How To Apply Hayya Card For Dependents (Hayya With Me 2023)

A Hayya Card is a mandatory fan ID introduced during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. All local and international fans, including children, had to apply for a digital Hayya Card. As children cannot apply by themselves, adults are allowed to add them as dependents under the adult’s Hayya application.

This article will explain the conditions and the step-by-step process of how you can apply Hayya Card for dependents using Hayya With Me 2023 feature.

What is Hayya With Me

Hayya With Me (1+3) is a feature using which an international fan who purchased FIFA World Cup match tickets in 2022 can invite up to three family members or friends to visit Qatar.

In January 2023, Qatar’s Ministry of Interior announced that the validity of Hayya Cards will be extended until January 2024. The Hayya With Me feature is also back, which means international fans who bought match tickets in 2022, can still invite up to three guests using their voucher codes.

This is a great opportunity for those who want to visit Qatar, as this is issued free of charge and allows multiple entries up to January 2024.

Condition To Apply Hayya Card For Dependents

You can apply digital Hayya Cards for up to 10 dependents as long as they are under the age of 18.

Before you begin with the application of a dependent, you should complete your application first. You can only apply for dependents after your application is completed.

If you haven’t applied for your Hayya Card, please see the detailed guide on the requirements and how to apply for Hayya Card using Hayya With Me.

How To Apply Hayya Card For Children

If you are creating a new Hayya account for the child, the steps are same as applying for an adult’s Hayya card.

Or else, if you are adding the child as a dependent under an adult, you need to follow the below steps. These steps should be done after you have completed the adult’s Hayya Card application.

Step 1: Log in to your Hayya account

You can sign in on the website:

Hayya Home Page
Hayya Home Page
Hayya Login Page
Hayya Login Page

Step 2: Click on “My Hayya”

This will be available on the top right of the page (near your name).

Click On My Hayya

Step 3: Click on “Add Dependents”

This option will be below the Hayya details of the primary applicant.

Add Dependent Hayya

Step 4: Complete the application form

You need to fill up the form and upload the dependent’s photo.

Hayya With Me 2023 Application Page

Step 5: Upload passport and complete details

You need to fill up the details and upload the passport as you did for your application.

Step 6: Click on “Review & Submit”

After completing the details and uploading the passport, click the “Review & Submit” button.

Once the application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Hayya Team, and you will receive updates by email.

Below is a video explaining how to apply Hayya Card for dependents:

Note that International fans must also confirm their accommodation plans (for children also) before travelling.

Delay In Hayya Approval For Family

Even if you apply together for an adult and a child, sometimes one of them may take longer than the other. You don’t have to worry if you face delays in approval, as this normal nowadays.

For any questions about Hayya Card, please contact [email protected] or call 800.2022 (Qatar) or (+974) 4441.2022 (International).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add my child as a dependent without a voucher code?

Children applying for Hayya Card in 2023 will need their own Hayya With Me voucher code even if applying as a dependent.

Is Hayya card mandatory for infants less than one year?

A separate Hayya Card is mandatory for all visitors, including infants.

If my child is travelling without an accompanying adult, how can I add him as a dependent?

It is not mandatory to add children as dependents. You can create a separate Hayya account for your child, even if the child is less than 18 years.

Should the dependent have a separate phone for Hayya Card?

No, the dependent’s Hayya Card will be on the same phone as the adult applicant. Just make sure that the dependent has his own Hayya Entry Permit, which you will receive by email.

Should I add the child to my accommodation, or is it enough to add a parent?

All visitors, including children, should have their own confirmed accommodation. If you plan to host the visitors, you should add them to your accommodation through Hayya, even if they are children.

Can a child travel using Hayya with someone who is not a parent?

Yes, Children can travel alone or with an adult who is not the parent. However, some airlines may require authorisation from the child’s parents. Please discuss this with your airline in advance.

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  1. how remove dependent from my hayya id so that could be added on my spouse hayya id as my child would be travelling with her mother to Qatar.Tried adding on my spouse if for dependent but messge pop ups that this passport is already with another account.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi John, If the dependent’s visa is approved she can travel with anyone. The entry permit will not have the primary applicant’s name. So you don’t have to change it to be under her mother. If you want to make sure you can call Hayya helpline (800 2022).

  2. how long does it take to received a confirmation email grom haya teams after applying haya card visa for dependents?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Bereketeab, You will receive an acknowledgement email on the same day (check spam if you haven’t). The approval time varies from case to case.

  3. if dependents A1 visa get approved through hayya web but not mine then kindly guide me do my kids travel with that visa as I get metrash visa..I even not pay anything for the A1 but the status is approved.

        1. Hi . I have applied to add my twin daughters as dependants in My Hayya. One of them was approved and the other was rejected . It is mentioned that the reason of rejection is that her residancy permit in Saudi Arabia is valid for less than 3 months. This is correct but I did not apply for their vias based on their Saudi residancy permit. I have applied for both of them based on their UK visa. I could not submit another application and I tried to correct the current one but there is no update and not action is under process. What should I do??

        2. Doha Guides Team

          Hi Marwa, Please contact Hayya Support at [email protected] or (+974) 4441 2022. They have to remove the old application before you can apply again. If you are applying based on UK visa, please upload UK visa and passport only (don’t upload Saudi RP).

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Saima, Kids can travel if their visa is approved. Adults will take time because they need security clearance. Some nationalities are exempted from A1 visa fee.

  4. Hi good day, can I apply a Hayya visit visa fr my 18 years old daughter!? how and what kind of Hayya visa should I apply? please tell me

  5. Hi good day, can I apply a Hayya visit visa fr my 18 years old daughter!? how and what kind of Hayya visa should I apply?

  6. Good day!
    Me and my family (with 3 kids ages 14,9 & 7)are planning to go Qatar this coming December using Hayya. Do we need to make a Hayya account also for the kids (for each one of them)under the Hayya A1(Tourist)?
    Thank you

      1. Hi im traveling to qatar 8days from now. I Apply my hayya card Tourist Visa , How many days is the processing? and how many days to process the dependats . I have 2child also (2,4yrs) is it possible to process on time? My flight will be on December 10

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi Farrah, Most A1 applications are now getting approved within 4 days. However some are getting delayed. You can contact Hayya helpline to follow up.

  7. is it possible to get a1 visa for child and travel to qatar without parents but with their grand parents having hayya permit

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Mohammed Bava, Yes, you can apply A1 visa for child. (During travel the airline may require permission from parents.)

  8. Hi my daughter is under the dependant of her mom. Now my wife will go back to Philippines for qvc can my daughter stay here?. Or she need to come as well to her mom.