How To Get Health Insurance For Visitors To Qatar (2024)

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According to a recent announcement by Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), visitors to Qatar are required to have a health insurance policy starting from 1 February 2023.

Qatar’s Law No. (22) of 2021 regulating healthcare services in Qatar stipulates that visitors must be covered by a mandatory health insurance scheme. The mandatory health insurance scheme will be implemented in phases, and the first phase has started on 1 February 2023.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about health insurance for visitors to Qatar, including the cost, coverage, authorised providers and how visitors can buy health insurance.

Is Health Insurance For Visitors To Qatar Mandatory?

Starting 1 February 2023, all visitors to Qatar applying for a visitor’s visa are required to have health insurance policies. This is mandatory for all types of visit visas including Family Visit Visa, GCC Residents Visit Visa, and Visa On Arrival.

AUGUST 2023 UPDATE: According to Qatar Government’s Hukoomi helpline, visitors traveling on an instant visa and staying in Qatar for less than 30 days do not need to obtain Health insurance. However it is highly recommended to have insurance as it can be helpful in case of an emergency.

GCC citizens are exempted from the mandatory health insurance while entering Qatar.

Why is Qatar introducing a health insurance policy?

According to MOPH, the health and well-being of visitors are of paramount importance. Therefore the Government has established the necessary regulations to ensure that visitors are protected against accidents and medical emergency-related conditions during their stay.

By implementing a sustainable and effective healthcare system, and by regulating healthcare expenditures, the scheme aims to regulate health insurance and ensure continuous improvements.

How To Get Visitors’ Health Insurance?​

Visitors Applying For Visit Visa Online

  • Visitors applying for a visit visa online via the Metrash App will be directed to the MOPH website.
  • There, they can select one of the insurance companies registered with the Ministry to purchase the visitors’ policy after completion of all other relevant visa requirements.
  • Once the insurance policy is issued by the selected insurance company, the Ministry of Interior will issue the appropriate visit visa.

The Visitor will receive the Health Insurance Policy from the website of the Insurance companies. The policy can be printed, kept and shown when needed.

Visitors Eligible For Visa On Arrival

To ensure speedy completion of your procedures upon arrival at the various border crossings (airport, land and seaports), visitors are advised to purchase a visitor insurance policy before arriving at these ports from the MOPH link provided below and follow the same procedures mentioned.

MOPH Approved Health Insurance

The registered insurance companies are listed on the Ministry of Public Health’s website. Visitors can choose any one of the listed insurance companies through the links available on MOPH website:

Here is the link to the page on the MOPH website.

The registered insurance companies (in alphabetical order) are:

  • Al Khaleej Takaful Insurance
  • Beema Damaan Islamic Insurance Company
  • Doha Insurance Group
  • Doha Takaful
  • General Takaful
  • Islamic Insurance
  • Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance Co. Q.P.S.C.
  • Qatar Insurance Company
  • QLM Life & Medical Insurance Company
Health Insurance For Visitors To Qatar Authorised Companies
Registered Insurance Companies on MOPH website

MoPH has indicated that for visitors who hold international health insurance, the insurance policy must include Qatar, be valid during their stay in the country and be issued by one of the insurance companies approved in Qatar.

Cost of Visitor’s Health Insurance Policy:

The standard premium for a single insurance policy will be QAR 50 for 30 days (USD 13.73). For the extension of a visit visa beyond 30 days, the visitor will have to buy an additional policy.

In addition, visitors can obtain additional health insurance policies, and the premiums for these policies will vary depending on the insurance company’s prices.

Health insurance premiums cannot be refunded after the purchase of the policy if the stay duration is less than the period of the visa.

Validity Period of Health Insurance For Visitors To Qatar

The effective date of coverage is the date of entry of the visitor at any border.

If the visitor wishes to extend his/her stay in the State of Qatar, then he/she must purchase a new health insurance policy.
The minimum duration of the visitor’s insurance policy is 30 days, it is not possible to purchase a policy with less than this duration.

The basic visitor insurance policy in case of a single-entry visa expires upon leaving the State of Qatar through any air, sea or land ports.

There is an insurance policy for multiple-entry visas and it remains valid from the date of entry until the policy expires.

Coverage Under Visitor’s Health Insurance Policy

The mandatory health insurance for visitors will only cover emergency medical treatments and accidents.

​Emergency Medical Treatment:

  • Up to QAR 150,000 for the policy period and within the State of Qatar.
  • Emergency medical assistance with a sub-limit of QAR 35,000, includes:
  • Emergency ambulance transportation within the State of Qatar, and where necessary.

COVID-19 and Quarantine:

  • Sub-limit up ​to QAR 50,000.
  • Covid-19 treatment for positive cases.
  • Quarantine expenses (for confirmed cases) are up to QAR 300 per day.


In the event of the visitor’s death within the State of Qatar, the cost of repatriation is covered up to an amount of QAR 10,000.

Is there a waiting period for this policy to be active?

No, there will be no waiting period for the visitor’s health insurance policy.

Does the policy require any copayment or deductible?

No copayment or deductible will be required for any covered services as per the terms and conditions stipulated in the visitor’s health insurance policy.

Criteria for Accepting International Health Policy

In addition to the listed insurance companies, Qatar MOI may accept some international health insurance companies, subject to the fulfilment of the following conditions and requirements set by the Ministry of Public Health to be accepted for entry visa issuance:

  1. To be issued by one of the insurance companies included in the approved list by the Ministry of Public Health.
  2. Its geographical coverage includes the State of Qatar.
  3. To be valid and cover the period of stay in the country.
  4. To cover emergency services and accidents with an annual limit of 150,000 Riyals or more, without deductibles or excesses.
  5. To include a QR code.

The policy can be uploaded to the website of the Ministry of Interior or a paper copy to be submitted to the competent officer at the border crossing.

MOPH Helpline

In case of any queries about the mandatory health insurance policy, you can call the MOPH Helpline on 16000 (inside Qatar). Extension number 1 is dedicated to health insurance. International visitors can call 00974-44069963​.
For complaints, you can email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Is travel insurance mandatory for Qatar visit visa?

Yes, travel insurance is mandatory for all visitors to Qatar with effect from 1 February 2023.

How much is the travel insurance fee for Qatar visit visa?

The premium for the Mandatory Visitors’ Health Insurance policy is QAR 50 per month.

Does the Visitor Health Insurance Policy cover me in GCC or other countries?

No. The Visitor Health Insurance coverage is limited to the State of Qatar only.

What documents are needed in case of emergency treatment?

Passport & Insurance Policy Documents will be required for emergency treatment.

Does the basic insurance policy for visitors cover emergencies during travel?

 The basic visitor insurance policy coverage begins upon the visitor entering the State of Qatar.

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  1. Dear ALL,
    I am writing to inform you that I have recently obtained approval from METRASH for my mother’s application. I have also received a confirmation SMS regarding this matter. However, I am encountering difficulties when attempting to make the payment for the VISA fees (amounting to QR 200), as I am receiving an error message stating that the health insurance has not been paid.

    I have thoroughly checked the METRASH platform, but there appears to be no available option to make the insurance payment. Consequently, I would like to inquire whether it is necessary for me to visit the MOI website and pay the insurance fee for one month separately. Moreover, I would appreciate clarification on whether such payment will be automatically updated in the system, subsequently allowing me to proceed with the payment of the VISA fees (QR 200).
    I kindly request a prompt response to this matter.

    Thank you.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi OB, For health insurance, you are not paying through Metrash. It should be paid directly to the insurance company and it will be updated in the system (through visa number). When you receive the visa approval SMS there will be a link to the MOPH website from where you can select an insurance company and buy insurance directly. This will take some time (less than 24 hours) to update in the MOI system. The visa payment and visa print option will work after this only. If you are having technical difficulties, you can call 109.

  2. I would like to visit Qatar with my family by road for a short visit of two days. Is health insurance mandatory? I am a GCC resident with an Indian passport Please guide

  3. Hello DG,
    I bought Insurance policy for my Son last month and the Policy start date is Dec.17 this year but He was not able to travel on the that day. He is travelling here to Qatar with Visit visa only this coming Dec 29. What should I do to change the policy start date to Dec. 29?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Mariam, Minimum is one month. If you plan to apply for an extension, you can buy up to 6 months. You can also buy for one month now and purchase additional duration later.

  4. Good day DG,
    With the new regulations posted by MoI with the mandatory health insurance for family resident visa (yearly), how many months should I purchased? And how? I have already an approved resident visa for my husband. Still he is in the Philippines. During the application it does not say that insurance is mandatory. How should i go about it now? Thank you.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Anne, Currently there is no clarification about insurance for already approved visa. This may be applicable to new applications only. If you want you can purchase one month insurance for QR 50.

  5. Hello,
    I am planning to travel to Qatar for 3 weeks between November 3rd and 26 on a Hayya entry visa. What should my insurance coverage be? The 30 days option or the Hayya option?

    Hayya option is extending my validity until January 24, 2024 and I plan to only stay in Qatar for three weeks. I prefer not to pay the extra 100 riyals

  6. hello,
    i plan to visit my sister in doha from 1st nov 23 to 10th nov 23 with my two children and mother. Do i still need health insurance for ten days stay?

    1. Hi Asma, As per the updated rules, health insurance is not needed for visits less than 30 days. However some airline staff don’t know this rule and will ask for insurance. If you are being insisted you can purchase insurance using your mobile for QR 50 (within 5 minutes).
      Note: If you are taking Family Visit Visa insurance is compulsory (your sponsor will get an SMS to take insurance).

  7. Hello
    I hope this helps someone. I emailed Hukoomi to ask if Mandatory Health Insurance is needed for short visits. They replied:-

    “Dear Valued Customer,
    Thank you for contacting us on Hukoomi,
    Please note that visitors traveling on an instant visa and staying in Qatar for less than 30 days do not need to obtain Health insurance.
    We are always happy to serve you, Thank you for contacting us.
    Best Regards,”

  8. Hello,
    I am planning to visit Qatar with my wife and two kids and stay for only 11 days

    Do I need Health insurance to apply for visa entry.


    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Momo, As per official sources, health insurance is only mandatory if staying for more than 30 days. However most airlines are asking for this during check-in. We recommend taking health insurance.

  9. Dear DG Team,
    Please advise.. Travel Insurance and Health Insurance both are mandatory for the Guest who coming to Qatar on Hayya ? Thank you.

  10. We hold Australian Passports and will arrive in Doha next month in Transit to Sydney. Since we have 20 hours of transit time before the connecting flight to Sydney, we want to do a 3-hour transit tour in Doha. Are we allowed to do that? Our baggage will be interlined so we do not have to clear our baggage through customs. Please advise whether we need to obtain a transit visa and also health insurance prior to arrival in Doha, Hamad International Airport.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Colin, As Australian citizens you can get visa on arrival. Usually they will not ask health insurance for short duration trips. If required you can buy online from the airport itself.



    I travel to Qatar regularly for work. How can I purchase a multiple entry medical insurance for a 12-month period. Its quite frustrating having to purchase a new policy every month, especially when I have international medical insurance. The company I use, is not a Qatar based company, and is not on the registered on your list.
    I saw on the website there is an option for an annual policy, but there is no guidance as to which company does this. The one company I tried, said you had to be a Qatari resident. Is there a link you could send me to assist with this?

    Thanks, Claire

  12. I am coming on GCC Hayya visa which is single entry and for 1 month, thus do I need health insurance, so how can I get the insurance for 1 month?

    Moreover, if I have an insurance issued in my residing country which covers qatar, will I still require one?

      1. HI Doha Guide team,
        Thanks for the info but Once we go on Local Health insurance provider website , There are two options
        1. Visit
        2. Hayya

        which one to choose to issue a health insurance for Visa of 30days

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi Gautam, Select “Visit”. If you select “Hayya”, it would automatically select date till January 2024.

  13. Hello,

    I need to know about the visa on arrival, i am UAE resident with Indian passport and engineer visa. I will be travelling on June 23.
    what are the visa requirements?
    will i be eligible for visa on arrival or do i need to apply visa on the hayya portal and ask my family in Qatar to add me in their hayya portal as a guest? thank you.

  14. Linda Sue Parker

    This is May 2023 and our visit to Qatar is for several days in October 2023. Can we get our 30 day one month health insurance now ahead of time so that we can cross it off our list…but not have it become effective until October? Or do we have to wait until closer to our trip? Thank you.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Linda, Please wait till September. It can be done online quickly and you never know when rules change.

  15. Smijesh Raveendran

    Hi DG,
    Good Day!
    My family is coming with Hayya Card and they will stay here next 3months. I would like to know if they need insurance until January 2024 or for 3 months?
    Please advise.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Smijesh, Even though the Hayya portal says insurance is required till January, most airlines are accepting travellers with insurance until return flight date. We never know when they will become strict about this. If they insist on insurance for full duration, you can take additional insurance online while at the airport.

  16. Hi,

    I would like to ask regarding the Visa on Arrival. Am planning to go on June 30 and will be back on July 1 also.
    I am a UAE resident and a Philippine passport holder. Kindly advise what are the requirements needed as of today April 10,2023.

    Thank you

  17. Hi I book my eid holidays, 4 day in Qatar, I still need a health insurance? I only stayed 4 days in Qatar, kindly reply thank you

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