How To Get On Arrival Visa for Baby Born Outside Qatar (2021)

Many expatriate women residing in Qatar go to their home countries during pregnancy as they want to be close to their extended family during the delivery.

When they come back, Qatar provides free visa on arrival for newborn babies provided they arrive in Qatar within six months of their birth.

This article explains the conditions required to receive on arrival visa for baby born outside Qatar.

JANUARY 2021 UPDATE: As per the official webpage, newborn babies under 6 months is not required to apply for an Exceptional Entry Permit. Only the mother needs to have an Exceptional Entry Permit. A visa upon arrival will be granted to the baby if other conditions (given below) are met.

Conditions To Get Visa For Baby Born Outside Qatar

Newborn babies who are less than six months old need a Newborn Visa when entering the country with his or her mother. This can be obtained free of cost at the airport itself.

Qatar’s Ministry of Interior had tweeted the conditions for issuing on-arrival visa for babies born outside Qatar on their arrival at the port of entry.

According to MoI, here are the conditions for granting on-arrival visa for baby born outside Qatar:

Conditions for granting on arrival visa for baby born outside Qatar.
Source: Ministry of Interior

1) Residence Permit for father and mother

It is an absolute must that the father and mother should have valid Residence Permits in Qatar

2) The baby should be no more than 6 months old

The baby cannot be more than 6 months old. If the parents could not bring the baby to Qatar before he or she reaches six months of age, then they need to apply for a Residence Permit first.

3) The wife should be on the sponsorship of the husband

Another condition is that the wife should be under the sponsorship of the husband. If father and mother under company sponsorships they cannot get a visa on arrival for the baby.

4) Original birth certificate and a valid passport for the baby

You should also bring the original birth certificate for the baby. Copy of the birth certificate may not be accepted. Also, the baby should have a valid passport issued by your home country.

Cost of the Visa

The visa is provided free of cost for newborn babies on arrival along with their parents at the entry border.

Once the baby enters Qatar, the parents have to apply for a Residence Permit Card (QID) through Metrash2 or at any Ministry of Interior Service Centre.

Another thing to remember is that if the mother has stayed out of Qatar for more than 6 months, it would be considered as overstay and she would need a return permit to come back.

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FAQ on Visa For Baby Born Outside Qatar

Can babies born outside Qatar get visa on arrival?

Yes, babies who are younger than 6 months can get visa on arrival if both parents hold Qatar Residence Permits.

What are the conditions to get Qatar visa on arrival for a baby?

The parents should have residence permits, wife should be under husband’s sponsorship, plus baby’s original birth certificate and passport are also required.

What is the cost for on arrival visa for a newborn baby?

The visa on arrival for newborn babies is provided free of cost in Qatar.

Can the baby get Residence Permit card at the airport?

No, once the baby reaches Qatar parents have to apply for Residence Permit card through Metrash2 or any Ministry of Interior Service Centre.

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  1. Dear Team Doha Guide,

    Please guide me for the below concern :

    I arrived in Qatar just before Corona February 2020 via On Arrival Visa.

    As there was no Visa issuance for long time I was stuck here on same On arrival Visa status.

    Recently when family Visa was open, We tried to convert it to RP, but it seems now there approving only those who are having high salary around 20k.

    I have a newborn baby and he is 4 months now, what will be the procedure for new born visa as mother is not having RP and On arrival Visa status.

    Will there be a fine

  2. Dear Sir,
    My Wife’s QID got expired and she will be overstaying out of Qatar for more than 6 month due to her pregnancy.
    I checked with Immigration Garaffa they mentioned that they will issue return permit for her.
    What would be requirement for the new born baby to arrive at Qatar. Whether baby (3 month ) can get visa on arrival based on my RP and my wife’s expired RP & Return Permit.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Would be grateful for your answer.

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