Qatar Labour Law on Annual Leave and Holidays (2024)

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Studies have shown that it is important for workers to take short breaks from deadlines and workloads to improve their work-life balance, boost overall mood, and improve productivity.

Like most modern economies, Qatar also has defined policies regarding employee vacations and mandatory holidays. Educating yourself about Qatar’s labour laws and regulations is important if you plan on working here, especially regarding employees’ paid leave entitlements.

This article will cover the following important sections of the Qatar Labour Law on annual leave, mandatory holidays, and Hajj leave for Muslim employees.

The holidays and annual leave policies are covered under Articles 78 to 85 of Qatar Labour Law.

Mandatory Holidays

According to Article 78, all workers shall be entitled to holidays with a full wage as follows:

  • Three (3) working days on the occasion of Eid AI-Fitr.
  • Three (3) working days on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha.
  • One (1) working day on the occasion of Independence Day.
  • Three (3) working days, their dates to be specified by the employer.
OccasionNumber of Days
Eid AI-Fitr3 Working Days
Eid AI-Adha3 Working Days
Qatar National Day1 Working Day
To be specified by the Employer3 Working Days
Mandatory Holidays as per Qatar Labour Law

If it is mandatory for a worker to remain employed during a period of such leave, the provision of Article 75 (related to overtime payment) shall apply. This law states employees working overtime should be paid 125% of their hourly wage.

Qatar Labour Law on Annual Leave

According to Article 79 of Qatar Labour Law, workers who have completed one continuous year in the service shall be entitled to annual leave with their basic wage.

  • The annual leave will be a minimum of three weeks for workers who have worked less than five years.
  • The annual leave will be a minimum of four weeks for workers who have worked for five years or more.
Service PeriodAnnual Leave
Less than one yearNot entitled
Less than five yearsMinimum of three weeks
Five years or moreMinimum of four weeks
Minimum Annual Leave as per Qatar Labour Law

The Worker shall be entitled to a leave for the fractions of the year proportionately with the period he spent in the service.

Annual Leave Salary Calculation

According to Article 72, the wage of the worker during the annual or sick leave and his end-of-service gratuity shall be calculated based on his basic wage (basic salary) on the date of entitlement.

If the worker is employed on a piecework basis, the entitlement shall be calculated based on his average wages for the three months preceding the date of entitlement.

Payment of Annual Leave Salary

According to Article 68 of the Labour Law, the employer shall pay to the worker prior the date of his annual leave due remuneration for the work he performed up to the date of the annual leave in addition to the due leave allowance.

Qatar Labour Law: Annual Leave and Holidays

Who decides the annual leave dates?

According to Article 80, the employer can specify the annual leave dates per the work requirements. The employer can also divide the annual leave upon the worker’s consent. However, such division shall not be into more than two periods.

For example, an employer (with the worker’s consent) can divide the annual leave of 24 days into two periods of 12 days each (or any fraction), but it should not be split into three periods of 8 days each.

Carry Forward of Annual Leave

Upon receiving a written request from the worker, an employer can postpone (carry forward) no more than half of the annual leave to the following year.

For example, a worker with 24 days of annual leave can request his employer to carry forward ten days of his annual leave to the following year. However, he cannot carry forward more than 12 days out of his 24 days.

Can the employer deny annual leave to workers?

All workers are entitled to the minimum days of annual leave, as mentioned earlier. As per Article 81, the worker shall not waive his entitlement to the annual leave, and any agreement to the contrary shall be null and void.

If the employment contract is terminated (for any reason) before the worker takes his annual leave, the worker is entitled to receive a cash allowance. This cash allowance shall be equivalent to the basic wage for the leave days he is entitled to.

Hajj Leave for Muslim Workers

As per Article 83, a Muslim worker shall be granted a leave without pay, not more than twenty (20) days, to perform Hajj (pilgrimage) for once during his service.

Please note that, unlike annual leave, Hajj leave is not an entitlement for the employee. It is solely up to the employer’s discretion to grant this leave or not. Also, note that the worker will not be paid during this leave.

Employers should specify how many workers can be granted such leaves annually. Priority should be given to workers in continuous service for a longer period.

  • Hajj leave shall be without pay.
  • Hajj leave shall not be more than twenty (20) days.
  • Hajj leave can be given only once during a worker’s service.

If the worker starts working with another employer and the employer discovers that the worker has been granted a leave to perform Hajj by another employer, then the current employer may reject granting such leave to the worker since it is given once throughout the service period.

Important Points to Note

As per Article 84, a worker shall not work for another employer during his leave. If it has been proved that the worker breached this condition, the employer can deprive him of his wage for the period of leave and recover what has been already paid.

According to Article 85, the employer cannot terminate the employment contract or notify the worker of termination during any of his annual leaves. If the notice period expires during such leave, the employer shall not notify the worker that the contract is terminated.

Please note that the Qatar Labour Law rules do not apply to domestic workers and those under personal sponsorship. The rules for employees at public sector companies and government workers are also not covered under the Labour Law.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days of leave per year are in Qatar?

As per Article 79 of Qatar Labour Law, the annual leave will be a minimum of 3 weeks for workers who have worked at least one year but less than 5 years. It would be a minimum of 4 weeks for workers who have worked for 5 years or more.

How is leave salary calculated in Qatar law?

Leave salary is calculated as per the worker’s basic salary on the due date. For those who are working on a piecework basis, it would be the worker’s average remuneration for the last three months.

Disclaimer: The information posted above should only be used as a reference. For more updated guidelines, please contact Qatar Labour and the appropriate authorities.

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  1. Hi. I joined 2020 from the company, since then i did not go for annual leave.. I am planning this year 2024 to file a vacation leave, how many days i m entitled as per labor law? Thank you

  2. hi can i ask about my annual leave here in qatar since 2019 to 2024
    I didn’t take my annual leave for 5 years.even my ticket I dint take that should be 2 ticket will be pay. how to calculate this?how much should i receive?and what is the law if they did not give me this

  3. hi, i was terminated by my company after i applied from another company . now i cant apply again because my company applied me TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY. my question is if i will leave the country. can i still comeback?? after myt qid expired? or its also depends on my company??? thanks

  4. Hello,
    My labour contract says onward and return airfare will be provided once for every 2 years. I completed 5 years of service. But till date, my employer did not provide me any air ticket or cost associated with it. If I resign from my company now, Can I claim this amount from my employer as part of final settlement? If he does not agree to compensate, what shall I do?

  5. If a person proceeding on 21 days annual paid leave and Eid holidays falls in between the paid leave, how it will be considered? Is it 21 days plus 3 days paid?

  6. Annual leave is applicable for domestic helper? If yes then how can we calculate our annual leave
    thank you hoping for the quick response

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Rhodora, Annual leave is applicable. You need to check your contract to see how many days is included.

  7. Hi. I joined the company 2021, until now 2024 i’d never go for vacation. Can you please guide me if in the qatar labor law if i can convert into cash my unnual leave? Thank you

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Emily, Encashment of vacation is as per your company’s policy. Labour law only says that employees should be allowed to take vacation.

    2. Hi. I joined 2020 from the company, since then i did not go for annual leave.. I am planning this year 2024 to file a vacation leave, how many days i m entitled as per labor law? Thank you

  8. Hi,
    I have signed a contract for six months only. I was paid leave for two days in January and told that I would carry over two days and by the time my contract ended in March I would accrue 4 days and be paid out a total of 6 days of unused time. Now, employer is stating they will not pay unused time as Qatat labor law says I’m still in probation period and the time that was paid for was in good faith. They are also refusing to pay for flight home to my country. Is this allowed?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Lisa, Sorry to hear that. You will have to refer to your contract to see what is mentioned there. Labour law can be different for short term contracts.

  9. hi, i have been working in this company for more then 2 years and during ramadan i was doing same 12 hours duty .And they didn’t pay any extra overtime to i am resigning can i challenge that amount of overtime in ramadan

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Hamza, If you have proof of having worked overtime (time sheet or punching details) you can do that. Note that labour disputes take time to settle.

  10. Hi, i want to confirm about the deduction for QID .i have resigned from my company on 5th February 2024 on notice period of 2 months means my last duty will be 5th April.but they are telling me that if you are resigning before your QID expired we will deduct 100 riyal per month for the pending month of expiry date of QID.And i already have completed my years and 6 months in this company means they want to deduct my 600 riyal for QID .is it legal or illegal.

  11. Hi.
    Im currently working here in doha. 2 years and 6 months..
    Every year my company give me annual leave pay for 21 days..
    My question is if i resign this year.
    Can i still have the end of service benefits?
    The annual leave they give for me is different from the end of service benefits?they will still compute my 3 years working in the company? Please reply im confuse

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Anton, Annual leave and ESB are different benefits. Annual leave period will be considered in calculation. If you work 2.5 years, you will receive gratuity for 2.5 years (not 3 years).

  12. I have been working in a company for 5.7 years. resigned job on Jan 10th 2024. I got my annual leave salary for 5 years.. can i ask leave salary for 7 months (2023 June to 2023 DEC)
    pls advise.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Shily, Unfortunately, it is not mentioned in the labour law. In such cases, it will depend on your HR policy.

  13. hi,We are working as nurses in Qatar we signed agreement with our company that we shall be entitled for annual leave after a year which is almost to come November bit the employer has started threatening us that no one wil go for leave till we finish this case what are we support to do because some of us left 2months old breastfeeding babies and with the kind of job we are doing we need break and rest.

  14. Hi, i was not able to use my 2021 and 2022 annual leave, shall i be paid for those years including the ticket allowance? If ever ill use it together with this years’s vacation? This coming october, ill be completing my 3yrs in the company, as per my contract i have a yearly vacation 2way ticket, unfortunately i was not able to have my vacation for the past two years, and this coming december 2023 will be my first ever vacation for my 3 yrs in the company, may i know what are my rights and how much should i get?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Purple, As per the law, if you are entitled to annual vacation you should have taken it each year. If the company asked you to postpone your vacation (and you have written proof of that) you can claim it in case of a dispute. Otherwise it would depend on your company’s HR policy. Try to reach an agreement with your company. It is difficult to get a legal solution unless you have written communication.

    2. Good morning sir
      My company HR not allow me to vacation on due to corona period and i request my ticket money they not provided on two years end 2021…
      I get my ticket and vacation money in 2022 for two i completed 4 years this 2023
      And sudden they announced only one ticket we can provide for 4years completed staff…its really bad
      Kindly reply me for this matter.. i have watsapp chat screenshot with my HR shes reject my vacation..

  15. Hi,
    I have been living in the room last 2 month.Still my company not decide to when give my settlement.So how can I get my settlement? where I apply my problem?

  16. Hi Good Evening, can I ask regarding 21 days leave vacation with pay?
    According to my contract, if I completed the 1 year of work here I have 21 days leave with pay. I just wan’t to make sure that they provide my ticket back and forth? Or they should only give me a ticket 1 way? And I will provide my own ticket to go back here in doha?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Jay, You need to check what is written on your contract. Some contracts says return flight tickets each year, while some will say flight tickets once in two years. If it says about flight tickets, it is usually two-way.

  17. Good afternoon, I have an offer letter signed with a job offer to start between 1 and 15 November last year (2022), but my employer did not send me the airline tickets (they did send me the work visa in due time and form last October), they kept delaying me and finally they sent me the tickets in February this year and I started working on that date. Can I claim anything from the previous months?

    1. Hi,
      I have 33 days of annual leave pending, I didn’t go on vacation, now I’m leaving the company, so I should be paid only 33 days of my basic wage or housing and other allowances should also be paid by the employer?

      1. Doha Guides Team

        Hi Mohammed, As per labour law, employees have to take their annual leave or carry it forward (it does not say about encashment of annual leave). So this is usually decided by the company’s HR policy. Most companies will only pay the basic wage because they have already paid you 12 months housing allowance.