Hayya With Me (1+3) Voucher: How To Bring Non-Ticket Holders

Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy has launched the “Hayya With Me” (1+3) feature, allowing international fans with match tickets and approved Hayya Cards to bring up to three non-ticket holders.

This article will explain how Hayya Card holders can bring non-ticket holders using the “Hayya With Me (1+3)” by sending them Hayya With Me voucher code.

What is ‘Hayya With Me’

Hayya With Me is a feature that allows a match ticket holder to invite up to 3 non-ticketed guests to enter Qatar during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

Hayya With Me will allow non-ticketed guests, such as relatives or friends, to enter Qatar and enjoy the festivities, including fan zones, concerts etc. However, they cannot attend any matches without a match ticket. 

Can all Hayya Card holders bring non-ticket fans?

This feature is only available to international fans aged 18 or above who applied using a match ticket number. They should also have confirmed accommodation and approved Hayya Card. Qatar residents are not eligible for this feature.

Every Hayya Card application must confirm a user’s accommodation – whether the booking is through the Qatar Accommodation Agency (QAA) or a third party.

Is this feature free for international fans?

There will be a fee of QR 500 per non-ticketed fan above 12 years. Children below 12 years can be added free of cost.

Requirements for “Hayya With Me”

The following are the requirements for applying for Hayya With Me (1+3) feature:

  • The applicant should be an international fan (Residents are not eligible)
  • The applicant should be aged above 18
  • The applicant should have a match ticket
  • The applicant should have a confirmed accommodation (through QAA or a third party)
  • The applicant’s Hayya Card should be approved
  • A fee of QR 500 per guest (above 12)
  • The guest should have a valid passport

 How Hayya Card Holders Can Bring Non-Ticket Holders

The process to invite non-ticket holders will be a two-stage process.

Stage 1: To be done by the match ticket holder

The first stage should be done by the ticket holder as follows:

Step 1: Log in to your Hayya account

If you haven’t applied for Hayya Card, please see this article on how to apply for a Hayya Card.

Step 2: Select ‘My Hayya’ and click ‘Action’

My Hayya Action Menu

Step 3: Select ‘Hayya with Me’

Hayya With Me option will be shown as a drop-down menu. The Hayya Card application should already be approved for this feature.

Hayya With Me Dropdown Menu
Hayya With Me Option

Step 4: You can see three voucher codes

These are your “Hayya With Me Voucher Codes”.

Hayya With Me Codes
Hayya With Me Voucher Codes

Step 5: These voucher codes should be given to non-ticketed guests

Please note that each guest needs a different “Hayya With Me Voucher Code”. Multiple guests cannot use the same code.

Stage 2: To be done by the non-ticketed guest

The second stage should be done by the non-ticketed guest as follows:

Step 1: Create a Hayya Account and Login

  • Go to the Hayya Portal.
  • Click “Apply For Hayya”.
  • If you don’t have an account, sign up here using your email ID.
  • Once your email ID is confirmed, log in using the same email ID and password.

Step 2: Click on “Apply for Hayya”

This option is available on the top menu.

Step 3: From ‘Applicant Category’, select ‘Hayya with Me Voucher’

Hayya With Me Option

Step 3: Enter the voucher code received from the match ticket holder

This should be the “Hayya With Me Voucher Code” received during the first stage explained earlier.

Hayya With Me Voucher Code

Step 4: Click on ‘Validate my Voucher’

The system will validate the voucher. Once validated, you can proceed with the application.

Step 5: Review and accept the terms

This will be active only if your voucher details are validated.

Hayya Accept Terms

Step 6: Upload photo and passport details

For more details on photo and passport files, please see this article on how to apply for a Hayya Card.

Step 7: Enter your personal details and contact information

Hayya Card Application International

Step 8: Click on the “Review & Submit” button

You will receive the updates in your email. Once your application is approved, you will receive an entry permit to the State of Qatar via email. 

Here is a video explaining the Hayya With Me option:

Here is an infographic from Qatar News Agency summarizing the Hayya With Me (1+3) feature:

How Hayya Card Holders Can Bring Non-Ticket Holders
Courtesy: Qatar News Agency

Please note that the ticket holder’s Hayya Card application should have been approved before applying for this. If your Hayya Card application is pending approval due to accommodation, see this guide on how to validate Hayya Card pending approval.

What is Hayya Card

The Hayya Card is a mandatory fan ID during FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. It will provide access to stadiums (for ticket holders), free public transport for the duration of the tournament and numerous discounts.

From 1 November 2022 to 23 December 2022, all visitors to Qatar should have a Hayya Card for entry.

What is Hayya With Me Voucher Code

Hayya With Me Voucher Code” is a unique code available to international match ticket holders. Each international match ticket holder will receive three unique codes on their Hayya platform.

They can use these codes to invite up to three non-ticketed family members or friends with them. The invited guests can use this code to apply for their own Hayya permit to enter Qatar.

For more details, please contact the Hayya Hotline at +974 4441 2022 or email [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Qatar residents bring non-ticket holders using Hayya?

No, only international fans with match ticket holders can bring non-ticket holders using Hayya With Me feature.

Is there any age limit for the guest?

There is no age limit for non-ticketed guests. However, the inviting match ticket holder has to be aged 18 or above, must hold a valid passport and cannot be a Qatar ID holder.

Do Hayya Card holders need a tourist visa to enter Qatar?

No, Once your Hayya Card application is approved, you will receive an entry permit to the State of Qatar via email. 

Have you booked your flight tickets?
If you haven’t yet booked your flight tickets to the FIFA World Cup, we highly recommend booking with Qatar Airways, the Official Airline of the tournament, which has been named the World’s Best Airline a record seven times.

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