How To Get On Arrival Visa for Baby Born Outside Qatar (2021)

Many expatriate women residing in Qatar go to their home countries during pregnancy as they want to be close to their extended family during the delivery.

When they come back, Qatar provides free visa on arrival for newborn babies provided they arrive in Qatar within six months of their birth.

This article explains the conditions required to receive on arrival visa for baby born outside Qatar.

JANUARY 2021 UPDATE: As per the official webpage, newborn babies under 6 months is not required to apply for an Exceptional Entry Permit. Only the mother needs to have an Exceptional Entry Permit. A visa upon arrival will be granted to the baby if other conditions (given below) are met.

Conditions To Get Visa For Baby Born Outside Qatar

Newborn babies who are less than six months old need a Newborn Visa when entering the country with his or her mother. This can be obtained free of cost at the airport itself.

Qatar’s Ministry of Interior had tweeted the conditions for issuing on-arrival visa for babies born outside Qatar on their arrival at the port of entry.

According to MoI, here are the conditions for granting on-arrival visa for baby born outside Qatar:

Conditions for granting on arrival visa for baby born outside Qatar.
Source: Ministry of Interior

1) Residence Permit for father and mother

It is an absolute must that the father and mother should have valid Residence Permits in Qatar

2) The baby should be no more than 6 months old

The baby cannot be more than 6 months old. If the parents could not bring the baby to Qatar before he or she reaches six months of age, then they need to apply for a Residence Permit first.

3) The wife should be on the sponsorship of the husband

Another condition is that the wife should be under the sponsorship of the husband. If father and mother under company sponsorships they cannot get a visa on arrival for the baby.

4) Original birth certificate and a valid passport for the baby

You should also bring the original birth certificate for the baby. Copy of the birth certificate may not be accepted. Also, the baby should have a valid passport issued by your home country.

Cost of the Visa

The visa is provided free of cost for newborn babies on arrival along with their parents at the entry border.

Once the baby enters Qatar, the parents have to apply for a Residence Permit Card (QID) through Metrash2 or at any Ministry of Interior Service Centre.

Another thing to remember is that if the mother has stayed out of Qatar for more than 6 months, it would be considered as overstay and she would need a return permit to come back.

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FAQ on Visa For Baby Born Outside Qatar

Can babies born outside Qatar get visa on arrival?

Yes, babies who are younger than 6 months can get visa on arrival if both parents hold Qatar Residence Permits.

What are the conditions to get Qatar visa on arrival for a baby?

The parents should have residence permits, wife should be under husband’s sponsorship, plus baby’s original birth certificate and passport are also required.

What is the cost for on arrival visa for a newborn baby?

The visa on arrival for newborn babies is provided free of cost in Qatar.

Can the baby get Residence Permit card at the airport?

No, once the baby reaches Qatar parents have to apply for Residence Permit card through Metrash2 or any Ministry of Interior Service Centre.

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  1. Hi Iam from India.
    Could you please explain .. from where did you get this information?
    …coz I tried to bring my baby and they are giving different replies.

    My baby is 7 months old. With the hotel quarantine and everything we cannot take chances right.

    I tried the following
    1. immigration centre al gharaffa
    2. Immigration helpline 109
    3. Discover Qatar and Qatar airways

    Immigration centre is telling visa on Arrival is not available for the baby
    But immigration helpline and discover Qatar told me if the baby is under 6 months can come.


    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi, If both mother and father have valid residence permits the infant will get a temporary visa on arrival (mostly one month valid). Later you can convert this to a residence visa after entering Qatar. This was announced by MOI a few months back even on their Twitter page and we have seen many such cases recently. The maximum age limit for the baby was six months, but during COVID flight cancellations they had allowed up to 9 months. Not sure what is the current age limit. You can confirm with the Immigration Office inside Hamad Airport.

  2. My wife went India second baby my second baby age 1year , so how can apply visa for second baby. Please help me…

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Jagannathan, Since the baby is already one year old the baby may not get a visa on arrival. You can apply via the Metrash mobile app or if that option is not available try applying directly via Gharaffa immigration.

    2. Hi Jagu,
      Did u get any solution for this , now me also in same condition, if u got any information pls let me know

  3. Hai sir
    If mother is in company sponsorship and she get NOC to bring the baby to Qatar from her company..Is there any problem to come there or to get free visa for baby

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Joyce, Please check directly with Immigration Department as the published rule says the mother should be under husband sponsorship. We are not sure if there is an exception allowed.

  4. Me and my wife, we are under different employer sponsorship. Now we decided to deliver our baby in India. Once my baby is born, Under which visa i can bring my baby from India to Qatar. Kindly advise the procedure.

  5. my family RP expired on April 2020, would like to bring them back. Is there is any fine for overstay ? In addition to that I have a new baby aged 1.3 months without RP. What is the procedure to get the RP ?

    Kindly advice.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Ayyub, Since your family has been out of Qatar for so long first you have to renew their RP and get exceptional entry permits. There would be some additional charges. It is better you check directly with Gharaffa Immigration Office.

  6. Hai sir,
    I have 8 month old baby born outside qatar.i have RP with husband sponsorship and also take the re entry permit can I get on arrival for my baby.type of quarantine is visa expire on April.please help me

    1. Gözde Bulutlar

      Hi Febina. Did you solve your problem. I am also the same problem. Me my husband and my elder son has valid RP but my baby (8.5 months old) doesnt have. If you find a way could you write here for me. Thank you


  7. Hi, how about the rule for baby born here in Qatar & i want to send him permanently to my home country. I haven’t applied for his RP since he is going home. Does the airport immigration requires exit visa fof him? He is 2months old. Please advise. Thank you

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Mhai, Please check directly with the Immigration Department. Since he is already 2 months old we would advise you to do it soon as there is a risk that you might have to pay a fine for overstay without RP.


    i have 7-month-old baby, me and my wife have entry permit, and my wife under my sponsorship.
    can I get on arrival visa for my baby?
    in our entry permit, type of quarantine is hotel, how to change tohome quarantine
    pls help me.

  9. Hi,
    I have 8 month old baby born outside qatar.My husband is in qatar right now and I want to go too i have got entry permit also yesterday but my baby doesnt have visa .please help me in this is there any way to come to qatar with my baby .how can I get Visa for baby .my husband also went some office there they said system.ia not allowing visa right now due to covid restrictions but manually it can .can I am t exceptional visa .please help me I need to go qatar because my husband’s health is not well ,some serious health issue .waiting fro your help

    1. Hi,
      For me also same problem. I having boy baby nearly 1 year going to finish.But my wife and daughter having RP valid upto April 2021. Still i waiting for the Visa process. If you got any further information. Just share to me.Now i am currently in Qatar
      [email protected]

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Febina, Yes, Even though the rule says 6 months, under the current situation they do allow children of 7 months. However, you may face some questions at Indian airport before boarding. Better to speak with your airline in advance.

    1. Hello sir,
      My baby has 6 month old can get on arrival under husband sponsorship with RP expeare on march. please help me

  10. Hi
    My wife dont have residence permit. She is coming on family visit . I applied visa for 4 months baby but rejected by Metrash . So baby can get visa on arrival ?

  11. Hi sir
    I want to return my family after new baby birth
    But baby is more then 6 months( 6 month &16 days)
    So what should i do….is on arrival i can get ?
    Please suggess me proper guide line.

    1. farooq bhai ,yesterday my family came with 11 month old baby(in pandemic they allow on arival for baby ,who born after 16/9 /2019 till date)but they have given tourist visa to you have any idea what to do.can it be changed to Rp ,or can it be changed to “family instant visa”from hamad airport or anywhere.or any idea what to do now.(me and my wife have RP)

      1. Hello Sabih , is this rule still in effect ? I want to bring my baby and wife . I enquired in 109 they said the same . Wife has RP valid .

  12. I am a resident of Qatar since 5 years and my family too. My wife went to India as we are going to have a new born baby. For coming back to Doha from India, what are the documents required to bring for our new born baby get resident visa not the on-arrival visa. Please tell in detail…. What shall we tell on the immigration counter to get resident visa for baby. Will the immigration gives us resident visa or on-arrival visa for new born baby.

  13. Can you please confirm if Original Birth certificate of baby is enough or the birth certificate needs to be attested for on arrival visa?

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