Vaccinated Outside Qatar: How To Get Ehteraz Gold Frame?

This article explains how people vaccinated outside Qatar can get their Ehteraz Gold Frame (vaccinated status) on their Ehteraz mobile app.

What is Ehteraz app?

Ehteraz app is a contract-tracing app developed by Qatar’s Ministry of Interior as part of the measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

The app works with Bluetooth and geo-location technologies in such a way that if a user comes in contact with an infected person or a person in quarantine, he/she will immediately receive a notification through the app.

Ehteraz app will also show the infection status of a person through coloured QR codes. The app will also show the vaccination details including dates and type of Covid-19 vaccine taken.

Ehteraz app also has additional helpful features such as informing users on the latest developments and official statistics regarding COVID-19 and allowing users to receive awareness and precautionary instructions from the health authorities.

Starting May 2020, citizens and residents have been required to have the Ehteraz contact-tracing app installed on mobile devices when leaving their homes.

According to the Ministry, all passengers travelling to Qatar must download the Ehteraz app and activate it on arrival at Qatar’s entry ports.

Ehteraz Gold Frame for Vaccinated Users

The Heath Status on the Ehteraz mobile app for fully vaccinated persons in Qatar will remain green with a Gold Frame to indicate that they are excluded from quarantine if the result of the PCR test is negative and that they have completed 14 days from the date of the prescribed doses of the vaccine.

Ehteraz Gold Frame Sample Screen
Ehteraz Gold Frame Sample Screen

According to MoPH, the Golden Frame will appear around the QR code in the app after 7 days since the second dose of the vaccine.

The Health Status for citizens and residents who have received the vaccine outside Qatar will remain green without a golden frame until their vaccine data is updated in the system.

Ehteraz Gold Frame For Those Vaccinated Outside Qatar

The Health Status on the Ehteraz app for visitors who have received the vaccine outside Qatar will remain green without a golden frame until their vaccine data is updated in the system.

If you are a resident or visitor who has been vaccinated outside Qatar, you can send your vaccination details to MOPH to update the details on the Ehteraz app and activate the Golden Frame around the QR code.

Here is what you have to do in this case:

In order to get your details updated, you have to send an email to [email protected] with your official vaccination card or certificate.

In the subject line of the email, you can write “Request to update vaccination certificate for Ehteraz App“.

In the email body, write the following details:

  • Name
  • ID number / Passport number / Visa Number number (residents have to mention QID number)
  • Mobile Number (number used for Ehteraz registration)
  • First dose vaccination date
  • Second date vaccinationdate
  • Vaccination location outside Qatar (the country from where you took the vaccine)
  • Email address

Here is a sample of the email you can use:

Email To Update Vaccine Details Ehteraz
Sample of Email To Update Vaccine Details on Ehteraz App

Make sure to attach a clear scan of the vaccination certificate or vaccination card with the following details:

  • Name of the recipient
  • Date of vaccination by each dose
  • Type of the vaccine
  • Batch number of the vaccine
  • Official logo and/or official stamp of the vaccination authority 

NOTE: If you have separate vaccination certificates for both does, attach both the certificates.

After you send the email, your vaccination details would be updated on the Ehteraz app and you can get the Golden Frame in a few days.

As this is a manual process, sometimes this may need some follow up after a few days. You can resend the email or call customer care on 16000 to check if you don’t see any update after several days. You can also contact the Government Contact Center.

Even if the details are updated in the system, often this may not immediately show on your app. You may have to try restarting the mobile or clearing the app cache. You can find more solutions in the next article:

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FAQ On Ehteraz App Gold Frame

Can I get Ehteraz Gold Frame if I am vaccinated outside Qatar?

Yes, you can get your vaccination details updated on the MOPH system to get Ehteraz Gold Frame on the Ehteraz app.

How can I update my vaccine details on the Ehteraz app if I am vaccinated from outside Qatar?

You can get your vaccine details updated by sending your scanned vaccine certificate to [email protected] with your personal details.

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