Karwa Bus Guide: How To Use Qatar’s Public Transport (2024)

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Karwa Public Transportation is the go-to option for travellers and locals alike in Qatar. Providing reliable and frequent bus services across Doha and major communities in Qatar, Karwa is synonymous with convenient travel in the region.

If you’re new to the country or just looking for a convenient way to travel around, Karwa has got you covered. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about using Karwa’s bus services, including the different types of Smart Cards you can use and where to get them.

Karwa Bus Features

Karwa buses are modern and equipped with air conditioning. They also offer low-floor access and wheelchair space on most buses, ensuring accessibility for all passengers. For longer journeys to destinations like Al Khor, Al Shamal, Dukhan, and Messieed, Karwa operates a fleet of luxury buses with reclining seats. Additionally, the Airport Express service provides convenient transportation to and from Hamad International Airport.

Karwa Bus Timings and Routes

With a total of 50 routes, Karwa buses start operating as early as 4 am, with the last buses departing around 11 pm. Most routes originate from the Doha Bus Station near the Gold Souq, making it convenient for travellers to access.

You can see the latest schedule on the Karwa website.

Karwa Bus Cards

Karwa Smart Cards offer a convenient and efficient way to pay for bus fares while travelling in Qatar. There are three types of Karwa Smart Cards available:

1. Classic Card (QAR 30): The Classic Card is a rechargeable card designed for long-term use. With this card, passengers can conveniently top up their balance and enjoy seamless travel across Qatar.

2. Limited Card, 24hr (QAR 10): Ideal for short-term travelers or those planning to make a few journeys within 24 hours, the Limited Card offers the flexibility of two journeys within a single day.

3. Unlimited Card, 24hr (QAR 20): For passengers planning to make multiple journeys within a 24-hour period, the Unlimited Card provides unlimited travel access for a fixed price.

Karwa Bus Card Types
Karwa Bus Card Types

Where to Buy Karwa Bus Cards

Karwa Smart Cards can be purchased from various locations across Qatar. Here’s where you can buy or top up your Karwa Smart Card:

1. Doha Bus Station: Visit the Doha Bus Station to purchase or top up your Karwa Smart Card conveniently.

2. Hamad International Airport: Travelers arriving at or departing from Hamad International Airport can buy Karwa Smart Cards from designated vending machines.

3. Supermarkets: Look out for partner supermarkets where Karwa Smart Cards are available for purchase or top-up.

4. Ooredoo Self-Serving Machines: Ooredoo self-serving machines displaying the Karwa Smart Card logo offer another convenient option for buying or reloading your smart card balance.

5. Bus Drivers Upon Boarding: Passengers can also purchase Limited and Unlimited Cards directly from bus drivers upon boarding.

6. Authorized Merchants: Various merchants across Qatar are authorized to sell Karwa Smart Cards, making it easy to access them throughout the country.

By offering multiple purchase points and reloading options, Karwa ensures that passengers can easily obtain and manage their Smart Cards for hassle-free travel on Qatar’s public transportation system.

Karwa Bus Fares and Payment

Karwa offers attractively priced fares, starting from QAR 2.50 for short trips. The maximum single fare is QAR 9 for destinations like Al Shamal and Abu Samra on the Saudi border.

As explained earlier, travellers can purchase and top-up the Karwa Smart Card at various locations, including Doha Bus Station, Hamad International Airport, supermarkets, and through Ooredoo self-serving machines.

Karwa Bus App

Mowasalat offers a user-friendly app for accessing departure times, purchasing tickets, and tracking Karwa Smart Card usage. The Karwa Journey Planner offers passengers live bus tracking, real-time bus arrival times, and alerts for bus arrivals.

The Karwa Bus app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, providing convenience for travellers on the go:

Download Karwa Journey Planner on Google Play Store

Download Karwa Journey Planner on App Store

How To Recharge Karwa Bus Card

1. Login: Open the Karwa Journey Planner app on your phone
2. Link Card: Tap the ‘Add Karwa Smart Card’ option and enter details to add card
3: Online Recharge: Go to your Card Profile and click on ‘Online Recharge’
4. Enter Amount: Use the recharge amount button to enter the amount, and click “Next”
5. Make Payment: Choose your preferred method and enter details to make the payment

Karwa Bus From Airport

Karwa provides several bus services connecting Hamad International Airport to various destinations, including Doha City Center, Mesaied, Al-Khor, and more. These services offer travellers a convenient and affordable way to reach their desired locations upon arrival.

West Bay Shuttle Service

The West Bay Shuttle Service, launched by Qatar’s Ministry of Transport, offers a convenient transportation option for residents and tourists in the West Bay district. Karwa Smart Card holders can access this service, while passengers can also purchase tickets directly from the bus driver.

Accessibility and Assistance

Karwa prioritizes accessibility for all passengers, with buses equipped with ramps, wheelchair spaces, and allowances for guide dogs.

For inquiries or assistance, travellers can contact the Mowasalat Customer Services Center via phone or WhatsApp at (+974) 44588888. You can also email: [email protected]

Navigating Qatar’s diverse landscapes and vibrant communities is made easy with Karwa Public Transportation. With convenient routes, affordable fares, and a range of services, Karwa ensures that travellers can explore Qatar comfortably and efficiently. Whether you’re a tourist discovering the wonders of Qatar or a local commuting to work, Karwa is your reliable travel companion.

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