How To Get On Arrival Visa for Baby Born Outside Qatar (2024)

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Many expatriate women residing in Qatar go to their home countries during pregnancy as they want to be close to their extended family during the delivery.

When they come back, Qatar provides free visas on arrival for newborn babies, provided they arrive in Qatar within few months of their birth. This article explains the conditions required to receive an on-arrival visa for baby born outside Qatar.

Conditions To Get Visa For Baby Born Outside Qatar

Earlier, Qatar’s Ministry of Interior had tweeted the conditions for issuing on-arrival visas for babies born outside Qatar on arrival at the port of entry.

According to MoI, here are the conditions for granting an on-arrival visa for a baby born outside Qatar:

1) Residence Permit for father and mother

It is an absolute must that the father and mother should have valid Residence Permits in Qatar

2) The baby should be no more than six months old

The baby cannot be more than six months old. If the parents cannot bring the baby to Qatar before they reach six months, they must apply for a Family Residence Permit first.

2023 UPDATE: Babies less than six months will be allowed entry to Qatar if mother is under father’s sponsorship. However please note that:

Babies entering Qatar before two months will be issued a New Born Visa, which can be directly converted to a Residence Visa. With this visa, the parent can easily apply for issuing QID.

If the baby is older than two months, a Tourist Visa will be issued (valid for 30 days) instead of a Newborn Visa. This means that the parent has to start the baby’s Residence Permit process from scratch (submitting all documents and waiting for approval). After the RP has been approved, the parent will have to pay QR 500 for the conversion from a Tourist Visa to a Residence Visa. This process will be more expensive and time-consuming than a New Born visa.

So it is advisable to enter Qatar before the baby turns two months.

3) The wife should be on the sponsorship of the husband

Another condition is that the wife should be under the husband’s sponsorship. If the father and mother are under company sponsorships, they cannot get a visa on arrival for the baby.

4) Original birth certificate and a valid passport for the baby

You should also bring the original birth certificate for the baby. A copy of the birth certificate may not be accepted. Also, the baby should have a valid passport from your home country.

Conditions For Visa On Arrival For New Born Baby in Qatar

Cost of the Visa

The visa is provided free of cost for newborn babies on arrival along with their parents at the entry border.

Once the baby enters Qatar, the parents must apply for a Residence Permit Card (QID) through Metrash2 or any Ministry of Interior Service Centre.

Another thing to remember is that if the mother has stayed out of Qatar for more than six months, it would be considered an overstay, and she would need a return permit to come back.

If your baby is older than six months, please check with Qatar Government Helpline at +974-44069999 regarding your options.

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FAQ on Visa For Baby Born Outside Qatar

Can babies born outside Qatar get visas on arrival?

Yes, babies younger than six months can get visas on arrival if both parents hold Qatar Residence Permits.

What are the conditions for getting a Qatar visa on arrival for a baby?

The parents should have residence permits, the wife should be under the husband’s sponsorship, plus the baby’s original birth certificate and passport are also required.

What is the cost of an on-arrival visa for a newborn baby?

The visa on arrival for newborn babies is free in Qatar.

Can the baby get a Residence Permit card at the airport?

No, once the baby reaches Qatar, parents must apply for a Residence Permit card through Metrash2 or any Ministry of Interior Service Centre.

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  1. Salm o alekum
    I am shahid me and my wife residence qatar and my baby born in pakistan.i have a birthcertificate and valid question is birth certificates new born baby attestation from qatar embassy and mofa or no need.plz infom me

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Shahid, As far as we know, if the original birth certificate is in English, attestation is not needed. Please call the Qatar Government Helpline at +974-44069999 to check if there is any change in this.

  2. Hi
    My baby born in qatar and travelled to India last month december 2022 without QID, as its underprocess.
    Paid 400 QAR at immigration for baby’s exit from Qatar. Can baby travel back without QID?
    He is two months now.

      1. Hi, my Baby is born in Qatar and she was under mother’s sponcership in July i cancelled my visa and travelled to my country but now i want to go back can i bring my Baby to Qatar again and her Qid expired??

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi Jane, You cannot take the baby on an expired/cancelled visa. You can bring the baby on a tourist visa or visa on arrival (if nationality is eligible). If not you have to apply for new RP after your RP is issued.

  3. Hi sir, my baby is around 4 months old, me and husband is holding valid QID. Is it possible to carry our baby without visa during this time period?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Fathima, If the wife is under the husband’s sponsorship and the baby is less than 6 months old, the baby can get visa on arrival.

  4. Hi. I’m under HMC and my wife is under my sponsorship. My daughter is less than 6 months too. It is still within the set conditions right? No need to obtain any papers from immigration here and from the Qatar embassy in the Philippines, right? Thank you.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Arvin, If the baby is less than 6 months and your wife is under your sponsorship, the baby will get a visa on arrival. Make sure to carry the baby’s birth certificate as you need it for the QID application. No need for any other paper.

      1. Manish Radhakrishnan

        My baby is 2 year old, can i get visa for my baby, my wife is not under my sponsership visa, she is working as a nurse,

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi Manish, Your wife can apply to sponsor the baby. Salary requirements may be relaxed in such cases.

  5. Hello,

    Hope everyone one will be fine, I have a question, So 1st baby was born in qatar and my second baby was born in back home Pakistan. Now i want to apply RP for my 2nd baby as when they arrived on the immigration they informed us to get RP from Graffa immigrationas the baby is 4 months old. In this regards what sort of docs i required to get him RP . My Wife and 1st baby are under my sponsorship with valid RPs. Now my question is ” Do i have take all the docs like Marriages Certi , Eduction Certi ,Bank Certi and etc or they will be having those docs as my i have submitted all those docs while applying RP for my 1st baby. The only reason of asking about original that all my original docs are in back home will they accept it on submitting photo copies?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Ahmad, Baby’s birth certificate, passport and parents’ passports, and QID’s should be original. For other documents, they may accept photocopies as you already have family here.

  6. Hi, I have a Residence permit, I’m not married and not under Husband sponsorship. Can I still bring my baby Visa on Arrival? Thankyou

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Eaizhia, the Ministry sets conditions and one condition is that you must be under your husband’s sponsorship.

  7. I have baby 2 months old i will bring them on 10th December. my self has resident permit and my wife under my sponsorship. Just want to confirm if I bring my baby during the FIFA matching will baby get on arrival visa ?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Mohamed, Yes, your baby can get a visa on arrival as your wife is under a family visa and the baby is less than 6 months.

  8. Hi
    I want to bring my 4 month old boy from india
    my wife is my own sponcership
    Is it possible now enter to qatar on onarrival in the present situation

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Arshad, If the wife is under her husband’s sponsorship and the baby is under 6 months it is possible.

  9. Hi ,
    I want to bring my 1.5 month old baby from india . Me and my wife are under different sponsorship , any possibility to bring my baby .

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Shiyas, As your wife is not under family sponsorship, you cannot get a visa on arrival for the baby. Your wife can try applying to sponsor the baby. You will need a NOC letter (with salary) from her employer, proof of your salary, marriage certificate, baby’s birth certificate, passport copy, photo and parents’ QIDs. In such cases, they may approve if the combined salary is good enough. You will need to apply directly at MOI Service Center. Check with a typing centre for letter formats and more details.

  10. Hi,
    My husband tried to apply for the QID for my newborn son twice in immigration at Al gharaffa unfortunately, they told him that it’s not allowed bcoz (1) I’m a second wife (2) I’m not under my husband’s sponsorship.

    I’m planning to go there, would you please inform me what are the requirements needed. thank you very much

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi UmmAbulrahman, You will need a NOC letter from your employer (in Arabic) with the salary mentioned, six months bank statement, QID and passport of both parents, marriage certificate, baby’s passport, birth certificate and photo.

  11. Bushra Tauqeer


    I am under company sponsorship and I went to India for my pregnancy. Now I have 4month old baby so can I bring my baby on visit visa or family visit visa.
    I request you to also clear one doubt that if I can bring my kid on visit visa the do I need to do hotel booking for my newborn .

  12. Hi..My son is 2 month old born outside qatar. As me and my wife are sponsored by two different employer and does not hold family visa. For my son can we get Visa on Arrival? Pls. advise

  13. Vishal Shobhit

    Hi is visa on arrival for newborn baby still given if the baby is under 6 months old or it has changed to baby being within 3 months old?? Please help us as my daughter is now 4 months old and my wife under my sponsorship wants to come to Qatar
    Thank You
    Vishal Shobhit

  14. Hi. I just wanna ask, i and my 3 months old baby exit Qatar and in Philippines right now. Is it possible to bring back my daughter with visa on arrival?

  15. Hi my wife and 4 year daughter are in Qatar on ON ARRIVAL VISA. My wife got a new job and she is exiting to our home country, India for Medical.

    I have a doubt Is it possible to bring my daughter also with wife.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Latheesh, Your wife can bring your daughter again on visa on arrival. However, it would be valid for a maximum of 2 months only. To sponsor your daughter on a residence permit, you need to meet salary and professional requirements.

      1. Hi,
        My wife has got the company visa and she is planning to come Qatar next week. We have a six months old baby , can she take our baby on on arrival visa with her ?

        I am now in Qatar. Thanks

  16. Dear Team Doha Guide,

    Please guide me for the below concern :

    I arrived in Qatar just before Corona February 2020 via On Arrival Visa.

    As there was no Visa issuance for long time I was stuck here on same On arrival Visa status.

    Recently when family Visa was open, We tried to convert it to RP, but it seems now there approving only those who are having high salary around 20k.

    I have a newborn baby and he is 4 months now, what will be the procedure for new born visa as mother is not having RP and On arrival Visa status.

    Will there be a fine

  17. Dear Sir,
    My Wife’s QID got expired and she will be overstaying out of Qatar for more than 6 month due to her pregnancy.
    I checked with Immigration Garaffa they mentioned that they will issue return permit for her.
    What would be requirement for the new born baby to arrive at Qatar. Whether baby (3 month ) can get visa on arrival based on my RP and my wife’s expired RP & Return Permit.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Would be grateful for your answer.