Stadium 974: Seating Map, Parking and How To Reach

Stadium 974, was one of eight stadiums, which have been built, renovated, or reconstructed for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. Stadium 974, with a capacity of 44,089 hosted seven matches during the FIFA World Cup, including six group-stage matches along with a pre-quarter game.

Here is everything you need to know about Stadium 974, including its location, seating map, and how to get to the stadium using the Doha Metro, Stadium Express Bus, Car, or Taxi.

It was the first temporary venue in FIFA World Cup history.

Stadium 974 Location and How To Reach

Stadium 974 is located adjacent to the Ras Bu Abboud Expressway. Located 10km to the east of central Doha (location map).

You can reach Stadium 974 either by Metro, Stadium Express Bus, car or taxi. Here are the details about each option:

Reaching Stadium 974 By Metro

The closest Doha Metro Station is Ras Bu Abboud Metro Station (Gold line). The station is a minimum of a 30-minute walk from the stadium.

Reaching Stadium 974 By Car

Residents and locals are encouraged to drive to the stadiums to free up public transport for visitors.

Parking Facilities

  • Parking space is located close to the stadium.
  • Accessible parking options will be available.
Spectator Parking LotMinimum walking time to the stadium
A30-minute walk
B20-minute shuttle bus (Service Number S979) + 20-minute walk
Stadium 974 Parking and Road

Reaching Stadium 974 By Taxi, Uber, Careem

  • Drop-off and pick-up areas are located next to Spectator Parking A, which is a minimum of a 30-minute walk to the stadium.

Stadium 974 Seating Map

Here is a layout map of Stadium 974:

Stadium 974 Seating Map

Stadium 974 World Cup Matches

22 NovemberGroup C: Mexico v Poland1900 local time
24 NovemberGroup H: Portugal v Ghana1900 local time
26 NovemberGroup D: France v Denmark1900 local time
28 NovemberGroup G: Brazil v Switzerland1900 local time
30 NovemberGroup H: Poland v Argentina2200 local time
2 DecemberGroup G: Serbia v Switzerland2200 local time
6 DecemberRound of 16: 1G v 2H2200 local time

About Stadium 974

Located on the shores of the Gulf, across the water from Doha’s dazzling West Bay skyline, Stadium 974 is the world’s first fully demountable covered football stadium.

Inspired by Qatar’s strong history in seafaring and trade, this stadium is constructed entirely from shipping containers and modular steel.

The deconstructed elements of the venue will continue to be utilised for years and even decades after the FIFA World Cup™.

The stadium bowl seating avoids the need for air conditioning as it is designed to be naturally ventilated. The overall stadium steel structure can be recycled and reused post-tournament, based on any legacy option that is selected.

The clever modular design means that fewer building materials were required than in traditional stadiums – keeping construction costs down, reducing waste and putting sustainability at its core. The innovative cooling system was designed to re-distribute the Gulf breeze around the venue.

Stadium 974 Doha Qatar

The stadium was unveiled during a digital launch in November 2021 and hosted its first match during the opening day of the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021™ when the United Arab Emirates played Syria on 30 November 2021.

Stadium 974 Legacy and Sustainability 

According to the FIFA website, this is the first-ever FIFA complaint stadium that can be fully dismantled and re-purposed post-event.

This includes flexibility in the design to rebuild the stadium with the same capacity in a different location or build multiple smaller venues using the same materials.

The stadium received a 5-star rating from the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) for both its design and construction.

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