Al Bayt Stadium: Seating Map, Parking and How To Reach

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ kicked off on 20 November 2022 at Al Bayt Stadium. Al Bayt Stadium, with a capacity of 68,895, also hosted eight other FIFA World Cup matches, including one quarter-final and one semi-final.

Here is everything you need to know about Al Bayt Stadium, including location, map, and how to get to the stadium using the Doha Metro, Stadium Express Bus, Car, or Taxi.

Al Bayt Stadium Location and How To Reach

Al Bayt Stadium is in Al Khor, adjacent to Al Khor Coastal Road, 35km north of central Doha (location map).

You can reach Al Bayt Stadium either by Metro, car or taxi. Here are the details about each option:

Reaching Al Bayt Stadium By Metro

The closest Doha Metro Station is Lusail QNB Metro Station (Red line). Here is everything about Doha Metro.

Reaching Al Bayt Stadium By Car

Residents and locals are encouraged to drive to the stadiums to free up public transport for visitors. If you are driving your own car, please see the below video from Security Committee about roads:

Parking Facilities

Al Bayt Stadium parking will be able to hold 6,000 cars, 350 buses and the coming and going of 150 public buses/shuttles, as well as 1,000 taxis and water taxis.

  • Parking space is located close to the stadium.
  • Accessible parking options will be available.

Fans are advised to arrive early because car parks will fill up fast.

Spectator Parking LotMinimum walking time to the stadium
A20 minutes
B30 minutes
C35 minutes
Al Bayt Stadium Parking Map

Reaching Al Bayt Stadium By Taxi, Uber, Careem

  • The drop-off and pick-up area is a minimum of a 25-minute walk to the stadium.

Important Things To Note

  • Have your match ticket ready at the gate
  • All ticketholders must pass through safety and security screening.
  • Be ready to take off your jacket or coat, scarf and other accessories.
  • Be prepared to empty your pockets – try to avoid having loose change.
  • Be ready to have your bag(s) inspected.
  • Please follow the instructions of the stadium personnel.

Restricted Items Storage

Fans can store items that are not allowed in the stadium at Restricted Items Storage, which is located in close proximity to all the stadium entrances. The service is free of charge.

Al Bayt Stadium World Cup Matches

20 NovemberGroup A: Qatar v Ecuador1900 local time
23 NovemberGroup F: Morocco v Senegal1300 local time
25 NovemberGroup B: England v USA2200 local time
27 NovemberGroup E: Spain v Germany2200 local time
29 NovemberGroup A: Netherlands v Qatar1800 local time
1 DecemberGroup E: Costa Rica v Germany2200 local time
4 DecemberRound of 16: 1B v 2A2200 local time
10 DecemberQuarter-final: W51 v W522200 local time
14 DecemberSemi-final W59 v W602200 local time

Al Bayt Stadium Seating Map

Here is a layout map of Al Bayt Stadium:

Al Bayt Stadium Seating Map

About Al Bayt Stadium

Al Bayt Stadium’s name and structure are inspired by Bayt Al Sha’ar, a tent used historically by nomadic peoples in Qatar and the Gulf. The stadium design honours Qatar’s past and present, while looking forward to the future.

The arena’s distinctive exterior reflects the black and white stripes of the traditional tent, as do the vibrant “sadu” patterns inside. The retractable roof provides covered seating for all spectators.

The stadium was inaugurated on 30 November 2021 during the opening day of the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021™.

Al Bayt Stadium

Commitment To Sustainability

During the development of Al Bayt Stadium, sustainability was paramount, and the upper tier was designed to be removed after the tournament – allowing the seats to be recommissioned. Several parks, lakes, and protected greenbelts surround the stadium, creating a lasting legacy.

The stadium was awarded a five-star rating for its design and construction from the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS), along with a Class A* rating for its construction process and a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio Compliance certificate.

Video courtesy: Qatar 2022

Al Bayt Park

Covering an area larger than 30 football pitches, Al Bayt Park boasts vast green spaces with play areas and exercise stations, along with tracks for running, cycling, horse riding and camel riding. In addition, the precinct is home to multi-sport grounds which are also open for public use.

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