How To Cancel Qatar ID and Residence Visa Online (2024)

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If you’re a resident in Qatar and find yourself needing to cancel your Residence Visa or Qatar ID (QID), it’s essential to understand the process and requirements involved.

Whether you’re leaving the country permanently, switching your visa status, or for any other reason, canceling your QID is a crucial step in ensuring your legal status aligns with your current circumstances.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps required to cancel Qatar ID and Residence Visa. We’ll also answer the related questions.

Why Cancel Your Qatar ID

There are several reasons why you might need to cancel your Qatar ID:

  1. Leaving the country: If you’re leaving Qatar for good, canceling your QID is a necessary step to ensure you’re no longer legally tied to the country.
  2. Sending family out of Qatar: If your family is Qatar under your sponsorship, and you want to relocate them permanently to your home country. In such situation you can cancel their Qatar ID to avoid any future issues.
  3. Changing jobs: If you’re leaving your current job, but planning to come back after a while on visa, your QID should be cancelled before your new sponsor can apply for a new visa.

Note that in the third scenario, you can also change your employer without cancelling QID or leaving the country. For more information, read our guide on how expatriates can change jobs in Qatar.

Who Can Cancel Qatar ID

Qatar’s sponsorship system mandates that only the sponsor has the right to apply, renew, or cancel the Qatar ID. This means that a Qatar resident cannot cancel their Qatar ID on their own.

  • If you are on a family visa, only your family sponsor (spouse or parent) can cancel your QID.
  • If you are on an employment visa, your QID can only be cancelled by your employer or the employer’s authorized representative (PRO).

How To Cancel Qatar ID Online

There are two online options: through Metrash or through MOI portal.

How To Cancel Qatar ID On Metrash

If you want to cancel you family member’s Qatar ID (Residence visa), follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Metrash app.
  2. Click on “Residency Services”
  3. Select “Cancel Residency”.
  4. Enter the required RP numbers to be cancelled.
  5. Pay appropriate fees online.
  6. Print payment receipt.

Note that the Qatar ID will be instantly cancelled at this stage. There is no waiting period for approval. Only attempt this if you are 100% sure you want to cancel.

How To Cancel Qatar ID On MOI Portal

  1. Login to MOI e-portal with your smart card.
  2. Click on “Residency Services”
  3. Select “Cancel Residency”.
How To Cancel Qatar ID on MOI Portal
Cancel Residency option on MOI e-services portal
  1. Enter the required RP numbers to be cancelled.
  2. Pay appropriate fees online.
  3. Print payment receipt.

After this you can also download and print an exit permit from the portal.

How To Cancel Qatar ID At MOI Service Center

To cancel a dependent’s Qatar ID offline, the sponsor or his representative (PRO) can visit any MOI Service Center and submit the Residence Cancellation Form. If required you can fill-up the form from a typing center.

If you are the sponsor you will also need your ID proof.

  • In case of personal sponsorship, this will be sponsor’s Qatar ID.
  • In case of establishment’s this will be the company’s Establishment ID.

Fee To Cancel Qatar ID

The following fee needs to be paid for cancellation of Qatar ID.

  • For personal sponsorship: QR 20 per person
  • For company sponsorship: QR 50 per person

Grace Period To Stay Inside Qatar

Once your Qatar ID is cancelled the normal grace period is 30 days. However kindly double check this with your employer or PRO as this may vary in some cases.

If your Qatar ID expires (not cancelled), the grace period is 90 days. After 90 days there is a fine of Qr 10 per day. You can read our guide to Qatar ID renewal here.

Important Points to Note

Your Qatar ID cannot be cancelled if there are active visas under your sponsorship. It means if your family is in Qatar under your sponsorship, first you need to cancel their visa before your sponsor can cancel yours.

Your Qatar ID cannot be cancelled if there is a registered vehicle under your ownership. If you want to cancel your Qatar ID (not change of sponsorship), any vehicle under your QID should be sold or transferred to someone else. If your vehicle is not sold yet, you can transfer it to any of your friends.

You can confirm if your Qatar ID has been cancelled by checking the QID status on MOI portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my dependent’s QID while outside country?

Yes, the sponsor can cancel the dependent’s Qatar ID and Residence Permit even if the QID holder is outside the country.

What to do if my sponsor doesn’t cancel your QID?

It is crucial that your QID is cancelled before you leave Qatar. If it is not properly cancelled you cannot apply for a new visa until your QID expires.

Should I return my QID if it is cancelled?

It is not mandatory to return the Qatar ID. Sometimes your Qatar ID will be collected by the immigration officer at airport. If you are using e-gate you can keep the QID.

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  1. Hi,

    Recently one of my colleague tried for cancelling his family members QID (who are now outside Qatar) as he decided to move to home country (India).

    However, in metrash the request was rejected and also he tried to visit MOI centers but unsuccessful.
    So, is it mandatory for the family members to stay inside Qatar for cancellation of QID ??

  2. My sister was on domestic worker visa she finished contract and made exit 07/May/2024 and ID was already expired by 24/April /2024.She didn’t cancel ID when making Exit.She want to come back on new visa but sponsor not willing to help cancel her ID.

  3. Hi, Can I cancel my Family QIDs , who are outside of Qatar ? In Metrash not able to do. Do i need to visit any Immigration Office? Please let me know the procedure .

    1. My sister was on domestic worker visa she finished contract and made exit 07/May/2024 and ID was already expired by 24/April /2024.She didn’t cancel ID when making Exit.She want to come back on new visa but sponsor not willing to help cancel her ID.

  4. Can my visa/RP be cancelled even if I have filed a case with another person regarding delinquent cheque

  5. my qid already expire on 07 march 2024 and I leave qatar on 06 march 2024 but my sponsor is not cancelling my qid. Can I Come apply for new visa as my QID already expire

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Mohammad, Either cancel the QID or wait for at least 6 months (sometimes this will be 12 months).

  6. My Wife is working in a private company. She is under my sponsorship. As per her company rules, she needs to serve notice period of 2 months. We are planning to leave Qatar for good. So, I need to cancel her QID first. If I cancel her QID now, is it mandatory for her to serve the 2 months notice period?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Kumar, If the company allows her to leave without notice period, it won’t be an issue. In that case you can get a letter from the company that says they don’t want her to serve the notice period. Note that this applies only if she has obtained an official work permit with the company.

  7. my Qatar I’d was blocked, but card validity up to 13-04-2024. After this expired date my Qatar I’d automatically cancellation or not , my sponsor did not take my call. Now am in India . please give solution for this problem..

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Vijay, Your QID will not be automatically cancelled after expiry, but you cannot use expired QID to travel. Your sponsor can still reactivate it after expiry (within few months). Note that you cannot apply for new visa unless your old QID is cancelled. The only solution is to find your sponsor.

  8. Hello, my husband is working in Qatar and he requested for QID to me as him being my sponsor. If the request is cancelled for now, can we apply for QID again later or will it be hard?

  9. As my friend residency permit has been cancelled he is having the copy of the cancelled confirmation.On NOV-2023 he left qatar in emigration they make hole in QID.
    Now he is planning to come back to qatar in new visa is it possible to apply for him a new visa with other sponser.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Kaleem, If the old QID is cancelled he can come back on a new visa. Punching a hole on QID is a normal procedure during the final exit.

  10. Hi sir can ask? Im already in philipines my qatar id already expired last Nov 20 2023 and my company didnt cancel yet my id, i need to cancel my id sir because my new sponsor is waiting for me, please give me advice what ill do?


    Hi Sir my wife working as kadama she went home vacation we dont want her to come back to same sponsore her QID expires January 12 2024 we were waiting for her qid to expire we prosses for another visa is it possible she can come with another job visa

      1. Hi sir , i have a flight last february 9 but i didn’t go , i’m still staying in qatar until now , my id also already canceled.. now i want to go back to the philippines, what should i do now , i’m overstaying now in qatar for a month,,should i go to cid ?i don’t want them to block me here because i want to come back

  12. hi sir
    I am filing a divorce and need to cancel my wife QID she has already left Qatar and in her hometown now..but my kids are staying with me here in Qatar only..if I cancel her Qid will my kids qid remain active or not
    pls guide

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Yashish, Sorry we are not sure about this. Please check with the government helpline on 109 or 44069999.

  13. Hi.. sir.. i already resign to my company/agency i already go to philipines outside the country but my sponsor didnt cancel my qatar id .. what i will do sir..? Because i need to go back again to qatar ..

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Lenielyn, Unfortunately, you have to wait until your QID expires or your sponsor has to cancel the QID. There is no other way to apply new visa.

  14. hai sir
    I’m resign my job I’m now on notice period but my sponsor not accept my registration and cancel my residence permit
    and he’s didn’t accept to work I’m in room last 10 days
    what can I do.any options to cancel my residence permit
    please help me

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Srinivas, Since he is not accepting your resignation and not allowing you to work, ask him to cancel your QID. If your QID is not cancelled you cannot come back on a new visa. So make sure you don’t leave the country without cancelling QID. If he doesn’t do anything the last option is to file a labour complaint.

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