Professions Not Eligible For Driving License in Qatar (2024)

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If you are a new expatriate to start working in Qatar, you might want to apply for a driving license to make your commute easier. Unfortunately, many professions are not eligible for a driving license in Qatar.

In Qatar, Traffic Department is the authorised authority for issuing driving licenses. The Traffic Department has a long list of professions with categories of workers who are not eligible to get a driving license in the country. Usually, this list gets updated occasionally but is not published to the public.

The updated lists from the Ministry of Interior are only sent to recognised driving schools in Qatar. It is even more complicated for non-Arab expatriates to check as the profession on Qatar ID is only printed in Arabic.

Professions Not Eligible for Driving License in Qatar

Here is an unofficial translation of a list of professions not eligible for a Driving License in Qatar. The list has been prepared in alphabetical order for your convenience.

  1. Agricultural Worker
  2. Air Cargo Worker
  3. Animal Caretaker
  4. Assistant Builder
  5. Bakery Worker
  6. Baking Mixer
  7. Bar Keeper
  8. Barber
  9. Beauty Saloon Worker
  10. Blacksmith
  11. Boat Carpenter
  12. Bricks Builder
  13. Builder
  14. Butcher
  15. Calligraphy Technician
  16. Carrier
  17. Cashier
  18. Ceramic Worker
  19. Coffee Boy
  20. Communication Assistant
  21. Computer Programmer
  22. Concrete Blacksmith
  23. Connections Technician
  24. Construction Carpenter
  25. Cook
  26. Cook’s Assistant
  27. Crusher Machine Operator
  28. Curtain Installer
  29. Curtain Upholstery Worker
  30. Décor Carpenter
  31. Decorator Assistant
  32. Digger
  33. Electric Welder
  34. Embroider
  35. Falafel Maker
  36. Farmer
  37. Financial Services Worker
  38. Fisherman
  39. Fishing Net Maker
  40. Fodder Worker
  41. Furniture Upholstery Worker
  42. Gardener
  43. Gate Guard
  44. General Carpenter
  45. General Electrician
  46. General Equipment Mechanic
  47. General Manufacturing Worker
  48. General Typing
  49. Glass Installer
  50. Goldsmith
  51. Grave Digger
  52. Grocery Worker
  53. Gypsum Worker
  54. Health And Safety Technician
  55. Henna Maker
  56. Herdsman
  57. Horse Hostler
  58. Horse Trainer
  59. Hotel Service Worker
  60. House Manager
  61. Ice Maker
  62. Industrial Service Worker
  63. Installation Electrician
  64. Irrigation Worker
  65. Jeweller
  66. Juice Maker
  67. Kebab Maker
  68. Labourer
  69. Land Shipment Worker
  70. Lathing Worker
  71. Laundry Worker
  72. Lift Electrician
  73. Lift Worker
  74. Machine Operator
  75. Manufacturing Worker
  76. Massage Worker
  77. Meat, Shawarma And Sandwich Griller
  78. Milkman
  79. Mining Technician
  80. Mixer Operator
  81. Nanny
  82. Newspaper Sellers
  83. Nutrition Worker
  84. Oxygen Welder
  85. Packing And Grinding Worker
  86. Pagemaker
  87. Painter
  88. Paramedic
  89. Pastry Maker
  90. Pharmacy Assistant
  91. Pipes Welder
  92. Plaster Worker
  93. Plumber
  94. Plumber Assistant
  95. Prayer Caller (Moazin)
  96. Rescue Worker
  97. Sailor
  98. Sales Man
  99. Sculptor
  100. Sea Shipment Worker
  101. Security Guard
  102. Servant
  103. Service Worker
  104. Shipping Worker
  105. Shoemaker
  106. Stamp Maker
  107. Sweets Maker
  108. Tailor
  109. Tailoring Worker
  110. Technical Assistant
  111. Telephone Central Electrician
  112. Tents Tailor
  113. Tiles Technician
  114. Tiles Worker
  115. Translator
  116. Typist
  117. Tyre Worker
  118. Upholstery Worker
  119. Vegetable Seller
  120. Vinegar Maker
  121. Waiter
  122. Watchman
  123. Welder
  124. Whitesmith
  125. Wood Cutter
  126. Wood Seller

The above list is translated from Arabic and may be changed from time to time. There may be more professions that are banned from securing a driving license.

This list was also verified through some driving schools. However, we strongly suggest that you double-check with a driving school since rules are subject to change.

You can call or visit a reputed driving school with your Qatar ID. Usually, the reception staff at driving schools can check your profession with their list and confirm your eligibility.

The above list applies to a four-wheeler license only. Most of these professions may be eligible for a two-wheeler license.

In March 2019, the General Directorate of Traffic announced that the profession of a technician is eligible to apply for a Qatar Driving licence. However, some categories of technicians are still ineligible.

Housewives sponsored by their husbands and students aged 18 years and above (under parent’s sponsorship) are eligible for driving licenses.

If you are unsure about your profession’s eligibility, please check with a driving school or the Traffic Department. Usually, driving schools would confirm before enrolling you for the driving lessons.

In some cases, the traffic department may allow exceptional approvals if there is a justified reason for a driving license.

professions not eligible for Driving License

Eligibility For Two Wheeler License

The above list is only valid for four-wheelers (light vehicles like cars). Most of the above-listed professions will be eligible for a two-wheeler (motorcycle / bike) license. Some of these are also eligible for a heavy vehicle license. Please check with a driving school for confirmation.

Driving Without a Licence

Driving without a valid licence is a criminal offence with harsh penalties for non-compliance. If you are involved in an accident, your insurance will be void, and you may face imprisonment and deportation. Make sure you plan in advance and are holding an appropriate, valid licence at all times.

Finding the Traffic Department

The Ministry of Interior Traffic Department handles all matters concerning licensing and traffic violations. The Traffic Department is located on Khalifa Street, Madinat Khalifa, and is open from 7 am to 11 am and 4 pm to 7 pm.

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  1. Hi,
    My professional mentioned as a Systems Analyst, Am I eligible for Driving license. Shall i check in various driving school.

    1. Hi Prabu, Yes, you can apply with System Analyst profession. If it is Computer Programmer you may not be eligible.

  2. تنفيذي مبيعات – Sales Executive

    not in the above list

    does that imply that it may be eligible for a license?

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi Ysa, It will depend on what is exactly written on your QID. Massage worker is not eligible, but physiotherapist or physiotherapy assistant may be eligible. You can check with any driving school.

  3. Hi Good day, my visa is “technician” but actual work is a shipping coordinator that requires me to drive, Am I eligible to apply for a driving license, many thanks.

  4. Mohammad Haroon


    My profession is Co-ordinator (munsaq) can my profession is eligible for four wheeler light vehicle? Please advise

  5. Hi sir my name is Rifkhan my profession is labour (aamil) can I qualify for a forklift operator license?

  6. Hi Sir,
    My visa professional is Safety Technician, Please advise i am eligible to apply for a Driving license for light four-wheeler vehicle

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Aftab Ansari, Health and Safety Technician may not be eligible. Please check with a driving school.

  7. Mario Liwanag Royo Rodeo

    Hi, Doha Guides. Does a mechanic visa holder like me allowed to apply for driving license?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Mario, If you are a car mechanic you will be eligible. Some other types like General Equipment Mechanic are not eligible.

  8. My profession is Gen. System Analyst and driving school says I m not eligible to register for Driving license. Please suggest

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Mohammed, If your QID profession is Gen. System Analyst, you should be eligible. Please check with another driving school.