7000 salary + my company will provide accommodation……

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    Dear Sir,

    My visa is “Sales” but i am unable to apply for even family visit visa though i have all documents. Can you help me on this. Is “Sales” Profession eligible for family visa?

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    Hello Admin,

    My profession in my residence permit is Foreman, and I am getting 10500 as monthly salary
    I applied before 3 years and they rejected my application and asked me to change my profession in Residential permit. But now I came to know that they relaxed this rule and started to give family status for foreman profession also.. is it so? please confirm me if u know? many thanks in advance

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      Dear Santhana,
      Please inform us if you got some information about profession is foreman,,because i have same situation .


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    hi!!! I’m Sales Executive and my visa is sales supervisor is it fine if i’am applying for family resident permit.
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    Dear All,

    I need Ql Guidance.

    I want to change my profession from Sales Man(In English) to Engineer(Civil engineer).

    Can you please tell me the procedure.

    I want to change my profession for my Family Visa.

    I have not yet completed one year in qatar. So is it possible to change my profession?

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    Hi I am a resident in Qatar since 2008. I want to apply for family visa, company has agreed to give salary certificate comprising that accommodation is provided by company. I have other docs ready except Bank statement, tenancy contract, and salary less than 10,000/- Would I be eligible to get approve for family visa

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    I may have 6 Month Bank statement ready On November 2016 . But My company contract starts on 3rd June only .so 6 month will be completed on December only. So am I eligible for applying Family visa on November.

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    Dear Sir,

    My salary is 7500 + and profession Accountant, wish to bring my family. My company has agreed to provide work visa for my wife. If that so, will my kid be able to accompany with her.? Or do i have to arrange family visa for my kid? Please clarify my doubt..

    1. Avatar

      Dear Anoop, If your wife wants to sponsor the child, her salary should be QR 10,000. Otherwise your salary should be QR 10,000 to bring both of them on family visa.

      1. Avatar

        Dear Sir,

        I have sales visa,10,000 salary,All the required document .But i have certificate B.e(civil Engineer). Can i get family ?? is sales visa eligible for Family resident permit (only wife)

    1. Avatar

      Hi, You can apply. Approval will be subject to your salary, profession and genuine need (being alone) for such a visa.

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    Aside from garafah, what other area that caters processing of residence permit. We are rejected 3x of the same captain in garafa for the reason I am not an engineer

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      Please give me a suggestion,my husband applied family visa for me and my children.I got my visa ,still my children visa status show under processing.Please clarify when we ‘ll get approval ,this is ok or unusual…..Please clarify,we r worried too much….please

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        Hi, Please wait for a few more days and if still no change in status, check directly with immigration. Keep in mind the Eid holidays.

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    Visa profession and Educational qualification mismatch put my family visa process on hold. I am a Chemical engineer by education and Communication engineer by visa. I met the visa requirement like house rent agreement, salary criteria , 6 months bank statement, but still unable to get family visa.
    It is the government granted me Communication engineer visa after verifying my certificates. When it comes to family RP, the same government is objecting to provide RP for family.

    1. Avatar

      Hi, Sometimes they reject depending on factors like education/ sponsor etc. Why don’t you give a try as you won’t have to pay any fee until it is approved. If they reject, then you can think about changing profession in visa.

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    Dear Sir,

    I have 10,000+ and all the documents , But my friends just told only sales manager ,sales representative can get the family , not sales visa.. So was in confusion and my degree is B.E in civil and my pro is ready to come with me for visa process

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    Hi Dear Sir,

    Thank you so much for your reply about my family visit visa.

    They came on last Friday, now i’m planning to apply to get RP for them (wife & daughter). Currently my profession is “Supervisor” and i’m getting salary QR 10,500/-
    i’m have 3 years Diploma in Electrical Eng’g certificate. kindly advise me that “am i eligible to get family visa”

  33. Avatar
    Yagnesh Joshi


    Good Morning Sir,

    I need your advise regarding 6 months bank statement for family Residence Visa….

    Before I was working with first company from 6th October 2013 to 31st March 2016 after project finish compny released me with NOC and now presently I am working with second company from 2nd June till today. and my Salary account is in the same CBQ bank with same AC no, so can I apply for Family RP visa with from October 2015 to March 2016 bank statement……….

    Thanks in advance

    Yagnesh Joshi

    1. Avatar

      HI Yagnesh, You can apply if your salary for the past six months have been more tha QR 10,000, even if it was for different companies.

      1. Avatar
        Yagnesh Joshi

        Dear Sir,

        My salary account is in same CBQ but bank branch is different. previous account was in Ras Laffan Branch (AC No 4500457022001) and current account is D ring road branch (4700457022001) only brach code is different but Account no is same as per CBQ representitive, also during my NOC and RP procedure April and May month salary is not credited mean these two months I can’t show. my new account is open in June with new company. So can I show different statement during family visa applying like Jan to March and june.

        Please advise me…….

        Thanks in advance……..

        Yagnesh Joshi

        1. Avatar

          Hi Yagnesh, Different account numbers are fine as long as person is same. However 2 months gap in between can be an issue. You can try applying with these. If application gets rejected you have to wait for 6 months regular transfer.

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    Very interesting topic:-)

    I need your advice regarding my status. I’m planning to bring my family here in Doha, Qatar, but I’m worried with regards the profession “Technician” mentioned in my QID. My monthly basic salary is QR 10,000 +++.

    If my current profession is not possible to obtain family RP visa, which profession is valid/acceptable? I have only 2 years vocational course Computer Technician.

    Thank you in advance,


    1. Avatar

      Hi, Technician profession with 10,000+ salary should be fine for most people. You can try applying and think about profession change only if it is rejected.

  35. Avatar

    Hi Sir,

    i need your advice regarding residence permit.

    Me and my wife only earn less than 11,000 QR per month. (Combined Salary)

    So my question is, are we eligible to apply for RP for our daughter.

    Looking forward for your reply.


      1. Avatar

        Hi Ris, Unfortunately we could not find a positive answer to this question. It seems unlikely that combined salary will be accepted. As pr rule, only one person can be sponsor and his salary has to be more than QR 10,000. Please recheck with immigration about this.

  36. Avatar

    Hi Sir,
    I need your advise about family visit visa.
    Two weeks before my family was here and stayed 07 months with me. Now I’m planning to bring them again on visit. Please clarify my doubt that they stayed here more than 180 days (07 months total) that will be an issue for next visit visa approval?

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    hi , i have applied for permanent visa for my family, i am chemical engineer and my salary is 16000, while checking my visa status,i found initially, ”the application under review” ,,, now its changed to such statement ,,, ,,,, ” the application under process ” ,,, what it mean,, should i wait for approval or go immigration office and discuss with them….

    1. Avatar

      Hello,everyone please give me a suggestion regarding my family hubby applied to for me and our two children on 14 June,in metrash it’s show under review with expiry date.but moi it’s show only under review,we r very tensed about it .please clarify any possibility to get approval.

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    Hi, I am working on petrochemical visa (RP), and my salary is above 10000 riyal. I dont have my degree certificate attestation.
    I want to bring my family on resident permit, is it possible to get RP for my family??

  39. Avatar

    Hi, can a wife and children of a man who already has residence permit (and all the requirements to ask for family visa) obtain the PR and not actually live in Qatar but reside in the country where they usualy live? They would visit often, but not live there.

    1. Avatar

      Hi Cathy, It is fine to have Qatar visa and stay in another country. But note that the visa will be expired if the family stays out for more than 6 months.

  40. Avatar


    I am trying to gather information as what documents are required to sponsor family visa, I will be arriving in Doha in July and will Apply for my RP and once its approved I need to bring my wife and 2 kids to Doha. Do I need to arrange visit visa or they can avail visa on Arrival option as they hold Canadian Passport. My question is about Marriage certificate, as we now hold Canadian Passport but marriage certificate is from Pakistan, It has been translated and attested by Pakistan Foreign office. Do I need to do anything further.
    Still the list would help to narrow down the documents for my wife and 2 boys.

    Thanks for your response in advance.

    1. Avatar

      Hi Noman, They can avail visa on arrival as they have Canadian passport. Marriage Certificate from Pakistan is fine.

  41. Avatar


    I have a query regarding obtaining RP visa for our 2 years old kid. My wife has 10,000QR salary as document controller from a reputed company with an electrical engineering diploma.
    My query is she don’t have electric bill or tenancy contract as she is renting a room from her aunt, is it possible to get an RP or any possible way to get an RP without tenancy contract or electric bill. Or can she use the electric bill even its under her aunt name?

    Many thanks for your comments.


  42. Avatar

    Wat is the procedure to cancel family RP. Explain both online and offline.
    Wat are the documents required for cancellation

  43. Avatar

    I have 3 concerns:
    1. What is the procedure to change the profession?
    2. What is the procedure to cancel the Family visa application?
    3. Can I apply for Visit Visa without cancelling the Family visa application?
    They have rejected my application saying that to change my profession. My profession is Accountant and I submitted the MBA certificate.
    I have submitted the application and they have given the acknowledgment receipt. After 3 days, when I check online, they mentioned to visit the office. When I went there, they told me to change the designation.
    I have got my QID in January 2016.
    Kindly advise asap.


  44. Avatar

    I bought here my family in visit visa and i want to apply for family RP .i have some issues like below mention,
    1. My profession in RP is electrical engineer but my certificate is diploma in mechanical and salary is 12K
    2. If NOC mentioned as company accomodation and provide house agreement copy is it ok to apply?
    3. Our salary is not crediting on time and there will be delay some time .

    Kindly advise ,it will be more helpful

  45. Avatar

    Dear NRI Team,

    Thanks for your email.

    I went there to apply RP but they simply rejected my application and asked me to change my profession in ID.I think it won’t be easy.


  46. Avatar
    maura mancera luna

    i am new in qatar i got a job offer in one company and i have been issued my work visa but i got a better offer and i want to cancel my previous work visa w/ the other company. By the way i have not started my work yet. Is it possible to cancel it and apply a new one w/ the other company. Please help me.

    1. Avatar

      Dear Maura, If you are in Qatar, cancelling the existing visa and taking up new job is possible only with the last employer’s approval. If you are still in home country, you can wait 6 months and the entry visa will get automatically cancelled. If the first visa is not cancelled, you will not get another entry visa.

  47. Avatar
    Shanmugaraj V

    Dear NRI care Team,

    My profession in Visa is Engineer and working as Engineer but i have diploma certificate only. It will make any issue when I try to apply Family visa.? My salary is 11000 QAR.

    My visa (RP) already renewed one time on Jan-2016.

    Please clarify me.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Avatar

      Hi Shanmugaraj, Since you already have an Engineer visa, your education certificate will not be an issue,

  48. Avatar

    Hello NRIcafe Team

    This is an amazing source of information. I just have an additional query that I could not find clarified elsewhere:
    With respect to the Tenancy contract that needs to be attested, what is the advice for someone who lives in a sub-leased apartment? (i.e contract is between 1st party and 2nd party, and Im the 3rd party)
    Alternatively, if I live with my father (Tenancy contract is in his name), could I use this contract to bring my wife in without changing contract to my name?

    1. Avatar

      Hi, Thanks for the kind words. Sub-leasing without tenancy contract is not legal and hence not eligible for family sponsorship. However if you are staying with father and contract is under his name it should be fine. Just need to prove that leasee is your father (passport should be fine to prove that).

  49. Avatar
    Noman Siddiqi

    Hi I have question about Bank statement. What if I want to sponsor my family and I only been to Doha for 3 months or less I don’t have 6 months bank statement. What is alternate for Bank statement. Also if Application takes 6 weeks and my family is on one month entry visa can entry visa be extended. My Family holds Canadian passport.

    1. Avatar

      Hi Noman,

      1) In normal cases, you cannot apply for family visa without 6 months statement. However you can bring family on visit visa.
      2) 6 weeks is the maximum time including delivery of Residence Permit Card. Usually RP gets processed as soon as you apply (after medical and fingerprint). Once the RP is issued there is no need to exit the country.

  50. Avatar


    I’m working as an assistant manager,but my designation is Supervisor in QID and I have QR 12000 salary with all the documents mentioned above.

    Can I apply for Family residence Visa

  51. Avatar

    I have submitted my application for family rp.They have given me receipt.My question-1)Can i consider it that it is a token of acceptance for family permanant resident visa/formal visa approval.
    2) How much time they require to publish the result.

    1. Avatar

      Hi Tamal Das,
      1) You cannot consider this as visa approval. They have only accepted your application for review.
      2) Usually 3-5 working days.

  52. Avatar
    Shanmugaraj V

    Hai NRI Cafe Team,

    First of all thanks for your post regarding Family visa. I have some query to be clarified with you.

    * I have 5 months bank statement 11,000 QAR per month and my profession is Engineer. Actually my salary before 5 months was 9500 and it was upgraded to 11000. If I apply Family visa with six month bank statement (1 month will be 9500 and remaining 5 months will be 11000) they will refuse or accept?

    * Once we submit all the documents properly and they accepted and issue Family entry visa, I can bring my family to Qatar right? then after medical again we have to submit application and all documents? and at that the time they have chance to refuse our application or they will process simply?

    * Am planning to apply on June-2016 and my wife will be around 20 weeks pregnant . is this right time to apply for family visa?? because Ramdan fasting will start by that time i believe. please let me know.

    Please clarify my above queries, so that it will be very help full for me.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Avatar

      Hi Shanmugaraj,
      1. You can apply with 6 months salary. Since your profession is engineer, one month below 10,000 should be fine.
      2. Don’t worry, Once your family is here and the medical and fingerprinting is done, your RP would be processed normally (unless there is an issue in medical / fingerprinting).
      3. Things would be a bit slow in Ramadan and there would be week-long holiday after Eid. This doesn’t mean your application would take forever. To avoid delay, it would be better if you can apply in May itself.
      Good luck !

  53. Avatar

    Hi NRI cafe team,

    I have family resident visa here in qatar.
    Now they are leaving back to home country without cancelling the rp.
    I will be cancelling their visa after 2 months as i may be r elocating to Dubai (not cancelling now as i am not sure)
    Do i need to keep my wife and children ID or anything for cancelling in their absence?
    Or i need only my ID to cancel my dependents visa?
    Kindly advise.


    1. Avatar

      Hi Ajmal, As far as we know, you need to submit original QID during cancellation and it will not be returned to you. After cancellation you have 7 days to leave the country. You can recheck with immigration about this.

  54. Avatar


    I just want to know that visit visa (of wife) can be converted to RP without exiting the country.
    If yes then what is the procedure to do so?

    1. Avatar

      Hi , I am having trouble with obtaining family RP. My profession in QID is Engineer.I am having marine chief engineer certificate and 04 years engineering course but step by step.Not like University Engineering course for four years.I have basic salary more than 25000 QAR and housing and schooling, transport allowance is provided by the company.I am trying for last one year and given two try for family RP but unable to obtain as the immigration office is asking for degree certificate in engineering.He told me to change profession in RP.
      My query is
      – How long it takes to change RP status – Engineer to General supervisor ?
      – If I change to general supervisor , would it be possible to obtain family RP ?
      -Is there any profession catagory ” Assiatant Engineer”

  55. Avatar

    Hi Sir, Madam,

    Last Year I applied for RP visa for my Wife, but I was Denied due to the TWO following Reasons:
    1) My Salary is Below 10,000.00 Q.R.
    2) My Position is an Electrician on My QID

    Now, My Real Position is a Technical Design Supervisor which I’m Going to Change Now,
    Secondly, My Salary Was Upgraded to 12,000.00 Q.R. since the Minimum is 10k I Thing I’m in.. My Problem is that My Job Position is Entitle to for a Husband Sponsor or Not, and Please Tell Me what is the Minimum Position Required For..

    Thank You..

  56. Avatar

    I wish to convert visit visa in to residence family visa.My profession mentioned in ID is Supervisor.I have other documents ready for application.I just want to know that permanant visa can i get for my family.My salary is above QAR 10,000/-

  57. Avatar


    I have bring my family to Doha using Visit Visa and want to convert it to residence visa but I only here for 4 months and cannot provide 6 months bank statement.

    the 6 months bank statement is compulsory?

  58. Avatar

    Two days ago I went to prepare new RP for my wife and kids. Wife’s RP was provided but for kids, I was told we have to get medical fitness payment done at medical commission. What type of payment is this ? I thought for kids no medical test is done .. correct?

    Also this is not mentioned anywhere.

    1. Avatar

      Hi Imtiaz, Normally for kids they don’t do medical they will just charge 100 QAR per kids and add in report as fit.

  59. Avatar


    I am Surya. There is a new mandate from Ministry, for Family Residence Visa. We should provide Municipality Attested Tenancy Contract. So no matter What you apply for, Either Residence Permit or Visit Visa, We have to submit it.

    Just a quick query, I wish to apply Resident Permit for my wife. She plans to work after she comes to Qatar. Should i inform my employer in prior that she will be working after she gets RP? I do not have the Family status, Hence i will be my wife’s sponsor in Qatar, But my company only will submit the application to ministry on behalf of me. Your insights please.

    Many Thanks,

  60. Avatar

    I would highly appreciate if I can get write information.
    I’m planing to bring my family in qatar residents visa my wife and son . My is 11 month old.
    I have all necessary docoments what is the requirements in qatar.
    I have only one problem in my ID Profession as a cook.
    Please advice if I apply residents family visa I can get or not.

  61. Avatar

    Hello. Can I get a family residence visa if I am single, have a dependant child and a letter NOC from her father stating she is allowed to be in Qatar with me? We were never married and I have secured a teaching position. Thank you

    1. Avatar

      Hi Kiwi, This will depend on your nationality and job status. Usually single mothers don’t get family visa without marriage certificate. However, if you are from a country that is eligible for visa on arrival, and you work for a reputed company, this may be possible. Please check with your employer.

  62. Avatar

    I would highly appreciate your advise on the cancellation process of family residence visa. Can I get the family residence visa cancelled if the family is out of Qatar with their passports and valid resident permits? Is it mandatory to cancel the family resident visa before getting my visa cancelled by my employer or does family residence visa gets cancelled automatically when my employment visa is cancelled?
    Thanks for your help.

  63. Avatar

    Hi,a very informative article/blog you are running.Kindly answer this;

    6 months bank statement means you cannot apply for family residence visa unless you’ve worked here for 6 months alone or your family is here on family visit visa which means they can stay but without RP.

    A prerequisite for all Indian schools is RP or atleast family residence visa for children,which means they cannot go to school here till you have completed 6 months solo here

    Am I right?

  64. Avatar

    Hi NRICafe,
    I currently work in Saudi Arabia and I’ve received an offer from Qatar , which has family permit too. I have some initial queries though:
    1. Can myself (and my family) directly move from Saudi to Qatar, without going back to India?
    2. Can attestation of degree certificates be done from the Qatar Embassy here (instead of getting it done from India)?
    3. Can the process of obtaining RP be done , thus, with my family along moving to Qatar directly?
    4. Or will i have to initiate processes after obtaining my self an RP and send family back to India?

    1. Avatar

      Hi Farhan,
      Answers for 1,3 & 4 : Yourself (and family) can move directly to Qatar without going to India (if you have residence / visit / tourist visa). However, family visa can be applied only after your Residence Permit procedures are complete. If your company does not give visit visa to your family, you will have to send them back and wait till your visa process is complete. Normally companies provide visa for employee only. Family visa is applied once the employee settles down.
      2. Indian certificates has to be attested from India. For attestation, you can seek help of any agent in Saudi / Qatar who can get it done for you.

    1. Avatar

      Hi Jayakumar, You have to take family for Medical Test and Fingerprint. If your company PRO does not help, please contact any typing center who would advise al details.

    1. Avatar

      Hi Jane, For direct transfer you need NOC from your sponsor. Or else you can resign, cancel your visa, leave country and apply for family visa. However you cannot work for two years as you would have labour ban.

  65. Avatar

    Dear NRIcafe,

    I would be really grateful to you to answering me for the below highlighted points 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8)

    1. A form to be filled in from the typing centre.
    2. NOC letter from the company you are working.
    3. Employment Contract (is it necessary to provide salary certificate?, while the salary should be mentioned on the employment contract as a normal)
    4. House Contract/Lease Agreement (is it compulsory to attested by Municipality ?)
    5. Electricity and Water Receipt. (is it necessary to provide?, how will have the electricity & water bill prior to my consume of water & electricity)
    6. Marriage Certificate attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (is it required to be translated in Arabic?)
    7. Education Certificate attested by Ministry of External Affairs.
    8. Six Month Bank Statement with minimum salary of Qr.10,000 per month (to be attached original bank statement or photocopy)
    9. Passport copy of the dependent (Wife)
    10. Passport copy of the sponsor.
    11. Visa page
    12. Copy of Qatar ID

    hope your kind revert pls…

    Many thanks,

    1. Avatar

      Dear Abdul,
      3. Usually the NOC from company mentions the salary and date of joining. Also it will be mentioned in employment contract. So another salary certificate is not needed.
      4. You need either housing contract attested by Municipality OR electricity bill – Any one of these is enough as both are for proof of residence.
      6. Marriage certificate can be in English as it is attested by MOFA.
      8. Bank statement needs to be original with stamp from bank.

  66. Avatar

    Dear NRI Café,
    Thanks for sharing information. So, electicity Bill has both name & address of person. Is there any other document which can establish address proof in Qatar like Phone /internet bill.
    Please clarify

    1. Avatar

      Hi Raman, Only electricity bill has complete home address including name of building owner and unique electricity number. Telephone bill has only account number and postal address.

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