How To Do Ehteraz Pre-Travel Registration For Qatar

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In July 2021, Qatar launched an online pre-travel registration service for travellers arriving in Qatar. The service, known as Ehteraz Pre-Travel Registration, was mandatory for visitors until 1 November 2022.

The Ehteraz pre-registration system for those coming to Qatar aimed to facilitate the arrival process and verify the visitor’s immunity status. Using this online platform, passengers could upload all required documents, such as vaccination certificates and other relevant data, to avoid hassle and long queues at the airport.

This article explains the step-by-step process of how to do the Ehteraz pre-registration and answers frequently asked questions.


From 1 November 2022, visitors entering Qatar are not required to do Ehteraz pre-travel registration. This is as per the latest travel policy announced by MOPH. The below information is based on earlier information.

NOTE: Ehteraz pre-travel registration should not be confused with the Ehteraz mobile app, which is a different service to be used once you are inside Qatar.

Is Pre-Travel Registration Compulsory for All Travellers?

From 1 November 2022, registering on the Ehteraz website is not required for travellers (visitors and residents). Also, Ehteraz pre-registration is not needed for transit through Doha Airport.

Advantages of Ehteraz Pre-Travel Registration

The Ehteraz pre-travel registration had several advantages:

  • It ensured that you meet the required conditions and are authorized to enter Qatar.
  • It made your check-in and departure process smooth at the point of departure.
  • It ensured quick completion of entry procedures at Doha airport/point of entry.
  • Travellers with pre-approval were allowed to use the designated fast-track route and proceed directly to the immigration checkpoint

Documents Required For Ehteraz Pre-travel Registration

To apply for Ehteraz travel registration, the following documents were required:

  • Passport copy (for visitors)
  • A vaccination certificate issued by the competent authorities in the country departing from (for those who are fully vaccinated and 14 days have passed after the second dose)
  • A COVID-19 recovery certificate issued by the approved health authorities in the country departing from (for those who were recovered within a period not exceeding twelve months)
  • Two-way airline ticket if you are a visitor applying for a visa on arrival service
  • Hotel booking (for the entire duration) through the Discover Qatar website for Indian, Pakistani, and Iranian nationals applying for visas on arrival (requirement from 14 April 2022)

NOTE: All visitors aged six (6) and above should have a negative RT-PCR test result obtained no more than 48 hours before departure or a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) certificate obtained no more than 24 hours before departure.

However, as per the new rules, this need not be uploaded during Ehteraz pre-registration. Instead, the original test result should be presented during check-in at the airport or during entry at other borders. Minors aged 0-5 years are exempted from COVID testing.

When To Do The Ehteraz Pre-Travel Registration

Travellers must apply through the Ehteraz platform at least three (3) days before arrival to Qatar and submit the required documents.

Please note that the system will not accept your application if your travel date is after seven (7) days. However, you can start filling up the application form earlier and save it for future submission.

It is highly recommended to submit the application 6 or 7 days before travel as there can be delays in approval.

How To Do Ehteraz Pre-Travel Registration

Below are the steps for travellers to do the pre-travel registration on the Ehteraz website:

Step 1: Go to Ehteraz’s official website

Step 2: Go to Pre-entry Registration; Click on the “Register new request” button

This is a recent update to the page. You can find this section on the left side in maroon colour.

It will take you to this page:

Ehteraz Pre-Travel Registration Website

Note: You can also reach this page by clicking on the “Pre-Registration System” link on Ehteraz mobile app. Either way, you will be redirected to the same page, and the process is the same as below.

Ehteraz-Pre-Travel-Registration Mobile App

Step 3: If you are using the website for the first time, click on “New User Registration”

If you are already registered, go to Step 5 below.

Ehteraz Pre-Travel Registration Website New User

Step 4: Enter your details on the User Registration page

Select your nationality, enter your email and create a password. Click on the “Signup” button.

Ehteraz Pre-Travel Registration-Website New User Registration Page

Step 5: Activate your account by clicking the email link

You will receive an email with the activation link. Click on the email link to activate your account.

Ehteraz New User Registration Email

Step 6: Go to the login page, enter your email id and password

Enter the captcha code (number shown in the image) and click on the “Login” button.

Ehteraz Website User Login Page

Step 7: On the next page, click on “Register New Request”

Ehteraz Pre-Travel Registration New Request

Step 8: Enter your travel information

Select arrival border, country of departure, arrival date, and passenger count (if you are travelling alone, the passenger count will be 1). For passengers arriving by air, arrival time is also required. Enter the captcha code and click on “Save & Continue”.

Ehteraz Pre-Travel Registration Website Steps

Step 9: On the next page, select visitor type and details

If you choose Qatari/Resident option, enter your nationality, QID number, and date of birth. Then enter the captcha code and click on the “Retrieve” button.

Ehteraz Pre-Travel Registration Residents

If you choose the Visitor option, you must enter your nationality, visa number, date of birth, full name, passport details, and gender. Those applying for a visa on arrival to Qatar can skip the visa number field.

You should also give vaccination details, any recent COVID-19 infection, and the countries you have recently visited.

Ehteraz Pre-Travel Registration Visitors

Step 10: Attach the required documents

  • For residents, a vaccination certificate is not needed if vaccinated inside Qatar.
  • For visitors, you will need your passport and flight tickets. A hotel booking from Discover Qatar is also needed for visa on arrival from India, Pakistan and Iran.

For uploading the documents, jpg, jpeg, or pdf attachment extensions are allowed. The attachment size cannot be more than 2 MB per file.

Step 11: Review and save the information

Review the information and make sure it is accurate. Enter the captcha code and click “Save”.

Step 12: On the next page, agree to the terms and conditions and submit the application

Step 13: You will receive a decision by email

After applying, the traveller may follow up and see the status of the application, whether it is approved, or whether any other procedures are required to get the approval. This can be checked on the website’s home page under the “My applications” option.

Once the pre-registration is completed, travellers will be provided with information on the procedures they will have to follow and the checkpoints they will have to stop at upon arrival in Qatar.

Time Required For Ehteraz Pre-Travel Approval

Since you are now required to submit the application at least three days before travel, you are supposed to receive a decision within 1-3 days. The decision is taken for each person within the application individually (in the case of the application for more than one person).

The Ehteraz pre-travel approval will be sent to the email address registered in the user account. You can take a printout to use during travel.

This approval will be automatic and can be downloaded immediately for residents and citizens vaccinated in Qatar.

Ehteraz Pre-Travel Registration Fees

This is a free service and does not require any fees.

Warning: If a traveller submits fake information or forged documents during pre-registration, the passenger’s condition will be re-evaluated upon entry to the country, and the prior decision is not considered.

Ehteraz Helpline

You can contact the Government Contact Center at 109 (Inside the State of Qatar) or +974 4406 9999 (Outside the State of Qatar). You may also email at [email protected].

For health or quarantine-related queries, please call the MOPH helpline on 16000 (Inside the State of Qatar) or +974 4406 9963 (Outside the State of Qatar).

The email id for support related to Ehteraz is: [email protected]

Additional Information

  • Travellers must present their RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen Test results and the application approval to the border employee.
  • The data of citizens and residents who have completed the website pre-registration will be stored to facilitate the process of submitting new applications.
  • For Qatar residents, an exceptional entry permit will not be required if they have valid QID and have left Qatar within the last six months. If the resident has been out of Qatar for six months, they must apply for a Return Permit.

Individuals must ensure that they are updated with any changes in the Entry and Return policy of the State of Qatar through official sources before planning their trip. Please check the MOPH website for the latest Travel Policy for the State of Qatar.

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FAQ on Ehteraz Pre-Travel Registration

Is Ehteraz pre-travel registration mandatory for all travellers?

From 1 November 2022, registering on the Ehteraz website is not required for travellers.

When should I submit my Ehteraz pre-travel registration application?

The application should be completed at least three days before your arrival in Qatar.

Can I apply for a family member or someone travelling with me?

Yes, applying for a family member or someone travelling on the same flight is possible. However, the decision depends on each passenger separately based on the requirements and submitted documents.

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  1. Hello, in january I’ll be travelling to Qatar from Argentina to go on a cruise, I need to donwload the Etheraz app? I know the pre entry registration has been suspended currently, but I do not know if the app is also.

  2. I am traveling on the 23 of nov. I have 16 hrs. Layover on Doha Qatar can’t register until now. I want to leave the airport even 3 hrs.only any suggestions please.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Kejie, Unfortunately only Hayya Card holders are allowed entry to Qatar during this period. Please check with your airline if they have any options.

  3. Assalamualaikum,
    My friend would like to register for ehteraz application.and she would like to flight on 11 november 2022.any suggestion how to fill the register.
    Couse until now she can’t reg?

  4. Hi, i am traveling with my 2 year old daugter. Does she need to have the pre-travel registration filled out to obtain her Visa upon arrival?

    Many thanks

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Gareth, As per the current rule, it is required for all visitors using visa on arrival (irrespective of age). You can add your daughter under your application. Entry rules will change after 1 November.

  5. Hi, I am planning to travel on 27th Oct 2022 along with my family for 2-3 days through Saudi border. Please guide me my profession is Computer Technician and in the approved profession list it is not available but Computer programmer is available but somebody told me they will give visa because these professions are almost same, so please confirm can I get the visa on arrival or not and my family is on visit visa and I already booked the hotel through so is acceptable or not or should be booked through discover Qatar.
    And I also heard that now a days they are not allowing because of FIFA. If anyone have recent experience or anyone knows about the Qatar process. Kindly share with me.
    Thanks in Advance

  6. HI,
    I am arriving into Hamad International Airport on 27 Oct and transferring to a Flydubai flight out of Doha International Airport 5 hours later. The same process again on return 31 Oct. Can you advise if all visa, PCR rules etc are in place for this transit? Is there transit transportation between the two airports?


    1. Hi JH, Have you booked both flights using the same airline? If yes, the airline will arrange for transit. Or else you will need to get a visa on arrival (if eligible) and take a taxi or metro service to the other airport. PCR is not mandatory if you are only doing transit (unless your destination needs that). If you are using a visa on arrival, PCR within 48 hours or antigen test within 24 hours of travel is required.

  7. Hi,
    I’ve booked the flight tickets to Qatar for a stay for 29th Sept to 3rd Oct 2022. I got to know that it is required to book a hotel through Discover Qatar for this duration. But the website is not accepting hotel bookings for now. So, I booked a five star hotel for this duration and applied in the Ehteraz Pre Travel Approval portal. My application number is 7248705. Kindly requesting you to approve the application soon. Attached the Passport, flight tickets, vaccine certificate and hotel bookings and sent an email to [email protected]. Can provide you further information if required.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Prasanth, We are not the official authority dealing with Ehteraz approvals. It is good that you have emailed them. If needed you can also call Ehteraz helpline on +974-4406 9999.

  8. Dear Team,


    My application number : 7185321 for Ehteraz submitted on 19th September 2022
    It’s still not approved and doesn’t have any update except under process.
    Do let me know if you need any additional documents.
    I missed my flight already. Application was done on 19/09/2022 almost 6 days back. Request you to please treat it as urgent and approve so that I can travel. I’m stuck at airport as boarding is denied as Ehteraz application not approved.
    Really appreciate your kind support in this regard. If you can approve it now I can travel as I’m stuck at airport. Thank you for your help and understanding. Expecting approval. Thank you again.

    1. Hi Ganesh, Sorry to hear that. We are not the official authority dealing with Ehteraz approvals. Please call Ehteraz helpline on +974-4406 9999.


    Hello. I have filled EHTERAZ pre-registration and saved it as draft. I know it has to be sent 3 days before, but the COVID Test (PCR) is to be done 48 hrs before…. That means, once I upload the test (48hrs) I have to send the registration? Or I have to send it 3 days before, without de test, and upload it later… Thank you

    1. Hi Juan, You don’t have to upload the covid test result with Ehteraz application. This rule was changed a few months back. You only need to show the result during check-in.

  10. Hi
    I am holding Indian passport and residence of Saudi Arabia. I have registered on Ehteraz app for on arrival visa on 17th September and my travel date is 22nd September but still I didn’t not get any reply. So can I granted visa on arrival at the border. My parents are also with me holding saudi multiple one year visa and holding Indian passport.

    1. Hi Falguni, If you meet the requirements for GCC Residents Visa On Arrival (profession should be on the list), Ehteraz approval is not needed for GCC residents. Please check the details here:
      Note that your parents will only be allowed if they are under your sponsorship. Normal visa on arrival for Indians requires Discover Qatar hotel booking, which is closed now. For more details, please call the government helpline at +974-4406 9999.

  11. Hello,
    Please note that i am a GCC resident holding Indian Nationality and will be travelling to Qatar by Land border will i be granted visa on arrival at the border and do i need to register in Ehteraz Pre-Travel website i would also like to know that i have taken 2 dose of vaccination so is it necessary to take booster dose to enter Qatar.

  12. Hello…I’m planing to visit Qatar this September. Is it still mandatory to provide Serology Test on Ehteraz for people who vaccinated with Sinovac? Or it is fine with just Vaccine Certificate?

      1. Thanks for the reply.
        I just notice that I input wrong arrival time, but the arrival date is still the same. I have got the application approved. Is it ok or should I apply once more? Thanks again