How To Get On Arrival Visa for Baby Born Outside Qatar (2023)

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Many expatriate women residing in Qatar go to their home countries during pregnancy as they want to be close to their extended family during the delivery.

When they come back, Qatar provides free visas on arrival for newborn babies, provided they arrive in Qatar within few months of their birth. This article explains the conditions required to receive an on-arrival visa for baby born outside Qatar.

Conditions To Get Visa For Baby Born Outside Qatar

Earlier, Qatar’s Ministry of Interior had tweeted the conditions for issuing on-arrival visas for babies born outside Qatar on arrival at the port of entry.

According to MoI, here are the conditions for granting an on-arrival visa for a baby born outside Qatar:

1) Residence Permit for father and mother

It is an absolute must that the father and mother should have valid Residence Permits in Qatar

2) The baby should be no more than six months old

The baby cannot be more than six months old. If the parents cannot bring the baby to Qatar before they reach six months, they must apply for a Family Residence Permit first.

2023 UPDATE: Babies less than six months will be allowed entry to Qatar if mother is under father’s sponsorship. However please note that:

Babies entering Qatar before two months will be issued a New Born Visa, which can be directly converted to a Residence Visa. With this visa, the parent can easily apply for issuing QID.

If the baby is older than two months, a Tourist Visa will be issued (valid for 30 days) instead of a Newborn Visa. This means that the parent has to start the baby’s Residence Permit process from scratch (submitting all documents and waiting for approval). After the RP has been approved, the parent will have to pay QR 500 for the conversion from a Tourist Visa to a Residence Visa. This process will be more expensive and time-consuming than a New Born visa.

So it is advisable to enter Qatar before the baby turns two months.

3) The wife should be on the sponsorship of the husband

Another condition is that the wife should be under the husband’s sponsorship. If the father and mother are under company sponsorships, they cannot get a visa on arrival for the baby.

4) Original birth certificate and a valid passport for the baby

You should also bring the original birth certificate for the baby. A copy of the birth certificate may not be accepted. Also, the baby should have a valid passport from your home country.

Conditions For Visa On Arrival For New Born Baby in Qatar

Cost of the Visa

The visa is provided free of cost for newborn babies on arrival along with their parents at the entry border.

Once the baby enters Qatar, the parents must apply for a Residence Permit Card (QID) through Metrash2 or any Ministry of Interior Service Centre.

Another thing to remember is that if the mother has stayed out of Qatar for more than six months, it would be considered an overstay, and she would need a return permit to come back.

If your baby is older than six months, please check with Qatar Government Helpline at +974-44069999 regarding your options.

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FAQ on Visa For Baby Born Outside Qatar

Can babies born outside Qatar get visas on arrival?

Yes, babies younger than six months can get visas on arrival if both parents hold Qatar Residence Permits.

What are the conditions for getting a Qatar visa on arrival for a baby?

The parents should have residence permits, the wife should be under the husband’s sponsorship, plus the baby’s original birth certificate and passport are also required.

What is the cost of an on-arrival visa for a newborn baby?

The visa on arrival for newborn babies is free in Qatar.

Can the baby get a Residence Permit card at the airport?

No, once the baby reaches Qatar, parents must apply for a Residence Permit card through Metrash2 or any Ministry of Interior Service Centre.

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  1. Hi,
    I have a query related to my wife’s RP. She left Qatar in mid june 2023 for delivery in India and her RP got expired in Aug 2023. She will come back to Qatar in Nov 2023 along with new born baby. May I know what is the process to bring her to Qatar with expired RP. I cannot renew her RP since she is out of Qatar. Please advise.

  2. Hi
    My family RP visa got approval this week for my wife and son. Will our newborn baby 3 months old get on arrival newborn visa, since my not yet have a QID as they are travelling only with approved RP visa? Please confirm

  3. Mother under husband sponsorship, baby born in qatar but exited qatar without QID due to some emergency. now they want to come back after eight months. will the baby be granted visa on arrival. mother already has return permit.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Shahzain, Normally VOA is issued only for babies less than 6 months. Please call the Qatar Government Helpline at +974-44069999. If they say it is not possible you will have to apply visa for baby on Metrash.

  4. Hi Doha Guides
    My wife and son under my sponsorship and my daughter was born in Qatar. but due to some emergency my family exited the country without applying for QID for my daughter. now its more than 6 months and they want to come back. i already applied for my daughter RP but its still showing under process. my question is can my daughter be allowed to baord for visa on arrival then we can change it once she arrived to RP.


  5. My wife’s RP was approved on 16th may 2023.
    My daughter was born on 19th may 2023.
    As my wife had no QID(only approved printed visa) I took visiting visa for my baby.
    Is there any option where I can change it into on arrival visa?!

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Raees, Since there is already a visit visa, you cannot change to visa on arrival. Bring the baby on visit visa and apply for RP after entry.

      1. One more question to ask.
        I have already brought them here and wife’s ID card is printed.
        What if I send them to UAE and then bring back my baby on arrival visa so that the RP will be printed easily.
        Will it be successful?
        Since the application through Metrash will take time and also I haven’t attested birth certificate (which will take longer).

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi Raees, Unless you have another reason to visit UAE, this could be a waste of money and time. Usually getting Family RP for baby will not take so long as spouse RP. You only need to submit some documents on Metrash and pay QR 500 extra for changing visa type inside the country. Moreover we are not sure if baby can get visa on arrival as the baby was already inside Qatar once.
          You can double check with the Qatar Government Helpline at +974-44069999 or [email protected].

  6. Hi DGT
    Please GUIDE me for these two points.
    Actually, I applied for my wife’s RP on April 18, 2023, and turn into third stage under process by 27 July 2023. (currently 3rd stage)
    My child was born on 18 July 2023 out of Qatar, please advise me for required document and the procedure for applying child RP. Can I apply now as my wife’s RP hasn’t been approved yet?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Gul, You can apply on Metrash just like you did for your wife. For child, you will need attested birth certificate.

  7. Need clarification on baby born outside qatar, mother and father are under company sponser. Need to bring the baby within one and half month. can mother apply for family visit on metraz to get visa for the newborn to enter the country ? and later apply for the RP under mother sponsership.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Tharuka, If mother is applying for visit visa from outside Qatar there is a chance of rejection. Usually the sponsor has to be inside Qatar while applying. You can try if you want. Another option is to contact the Qatar Government Helpline at +974-44069999 or [email protected] to confirm if baby can get visa on arrival (usually they would allow if baby is less than 6 months).

  8. To clarify the two scenarios;
    1. Baby entering Qatar before baby turns two months: will be issued a New Born Visa, which can be directly converted to a Residence Visa without any charges.

    2. Baby entering Qatar between the 3- 6 months: will be issued a Tourist Visa, but parent has to initiate new RP procedure with submitting all documents and waiting for approval and paying 500 QR up on approval?

  9. If mother have only RP yet not take qid then the baby come in qatar within two months and get visa on arrival or should mother have QiD

  10. Hi, My friend’s wife is traveling with her 2 months old baby. She is on her company sponsorship and her husband(my friend) is under her sponsorship. In this case the newborn baby is able to get on arrival visa which can be converted to residency permit later. When i check with Immigration its been said that, “it should be either one of the sponsorship – ie. either wife or husband should be under one of the sponsorship”. Anyone have any idea with this?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi SS, Immigration is saying the same thing. The baby should be eligible as parents are under family sponsorship.

  11. Hi, If newborn baby arrived within 2 months will get newborn on arrival visa? Any one recently came across the situation?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Mach, Yes, as per the experience of recent travellers, new born visa will be issued if arriving within 2 months and mother is under Family sponsorship.

  12. Dear team,
    I have already planned for my new born baby arrival who will be 3.5 months old , all conditions are ok, noticed the recent update. So after arrival need to apply in Metrash for residence permit . After permit need to change visa . Is it correct.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi RP, If there is enough time you can apply for baby’s RP visa even before arriving. Note there is a delay in approvals nowadays. If the travel date is within one month, it is better to apply after arrival (this may require QR 500 extra for changing visa type).

    2. My wife will be coming with my 3 months plus baby alone as I’m inside Qatar. She’ll be coming not by Qatar Airways. Do I need to follow all RP procedure as applying like fresh or I have chance of getting it directly after medical & fingerprint?

      1. Doha Guides Team

        Hi Minhaj, If wife is under your sponsorship, baby can get visa on arrival. Later you can convert that to Family RP.

  13. Hello! My niece is born outside Qatar; her mom and dad both have RP in Qatar and wife is under husbands sponsor. Little niece is 2 months old. They have applied her RP online but want to bring baby girl to Qatar ASAP. Since her RP hasn’t come yet, can she be brought on visa on arrival? As per this post. Just for reference: Baby is born in Pakistan and mom and dad are both Pakistani with RP in Qatar. Thank you to anyone to helps with a response.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Madiha, Since both parents have Qatar RP and mother is under father’s sponsorship, the baby can get visa on arrival. Later you can change to family RP. Try to enter before the baby turns 3 months.

  14. My baby is born here in Qatar, I am under company sponsorship and I want RP under my sponsorship, we tried with main immigration offices and none has been helpful,they say to apply in Metrash2 and I don’t find the option in it working. How can I apply for RP in Metrash2 or what else can I do?I am planning on leaving Qatar soon,in that case without RP will they allow my baby to go?

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi NK, Did you apply for baby’s RP from your husband’s Metrash or yours?

      1. Hello Doha guides,I wanted to change sponsorship of my elder son who is already under husband sponsorship to under mine as he is leaving the country. How can I do that ? Thanks

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi NK, If you are eligible to sponsor your son, you and your husband can make a joint request. Please consult with a typing center as you need to complete some application forms.

  15. My wife is returning after more than 6 months outside Qatar with a return permit. Can she bring my 3 month old baby together with her or does she need to re-enter first then she come with the baby? Thank you.

  16. Hi my name is Justin and my wife name Divya.
    We have a new born baby.
    We r planning to take my daughter to hear Qatar.
    Me and my wife having Qatar ID .she is working in one company and me also in another company.
    I want to bring my daughter 50 days old through onarrival visa under my wife sponser t
    Is it possible

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Justin, We are not sure if your baby can get visa on arrival as your wife is not under your sponsorship. You can contact the Qatar Government Helpline at +974-44069999 or [email protected]. If they say that it is not possible, your wife can apply to be baby’s sponsor (with NOC from employer). This can only be done after your wife reaches Qatar.

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