Panda House Qatar: Location, Opening Hours & Tickets (2024)

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In October 2022, Qatar imported a pair of giant pandas from China, making it the first country in the Middle East, and the 20th in the world to have giant pandas. Located in Al Khor City, the Panda House is the new home of the Chinese Pandas.

Here is everything you need to know about Qatar’s latest family attraction, the Panda House Qatar, including opening hours, ticket rates and how to book tickets.

Suhail and Thuraya: The Giant Pandas

The two giant pandas arrived in Doha on a special plane from China to fulfil a cooperation agreement on giant panda conservation and research between the two nations. According to the agreement, the pandas will stay in Qatar for 15 years.

They were both born at the Wolong panda camp, which is part of the Chinese Conservation Centre in southwest Sichuan.

The giant pandas, the first in the Middle East region, have been given Arab names: the 3-year-old female Si Hai is now called Thuraya and the 4-year-old male Jing Jing is now Suhail. Both are named after stars in the sky.

Qatar’s Chinese Ambassador Zhou Jian was part of the welcoming function. In his statement, he said that the arrival of Chinese pandas has uplifted the relations between China and Qatar.”

Panda House Facilities

The pandas are housed in a sustainable environment in accordance with the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS), and the standards adopted to conserve energy and the environment. The expanse of the Panda House Park contains 464 trees and 2,814 bamboo plants. 

Panda House Al Khor Qatar Facilities

A nursery room, treatment room, food preparation room, and air-conditioned sports field are provided to provide breeding, food supply, and medical safety for the giant pandas. In order to keep the panda couple comfortable, the air-conditioning systems are precisely controlled so that the temperature and humidity are at the ideal levels.

To care for the pandas, the Panda House has hired experienced breeders and veterinarians. A veterinarian and two breeders from the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda have come to Doha to accompany the animals during this transition.

The bamboo is mainly transported from China’s Sichuan. Apart from bamboo, the pandas’ diet also includes carrots, apples and traditional Chinese pancakes.

Panda Park was designed similarly to the mountains of their homeland, the Minshan Mountains in the Chinese province of Sichuan.

Visiting Panda House Qatar

The 120,000 sqm Panda House in Al Khor was inaugurated by Qatar’s Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz al-Thani in November 2022.

Qatar’s Ministry of Municipality has invited the public to visit the Panda House and enjoy watching the two giant pandas.

Panda House Al Khor Qatar

As of December 2022, the number of visitors is growing daily and has reached 1,200 visitors a day, Lulwa Al Mohannadi, from the Public Parks Department of the Ministry of Municipality, said while speaking to Al Rayan TV.

“People are booking days in advance. We are increasing the number of visitors gradually following the capacity of Panda House Park and the comfort of pandas,” said Al Mohannadi.

Panda House Qatar Location and Attractions

The Panda House is located next to Al Khor Park and Al Bayt Stadium, in Al-Khor City (Umm Smaira area), 35 km away from Doha. Here is the link to the Google Maps location. Up to 300 parking spaces are also made available for visitors. 

The Panda House Park can accommodate over 700 people and features a 37-square-metre plant mural, gallery, and education room.

The Panda House premises also has an outdoor garden pathway, outdoor booths, sculptural gardens, a bamboo forest trail, and an audiovisual tower. Visitors can also access gift shops, a cafe, a veterinary clinic, as well as prayer rooms.

Panda House Layout Map
Panda House Layout Map

While visiting Panda House, you can also enjoy amazing entertainment options at the family-oriented Al Khor Park. There’s a zoo, museum, skating area, mini-golf, basketball court, children’s play area, food kiosks, and an amphitheatre. From the Panda House, there is a connecting door to Al Khor Family Park and Zoo.

Panda House Qatar Opening Hours

Panda House’s opening hours are from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Please note that on Tuesdays, only women and children can enter the park.

Panda House Al Khor Ticket Prices

According to the Oun app, Panda House ticket prices are:

  • QAR 50 for those above 14 years
  • QAR 25 for children under 14 years

The ticket can only be used on the day and time the ticket was booked for – it can’t be used on another day. Also, note that the ticket is not refundable.

How To Book Panda House Tickets

Currently, tickets can be booked only through the Oun application. You can download the app here:

Visitors are required to maintain peace and calm during their visits to ensure the safety of pandas.

Plans are afoot to make Panda House Park a major tourist spot

JANUARY 2023 UPDATE: The Ministry of Municipality plans to make Panda House Park a major international tourist destination by adding several attractions to the facility.

“A worldwide campaign will be launched in coordination with Qatar Tourism and Qatar Airways to introduce the Panda House Park, a 120,000sqm state-of-the-art facility in Al Khor, housing two giant pandas ‘Thuraya’ and ‘Suhail’,” said the Director of the Public Parks Department, Eng. Mohammed Ali Al Khori.

Al Khori said Panda House Park is attracting 1,700 daily visitors with advanced booking through the Oun app of the Ministry of Municipality. 

Here is a video about Panda House courtesy of Sailu & Jen’s Youtube channel:

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      Hi EM, The official policy is that you need to book through the app. We are not sure if they allow walkins.

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      Dear Syed, You can contact Ministry of Municipality and Environment’s unified helpline on 184. It operates 24×7.

  5. Sandy Moallemian

    This looks to be a beautiful facility, however it lacks trees and greenery. It really should be much more accommodating to the comfort of the giant pandas whose natural habitats are mountainous forests. I believe these rare and special animals would be much better served mentally and physically in an enclosure which can allow them to behave like pandas. Trees are necessary not only for exercise, but feelings of security by allowing them to take a bit of cover. Thank you for your consideration.
    Sandy Moallemian

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Sandy, Thanks for the detailed feedback. You can also send the same to Ministry of Municipality and Environment as Panda Park is under them. Hope the authorities consider this.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Sam, Unfortunately, they have mentioned that ticket dates cannot be changed and it is not refundable. If you want you can try calling the helpline on 184.

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    What can i do

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      Hi Maya, Please call 184 to contact Qatar’s Ministry of Municipality. They are responsible for the Oun app.