How to Get an International Driving License in Qatar (2021)

What is an International Driving License?

International Driving License/Permit is a document that allows an individual to drive a motor vehicle in more than 150 countries when accompanied by a valid full license from the country of issue.

The document is slightly larger than a standard passport and is essentially a multiple language translation of one’s own existing driver’s license, complete with photograph and other information.

This article explains how Qatar residents and citizens can apply for an International Driving License in Qatar that would allow them to drive while visiting other countries.

Where to apply for International Driving License in Qatar

If you are a resident of Qatar, you can directly apply at Qatar Automobile and Touring Club. They are the authority to issue International Driving Permit and Carnet de passages (Trip Tickets) in Qatar.

Some travel agents, car rental companies and driving schools also provide the same service. Below are the conact details:

QATC Location and Timing

Qatar Automobile and Touring Club is located on C-Ring Road opposite to Doha Petrol Station between Gulf Cinema signal and Toyota signal. Here is the QATC Location Map on Google.

Phone : 4441 3265 / 4441 5718

QATC Working hours : Saturday to Thursday: 7 am to 1 pm & 3 pm to 6 pm, Friday: Closed.

Driving Schools Offering International Driving License

Travel Agents Offering International Driving License

Requirements for International Driving License

Procedure to Apply

The process is really simple and takes only five minutes. Go to any of the above offices and give your driver’s license along with two passport size photographs and the fee (QR 150).

They would print your details on to an International Driving License, affix your photo and stamp it.

Other Things To Note

  • In general, temporary and international licence holders are restricted to driving rental vehicles (Rent-a-car) as insurance companies require drivers of privately-owned vehicles to hold a full licence.
  • The list of valid countries is included in the license.
  • The International Driving License is normally valid for one year from the issuing date.
  • The International Driving License is valid only when presented along with the original Qatar Driving License.

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FAQ About International Driving License

Can I apply for an International Driving License with an overseas driving license?

No, if you are applying from Qatar, a valid Qatar driving license is required to apply.

Can I apply for the license with a Learner, Provisional or Restricted license?

No, A full and valid Qatar driving license is the only accepted license if you are applying from Qatar.

How long is the International Driving License valid?

International Driving License obtained from Qatar is normally valid for one year.

Can I apply for IDP if my Qatar driving license has been lost, suspended, cancelled or revoked?

No, you must carry a valid Qatar driving license in order to apply.

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  1. If we cannot drive a rental car with the International License then what is the use of it ? Nobody buy a car if he is visiting a country for a short time or just go to other countries for a trip.

  2. Hello Guys
    I’m traveling to Spain this summer 2018 .
    I’de like to apply for a international drive license in Qatar .
    I have a Qatari drive license valid .
    Where shall I come to make it , please ?
    Many thanks

  3. Narayan prasad gurung

    I have qatar driving license I just want to make international driving license plz could any one help me contract number ii will call you but one thing can I driving in nepal

  4. Sheikh Muhammad Raheel

    Once IDL expires what about renewel process?

    Same fee will be imposed for renewel or less?

    And procedure will be same or no more requirement for photos as data is already in your database.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sheikh Muhammad Raheel.

  5. You can obtain international license in Qatar, but you need to first get a valid Qatari license first to apply for the same.

    1. Good day Sir what if I’m holding only a Xerox of my License here in Qatar still its possible to get
      I am a truck driver here and my original licence
      is holding by my Company

  6. Hi all
    Can anybody guide me for getting Qatari driving licence ? I am on my husbands’s visa(RP). I have Indian driving licence from 1998. How can I get Qatari Driving licence and how much it costs ? Thanks in advance.

  7. lovepreet singh

    Am from india my name is love preet singh i will come in doha katar in few days i have only indian light lience but now i will want to drive in europen country so thats why i want to make my international lience sir … it is possible to make international lience in doha katar can u help me contact me on my id [email protected] my number 918288985888

  8. syed mustafa qader hashmi

    I have residencity primit of qatar .i am here in qatar last 9 moths and and i have international driving permit which i got in india.
    Can i drive in qatar now .

    Reply please.

  9. Dear All,

    we are providing service to take a International Driving License permit to our clients within 4 hours.we only charge 150 QR. License Fees 100 QR. as our service charge. Total 250

    Our executive will go to QATC. For this service we will collect documents from your place and after finishing work will deliver all the documents at your place.

    Document Required :

    1) Qatar Valid License

    2) Two Passport size Photographs

    Note :

    *To avail this service you must hold a Qatar Valid Driving License.

    *service charge for outside doha is 150 QR

    Contact us on : 50257677 or 33016347
    Contact person : Pradeep Nair

  10. For international license please feel free to contact 66160168 any time. We are working 24 hrs..we do international license, free emergency road side assistance, car washing,and istmara renewal service please feel free to cintact

    1. I am not in qatar but i want to renew my driving license and my id card was expired on may 2016 and can i renew my driving license ? And my driving license is going to expire on feb 2017 if there any chance to renew my license i am ready to pay suitable cost plz answer me thanks

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