Qatar Labour Law on Working Hours and Overtime (2024)

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The Qatari Labour Law regulates employee work hours to prevent employees from being overworked and underpaid. A maximum number of hours per week is set, and overtime wages are guaranteed for work done over the regular hours.

This article will cover the important sections of the Qatar Labour Law on working hours, overtime payment and weekly holidays.

Articles 73 to 77 of the Qatar Labour Law (Chapter 7) are about regulations of working hours. Below are the key points of these articles:

Qatar Labour Law on Working Hours

As per Article 73 of Qatar Labour Law, the maximum limit of the regular working hours shall be forty-eight (48) hours per week and eight hours per day.

This shall be the case during all months of the year, except during the Holy month of Ramadan, where the maximum working hours shall be thirty-six (36) hours per week and six hours per day.

Month TypeMax. Hours Per WeekMax. Hours Per Day
Maximum working hours (Regular months) 48 hours per week8 hours per day
Maximum working hours (Ramadan) 36 hours per week6 hours per day
Maximum working hours as per Qatar Labour Law

Travel Time

Working hours do not include time spent commuting between the workplace and accommodation.

Rest Time

All workers have the right to rest time of at least one hour between work hours. However, this rest time shall not be included in the calculation of the work hours.

  • Work hours must include at least one hour for prayer, rest, and eating.
  • The interval cannot be less than one hour or greater than three hours.
  • Such intervals shall not be included in the calculation of the working hours.
  • The worker should not be forced to work more than five hours continuously.

In special cases, work that can be continued uninterrupted for rest can be specified by a Ministerial decision.

Qatar Labour Law About Overtime

Any time a worker works in addition to their normal working hours is considered overtime. Article 74 of the Qatar Labour Law speaks about working overtime and the extra payment to be made in such cases.

If required, a worker can be employed for additional hours in addition to the maximum hours allowed. However, the daily working hours should not exceed ten (10) hours.

The only exception to this rule is when the work is necessary to prevent a gross loss or dangerous accident or to repair or mitigate the effects of such loss or accident.

Overtime Payment For Extra Hours

Workers who are required to work overtime (beyond their regular hours) are entitled to receive overtime pay. As per the law:

“The Employer shall pay the Workers for the additional working hours a payment that shall not be less than the payable Basic Wage for the normal working hours plus an extra pay not less than (25%) thereof.”

This means, for the additional working hours, the employer shall pay the workers a payment not less than the applicable basic wage plus a bonus of not less than (25%) of the basic wage. In effect, the pay rate should be at least 125% of the normal hourly wage.

For example, a worker whose regular pay is QR 20 per hour should be paid at least QR 25 per hour (QR 20 x 125/100) for overtime work.

Overtime Payment For Night Work

Workers who work overtime during the night are eligible for extra payment than normal overtime rates. Qatar Labour Law further states:

“The Employer shall also pay the Workers working between nine PM, and six AM the payable Basic Wage plus a payment not less than (50%) thereof, except Workers working on shift schedules.”

As per this rule, workers who work overtime between 9 PM and 6 AM shall be eligible for at least 150% of the normal hourly wage. Note that this rule does not apply to workers on shift schedules.

Qatar Labour Law on Working Hours

Taking the earlier example, a worker whose regular pay is QR 20 per hour should be paid at least QR 30 per hour (QR 20 x 150/100) for any overtime work done between 9 PM and 6 AM.

Qatar Labour Law About Weekly Holiday

Article 75 of the Qatar Labour Law speaks about the weekly paid rest day:

“The Worker shall be given a weekly paid rest which shall not be less than twenty-four successive hours, and Friday shall be the weekly rest day for all Workers, except those working on shift schedules.”

The law clearly states that all workers are entitled to at least one day of rest in a week. For all workers (except those on shift schedule), the rest day should be Friday.

Compensation For Working During Rest Day

In circumstances when the worker is required to work during the rest day:

  • The worker should be compensated with another day to rest,
  • And the worker shall be paid for working on such day the wage payable to him for the normal weekly rest day, or he shall be paid his basic wage plus an extra payment that shall be at least the equivalent of (150%) of his wage.

Working on Successive Fridays

Except for workers working on a shift schedule, it is prohibited to employ the worker for more than two successive Fridays.

Schedule of Work Hours

According to Article 77, the employer is responsible for posting a schedule of the working days, weekly rest days, work hours and rest intervals for all categories of workers.

This schedule should be posted on:

  • a) the main gates used by workers, and
  • b) in a prominent place in the workplace.

The employer should also notify the Labour Department with a copy of this schedule.

Exemption To These Rules

Articles 73, 74, and 75 of this Law do not apply to persons occupying key positions if such positions allow the occupants to enjoy the powers of the Employer over the Workers.

Also, the provisions of Article 73 shall not apply to the following categories:

  1. Workers carrying out preparatory and complementary works that must be carried out before or after the working time.
  2. Security guards and cleaning workers.
  3. The other categories of workers and the maximum working hours limit can be specified by a decision from the Minister of Labour.

Please note that the Qatar Labour Law rules do not apply to domestic workers and those under personal sponsorship. The rules for employees at public sector companies and government workers are also not covered under the Labour Law.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate overtime as per Qatar Labour Law?

As per Qatar Labour Law, overtime payment should be at least 125% of regular hourly pay. In the case of working overtime between 9 pm and 6 am, this should be at least 150% of regular hourly pay.

Am I eligible for overtime pay during the shift schedule?

Workers on shift schedules are not eligible for overtime pay for their regular shift hours. Only the time worked above the regular shift is eligible for overtime.

How many hours can my employer ask me to work in a week?

The maximum working hours shall be 48 hours per week and 8 hours per day. During Ramadan, this should be a maximum of 36 hours per week and 6 hours per day. If you are working more than 8 hours a day, you are eligible for overtime pay.

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  1. Hello Gooday sir. I want to resign my job but am not completed my probation period.i join here 2 months before I don’t like this job, so I can resign my job?. if I do that how about procedure. please tell me

  2. Dear Qatar Ministry of Labour,

    I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to seek clarification regarding my employment situation as a security guard. I have noticed that I am currently working for 12 hours a day, but my monthly salary is only Qr1872. In comparison, when I work for 8 hours, I receive Qr1500. According to the Qatari Labour Law, the maximum working hours should be 10 hours, with overtime pay calculated at an hourly rate multiplied by 125%. I am concerned that these figures do not add up, and I feel like I am being exploited.

    Additionally, I came across Article 73 which states that the Labour Law does not include domestic workers and employees under personal sponsorship. Could you please clarify if this exemption applies to security guards as well?

    I appreciate your attention to these matters and look forward to your response.

    Thank you.

    Thuita chege

  3. My son has just found out he is not allowed any leave in his first year of work!!!! And is it any wonder that Qatar is accused of human rights violations!!!!

      1. Doha Guides Team

        Hi Sergey, It is not specifically mentioned in the law. You can check with the Labour Department helpline on 16505.

  4. Imam Abdulkadir Habib

    Slm. Good day Sir/Ma. I wanted to come down to Qatar soon insha Allah but am now asking ur advise what should I suppose to do now.

  5. Hi,
    Consider this a request to inform me of my options right now. I am an engineer working on a road project in Qatar and received my letter of termination today.

    My concern regarding the following advice

    1. The company did not pay my salary for the previous four months, and they have not given me any information on when I might expect those payments.

    2.offer letter mentioning one month’s notice and the fact that I have been employed by this organisation for five years.

    3. They will cancel my visa after the notice period is through; how can I obtain my salary and gratuity?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Salman, As per law all dues should be settled before cancelling visa. It seems you will have to file a labour complaint (if company refuses to pay). Meanwhile don’t sign any paper that says you have received your dues. Some companies force employees to sign such paper.

  6. Nadeem Salam mir

    Assalamualikum, i want to know that we work overtime 2 hours per day and our company they r not giving us overtime, instead of overtime they give us half days. they not pay us overtime salery but tbey give us some other day off. what should we do. please inform about this . thanks

  7. Crazel Jamandron

    Hi sir I want to ask about the cutting salary this is allowed in the labor to cut our salary 150 and above bcus my campany they told us this the labor low and they are not giving our over time if we are not rich for the target

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Crazel, The salary should be paid as per the contract. Company cannot cut your salary without any reason. They can deduct salary in some situations (eg. you take unpaid leave or work less hours).

  8. Nana Kwame Appiah

    Hello please my contact was a carpenter and the basic is Qr 1000 and Qr 300 for food that make Qr 1300 and 8 hours working 4days off in a month, but for 1 year 3months they have putting me into security guard work, I work 12 hours a day and 1day off in a month no overtime but only Qr 100 that they have add to my basic and food allowance total Qr 1400, now I have canceled my contact, please can I request for all the 4 hours I worked as my overtime working?, or what should I do?, please help me to understand.

    IF an employee cannot able to work more than 8 hrs per day what should be done?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Uttam, Employer cannot force employee to work overtime. It is up to the employee to decide if he wants to work overtime or not. You can file a labour complaint if your employer forces you.

  10. Hello have worked in company for more than 5years but different basic salary and project how will the company calcute my end of service gradunity is it based with current basic salary or will be splinted into two

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Kaleem, The per hour rate is calculated as: Total basic salary for the month / total working hours in the month.

  11. Chrisanto Juan

    Good day!
    Sir/ma’am,I have a concern about my job I applied as a butcher(indicates in my contract) and my visa is a cashier’s and then the company force us to take overtime and didn’t pay it. they say take it as pending but sometimes they are not going to gave it and no holiday also.we work more than 10hrs a day.double shift 6am to 2pm and then 7pm to 12midnight and sometimes overtime until 2am.Can you advise me if I have the right to complain in Qatar labour law office.Thank you!

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Chrisanto, You have all rights to file a complaint. It is better to get some evidence before you file a complaint.

      1. Dear sir,
        Please advise the OT presentage calculations of normal days and holidays. Is it in normal working days 1.25 extra with basic normal hours basic salary after 8 hours and holidays it will come 1.50 full day total working hours.

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi John, On normal days OT is 1.25 for extra hours. For holidays, it is 1.50 for the full duration.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Uday, It is applicable if mentioned in your employment contract. Other wise you need not work more than the regular work hours.

  12. If company not pay overtime properly & if our side manager cut our overtime intentionally then how can i complaine about it

  13. I have one year and one month in my contract but I want to change a job but my sponsor refused to give me NOC what can I do

  14. what should we do if our company forced us to duty almost 16 hours per day
    and 3 months now no dayoff.and not pay right per hour in overtime.they pay only 5QR per hour

      1. Can I change my sponsir even I’m just 2 months? Because my employer he didn’t pay overtime and 12 hours duty. Need your advise. Thanks

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