How To Calculate End of Service Gratuity in Qatar (2022)

What is End of Service Gratuity?

According to Qatar Labour Law, End of Service Gratuity is a sum of money stipulated to be paid to an outgoing employee based on the period of service. This is calculated based on your employment contract and the number of years you have worked for the company.

This article explains the Labour Law regarding End of Service Gratuity and how you can calculate the end of service gratuity using the online tool by the Ministry. We have also included a Free Qatar Gratuity Calculator in English.

Qatar’s Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA) provides an online service that allows applicants to calculate the end of service gratuity on its official website. However, this page is only available in Arabic.

Qatar Gratuity Calculator in English

For your convenience, has developed a similar online calculator in English. You can check the calculator below:

Note that you have to enter data in accordance with the contract signed between you and your employer.

Please note that you are not eligible for End of Service Gratuity if your service is less than one year.

The result from this calculator will give you an approximate amount of your end of service gratuity. The exact amount would be based on your company’s HR policies.

How To Calculate End of Service Gratuity on MADLSA website

You can also calculate the end of service gratuity on the Ministry website by entering joining date, last working date, basic monthly salary and number of gratuity days due for each year.

Although the service is available only in Arabic, non-Arabic speakers can also easily calculate ESB by following these steps:

STEP 1: Click on this link to open the calculation page. You will see the following fields in Arabic:

Calculate End of Service Gratuity Qatar

STEP 2: In the first field, enter your Date of Joining (as per your contract)  

STEP 3: In the second field, enter your Last Working Date

STEP 4: In the third field, enter your Basic Monthly Salary (as per your contract) 

STEP 5: In the fourth field, enter the Gratuity Days accrued for each year (for example 21 days for one year). You have to refer to your contract for this.

STEP 6: Click on the bottom button and you can see the result.

This service was introduced to ensure greater transparency and to make foreign employees aware of their rights.

The end of service gratuity is calculated under the Labour Law No. 14 of 2004.

Amount Credited in Bank SMS

End of Service Gratuity: What the Law Says

Upon termination of the employment contract, an employee is entitled to end-of-service gratuity and leave salary. In accordance with Article 54 of the Labour Law (Law No. 14 of 2004), for each year of employment, the employee is eligible for a minimum of three weeks basic salary as the end-of-service gratuity.

As per Article 81 of the said law, if the employment contract is terminated for any reason before a worker takes his annual leave, he shall be entitled to payment in lieu of annual leave equivalent to his wage for the leave days to which he is entitled.

When the employment contract is terminated, the employer is responsible for repatriating the employee back to the place from where he was recruited or any her place agreed by the parties. However, if the worker joins another employer before departure from the country, then this obligation shifts to the new employer.

As per Article 15 of Law No 14/2004,

“In addition to any amounts due to the Worker at the end of his/her term of service, the Employer shall pay an end-of-service gratuity to the Worker who has been employed for a period of one full year or more as of the effective date of this Law.

The gratuity shall be determined and agreed by both parties, provided it is not less than a three-week-pay for each year of service.

The Worker is further entitled to get a gratuity for fractions of the year based on the entire duration of service proportionately. The Employer shall be entitled to deduct from the gratuity the amounts the Worker owes to the Employee.”

The worker’s service shall be considered continuous if it is terminated in cases other than those stipulated in article 61 of this Law and returned to service within two months of its termination.

  • The last basic salary shall be the base for the calculation of the gratuity.
  • The employer is entitled to deduct from the gratuity any due amount to be paid by the worker.
Signing contract

Is Gratuity Higher If Employee Has Worked For More Than 5 Years?

As per the current law (Law No 14 of 2004) gratuity shall be agreed upon by employer and employee, provided that it is not less than a three-week remuneration for every year of employment.

The clause that says a worker should be paid 4 weeks/year for working 5-10 years and 5 weeks/year for more than 10 years, was part of the old labour law and is not valid anymore.

Will Gratuity Be Paid in Case of Worker’s Death?

According to Article 55 of the Labour Law, if the worker dies during the service, regardless of the cause of death, the employer shall deposit with the treasury of the competent court any wage or other entitlements due to the worker in addition to the end of service gratuity within a period not exceeding fifteen (15) days from the date of the death.

The minutes shall contain a detailed report indicating the method of calculating the amounts referred to. The employer shall deposit a copy of the minutes with the Department.

The competent court shall distribute the deposited amounts among the deceased Worker’s heirs in accordance with Islamic Sharia provisions or the Personal Status Law applicable in the deceased Worker’s home country.

If three years have elapsed since the date of deposit without the person deserving the due amounts being known, the court shall transfer these amounts to the State Public Treasury.

Can the Employer Terminate Employee Without Gratuity?

According to Article 61 of the Labour Law, there are certain situations under which an employer may dismiss an employee without the payment of the end of service gratuity. Instances of such gross misconduct include:

  • violation of written instructions pertaining to worker safety
  • employee intoxication while at work, and
  • disclosure of secret information regarding the employer

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FAQ on End of Service Gratuity in Qatar

How is the end of service gratuity calculated?

End of service gratuity is calculated based on the employment contract and the number of years the employee has worked for the company.

How much is the minimum gratuity in Qatar?

According to Law No. 14 of 2004, for each year of employment, the employee is eligible for a minimum of three weeks basic salary as the end-of-service gratuity.

How can I calculate the end of service gratuity?

You can calculate end of service gratuity online by going to the end of service gratuity calculator on Ministry website.

What can I do if my employer refuses to pay end of service gratuity?

In case your employer refuses the end of service gratuity without any reason, you can file a complaint at the Labour Court.

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  1. Jonnave De Asis Becio

    Hi I’m working here since dec 31 ,2017, how can I get my gratuity since I think my employer will refuse to give it to me…

  2. Hello!
    Our dear maid wants to go home after 7 years with us because she is getting married, her RP expires on this July but she wants to leave on april. Can we sponsor somebody else after canceling her RP or we have to wait until July as originally started the sponsorship of her?


  3. Good afternoon,

    1.-I will finish my contract after 9 months. Do I have any right to receive any compensation?
    2.-Moreover I was hired without defining if night shift was included. Supposed the salary is for day shift. Should I ask for the compensation for the months I´ve worked in the night shift stablished by law, which is 50% additional salary?
    3.-Holidays I have no negotiated anything. So reading this article I will have to receive the part equivalent to 9 months (1 year means 3 weeks). Is that correct?
    In case the company doesn´t want to pay any of the explained above, do I have any way to claim for them officialy ? what would be the procedure?

    Thank you for your answers. My end of contract is by the end of Feb2022. Hope you can help me with some answers asap!! Thanks!!

    1. hi I ask if me we need to receive the gratuity I finish my 4 yrs contract to my employer how to take about the gratuity… pls reply I go Philippines February 27…pls help me

  4. Dear Mam / sir
    If my contract is under the law of 2008 my service money must be computed in old law because it unfair you imagine i work for 14 year instead they compute to 5 weeks it will compute only in 21 days and i ask you something in the new law the gratuity compute in first salary or to the new basic salary

  5. rodalyn ruma segismundo

    hi good morning im working as a private duty nurse here in doha qatar im stay in my contract is same like the kadama contract I don’t have any day off I start work here July 2014 I strt the salary 2000 qr evry 2 yrs I got my vacation in the philippines and my boss give me 1 mnth free bonus(salary) every tme I hve my vacation now my salary is 4500 qr since 2019 my question is I tell to my madam. I wnt to go home and not comeback because I have fmly problem I told to them I will. just finish ramadan I’m. planning to go home this coming May or June 2022 I told to my madam can I get my end of service or gratuity for the past 8 yrs working as private duty nurse to your mother and father I said but madam said she don’t like to give because she alwys give already my bonus evry tme I go home I hope u can help me to solve this thanks

  6. Muhammad Akhlaq Khan

    Sir Iam working in my company then last 12years.Now I am going question is How many days per year my end of servise Gratuity

    1. Rosie Dela Cruz Cosme

      Dear Sir/ madam:
      I worked in my company for 14 years, how many days my gratuity computed? Is it 21 days/per year in my basic salary, instead of 4 or 5 weeks per/year because I rendered more than 10 years in my company.
      Please I need your reply in it.
      Thank you!

  7. Bren Ballesteros

    hi sir/mam,just want to ask if who will shoulder the plane ticket going back home if I resign after may 5th year in my my 4th year ,they provide my ticket back and forth.just want to ask if what if I finish only half of my two years contact,are they responsible for providing my one way ticket? thanyou

  8. i work here since 2000 then i go home in the Philippines and stayed for 2 yrs and a half then i cameback 2009 same company…my question is, thus my company will add the previous years to my current year in my gratuity?since i work at the same company?

  9. Dear Sir/Mam,

    If the employee takes approved unpaid leaves during their services those days should be deducted from gratuity calculations. for example in a year in total number of days is 365 but employee took 15 days unpaid leave with approval, he served the compony only 350 days then gratuity will be calculated only for 350 days or 365 days.


  10. Elena A. Udtohan

    Good evening Sir/ma’am I’m a Filipino maid working in Qatar for almost 4 years… This week they will send me back home and I was asking my end of service gratuity but my madam said they are not going to give me….So any advice for me.

  11. What is the law about Gratuity for those who have worked more than 5 years . for example 10 years .

    Is it 21 days per all the year or 21 days for first 5 years and balance 28 days ?

    Please help me

  12. Hi,

    I was employed by an oil service company in qatar for 3 years. I resigned in June and did not receive any EOSB. I received my personal shares and pension payments only. I queried the EOSB payment and was told I don’t receive this because I resigned. Is this correct? From what I am reading I believe this is a compulsory payment irrespective if I resigned. Any help or guidance would be great. Thanks

    1. Hi James, Normally it is a legal requirement to pay End of Service Gratuity. Since you are receiving personal shares and pension, please check your employment contract if anything is specifically mentioned about this.

  13. Dear admin,
    What if you signed the old contract with a basic of 750 how will the gratuity be calculated as per the new wage law?

    1. Hi Babu, It should be as per the last basic salary when you leave the company. If you do not have any official update (new contract, payslip etc), then QR 750 will be used for calculation.

      1. Florencio Furigay Jr.

        Dear Admin,
        I already finish 5 years from the company in Qatar but unfortunately I was in vacation right now and because of COVID here in Philippine and have a family problem I did not comeback to work.I emailed our company and informed ,send them my resignation letter but they never accept my resignation letter.Is there a chance to take my Gratuity even if I never comeback to Qatar

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi Florencio, the only way is to file a labour complaint. Not sure how that would work as you are out of the country. Check this link.

  14. Dear Madam &Sir
    Good day how can to calculate my tear end service or graduity I’m working here in my current employer from September 2017 and I go home for vacation last 2019 of September .I come back at November 2019 and still now I’m here how can I say to my employer about the year end service .and how to calculate all

  15. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I’m entitle for annual leave every year for 28 days as per my contract. My last annual leave, I took in December 2019 & returned to work on 03rd January, 2020. I did not go on leave in 2020 due to COVID-19 situation. Now, I’ve applied for my annual leave as per company procedure 2 & half months (September 01st week) in advance. I was supposed to fly on 30.11.2021 but my sponsor is holding my leave approval. Please advise me, what should I do now?

  16. Greetings
    I have been working in a private company since 1/8/94
    I am confused because I am not sure when I am entailed to paid the end of term gratuity starting from 1st of August 94 or they will automatically pay starting from 2005 or 2006 and the pervious years are flushed down the drain. Please let me know. And what to do supposedly they only want to pay since 2005 or 2006 whatever what to do if I am in titled to be paid from 1st of August 94 and they refuse
    With much appropriation

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Ibrahim, If you are on the same contract since 1994, you are entitled to receive a gratuity for the period from 1994.

  17. Hello there,

    This is not fair based on the actual situation of the employee. We rent housing, transportation and buy food and other necessary things for 30day (a month), when we apply annual leave, we get paid only for 21 days, so imagine paying the housing, transportation and the rest from the 21 days instead of 30 day pay. Why is this created this way? There is no equation to calculating officially too. after 5 years of service, HR gives 1st 5th year 21 days and from 5th to above 28 days paid leave and gratuity also calculated the same.

  18. I am 13 year in service in my company my basic 3576.16 ,my company computation 21 days only is this is right the competition for 13 year in service in my company

      1. I working a company 2.5 years, company giving only 21 days salary and exit monyey per year, don’t give ticket money, I can complaint about the company

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