How Can Wife Sponsor Husband In Qatar: Guide (2024)

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Over the years, Qatar has become a hub for expatriates seeking employment opportunities, and its family sponsorship system plays a crucial role in allowing expatriate workers to bring their families to reside with them.

One common question that arises is can a wife sponsor husband in Qatar. In this article, we will answer this question and discuss the eligibility requirements, documents needed, and steps to be completed during the application process.

Traditionally, many countries in the Middle East have maintained a system where the husband is the primary sponsor of the family. However, Qatar has taken progressive steps in acknowledging the changing dynamics of families and relationships.

This inclusion of husbands in the family sponsorship system is a notable deviation from the norms seen in many other countries. First, let’s answer the important question:

Can Wife Sponsor Husband in Qatar

Yes, Qatar allows wives to sponsor their husbands under specific circumstances. To be eligible, the wife must hold an eligible profession, meet income requirements, and submit an application to the relevant authorities.

Eligibility Criteria for Wife To Sponsor Husband in Qatar

The application for a wife-sponsored husband’s residency is subject to approval by the relevant authorities in Qatar. The authorities consider various factors, including the sponsor’s profession, income, and the overall stability of the family unit. These are the common requirements that must be met:

1. Residence Permit

The first condition is that the wife must have a valid Qatar Residence Permit. Usually, this means she should be legally employed by an employer based in Qatar.

2. Eligible Profession

The wife who wishes to sponsor her husband should be employed in specific professions and meet certain income criteria. Generally, this includes women in professions such as doctors, engineers, nurses, teachers, and other roles that are considered essential and contribute to the development of Qatar’s society.

3. Minimum Salary

The wife’s monthly salary should usually meet a specified threshold. Often this is at the discretion of the Ministry of Interior decisions or the senior officer who checks your application. As of August 2023, those with a QR 10,000 monthly salary are getting approvals. As per official documents, those with a QR 7,000 salary with a family housing facility may also be approved.

Note that the income requirements may vary, but they are typically in place to ensure that the sponsor has the financial capacity to support their family.

Documents Required For Wife Sponsoring Husband

The following documents are required during submission of applications:

1. Attested Marriage Certificate

The resident shall submit a marriage certificate attested by the competent authorities. If the certificate is not in English or Arabic, it should be translated.

2. NOC Letter From Employer

The profession and salary of the applicant shall be confirmed by an official letter from her employer (sponsor).

3. Bank Statement For Salary Proof

Private sector employees shall provide proof of salary by submitting a bank statement for no less than six months from an accredited bank in the country.

4. Attested Educational Certificate

The applicant’s profession should be also confirmed by an attested educational certificate.

5. Passport

A clear copy of the husband’s passport is required during the application stage.

Can Wife Sponsor Husband in Qatar

Benefits of Wife Sponsoring Husband

Allowing wives to sponsor their husbands brings about a range of benefits:

  1. Equality: This policy change reflects a move towards gender equality in sponsorship matters, recognizing that wives can be primary breadwinners and hold essential roles in society.
  2. Family Unity: Allowing husbands to be sponsored by their wives enables families to live together, promoting a sense of togetherness and emotional support.
  3. Economic Contributions: Expanding sponsorship options to include husbands acknowledges their potential contributions to the workforce and Qatar’s economy, irrespective of gender roles.

Can Husband Under Wife’s Sponsorship Work in Qatar?

It is important to note that the husband cannot work in Qatar under his wife’s sponsorship. He must obtain a separate work permit to legally work in the country.

If the husband secures a job in Qatar he can get the work permit through the Ministry after submitting the required documents, including NOC from his wife.

Can A Wife Sponsor Her Children in Qatar?

If a wife is meeting the eligibility requirements to sponsor her husband, she can also apply for sponsoring children. The steps are the same as sponsoring the husband.

In case both husband and wife are working in Qatar under different sponsors, the mother can sponsor their children, if the combined salary is good enough for family sponsorship. Currently, the required combined salary is QR 10,000.

How Can Wife Sponsor Husband in Qatar?

The procedure for a wife to apply Residence Permit for her husband is the same as a husband applying Residence Permit for his wife.

First applicants must apply on the Metrash2 mobile app, by uploading several documents, including an attested marriage certificate, birth certificate, education certificate, and bank statements.

Once the Family RP application is approved, she can pay the visa fee and her husband can enter Qatar. Later, the husband should undergo a medical test and fingerprint. Upon completion of these, you can apply for a Qatar ID card, which is valid for one or more years.

Kindly refer to our detailed article on Family Residence Visa which explains the eligibility requirements, documents, visa fees, and step-by-step procedures to apply for a Qatar Family Residence Visa. This article is updated regularly and can help you in the process.

How Long Does The Process Take

One crucial requirement to apply for Family RP (for both husband and wife) is that private sector employees should submit a 6-month bank statement showing salary credit. In the case of public sector employees, this requirement is relaxed.

This means that if you are employed in the private sector you have to wait for six months before you can apply for your husband’s residence visa. Meanwhile, you can apply for a Family Visit Visa, which can be extended for up to 6 months (for spouse and children).

It is also important to note that the sponsorship process can take several weeks to complete. Often Ministry of Interior decides to pause the processing of RP applications, which means your application may remain unapproved for weeks or months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a wife sponsor her husband in Qatar?

Yes, Qatar permits wives to sponsor their husbands in specific situations. To qualify, the wife needs to possess an eligible profession, fulfil income criteria, and lodge an application with the appropriate authorities.

What are the requirements for husband sponsorship in Qatar?

Firstly, the wife must have a valid Qatar Residence Permit. Additionally, she must be employed in an eligible profession and earn a minimum monthly salary of QR 10,000 if she wishes to sponsor her husband’s residence permit.

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  1. Hi DSY,
    It would be best to visit Duhail Immigration. Afternoon would be the best time to come. Come alone as they don’t want the place to be crowded. Bring along with you your papers as per the requirements. If you belong to one of the main job sectors and in addition to being employed in Semi-Government sector, then I believe you have nothing to worry. Best of luck.

  2. Hi just wanted to ask if anyone here is still ‘under process?’ I filed the application for my husband last March 22 and its almost 2months now and still no progress in metrash. May I know how long does it usually takes? My profession falls in the semigovt sector and my company also provide me NOC.

  3. Hi,
    Good afternoon,
    my profession is Supervisor i would like to ask if my profession is allowed to sponsor my wife?
    my wife has a valid Qatar ID and she’s working in private company.
    one more thing my salary is 10k but i’m college under graduate but i have attested high school diploma would it be possible to sponsor my wife?
    appreciate your prompt response.

  4. Can i know if it’s still possible to sponsor husband if he’s currently employed by a private company and with existing QID?

  5. Hi,
    I have submitted all my papers to MOI after receiving approval for MOL to change my husband’s sponsorship under me.Can anyone tell me how long does it take for MOI approval.It is showing “ under process”.Also since it got approved by Ministry of Labor, is there possibility for application rejection? However I have fulfilled all the requirements to sponsor my husband.

    1. Hi NH,
      While MOL has ALLOWED your husband’s transfer, Residency Affairs will DECIDE if you can sponsor your husband.
      Sponsorship by husbands or by wife is almost the same in terms of eligebility. But as a wife sponsoring her husband, your job sector is given more weight during review and approval.

    2. Hi NH,
      My application’s status is also “Under process”. I would like to ask if you submitted any requirements in MOI upon receiving application number? Is your application approve already? Thank you

  6. I am working in a company sponsorship. Wife is working as a nurse in HMC. As I do not have a job now, what papers do I need to transfer to wife’s sponsorship. Where to apply? plz replay me

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Jobin, Please contact a typing center because first you need to apply for transfer for sponsorship from employer. Before that make sure your wife is eligible to sponsor you. A good typing center can guide you in these steps.

    2. Hi, our application was under review for almost 2 months, we werent able to receive any messages also after the application was made. so we decided to follow up personally and went to ministry of labor in al wakra (as per security only females can enter the premises). Bring your papers with you. They will look for your application form, request number, attested marriage cert, but bring all the necessary documents. After that we got a message from mol that our application is under reveiw and another message that we can check with the moi after 6 days.

  7. Hello. I am an Engineer (private company) and fits the requirements. I tried to apply for my husband to be under my sponsorship but the application was rejected. I went to the Immigration in Duhail (last week of January 2024) , the lady in the counter just told me that not possible.

    1. Hi Bev,
      Please elaborate more because it may be that one of your requirements was not acceptable. And, is your husband in Qatar under a different sponsor or maybe because of his age perhaps?

      1. Based on the criteria posted here, I am eligible. Salary more than 10k and profession is Engineer. My husband does not have ID. He is in our country. He is just 32. But I am in private company. Unlike the others, most of Hamad employees are successfully processed

  8. Hi all I am a nurse working in Hamad. I want to sponsor my husband under my sponsorship. Can i know how i will get Noc from hamad?/ or it is really needed? Anybody got approval without NOC? Because
    Pls anybody can guide me?

    1. Hi Sini,

      Hamad will not provide NOC and we don’t need those. Just attached your marriage cert with embassy and Mofa stamp, total salary in Arabic (request from Oracle), 6 months bank certificate and your husband’s Passport.Most of us working from Hamad got approved. Best of Luck.

  9. Hi, may I know what professions are allowed to sponsor a husband? I am currently working as a Document Controller

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Celine, Most professions that require an attested educational certificate (attached to the Ministry of Labour employment contract), are eligible. Kindly check this with your company’s PRO.

  10. Hi i am a new staff from Hamad and i would like to sponsor my husband who is currently in the Philippines. I talked to the immigration office within the medical city and got a sad information that its not possible for me to sponsor my husband because of my salary grade. When in fact i read in your article that a wife can sponsor husband given with the 10k salary. I fall from this salary so how come the immigration is telling me otherwise.

      1. 17.01.2024
        i applied for husband rp and I got Rejection. Captain said 15k + High Profession required to sponsor Husband

        On Salary Certificate page u need to upload NOC,
        On other document
        U need to upload husband will not work paper

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi Sana, Sorry to hear that. Normally we see approvals with salary above 10k. Thanks for the comment. If you don’t mind can you reveal your salary range, profession, and sector (private/public) so that it would help others?

        2. my salary range is in between 10 to 15k.
          for private sector salary seems to be 15k.
          Govt sector/semigovt/ qfc 10k might be enough. not sure about it.

    1. Try to apply thru metrash2. Choose family resident visa application and complete the required documents needed. I uploaded marriage certificate with MOFA stamped, salary certificate (Arabic), copy of employment contract, 6 months bank statement, passport copy of my husband. Approved after 19 days.
      My husband is currently in the Philippines, his visa is approved under my sponsorship. I have 2 kids under my sponsorship as well. I am working in Hamad.

      1. Hi Maam Meg,

        Working also in Hamad, my question is there no need to submit like NOC from employer and attested educational certificate? My husband is currently on Hayya Visa, was wondering if there is no need also to exit once the RP visa got approved? Many Thanks!

    2. Hi Ma’am/sir? There a good news? Same plan and same situation. 33122931 my no. I need advice to apply visa for my husband

  11. I will share our experience for the benefit of anyone who wants to apply for their husband to be under their sponsorship. Our case is different though as my husband was originally company sponsored and then transfered under my sponsorship. I work as a nurse in hamad. As what I have heard from others experiences, wives who have applied for husbands that are still at their homecountry or in Qatar but under visit visa, got their application for transfer of sponsorship to wife rejected. But hopefully this will change and MOI will approve the application in the near future.

    1st step we did was to apply online in ADSLA/ministry of labor for change of sponsorship. Choose Personal transfer in the transfer option. Requirements are as follows:
    -personal noc by wife addressed to ministry of labor(ask typing center to do this)
    – transferm form downloaded from mInistry of labor
    – noc from wifes employer to sponsor husband
    — salary cert of wife provided by wifes company
    -noc + company card from husbands current employer(noc must state that the employer waves the notice period)
    – arabic translated marrige cert + attested by mofa(can be done in typing center)
    – id copy for both
    – resignation/termination letter from company

    * note or take a picture of the transaction number shown after the application is sent to have it as reference in checking the status of the transfer.

    *ours got approved the very next day.
    *my husband received a msg from adsla stating that it got approved and a 1 week notice period shall be onserved before further completing the transfer at moi.
    *on the 8th day, my husband and i received a text msg from moi of the vp# of the sponsorship transaction. This will be used in updating the status of the transfer once you go to moi.
    *go to moi on the 8th day and personally pass the papers needed. The only original document i sent was the bank statement. All else were duplicate copies.

    Requirements passed at moi
    -personal noc by wife addressed to moi(ask typing center to do this)
    -transfer form of change sponsorship(downloaded in moi site). Signature and stamp of husbands company must be present.
    -6 month bank statement of wife
    – mofa attested diploma
    Of wife
    – noc from wifes employer to sponsor husband
    – salary cert of wife provided by wifes company
    -noc + company card from husbands current employer(noc must state that the employer waves the notice period)
    – arabic translated marrige cert + attested by mofa(can be done in typing center)
    – id copy for both
    – resignation/termination letter from company
    -housing contract provided by my company since we live in hamads housing accomodation/or if your renting, a contract with your wifes name as the tenant.+baladiya stamp

    *we waited for 10days and got our approval.but as per the receipt given it says check after 3 days.once approved, you will receive a msg. Go to moi to have the id card printed. 😊

    GOODLUCK to everyone!

      1. Im glad to be of help 😊 ahm I would just want to ask Doha guide if you have any idea regarding work permit for husband to work in a company but still under my sponsorship? Is this possible. The previous company of my husband wanted to urgently employ him for just 2 months but suddenly backed out saying that secondment in ministry of labor is permitted for company to company only and not personal to company. Any knowledge about this?

        1. Hi, There is a provision under which wives are allowed to work while being under husband’s sponsorship. We think that should work in this case also. This is more like a work permit (not a secondment option that companies do). Perhaps you should check with a good typing center.

    1. And oh by the way, as per latest requirements.The wife should have 10,000 qar of monthly salary and above to qualify as sponsor. I higy suggest you go to moi frst and try to talk to the captain if you are qualified to sponsor especially if you already have other children under youf sponsorship as well. In our case, we dont have children yet. 😊

    2. Hello, I am planning to transfer my husband under my sponsorship. Would you mind sending/posting the link for the site? And it will be my husband that will be apply on the site right? Thank you so much.

    3. Good day..i need help, because I read your experience, what is your no. Or contact.. My contact no is 33122931, I need to transfer my husband visa.. Same situation I’m Filipino nurse in Hamad. I hope you read my msg thank you

    4. Good day..i need help, because I read your experience, what is your no. Or contact.. My contact no is 33122931, I need to transfer my husband visa.. Same situation I’m Filipino nurse in Hamad. I hope you read my msg thank you, what is the name of the typing center?

    5. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am also from Hamad and my husband is under company sponsorship. I want to transfer him under mine. My question is, how and where i can get the NOC from hamad to sponsor my husband?

    6. Hello, where did you get the transfer form from? I checked the adlsa/ministry of labor website but I couldn’t find the form. Is it the “Change of Employer” form or a different one? I am also working in Hamad

    7. Hi Jay,
      I would like to ask about the VP or application number you received from MOI. Is your application also showing”under process” when you submitted the requirements to the MOI? Thank you

    8. HelloQatar,
      I would like to ask about the VP or application number from MOI. Is your application also showing “under process” when you submitted the requirements in MOI? Thank you.

  12. Can wife working in private sector ( Assistant Professor ) sponsor new born child in Qatar if her salary is more than 10000 Qar

  13. Can my husband who is under my sponsorship work for a company but still remain under my sponsorship? How is the process?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Yes, his employer has to apply for a work permit (without changing sponsorship). Employer or his PRO can do this. NOC from wife will be required.

      1. Hi Doha guide News!

        Just to give back the goodness of yesterday, wanted to inform that my husband who was originally company sponsored(he has qid and sponsor is the company),is now under my sponsorship. It is possible guys as long as the wife is qualified to sponsor. Hoping those who would want to apply will have the same fate as ours. Sending positivity to everyone.

        1. Hi HQ, Congratulation. That’s great news! If you don’t mind, could you please share the transfer process in detail so that it will help others.

        2. Hi dear!
          Also a nurse from hamad and wanted to do the same as what you did with your husband. May I ask from where you got this transfer form? is it the same as change of employer form ? Also, did hamad stop your housing benefits since your husband is already under your sponsorship? BTW, your post is very helpful. Thank you & Best Regards.

        3. Hello!
          From where you got the NOC from Hamad? Do they provide it thru the system? Thank you!

        4. Your Filipino I need help or advice I need to transfer my husband sponsorship.. My contact no is 33122931 I hope you head my msg

        5. Are you Filipino? I need help I need to transfer my husband visa or sponsorship this is my no 33122931 I hope you read this thank you