How To Download Covid Vaccine Certificate in Qatar (2022)

If you are travelling to an international destination, you may need evidence of your COVID-19 vaccinations and PCR tests you have taken before you are allowed to enter. The Covid Vaccine Certificate issued by Qatar is a free and secure way to prove your COVID-19 vaccination history when you travel overseas.

Using the MOPH website you can easily download Covid Vaccine Certificate in Qatar. Here is how to get your certificate in less than 5 minutes.

PLEASE NOTE: To receive your COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate, you must have taken the full course of the COVID-19 Vaccine as per the correct protocol and 7 days must have passed since the last dose.

Steps To Download Covid Vaccine Certificate in Qatar

To print your Covid Vaccine Certificate in Qatar, you will need to log in using your National Authentication System (NAS) Tawtheeq username and password.

If this is the first time you are using Qatar Portal, you need to create a new Tawtheeq account. Here is the detailed guide on how to create a Tawtheeq account:

If you already have an account, you can directly proceed as below:

Step 1: Go to the COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate page on MOPH website

MOPH Website to Download Covid Vaccination Certificate in Qatar

Step 2: Click on “Proceed with Request”

This will take you to the Tawtheeq (NAS) Portal login page.

Download Vaccine Certificate Qatar Step2

Step 3: Enter your Tawtheeq Username and Password

You have to enter your Tawtheeq username and password. The username is usually your Qatar ID number. Click on “Continue”. Then you would be taken to a page with your details like name, QID, date of birth, nationality etc.

Step 4: Click on “Print Certificate”

Print Vaccine Certificate Qatar

Step 5: Save or print the PDF file

Your certificate will open as a PDF file. You can save the PDF file or print it directly from there.

Qatar Vaccine Certificate Format

The Ministry of Public Health has recently updated the format of its COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate to include the booster dose of the vaccine and to enhance alignment with international travel requirements.

The updated certificate format now includes details of COVID-19 vaccine booster doses for those individuals who have received it and contains additional information in alignment with the Qatar Airways IATA Travel Pass Digital Passport’ Mobile App, as well as the European Union Digital COVID-19 Certificates.

For those who have previously obtained and printed their MOPH COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate, the Ministry has stated that the previous certificate format remains valid and can continue to be used as proof of vaccination in Qatar and abroad; and it is not required to re-print or re-download the new certificate format.

Below is the sample image of the latest design of the Covid Vaccine Certificate in Qatar.

Qatar Covid Vaccine Certificate Sample Design
Covid Vaccine Certificate Sample

The Covid Vaccine Certificate issued by Qatar MOPH features a secure QR code. It includes all the information you need to prove to airlines and authorities that you have had your COVID-19 vaccinations.

Please note that some authorities may accept the electronic version with QR code on your mobile phone, but some may need to see the printed certificate. So if you are travelling abroad it is safer to carry a printout with you.

Updates to Covid Vaccine Certificate

Your covid vaccination certificate will be updated when you receive each dose of vaccine. This includes any booster dose which you may receive in the future.

For individuals completing their full course of the primary vaccine series, the new certificate will be available seven days following the last dose administration date.

For individuals receiving their third dose/booster dose, the new certificate will be available within 24 hours after the third dose has been given.

Covid Vaccine Certificate From MyHealth Portal

It is also possible to download your Covid Vaccine Certificate from your “MyHealth” portal. It is available under “Health Records” –> “Documents”. However, we do not recommend using that as the vaccine certificate format used there is not updated. It is better to download from the MOPH website as shown above.

Benefits of Covid Vaccine Certificate

A Covid Vaccine Certificate is soon becoming an essential travel document in the post-pandemic world. International travellers are now required to show vaccine certificates to avoid quarantine in the destination country.

Moreover, in many countries, you need to show proof of vaccination before being allowed to enter indoor areas like restaurants, shops etc. Hence, it is highly recommended that you print and keep copies of your Covid Vaccine Certificate while travelling.

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FAQ on Covid Vaccine Certificate

Do I need Health Card to get Covid Vaccine Certificate?

No, Hamad Health Card is not mandatory to get your Covid Vaccine Certificate in Qatar.

Do I have to pay for the Covid Vaccine Certificate?

The digital version of the Covid Vaccine Certificate from Qatar MOPH is issued free of cost.

What to do if there is a mistake on my Vaccine Certificate?

You can call Government Contact Center on 109 (inside Qatar) or +974-44069999. They would transfer you to the technical team responsible.

How can I add my booster dose details to the certificate?

The details of the booster dose would be updated automatically after 24 hours. Then you can download a new certificate.

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  1. I’ve been calling the help line on 109 for the last 5 days. Still no confirmation email so I can’t print vaccination certificate.
    I need proof of vaccination to travel, otherwise I have to keep getting PCR tests.

  2. Rakesh kumar banga

    My 3 doses already finish in qatar
    Booster dose 18/01/22 but i try to download my vaccination certificate.but not available my vaccination record on MOPH site. My plan go back india 6 april. How to solve this problem.

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