Fahes Vehicle Inspection in Qatar: Complete Guide (2022)

Vehicles registered in Qatar are required to undergo an annual inspection at an authorized testing centre. For private passenger cars and smaller vehicles, this needs to be done every year after the first three years.

If you’re a driver in Qatar, it’s important to make sure your vehicle meets the technical and legal requirements set by Traffic Department. You can only renew your vehicle registration (Istimara) after you have passed this vehicle inspection.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about Fahes Vehicle Inspection in Qatar.

30 MAY 2022 UPDATE: Starting from 1st June 2022 vehicle inspection at Fahes stations in Mesaimeer and Wadi Al Banat can be done only through booking on the Woqod mobile app. It will ensure that customers do not cause traffic jams or wait in long queues at entrances to these stations. All other stations will continue to offer inspection on a first come, first serve basis. Here is how to book online using the Fahes app.

What is Fahes in Qatar?

WOQOD Vehicles Inspection (FAHES) is the only licensed organization in Qatar that conducts vehicle inspections, including those of light and heavy vehicles as well as heavy construction equipment.

Their technical inspections are in accordance with the standards agreed upon with the Traffic Department of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) as well as the General Committee of Standardization and Metrology (GCSM). Fahes inspection service ensures that all vehicles follow the approved standards for road traffic safety and pollution control.

If you are wondering what Fahes means, it is an Arabic word that can be loosely translated as “investigation or examination”.

When To Do Fahes Inspection

For private passenger cars, you do not have to do the inspection for the first three years. Once the vehicle becomes three years old, you need to do an inspection every year before renewing the registration.

Vehicle TypeInspection Frequency
Private Passenger CarsEvery year after three years old
Private Transport less than 3000kg (Individual owner)Every year after three years old
Private Transport less than 3000kg (Company owned)Every year from the first registration
Private Transport/Trailers more than 3000kgEvery year from the first registration
Taxi, Rental cars and MotorcyclesEvery year from the first registration
Fahes Inspection Frequency

How To Do Fahes Inspection in Qatar

Before you take your vehicle for an annual inspection, you have to make sure it is in good condition. You can follow the below checklist, which will ensure that the chances of failure are very less:

Fahes Requirements: Checklist for Inspection

General Instructions

  • Clean off the dirt from your vehicle, especially the area under the chassis. Taking the vehicle for a full body wash would be a good idea.
  • Remove valuables and insecure loads.

External Body Parts

  • Make sure the following are in safe working condition: Brake Lights, Doors, Door Handles, Fire Extinguishers, Fuel Caps, Headlights, Hoods, Horn, Indicator Lights, License Plates, Mirrors, Mud Guards, Safety Belts, Seats, Spare Tires, Steering, Sun Visors, Tires, Wheel fixings, Windows, and Wipers.

Technical / Internal Parts

  • Check these internal parts too (consult with a mechanic if needed): Anti-skid Brake System (ABS), Accelerators, Air Bags, Batteries, Brakes, Drive Shafts, Electrical Wires, Engine, Exhaust Systems, Fuel Systems, Oil Leaks, Shock Absorbers, Suspension, and Transmissions.

Legal Requirements

  • All physical modifications and alterations must be approved by the Traffic Department.
  • Additional tinting to windows (cooling film) needs Traffic Department approval.
  • Excessive damage to paint, bodywork or bumpers can fail the legal inspection.
  • Exhaust emissions (CO and HC) must meet the minimum legal requirement.
  • A vehicle with advertising, aftermarket graphics, stickers or stripes will need official written approval from the Doha Municipality to pass the legal inspection.

Fahes Fees

The price for Fahes inspection are as below:

Vehicle TypeInspection Fee
Private Passenger CarQR 150
Light Vehicle (Taxi, Private & Public Transport less than 3000kg)QR 160
MotorcycleQR 100
Heavy Vehicle (Private & Public Transport more than 3000kg)QR 250
Trailer, Semi Trailer, Heavy Equipment (For and Not For Road Use)QR 300
Fees for Fahes Vehicle Inspection

Documents Required for Fahes Inspection

For the vehicle’s periodical inspection, you only need:

  1. The vehicle’s Istimara (registration card), and
  2. A debit/credit card for payment

Fahes Branch Locations and Timings

Below are the regular timings for Fahes stations:

Fahes BranchWorking DaysTiming
Al Egda (Al Khor)Sun-Thu6:00 am to 5:45 pm
Al Mazrooah (Umm Salal)Sun-Thu6:00 am to 5:45 pm
Al ShahaniyaSun-Thu6:00 am to 5:45 pm
Industrial AreaSun-Thu6:00 am to 5:45 pm
Madinat Al Shamal (Al Shamal)Wed-Thu 7:00 am to 1:45 pm
Mesaimeer (Abu Hamour)Sun-Thu 6:00 am to 5:30 pm
Wadi Al Banat (Duhail)Sun-Thu6:00 am to 5:30 pm
WakraSun-Thu6:00 am to 5:45 pm
WukairSun-Thu6:00 am to 5:45 pm
Fahes Locations and Timing

Fahes Vehicles Inspection Process

In order to complete your vehicle inspection, you can visit any Fahes station in Qatar.

Step 1: Pay the fee and register your vehicle

Once you enter the premises, you will be directed to the registration booth. Upon reaching the booth hand over your Istimara and debit/credit card for payment. You may be asked for a mobile number to send the inspection report by SMS. Collect the customer receipt and inspector copy from the booth.

Note: Paying with a debit/credit card is the only option since cash is not accepted.

Registering For Fahes Vehicle Inspection
Registering the vehicle for inspection

Step 2: Queue up for the inspection

Drive slowly and carefully into the inspection lane. Stop at the first test stage. Wait for the staff signal to move ahead.

Queuing up for Fahes inspection
Queuing up for vehicle inspection

Step 3: Follow the directions for inspection

Follow the directions from the service staff. At the first test stage, the staff will ask you to apply the breaks, turn on the lights, turn on indicators etc. They will also inspect the external body, doors, tires, horn, viper, exhaust emission etc. Then you will be asked to drive slowly to the next stage.

At the second stop, the staff will do the technical inspection and check internal parts including below the chassis. They may ask you to step out of the car if needed. Once done, they will ask you to drive away slowly. The whole process will take less than 10 minutes.

Fahes Vehicle Inspection Process
Vehicle inspection process

Step 4: Wait for the SMS with the result link

Once you are out of the inspection lane, you can park outside and wait for the SMS. Within a few minutes of the inspection, you will receive an SMS with a link to the results.

Most stations have a Traffic Dept. office inside their premises. If the result of the vehicle inspection is PASS, you can pay for your insurance renewal and renew vehicle registration at the Traffic office on the same day.

Keep in mind that sometimes the Traffic Dept service may close earlier than the inspection service. You can also do the renewal at any Traffic Department office in the following days or do it online through the Metrash2 mobile app.

Insurance service at Fahes is normally from Qatar Insurance Company. If you want to go with another insurance company, you can renew online also. In either case, the vehicle insurance should be renewed before the renewal of Istimara.

How To Check Fahes Report Online

You can click the link on the SMS or check directly on the Fahes website.

Step 1: Go to Fahes website

Here is the link to Fahes website.

Step 2: Click on “Online Report Search”

The button is located on the top menu. You will see a page as shown below.

How to check Fahes report online

Step 3: Enter your plate number, select plate type and enter your QID number

Step 4: Type the captcha code and click on the “Search” button

You can see the full report with all details. This report will be visible for one year from inspection or until the next inspection.

What To Do If Vehicle Fails Fahes Inspection

If your vehicle fails the first inspection, you need to rectify the reason for failure, which will be mentioned in your report. In case of any query, you can check with the station supervisor.

For technical issues, seek the assistance of a professional mechanic. If there are repairs needed for the vehicle body (like fixing dents, re-painting etc.) you need to get a paper from the Traffic Department. The garage cannot fix the vehicle body without this paper.

It is important to correct these faults, no matter how small or how major they are. You must once again have your vehicle inspected after you have corrected the faults so that they can recheck the vehicle and provide you with a new report. After re-inspection, you will receive a “PASS” report. Vehicle registrations can be renewed only if the report is marked as having been passed.

Cost for Re-inspection

The first re-inspection will be free of cost. However, if your re-inspection fails, you have to do a paid inspection. The following inspections will follow the pattern of one paid and one free if they are within 30 days of the main inspection.

Fahes Inspection Report Validity

The inspection report is valid for 30 days from inspection. The registration renewal must be completed within 30 days from the pass report date/validity of registration.

In the event that a vehicle does not pass within 30 days of the first main inspection, all previous reports and repairs will be ignored, and a new fresh main inspection will be performed, checking every item again.

Common Reasons for Fahes Inspection Failure

Below are the common reasons for failure during vehicle inspection:

  • Paint faded (often due to parking under the sun)
  • Tyre erosion
  • Break lights / Indicator lights not working
  • Viper erosion
  • Sunfilm tint without permission or more than allowed
  • Excessive dents

There may be many other reasons for failure. Make sure you refer to the inspection checklist given above.

How To Book Fahes Appointment Online

To book an inspection online using the Fahes app follow the below steps:

Step 1: Download Woqod mobile app

Note that Fahes do not have a separate app. You can download the Woqod mobile app from the Play Store or App Store.

Step 2: Click on “Fahes”

Step 3: Click on “Book Vehicle Inspection”

How to book Fahes vehicle inspection online
Steps To Book Fahes Vehicle Inspection Through App

Step 4: Enter your details

Select the customer type, enter QID, mobile number, email, car plate and select plate type.

Step 5: Select the station, and confirm the date and time of their booking. 

Currently, you can choose Mesaimeer or Wadi Al Banat.

Step 6: You will receive a confirmation message

You can go to the station as per the appointment date and time.

Fahes for Motorcycle

Fahes inspection for motorcycles should be done every year after registration. The fee is QR 100 per inspection.

Fahes Working Hours During Ramadan

Fahes working hours during the Holy month of Ramadan are as follows:

Fahes Working Hours During Ramadan
Fahes working hours during Ramadan

Other Services at Fahes Stations

The following services are also offered at the stations:

  • ​Static weighing scale
  • VIN stamping & VIN marking
  • Tanker capacity certificate
  • Water tanker inspection
  • External inspection of heavy equipment vehicles

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check the Fahes vehicle inspection report?

Once your vehicle inspection is completed, you will receive an SMS with the link to your report. You can also check online on the Fahes website.

Should I do a re-inspection for minor defects in Fahes report?

If the overall result is PASS for the technical and legal sections, you do not need a re-inspection. However, it is advised to fix these faults later for your safety.

When is the best time for Fahes inspection?

Fahes recommends doing vehicle inspections during the middle of the week and mid-month, between 12 pm and 3 pm as the stations are less busy during these hours.

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