List of Qatar Traffic Violation Fines And Points (2024)

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Qatar has adopted several road safety measures, including speed limits, demerit/penalty points, and seatbelt laws. As a result, road traffic accidents have declined in recent years, despite the growing number of registered vehicles.

If you are someone currently driving or planning to drive in Qatar, it is essential to understand the traffic rules and penalties for violations. Below is the list of all Qatar traffic violation fines and the demerit points associated with each violation. We have grouped them into different categories so that it is easier for you to remember them.


From 3 September 2023, the General Directorate of Traffic has started implement automated monitoring for traffic violations of not wearing a seat belt and using a mobile phone while driving. The new radar systems are capable of simultaneously detecting three violations: failure to use a seatbelt, mobile phone usage, and speeding.

Seatbelt fine (QR 500) are eligible for a discount if settled within 30 days. However, using a mobile phone incurs a fine of QR 500 with no discount option.

The Qatar National Road Safety Strategy provides a long-term vision for road safety in Qatar as “A safe road transport system that protects all road users from death and serious injury”. The traffic rules in Qatar are regulated by Law no. (19) of 2007 Regarding the Traffic Law.

Qatar Traffic Violation Points System

In addition to regular fines for traffic violations, Qatar’s Traffic Department has adopted a demerit points system to evaluate drivers’ behaviour and emphasise some violations that are dangerous to others.

Upon committing a serious violation, a certain number of demerit points (also called black points) are added to the driver’s license. For example, drivers crossing a red light will receive a penalty of QR 6,000 and 7 points.

If the total number of demerit points reaches a certain level over a period of time, the driver’s license will be suspended or even cancelled for repeat offences. Below, you can see the legal action taken at each stage:

Sl. NoPoints AccumulatedLegal Action
1A total of 14 points for the first timeLicense suspended for 3 months
2A total of 12 points for the second timeLicense suspended for 6 months
3A total of 10 points for the third timeLicense suspended for 9 months
4A total of 8 points for the fourth timeLicense suspended for one year
5A total of 6 points for the fifth timeLicense cancelled

If the license is cancelled after the fifth time, the driver has to pass a new driving test. He can only attempt the test one year after the license cancellation date.

How To Remove Demerit Points

The demerit points will be removed automatically in the following cases:

  • If the license is cancelled according to the above-mentioned points system OR
  • If the driver did not commit any other traffic violation within one year from the date of the last violation.

Qatar Traffic Violation Fines Related To Speed

Penalties for overspeeding are covered under Article 53 of the Traffic Law and based on how many kilometres you allegedly travelled over the limit. Fines for speeding vary between QR 500 and QR 1000. Motorists who exceed the limit by up to 30 km/hr face one point, while drivers speeding more than 40, 50 and 60 km/hr over the limit will incur two, three or four points, respectively.

No.Type of Traffic ViolationFine Amount (QR)Points
1Exceeding the posted speed limit on the road. The fine will be increased by QR.100 for every 10 km/hour of speed to the maximum penalty of QR.1000 as shown below:500-1000Up to 4 points
aExceeding the posted speed by 10 km/hr500Nil
bExceeding the posted speed by 20 km/hr600Nil
cExceeding the posted speed by 30 km/hr7001
dExceeding the posted speed by 40 km/hr8002
eExceeding the posted speed by 50 km/hr9003
fExceeding the posted speed by 60 km/hr10004
2If the motorist does not slow down speed at pedestrian crossings, crowded points, turnings, curves, crossroads, intersections, roundabouts, bridges, underpasses, or while entering school or hospital zones, it is to ensure road safety.300Nil
3If the motorist does not control and adjust vehicle speed according to the situation and condition of the road, vehicle’s condition and its load and weather, that will help to stop or reduce speed whenever needed.300Nil
4Driving the vehicle too slowly at a speed inconsistent with the road conditions, the state of the vehicle and its load and the weather conditions, in such a way as to impede the normal movement of other vehicles, unless there is a reasonable justification.300-500Nil
5Applying the brake suddenly without an emergency required to ensure the safety and security of the traffic on the road.300Nil
6Not giving a clear indication in advance (turn signal) and enough time when going to slow down the speed of the vehicle.300Nil

The left-most lane is considered the fast track and motorists using it are not supposed to drive below a certain speed. Recently a senior traffic official has confirmed that slow driving in the fast lane without giving way to others is also a traffic violation that attracts a fine of QR 500.

Qatar Traffic Violation Fines Related To Driving

Motorists are strictly advised to stick to their designated lanes and are prohibited from using part of the road where traffic is flowing in the opposite direction. Driving a vehicle in the opposite (wrong) direction is a serious offence and can be penalised by QR 6000 and 6 demerit points.

No.Type of Traffic ViolationFine Amount (QR)Points
1If the motorist does not stay on the right side of the road in situations specified by law. 5001
2If the drivers of transport vehicles (buses of all types) and trucks, goods vehicles, trailers or semi-trailers do not keep to the right side of the road or overtake other vehicles. 3000 1
3Not abiding by the lanes on the main section of the road while driving. 500 1
4Driving a vehicle in the opposite (wrong) direction. 6000 6
5Reversing the vehicle on the main road except in an emergency or reversing the vehicle at intersections. 1500 3
6If the driver of a vehicle exits from a lane to reach a side road, enters some point near the road, exits from it or turns or reverses without taking any precaution prescribed by the law. 500 1
7If the driver of a vehicle parks the vehicle on the expressway in an undesignated area to reverse or turn to the left or to u-turn or drive it on the traffic island. 6000 3
8Driving a vehicle on a restricted road or allowing somebody to do so without written permission from licensing authority. 500 Nil
9Not allowing adequate space between him and the vehicle in front of him, and to be attentive to signals of the vehicle in front of him and not to overtake except from the left side.500 Nil
10Overtaking the vehicles which are running in front of him at unclear elevations and sharp turnings, arched bridges, curves, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings and in all places where the traffic signals prohibit overtaking.500 Nil
11Increasing speed while being overtaking by another vehicle.500 Nil
12Overtaking when the vision is not clear.500 Nil
13Overtaking vehicles which are loading students in residential areas.500 Nil
14Not following the official signboards on the road indicating directions that are posted by licensing authority.500 Nil

Qatar Traffic Violation Fines Related To Parking

Qatar offers free parking in most parts of the country, while paid parking is available in busier areas. It is becoming increasingly common to charge for parking in shopping malls and commercial plazas. Parking illegally, especially on those spots reserved for special needs people, can result in fines and penalty points.

NoType of Traffic ViolationFine Amount (QR)Points
1Parking and waiting of vehicles at non-assigned places.3003
2To park vehicles or wait at assigned places for pedestrian crossings or pavements.3003
3To park vehicles or wait at non-assigned places for parking or waiting on bridges, flyovers and underpasses.3003
4To park vehicles or wait on the main section of the road near elevations or curves.3003
5To park vehicles or wait at a distance of less than 15 meters from crossroads, ground entrances, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings, or public transport stations.3003
6To park vehicles or wait on the main section of the road beside continuous long ground signs which are not allowed to cross.3003
7To park vehicles or wait at such points where parking the vehicle or stopping there will lead to hiding traffic signals and traffic sign boards or vehicles from the sight of some road users.QR.3003
8To park vehicles or wait in front of entrances or exits of private residences, garages, petrol stations, hospitals, first aid centres, fire and police stations or military zones or educational institutions without permission.3003
9To park vehicles or wait in places where parking will obstruct the movement of other vehicles there.3003
10To park vehicles or wait on the main section of the road nearby another parked vehicle.3003
11To park vehicles or wait at waiting or parking prohibited areas.3003
12To park vehicles or wait at places reserved for persons with special needs or for others.5003
13To park vehicles or wait at paid parking without making payment.3003
14To park vehicles or wait at paid parking beyond the time limit.3003
15To obstruct the use of parking lots reserved for taxies or give rise for rush in front of it.3003
16To leave a vehicle on the main road without taking necessary procedures to avoid the risk of any accident or leaving it in a way that will obstruct the flow of traffic or without taking necessary procedures to avoid illegal use of it by someone else or leaving it with its operating key.5003

Qatar Traffic Violation Fines Related To Intersections

Qatar Traffic Violation Fines Related To Intersections

While jumping a red signal can be extremely dangerous, it would also result in a heavy fine (QR 6000) and 7 demerit points added to your license. Not abiding by manual signals activated by traffic police is also a serious offence.

No.Type of Traffic ViolationFine Amount (QR)Points
1If the motorist does not abide by the automatic traffic signals (Crossing a red light)6000 7
2If the motorist does not abide by the manual signals activated by the traffic police. 6000 7
3If a motorist moves his vehicle and obstructs or confuses the traffic at intersections where there are automatic traffic signals, in spite of the priority of moving is to him (If a driver obstructs traffic flow at an intersection).5003
4Failing to give priority in moving a vehicle on road junctions where multi crossroads in squares. 300 Nil
5If the motorist does not give priority to the vehicles coming from the left side of the intersections where signals or signs specifying the priority are not available or failing to give priority where signals and signs are there determining the priority on moving the vehicle. 300 Nil
6If the motorist does not give the right of way for vehicles approaching from paved roads at two intersections where one road is paved, and another is not paved. 300 Nil
7If a motorist approaches the main road from the side road, do not allow the right of way to the vehicles approaching from the main road. 300 Nil

Other Common Traffic Violation Fines

Other common violations include not wearing seat belts, using mobile phone while driving, and not giving adequate signals (indicator lights) as required.

No.Type of Traffic ViolationFine Amount (QR)Points
1If the driver and the front seat passenger do not wear the seat belts while driving on the road. 500 Nil
2The driver using or holding a mobile phone or any other device in hand while driving or becoming busy watching any visual object from the television set in the vehicle, or allowing the children less than ten years of age to occupy the front seat while driving the vehicle on the road. 500Nil
3The drivers not giving adequate signals as required. 200 Nil
4If the driver of a transport vehicle diverts his attention by talking to any of the passengers or allowing anybody to sit or stand nearby while driving the vehicle. 300 Nil
5To transport persons in a vehicle with no seating facility or not for passenger transport. 500 3
6To carry any vehicle on carrier or footboard or the rooftop of the vehicle without written permission from licensing authority. 5003
7If the driver of a passenger vehicle or a transport office or a driver of a taxi or a rent a car or a limousine allows transporting passengers more than allowed by law. 300Nil

Fines Related To Emergency Vehicles

Qatar’s Ministry of Interior (MOI) has always stressed that motorists should move their cars to clear a path for emergency vehicles. It is also important not to follow the emergency vehicle and take advantage of their clear path.

No.Type of Traffic ViolationFine Amount (QR)Points
1Not driving behind emergency vehicles and not maintaining at least 50 meters of space from that.500Nil
2Overtaking police, internal state security vehicles, ambulances and civil defence vehicles while they are on emergency calls and using their sirens.500Nil
3Not letting the vehicles assigned for emergency (police, security, civil defence and ambulance) pass through when on emergency duty.500Nil
4Not vacating the road immediately at intersections or junctions when emergency vehicles need to pass.500Nil
5If the motorist does not move his vehicle to the nearest service road (safe area) in case of an accident that did not involve any injuries while the vehicle can be moved (drivable) or if the motorist does not inform the police immediately.10003
6If the motorist refuses to disclose his name and address or the name and address of the owner of the vehicle to the traffic police in case of an accident.5001
7If the motorists do not give way to official motorcades or similar convoys, or if the motorists or pedestrians try to get into the motorcade or to obstruct its movement or follow it at any method or getting near to it or running along it.500Nil
8If drivers of emergency vehicles ( police, internal state security, civil defence and ambulance) use the sirens without emergency cases.2001

Fines Related To Motorcycles or Bicycles

Just like bigger vehicles, it is essential that motorcyclists and bicyclists also follow the road traffic laws. They are also required to wear helmets and follow the proper lanes. With increased two-wheeler accidents, Qatar’s MOI is actively working on awareness programmes targeting motorcyclists.

No.Type of Traffic ViolationFine Amount (QR)Points
1If a bicyclist does not ride on the right side of the main section of the road or does not ride behind other bicycle riders at places where no lanes are earmarked for two-wheelers or do not ride on the lanes earmarked for two-wheelers whenever they are available.300Nil
2If a motorcyclist does not ride on the lanes assigned for motor vehicles.3001
3If a motorcyclist carries passengers on his motorcycle without a sidecar or back seat or if a bicycle rider carries passengers on his bicycle which is not designed to carry passengers.300Nil
4If the motorcyclist, bicyclist and the riders in the back seat do not wear the helmet.300Nil
5If a motorcyclist or bicyclist does not hold on to the handlebar with both hands unless when required to indicate signals manually or if he holds on to another vehicle while driving or if a two-wheeler drives on one wheel or tries to tow, carry, push or drag objects that can obstruct traffic or endanger themselves or others on the road.1500Nil
6Driving motorcycles or bicycles on the road between sunset and sunrise or when the vision is poor due to weather conditions during the daytime without using the following lights:
a. The front light, backlight and side light.
b. The reflector on the back side of the bicycle.
300 Nil

Fines Related To Driving License

Article 29 of the Traffic Law stipulates that no motor vehicle shall be driven on the road unless the driver has obtained a license from the Licensing Authority entitling the holder to drive such a vehicle. The punishment, in this case, is imprisonment of a minimum of one month, a maximum of 3 years, and/or a minimum fine of QR 10,000 and a maximum of QR 50,000. The motorist is also responsible for producing the license when asked by the police.

No.Type of Traffic ViolationFine Amount (QR)Points
1Driving a vehicle without renewing the driving license.1500Nil
2Driving a vehicle with a driving license while it has been suspended on the basis of a legal or administrative decision.30003
3The driver does not carry the driving license while driving or does not produce it when asked by the police.5001
4To obtain more than one driving license of the same kind or to use it or to allow someone to use it against the law or to use the license for some illegal gain or someone using somebody else’s license or accepting it except in the situations allowed by the law.500Nil
5The owner of the driving license does not inform the traffic department or the nearest traffic office about the loss or damage of a driving license immediately or does not return it to the licensing authority whenever it is found.300Nil

Fines Related To Vehicle Registration

If you own a vehicle in Qatar, you are required to register it to legally drive. Driving a non-registered vehicle can get a fine of QR 3000 and 2 points. It is also important to renew the vehicle registration (istimara) periodically and do the required technical inspection (fahes) each year.

No.Type of Traffic ViolationFine Amount (QR)Points
1Driving a non-registered vehicle30002
2Driving a vehicle on the road without renewing its license (Istimara) 1500Nil
Driving a vehicle with a license while it has been suspended on the basis of a legal or administrative decision.15003
3Not displaying the sticker indicating the valid date of the vehicle license at a clear place on the vehicle or refusing to show it when requested.3001
4If the owner does not inform the licensing authority in writing about the change of ownership of the vehicle within three days of ownership change, along with details of the new owner and his address.500Nil
5If the vehicle owner does not inform the traffic authority about any change in the owner’s name, nationality, ID number, address or residence within ten days of such a change.500Nil
6If the owner of the vehicle does not inform the licensing authority about the loss or damage of the registration card (RC / Vehicle license) or does not apply for a new one instead of lost or damaged RC, or if the person who found the RC not returning it to the licensing authority.500Nil

Fines Related To Number Plates

All license plates belong to the State unless otherwise stated by law. Driving without a number plate will be penalised by QR 3000 and 3 points.

Loss or damage to a vehicle’s license plate must be reported to the Traffic Department as soon as possible. Any loss or damage outside Qatar should be reported to the closest Qatari diplomatic mission.

No.Type of Traffic ViolationFine Amount (QR)Points
1Driving a vehicle without number plates30003
2Making unauthorized changes of colour or shape of the number plates or altering the details or loaning or exchanging it.1500 3
3Not returning the number plates to the licensing authority when the vehicle is not in use or in case of non-renewal of the vehicle license within the stipulated date or the vehicle being unfit for use or when applying for cancellation of its registration or its export out of the country ultimately.500Nil
4Not informing the licensing authority immediately about the loss or damage of one or both of the number plates.5002
5Using the commercial number plates in unauthorized situations.500Nil
6Use temporary number plates ( “For test”) for unauthorized purposes.500Nil
7Driving a vehicle with commercial number plates or number plates allowed for test vehicles without fixing it correctly on the vehicle as requested by the law or allowing an unauthorized person to drive that vehicle.500Nil
Not returning a commercial or test vehicle’s number plates or a temporary number plate to the licensing authority when cancelled or not renewed.500Nil

Fines Related To Vehicle Body

It is illegal in Qatar to make changes to a vehicle’s body without permission from the authorities. It is also a violation to drive a vehicle that makes noisy sounds or pollutes the environment.

No.Type of Traffic ViolationFine Amount (QR)Points
1To make changes in the use of the vehicle in any way or altering any major part in it that entails tampering with the registration particulars of the vehicle without written permission from licensing authority.30003
2To write, paint, or put any details against the law on any part of the vehicle or in the vehicle’s body, or to use the vehicle for publicity purposes without written permission from licensing authority.500Nil
3Fixing of sign plates or advertisements or devices similar to the traffic signs or devices which lessen the clarity or the effect of the original signs by the traffic department or which may cause confusion to other road users.1000 1
4To use the vehicle for purposes other than what is mentioned in the vehicle license or registration certificate or to allow somebody to do so.3000 3
5Driving a vehicle that makes noisy sounds or dense fume or causing bad smoke or leaks inflammable materials or harms the public health or environment, damages the road or driving a vehicle without an appropriate silencer. 30003
6To drive tippers, earthmovers, bulldozers, etc., on roads not assigned for such vehicles.30003
7Using any method to tint glasses of the vehicle without permission from licensing authority. 1000 Nil
8To run on the road, a vehicle with some parts that are not fit for use and not in a secured condition that will risk lives of the passengers or road users.500 4

Fines Related To Vehicle Horn

Qatar Traffic law requires all vehicles to have horns in working conditions but prohibits honking near hospitals, schools and other places of public importance.

No.Type of Traffic ViolationFine Amount (QR)Points
1Driving a vehicle on the road while the vehicle is not equipped with a working horn.300 1
2Drivers using horns except when facing imminent danger. 300 1
3Fixing or using air horns or musical horns. 300 1
4Fixing or using horns, light systems, or devices similar to those prescribed only for police, civil defence, or ambulance vehicles without written permission from the licensing authority.1000 1

Fines Related To Vehicle Lights

Using a high-beam or fog lights in the front or rear of the vehicle (except in weather conditions that require it) is an offence that will attract a fine of QR 500 and 1 point.

No.Type of Traffic ViolationFine Amount (QR)Points
1To use a high-beam or fog light in the front or rear of the vehicle except in the weather conditions that require this kind of light. 500 1
2Driving a vehicle on the road between sunset and sunrise or when the vision is poor due to weather conditions during the daytime without using the following lights:
a. The dim light, two rear lights and light of the number plate at the back side, and high beam/fog lights are not allowed when the vehicle is parked.
b. To dim high beam/fog lights to low beam when approaching a vehicle from a reasonable distance from the opposite side.
500 Nil
3To drive vehicles pulled by men or animals from sunset to sunrise or when the vision is poor due to weather conditions during the daytime without using the following lights: Having a normal white light in the front and red light in the back as those lights will be fixed in a way that will inform about the presence of a vehicle clearly during its running. 300 Nil
4To drive a vehicle between sunset and sunrise on the road or when the vision is poor due to weather conditions during the daytime without considering the following lights:
Should not have any red light in front of the vehicle.
The white light in normal conditions and yellow light in foggy situations are sufficient.
5If the driver of a vehicle does not adjust the high beam light towards the right side of the road. 2001

Fines Related To Vehicle Loads

No.Type of Traffic ViolationFine Amount (QR)Points
1Putting the load on the vehicle without organizing, arranging and fixing it properly in a condition that will allow the loaded materials to move or fall while the vehicle is moving.1500 1
2Not considering the following factors when the load is placed on the vehicle:
1. To not endanger persons or to not cause any risk for public or private property.
2. To not make noise or fly or leak anything that may affect public health or the environment or may harass the pedestrians.
3. To not obstruct the vision of the vehicle driver or to not hide automatic or manual traffic signals, side signs, vehicle lights, reflectors, or number plates.
4. To not affect vehicle balance or not cause driving for danger.
1500 1
3Exceeding the height of a load on the vehicle or things appearing from the load for more than 4.2 meters from the road level without written permission from the concerned authority.3000 1
4Exceeding width of the vehicle, including load or things appearing from it for more than 2.6 meters without written permission from concerned authority. 3000 1
51) To exceed the vehicle’s gross weight on a single axle by 13 tons.
2) To exceed the maximum permitted weight of the vehicle on a double axle without written permission from licensing authority.
3) To exceed the gross weight of a vehicle than the permitted load limit without written permission from licensing authority.
3000 1
6Load extension to the front side of the vehicle for more than one meter or to the back side for more than 2 meters from the body without the licensing authority’s written permission. 3000 1
7Not holding written permission from the licensing authority to transport materials which cannot be parted while its length will be more than permitted. 3000 1
8Not putting clear red signs on the sides of the load to alert others. 1000 1
9Making extensions on load boxes of transport vehicles and trucks to carry more than the dimensions and specifications by width, length or height. 1000 1
10Not writing down the gross weight and number of passengers on the body of the vehicle, that its load capacity (net weight) is 3 tons or more. 1000 1

Fines Related To Commercial License

No.Type of Traffic ViolationFine Amount (QR)Points
1The car rental offices and companies or car selling and buying showrooms or car decoration shops, or car automobile workshops undertake their business before obtaining a trade license from the licensing authority.3000Nil
2Setting up or running a driving school or conducting driving classes without permission from the licensing authority.3000Nil
3The driving instructor does not comply with rules and regulations related to driving classes, or the learner does not carry the learner’s permit during driving classes or does not produce it when requested by the police.300Nil

Qatar Traffic Fines For Pedestrians

No.Type of Traffic ViolationFine Amount (QR)Points
1If pedestrians do not take necessary precautions while crossing the main section of the road.200Nil
2The pedestrians walking through the main section of the road or on the areas which are assigned only for two-wheelers if there are pavements or not walking on the extreme left side from the main section of the road which is in the opposite direction of the moving vehicles if the pavements are not available when they face dangers of vehicles while they are walking on the extreme right of the traffic direction or not complying with extreme edge of the road that is against their movement’s direction or one person not walking behind another one whenever it is possible during their walking on the road outside the city. 100 Nil
3If the pedestrians do not follow the below directives signs when crossing the road’s main section through assigned places:
1. Signals for pedestrian crossing.
2. Pedestrians are not to cross when the police allow vehicles to move.
3. Not to mingle with the line of sergeants or with organized groups moving under the supervision of a responsible person and all permitted parades.
4. Abiding by the traffic signals and rules.
500 Nil

Please note that certain traffic violations can land you in jail. Examples include driving without obtaining a driving license or driving under the influence of alcohol. Running away in case of an accident or not informing the police immediately are serious offences that can lead to prison.

You can check your traffic violations online on the MOI website or on the Metrash app. Below is the details guide on how to check traffic violations:

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FAQ On Qatar Traffic Violation Fines

What is the fine for crossing a red light in Qatar?

The fine for crossing a red light in Qatar is QR 6000 and 7 demerit points.

How much is traffic violation fine in Qatar?

Fines for traffic violations in Qatar range between QR 300 and QR 6000, depending on the nature of the violation. Offenders may also be awarded demerit points for serious violations.

How much are speeding fines in Qatar?

Qatar traffic fines for over-speed start from QR 500 and can be up to a maximum of QR 1000 and 4 points. The fine amount depends on the speed over the posted speed limit.

How can I remove black points in Qatar?

The black points will be automatically removed if the driver doesn’t commit any violation during the next one year. It would also be removed if the license was cancelled due to continuous violations.

How long do points stay on your license in Qatar?

The black points will stay up to one year on the Qatar driving license and will be automatically removed if there is no other violation during this period.

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      Thank you

      1. Hi Ajay, This will depend on the seriousness of the offence. If your car is held in Street 52 please visit the Traffic office there. They will tell you what to do.

  14. Hi DG,

    It is mandatory to carry physical Istimara ID card, or just downloaded soft copy is enough to drive the car without any issue.

    Please advise.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi GK, If it is for police checking, they will accept the License image shown in Metrash app. License photo taken with your camera may not be accepted. However it is better to keep original license if you can.

  15. I got a fine for talking on phone while waiting signal.
    However when i go to pay to metrash2, i am not getting any discounts…
    I tried this within few hours of receiving the fine…
    Shall i wait for few days to get the discount or what?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Waleed, 50% discount is not applicable in some cases. You can wait for few days and check on Metrash, or go to Traffic Department and check directly if they can give a discount.

  16. Hi Doha guides team,
    I havre received a traffic violation for crossing white line in a red signal. However, while I am going to pay the fine in Metrash2, the discount of 50% is not applied. I am paying in less than a month. Can I know is this normal, also can I know till when I can pay the fine? Is there a specific time limit we have to pay?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Ahsan, If you can’t see the discount on the system, you can go to Traffic Department and pay directly. If they ask you to pay the full amount, request for a discount. Sometimes they would agree.

  17. Hello yesterday night when my company said stop duty im thinking too much then by mistake i crossed red light both tire after flash immediately im reverse what will happen im too strees please

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Abi, Don’t worry too much. If you have just crossed the line and did not cross the signal, there is a chance the officers will not issue any fine. If there is a fine you will get message in a few days.