How To Check Qatar ID Status Online: Photos & Video (2024)

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A Qatar ID number is a unique number issued to every citizen and resident of Qatar. It is an 11-digit number that stores an individual’s details in the government database. A valid Qatar ID is essential for an expatriate resident’s entry and residence rights in Qatar.

This article is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to check Qatar ID status online. You can also learn how to check Qatar ID validity using your passport number. and how to view your Qatar ID on the Metrash2 mobile app.

What is Qatar ID Card?

A Qatar ID card (QID) is a photo identity card that each citizen or resident of Qatar is issued and required to carry and display under certain circumstances. The card contains the person’s details, including photo, name, QID number, date of birth, nationality, signature, sponsor details etc.

Each time the expatriate’s visa is renewed, the QID card’s validity will be renewed, and a new card will be printed. Since Qatar has stopped issuing visa stickers for residents, the QID card is the official document for entry at airport and land borders.

How To Check Qatar ID Status

For a resident to be allowed entry to Qatar, he/she should have a valid QID. Here is how you can check the validity of the Qatar ID (QID status) using the QID number:

Step 1: Go to MOI Website

Here is the link to Qatar’s Ministry of Interior (MOI) website.

Step 2: Click on the “Inquiries” button

This is the first icon with a magnifying glass. You can also get this from the “MOI Services” drop-down menu.

Qatar Ministry of Interior Website Homepage

Step 3: Click on the “Other Inquiries”

The “Other Inquiries” tab is on the left side of the “MOI Services” page.

MOI Services Other Inquiries

Step 4: Click on the “Official Documents”

The “Official Documents” link is the first one with a Qatari passport icon.

MOI Other Inquiries Official Documents

Step 5: Enter your Qatar ID Number

Check QID Validity MOI Website

Step 6: Enter the captcha code and click “Search”

After clicking the Search button, you can see the validity of the Qatar ID. It would also show other details like Qatar Driving License validity. If the resident is out of the country, it will show how long the resident has been out of the country.

If you typed the wrong Qatar ID number and received no results, press the “Reset” button and type again.

Qatar ID Check By Passport Number

You can also check the validity of Qatar ID using the QID holder’s passport number. Follow the below steps to check Qatar ID status by passport number:

Step 1: Go to “Other Inquiries” on the MOI Website

Here is the link to the Other Inquiries page on the MOI website.

Step 2: Click on “Official Documents”

How To Check Qatar Resident's Visa Status

Step 3: Enter Passport Number

MOI Qatar ID Check By Passport Number

Step 4: Select Nationality from the dropdown menu

When entering a Passport Number, you also need to select the Nationality. This is not required when searching by QID number.

Step 5: Enter the verification code and click on the “Search” button

The status of all your official documents, including QID and Driving License, will be shown.

Here is a video explaining how to check Qatar ID status online:

Please note that this will only work for Qatar residents whose residence permit process is completed and QID has been issued. This will not work for a visit visa or a new residence visa. If you want to check the status of your Qatar Visa, please follow the instruction on below guide:

Qatar Visa Check Online: Step By Step Guide

Qatar ID Check On Metrash Wallet

Metrash2, the Ministry of Interior mobile app, has added a helpful ” Wallet ” feature, where you can access digital copies of your personal identity documents for use with Ministry of Interior (MOI) services.

The documents available in the E-Wallet include:

  • Qatar ID Card
  • Qatar Driving License
  • Vehicle Permit (Istimara)
  • Fancy Number Ownership

How To Check Qatar ID on Metrash App

Here is how you can access the Wallet feature from the Metrash2 app:

Step 1: Enter your QID number and PIN code to log in to the Metrash2 app

Step 2: From the main menu on top, select “Wallet”

Step 3: Select the document you want to display

Qatar ID Check on Metrash Wallet

Using this E-Wallet service, you can access copies of your Qatar ID, Driving License, Vehicle Registration (Istimara), and fancy number ownership. This can be used for official transactions while approaching various MOI departments or when demanded by police or security officials.

However, please note that this does not replace plastic cards. You still need plastic cards for travelling through international borders (airports, land borders).

FAQ On Qatar ID Check Online

How can I check my Qatar ID online?

Qatar ID validity can be checked online on the MOI portal by going to “Official Documents” under “Other Inquiries”. You can use the QID number or passport number to check the QID status on this page.

What is a Qatar ID number?

The Qatar ID number is a unique number issued by the Qatar government to its citizens and residents. The 11-digit number is used for identification purposes and for storing each person’s information in the government database.

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  1. I’ve been in Qatar since mid-March and my company is yet to give me my ID….they say the contract is yet to be approved by the government…..please i need your guidance and advice.

  2. When I search by QID, all details are displayed. But if I search by passport number, it says wrong passport details.
    What could be the reason

  3. Jo marie Genelado

    My Qatar id is invalid,everytime i open an account in QIB..
    What is the reason of this,and its remedy.

  4. Hai went to my sponsor for my ID renewal after the company changed, it expired 21 July.But he keeps telling me it’s with Q POST and on process,is it true?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Francis, You can check the status your with your QID number on the Q-Post website’s tracking.

  5. Hy sir , i reached there 3 months ago, and i didn’t received my QID i want to my QID number from MOI website through the visa or passport number ,it can possible?

  6. I went for medical and finger print but my company has not pay for my i.d card.wht should I do to get my I.d kindly need ur assistance.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Abdil Ali, As per the labour law, it is your company’s responsibility to pay for your ID card. Try to speak with them and reach a solution.

  7. Hi sir, My name is Arshad i went to Qatar in employment visa but due to some pressure of my management I left the company after 4 months without informing my company.
    My visa is for 2 years.
    Please guide me how many years of ban for me to go to Qatar.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Arshad, If you let without cancelling the visa, normally there will be a ban for the remaining period of your contract. In your case it will be 20 months. However this may be different in some cases. If you have any friends in Qatar, please ask them to check with Immigration by showing a copy of your Qatar ID card.

      1. Assalamualaikum sir. I am Mostafa kamal. I have arrived in Qatar 21 February 2023.My Passport Namber is EK 0175795.Please I want Know My ID Namber.

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Dear Mostafa, Please contact the Qatar Government Helpline at +974-44069999.

      1. Doha Guides Team

        Hi Lim, As far as we know, there is a grace period of 90 days. After 90 days there is a fine of QR 10 per day. You can double check with Qatar Government Helpline at +974-44069999 (as rules are subject to change).

  8. I have my sister have been here for almost 7 months but her company never provided QID, when I try to check if her QID is the feedback shows wrong passport, but her company insists that her QID is there.. how can I prove that.. Thanks

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Edi, Her company is responsible to give her the QID. If the company says that her QID is issued, ask them to give that.

  9. Hi I have a question. Passport validity matters only when you apply visa from outside or traveling from outside to Qatar?
    If I am converting family visit visa of my kid ( 2 1/2 ) years old by January’23 (his passport expires in June’23) will it be an issue the expiry of passport. Cz the transfer will be done inside Qatar. Please expecting your answer . Thank you !

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi Sanjeewa, You need to check this with MOI Service Center. They are more flexible when converting to a Residence visa. Not sure if they check passport validity for visit extension.

        2. Hi , I apply baby qid in in metrash before its showing under process now it’s showing under review they approved? If approved next what step we need to do

        3. Doha Guides Team

          Hi Raheem, It is not fully approved yet. Once approved you can see the status as QID printed and it will be sent to the given address.

  10. For How long will it take to receive you Qatar ID card, when your process has been fully completed and it has been online. How many days will it take for it to be submitted to Q post

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