How To Change Hayya Card Application Details Online

All FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ fans are required to obtain a Hayya card (Fan ID) to attend matches. The Hayya card will act as an entry permit to stadiums and provide free access to public transportation. Applying for a Hayya card will also provide Hayya Entry Permits to international fans coming to Qatar.

The Hayya card application process is entirely online and there are chances that you may be required to make some changes to your application, even after approval. Many applicants have doubts such as:

  • How to change Hayya card name
  • How to change Hayya card passport details
  • How to change Hayya card passport number
  • How to change Hayya card category
  • How to change Hayya card accommodation
  • How to change Hayya card ticket number etc.

Most of these issues can be resolved by editing the Hayya Card application online. Here is a quick guide on how to change Hayya card application details online.

Conditions for Updating Hayya Card Application

  • A Hayya card application can only be updated once it is approved or rejected.
  • You are only allowed to EDIT the information of the respective application with the same individual’s details.
  • If you edit an approved/ rejected application with a second individual’s details, it will result in the immediate cancellation of both applications.
  • You must use the ‘add dependent feature‘ to add new applicants (children below 18 years of age) who wish to apply for a Hayya Card.

How To Change Hayya Card Application Details

The steps below are assuming that you have already applied for the Hayya card and it was either approved or rejected. If you haven’t applied yet, please see our guide on how to apply for Hayya card.

You can also do this if your Hayya application status is pending accommodation or pending payment (in case of non-match ticket category).

Step 1: Go to Hayya Portal website

Here is the link to the Hayya portal:

Hayya Website Home Page

Step 2: Click on “My Hayya” button

Hayya Portal My Hayya Button

Step 3: Login using your Hayya account details

You will need your email address and Hayya account password. Once you click on “Sign In”, you may be asked to verify signing using OTP sent to your email ID.

Hayya Login

Step 4: Click on your profile icon and select “My Hayya”

You can find this near your name on the top right. “My Hayya” can be accessed from the drop-down menu.

My Hayya Link

Step 5: Click on “Action” and select “Update Application”

You can find the “Action” menu on the right side of your Hayya profile.

Change Hayya Card Application Details

Step 6: Agree to the conditions

Read the conditions carefully and click on “Ok, I understand”.

Edit Hayya Application Agree

Step 7: Make your changes

You will be taken to the Hayya application form which you submitted earlier. You can make the necessary changes here and submit it again.

Your changes will be reviewed by the Hayya team and approved after verification. Note that this may take a few days in some cases. So please be mindful if you are making any last-minute changes.

For support or more info, please send an email to [email protected] or call international support at +974-4441-2022 (or 800-2022 within Qatar).

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  1. Hello Everyone,
    My Hayya application “Early December Hayya” was rejected on 27th Nov, without any reject reason provided in the application history.
    I cannot re-submit or modify application details, it shows “Unable to resubmit application. You have reached the limit of resubmission opportunities.”
    Nor I can register/create another Hayya with other email ID, it shows “your official ID is already registered in the system”
    Called Hayya support line several times along with emails, however no luck.
    I have a match ticket available, however my Hayya is not ready yet.
    Any expert advise/suggestions/help would be appreciated.
    Is there a way to cancel or delete my rejected application and create/apply a new application?

    1. My hayya application is rejected and now they want me to put match ticket. Can you plz help me with the match ticket plz.

  2. Hello
    I applied for my dependent cards 10 days ago and yet pending, not approved neither rejected!! i called the team more than 5 times they told me to wait only and I emailed more than 10 times and no response
    Im getting frustrated and annoyed
    My flights are very soon and yet I don’t know what to do
    Would you help me please

    1. Hello Amir – Any luck with your rejection issue? I have same problem, I can’t re-submit or modify my application. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    2. My hayya application is rejected and now they want me to put match ticket. Can you plz help me with the match ticket plz.

  3. I have a match on 6th dec. My son is ny dependent and is under hayya with me voucher. His hayya is still not aproved..
    Till what time should I wait. What if it’s not approved? I have booked flights and accomodation. Pls help.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Hetal, If it has been more than one week since you applied, please call international support at +974-4441-2022.

      1. Hi I have applied my Application on 14 of Nov and its still showing pending no change in status of application , I have called Hayya may be more then 50 times , I have logged complain but no change happening , and I have my tights for tomorrow to travel I don’t know what to do , everything I call and follow they just simply say that we will send urgent message and soon you have reply but nothing happens, very annoying and frustrating , have send more then 10 emails don’t get any reply.

      1. Hello,
        I’m having the same problem for several days and I’ve already called that number, and the answer was “we have nothing to do – you need to wait”.
        Can anyone please help me with this technical issue? Please, I’m desperate!

  4. My application is in pending status since 10 days. Is this normal ? Other family members have their Hayya card approved in few days after submission.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Mohammad, The button will be visible if your application is either approved or rejected. For assistance call +974-4441-2022.

  5. request For Correction
    Your photo is not compliant. Kindly resubmit your Hayya application with a new profile photo as per the instructions (available on your application page)
    and yet after clicking on action tab, “update application” options is not appearing. how can i correct what is requested to be corrected.

  6. when I’m going to apply hayya card error message (an application already exists with this QIDnumber) how to solve this issue

  7. Showing message unable to update application reach for maximum limit and i submit for 3 times only form 12 days and my match after 3 days i call service center no one help me

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Mohamed, Unfortunately, only Hayya Support can help you. If you are in Qatar, visit Hayya Service Centre. If you are outside call them again. May be someone knows the solution.

  8. I update my dependants profile his Am As I had a one number mistake on passport

    I fly out to Qatar Friday morning and the airline won’t let me fly without this approved 24 hours before flying

    It’s a one number change with same person as before, will this be approved in time

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Chris, Approval is a manual process and there are chances of it being delayed. If your travel date is near, it is better to call international support at +974-4441-2022.

  9. I called the call center and they told me to wait 48hours to update my profile and yet nothing really happened it just keep showing the same message every time.
    “unabto update application. You have reached the maximum limit of update opportunities “

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Haseeb, You will see that only if your application is either approved or rejected. If needed, please call support at +974-4441-2022.

  10. Hi, I updated My Hayya profile picture. How long does it take to be updated? And can I request another entry permit with the updated profile picture?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Joyce, Review and approval is a manual process and it depends on how busy the backend team is. So we can’t say how much time it takes. Normally edits are approved in a couple of days. Your entry permit will be updated if the edit is approved.

  11. Hi, My hayya application was rejected once without any reason. I cannot edit or resubmit my application. It always say I have reached the maximum limit. I called hayya and emailed them but the answer is always keep trying. My flight is coming soon and no solution.

  12. Hi. I am a match ticket holder but pressed ‘non-match ticket holder. My apllication is pending and my app category is now Decemder Hayya. I have ticket numbers and accomodation numbers ready. My flight from Zagreb Croatia is on 24th November. If anyone can help, PLEASE. Thank you in advance

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Frane, If you are unable to edit application online, you should call international support at +974-4441-2022.

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi Frane, FIFA can only help with ticket sales. For Hayya approval you should contact the Hayya helpline. As it is a busy period, the helpline is always busy. Your only option is to keep trying or email: [email protected]. The telephone has a better chance of response than the email. Meanwhile, keep checking if there is any update on your last application.

  13. how to change hayya aplicant catagery.i am a ticket holder .i cant change aplicant catagery,my match date on 22/11/2022.what will do?can anyone please help me.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Jasim, Did you try accessing “Action” from “My Hayya”? If that option is not available call international support at +974-4441-2022.

  14. Hi ..
    my hayya application is still pending since 10 days because of requires update my fifa ticket and I don’t know how I can update it
    I have already confirm ticket and accommodation and I had contact to hayya email but no respond yet
    Could tell me the step of update my fifa ticket number in hayya app

    Could you please help me in my issue
    Thank you…

    1. Hi Eissa, Can you see the “Action – Update Application” option (as shown in the above article) on your My Hayya page? If yes, you can use that to update the ticket number. If not, the only option is to call international support at +974-4441-2022.

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