MOI Qatar Metrash2 Registration and User Guide (2024)

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What Is Metrash2 App?

Metrash2 (commonly called Metrash) is a mobile application offered by the Ministry of Interior (MOI) in Qatar, designed to provide convenient access to a wide range of government services and information.

It allows residents and citizens of Qatar to conduct various administrative tasks and inquiries related to residency permits, visit visa applications, traffic violations, vehicle registration, and more, directly from their smartphones. With Metrash, users can access essential government services anytime, anywhere, reducing the need for physical visits to government offices and streamlining administrative processes.

This article explains the step-by-step process of Metrash2 registration, services available on the app and answers to frequently asked questions.

How To Register Metrash On Your Mobile Phone

Who is eligible to register? Any Qatar Resident above 18 years can register for the Metrash2 mobile application. However, the mobile phone (SIM card) should be registered under his or her Qatar ID number. It is not possible to register if the mobile phone is not under the person’s QID.

Step 1. Download the Metrash2 app on your mobile phone

Go to App Store (iPhone users) or Play Store (Android users) and search for Metrash2. Once you find it, click “Download” and then “Open”.

MOI Qatar Metrash 2 App Store
Metrash 2 App on App Store

Step 2. Select your preferred language

By default, the app opens in Arabic. You can select your preferred language from the bottom right button. Metrash2 is available in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Malayalam and Urdu. Click on “Login”.

Change Metrash App Language
Click on the right icon to select the language

Step 3. Enter Your Qatar ID Number and Expiry Date

On the next screen, enter your Qatar ID number and press “Next”. Then enter the expiry date of your Qatar ID.

Enter your Qatar ID number and expiry date

At this stage, you will get a pop-up question asking, “Are you sure your phone number is under your Qatar ID?”. You have to select “YES”.

Step 4. Send automated SMS to 92992

The Metrash2 app will generate an automated SMS message to be sent to 92992. Simply click “SEND” and wait for the activation code.

Soon, you will receive an SMS with two activation codes (Part 1 and Part 2).

Step 5. Enter activation codes and set a PIN code

Open the app again and enter your QID and both activation codes you got from the SMS.

Set a numeric PIN code for the app (For security purposes, the PIN has to be at least six digits). The PIN is like a password for the app you would use for all future logins. So use a number that you can remember. Reconfirm the PIN and click on “Submit”.

Enter the activation code

Step 6. Receive confirmation SMS and start using the app

You would have received a confirmation SMS by now. Now you can log in to the app with your PIN and use Metrash. For the first time use, you have to accept the Terms and Conditions. Click on “Accept”.

What Is Inside The Metrash App

Inside the Metrash app, you can see two tabs on top:

My Info and Service tabs on Metrash
My Info and Service tabs on Metrash

My Info Tab

The first tab has information related to your official documents like Qatar ID, Passport, Driving License and the last date you entered Qatar.

You can see the details of your family members under Residence Services in the second row. The third row has Traffic details like owned vehicles, traffic violations etc. The last row is for Visa Services. You can see more details if you click on each icon.

Services Tab

The second tab contains the following services:


On the “Residency” page, you can find options for Issue Residency Permit, Residency Cancellation, Residency Renewal, Replace Damaged or Lost ID, Sponsored Names Report, Re-issue RP, Change Passport Details, Sponsorship Change, Automatic RP Renewal etc.


On the “Citizens” page, you can find various transactions needed by Qatari Citizens.


On the “Traffic Services” page, you can find services like Driving License Renewal, Check Traffic Violations, Pay for Violations, Vehicle Ownership Transfer, Accident Registration etc.

General Services

This page has services like Report Lost Objects, Police Clearance Certificate, Security Permits etc.


Visa Page contains services like Issue New Visa, Visa Approval, Visa Extension, Visa Follow Up etc.

Leave Notification

The Leave Notification page has options for Leave Notification, Return Permit, Traveller Transaction etc.

National Address

This page is for registering National Addresses. All citizens and residents must register their residence address on Metrash.

Communicate With Us

This page has options to communicate with departments like CID, Traffic, Security Department etc. You can also report traffic violations through this page.

Services Available on Metrash2 Mobile App

How To Activate The Metrash App On A Second Device

Metrash2 services can be activated on two devices. To activate the second device:

  • Download the Metrash2 application on the second device.
  • Enter QID and password used for the first device.
  • The system will send One Time Password (OTP) valid for 10 minutes to the device used to activate Metrash2.
  • Enter the OTP password, and Metrash2 services will be activated on the second device.

How To Change Mobile Number In Metrash

MOI Qatar Metrash2 is activated on a mobile number owned by your Qatar ID. If you need to change the default mobile number, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Ministry of Interior Website
  • Click on the “Inquiries” icon
  • Go to Metrash Page
  • Click on “Metrash for Individuals”
  • Enter your QID and the new mobile number
  • Choose language, and enter the CAPTCHA code.
  • Click “Change Number”

You can also use the same page for Subscribe and Unsubscribe.

Change Metrash Mobile Number
How To Change Mobile Number in Metrash

How To Deactivate Metrash On A Mobile Device

  • Open the Metrash2 app
  • Click on the top-right icon
  • Scroll down to the last option named “Settings.”
  • Click on “Deactivate”
  • Enter the password (PIN)

In case the service is activated on different devices, you should select whether to activate this device or all devices.

A Brief History Of MOI Qatar And Metrash App

The Ministry of Interior was formed in 1970 according to decree No. (5) for the year 1970 stipulating the functions of the country’s ministries and other government organizations.

MOI Qatar’s functions and missions include providing peace and security and organizing police forces guaranteeing the protection of national security and maintaining the safety and security of nationals and expatriates.

MOI Qatar Headquarters
MOI Qatar Headquarters Complex in Doha

Metrash was originally introduced in 2006 as an electronic service for mobile users only, where upon subscription, residents could receive SMS messages regarding a traffic violation, RP expiry, license expiry etc.

In the initial years, the service was not very popular as the registration was complicated and needed to access the MOI Qatar self-service kiosks. The process has been simplified in the last few years, and you can easily do it in 5 minutes with your smartphone, thereby achieving great popularity.

Today app has over 2 million active users, and they can access more than 250 services on the app 24 hours a day.

Man Using Mobile Phone

Metrash Helpline

For technical issues related to Metrash, you can contact the MOI helpline on 2342000 or email at: [email protected]

The Government Contact Center, which offers 24-hour customer service to citizens and residents, can be reached via telephone at 109 (inside Qatar) or +974-44069999 or by fax at 44069998, or by live chat on the Hukoomi website. The e-mail address is [email protected].

FAQ on Metrash Mobile App

What to do if I forget the Metrash password?

You can click on “Forget password?” on the login screen and follow the steps to reactivate the service.

How many devices can I activate Metrash?

You can activate the Metrash2 app on up to two devices under one Qatar ID.

What if my phone is not under my Qatar ID?

You have to contact your service provider (Ooredoo or Vodafone) and check about transferring the phone to your QID, or else you have to get another SIM card.

Is the Metrash app required for children?

No, Metrash is not required for children below 18 years.

How can I get assistance for Metrash app issues?

For support on Metrash2, residents can contact the 24-hour call centre: 2342000 or email MOI Qatar at: [email protected]

Can visitors to Qatar install Metrash?

No, it is a requirement that you should have Qatar ID to register for the Metrash2 app.

What payment methods are available on Metrash?

Metrash2 supports two payment methods: Credit card payment (for individuals) and Direct debit through bank (only for companies).

How can companies activate direct debit account payments for Metrash?

The company representative has to go to Qatar National Bank (Company services) and apply for the Metrash2 service.

What is the refund process in case of an error in paid service?

In case of an error in paid service, a refund request will be submitted automatically to the bank. Transaction time is based on the bank process.

How can I change the Metrash app language?

Inside the app, click on the top-right icon. Scroll down to the last option named “Settings”. Click on “Application Language”.

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  1. I activated Metrash2 using activaton Part1 & Part2. Should I keep this codes for future reference or can I delete it?

  2. hi, i am trying to activate my Metrash2.
    i send the message to 92992 twice, but i dont receive any link/code.
    what should i do now?
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  3. Hello,
    Thank you for a very nice guide you have. Surely it has helped a lot.

    Can dependents (wife and daughter) register for Metrash2?


    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Haneen, Yes, they can. But the mobile number (SIM card) they are using should be under their name. There may be restrictions if your daughter is a minor.

  4. Ishwor timalsina

    I can’t loging metresh2 because it was registered with my previous mobile number then that number are already terminated from my QID then if I try to register the metresh2 with my new number but it’s replies that you already registered in metresh with onether number. Please send from registered phone or resend that request after changing your phone using moi website ” please assist to solve this issues

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    Before my phone damage and now I have new sim and mobile but this mobile inside not working old Metrash 2 how can do open this app please give me some tips sir.mam.

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    I can’t login Metrash2 because It was registered with my previous numbers then that numbers are already terminated from my QID then if I try to register the Metrash2 with my new number but its replies that “You already registered in Metrash with another number. Please send from registered phone or resend the request after changing your phone using MOI website” please assist to solve this issue.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Shiva Kumar, You can change Metrash mobile number using MOI website. The process is explained in the above article. Or else you can call 109.


    Metrash 2 old number registered forget new number se register kar raha hoon otp nahi araha hai mobile old hi hai number Naya hai Kya Karen please help me


    My Metrash2 is not working because I changed mobile number, please help me sir/ma’am how to arrange my new mobile number so that my Metrash2 will activate

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Mohammad, You can change the number on the MOI website. Please see steps mentioned in this article (How to change mobile number in Metrash).

  9. Hello I am Karim ullah, how can I change my mobile number in metrash2 my old mobile number has been blocked.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Karim, You can do it from the Ministry of Interior website. Steps are already explained in this article. Please check the article again.

  10. Hi.. This is pawan.. My Qatar ID was expire… So i need metrash2 service for changing employee.. How can i connect to metrash2..

      1. Doha Guides Team

        Hi Sovit,
        Go to the Ministry of Interior Website.
        Click on the “Inquiries” icon.
        Go to Metrash Page.
        Click on “Metrash for Individuals”
        Enter your QID and the new mobile number.
        Choose language, and enter the CAPTCHA code.
        Click “Change Number”

  11. Hi! I just wanna ask about QID Renewal in Metrash2. I am personally renewing my QID from Metrash2. It says, invalid QID. How come? Is there any problem? Thank You.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Anna, The QID has to be renewed from the sponsor’s Metrash. QID holder cannot renew their own ID.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Estella, It may happen if you have purchased your SIM card using your passport number (instead of QID). If that is the case, you should contact your mobile phone company (Ooredoo or Vodafone). If that is not the case you can call Metrash helpline at 109.

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi Md Amdadul Haque, If you are facing any technical error, please contact Metrash support on 109.

        2. Hi, my mobile number doesn’t receive OTP to activate metrash2. Please what can I do? How much is the sms charges for 92992 text? I have 5 riyal flex credit units.

        3. Hi Felix, SMS incoming is free inside Qatar. May be there is something wrong with your installation. Please call 109.