Al Wakrah Stadium: Seating Map, Parking and How To Reach

Al Janoub Stadium, popularly known as the Al Wakrah Stadium, is one of eight stadiums, which have been built, renovated, or reconstructed for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. Al Wakrah Stadium, with a capacity of 44,325 will host seven matches during the FIFA World Cup, with six group games and one pre-quarter match.

Here is everything you need to know about Al Wakrah Stadium, including location, map, and how to get to the stadium using the Doha Metro, Stadium Express Bus, Car, or Taxi.

Al Wakrah Stadium Location and How To Reach

Al Janoub Stadium (Al Wakrah Stadium) is located in Al Wakrah, 22km south of central Doha (location map).

You can reach Al Wakrah Stadium either by Metro, Stadium Express Bus, car or taxi. Here are the details about each option:

Reaching Al Wakrah Stadium By Metro

The closest Doha Metro Station is Al Wakra Metro Station (Red line).

During the World Cup, Doha Metro will operate the following hours:

  • Saturday to Thursday: 6 AM – 3 AM
  • Friday: 9 AM – 3 AM

You can use your Hayya Card for free transport on Doha Metro.

Shuttle Bus Between Metro and Al Wakrah Stadium

A shuttle bus service (Service Number S920) will run to/ from Al Wakra Metro Station. Allow a minimum of 15 minutes for this bus journey. From the drop-off point, it is a minimum of a 15-minute walk to the stadium.

The bus service starts 4 hours before kick-off and ends 1.5 hours after the final whistle.

Reaching Al Wakrah Stadium By Stadium Express Buses

Stadium Express Bus is the fastest way to get to the stadium.

This service will operate from dedicated Stadium Express Bus Hubs from central Doha and accommodation sites to Al Wakrah Stadium. After the drop-off, there will be around a 15-minute walk to the stadium.

  • Buses start running 4 hours before match kick-off and stop 1.5 hours after the final whistle.
  • The last bus before the match will depart the Bus Hub one hour before kick-off.
Departure Bus HubService NumberMinimum Journey Time
Barwa MadinatnaS92115 minutes
Souq Waqif – NorthS92240 minutes
FIFA Fan Festival™S92340 minutes
West BayS92450 minutes
Barwa Barahat Al JanoubS92515 minutes

You can use the Hayya to Qatar 2022 app to find bus hub locations.

Stadium-to-Stadium Express Buses

For ticketholders with same-day match tickets during the tournament group stage, a free Stadium-to-Stadium Express Bus service is available.

It provides direct travel between stadiums without the need to head into central Doha for the first and third matches of the day and the second and fourth matches.

Reaching Al Wakrah Stadium By Car

Residents and locals are encouraged to drive to the stadiums to free up public transport for visitors.

Parking Facilities

  • Parking space is located close to the stadium.
  • These car parks will open 4 hours before kick-off and close 1.5 hours after the final whistle.
  • Accessible parking options will be available.

Fans are advised to arrive early because car parks will fill up fast.

Spectator Parking LotMinimum walking time to the stadium
A10 minutes
B10 minutes
C10 minutes
D10 minutes
E20 minutes
Al Wakrah Stadium Roads and Parking Map

Traffic diversions to Al Janoub Stadium start 6 hours before match kick-off and end 3 hours after the final whistle.

Reaching Al Wakrah Stadium By Taxi, Uber, Careem

  • The drop-off & pick-up area is located between the Stadium Express Bus Hub and Spectator Parking Lot A, which is a minimum of a 25-minute walk to the stadium.
  • This area will open 4 hours before match kick-off and close 1.5 hours after the final whistle.

You can use the Hayya to Qatar 2022 app to find pick-up/ drop-off locations.

See below the official videos about how to reach Al Wakrah Stadium:

Al Wakrah Stadium Seating Map

Here is a layout map of Al Wakrah Stadium for the FIFA World Cup:

Al Wakrah Stadium Seating Map

Al Wakrah Stadium World Cup Matches

22 NovemberGroup D: France v Australia2200 local time
24 NovemberGroup G: Switzerland v Cameroon1300 local time
26 NovemberGroup D: Tunisia v Australia1300 local time
28 NovemberGroup G: Cameroon v Serbia1300 local time
30 NovemberGroup D: Australia v Denmark1800 local time
2 DecemberGroup H: Ghana v Uruguay1800 local time
5 DecemberRound of 16: 1E v 2F1800 local time

About Al Wakrah Stadium

The Al Wakrah Stadium design is inspired by the sails of traditional dhow boats, in tribute to Al Wakrah’s seafaring past. 

As one of Qatar’s oldest continuously inhabited areas, Al Wakrah has long been known as a centre for pearl diving and fishing and the use of flowing designs, timber and natural materials in the stadium construction is a homage to this heritage.

An innovative cooling system and retractable roof mean the stadium will be used all year round. 

Al Wakrah Stadium

Al Wakrah Stadium Legacy and Sustainability 

According to the FIFA website, the stadium’s capacity will be reduced from 40,000 to 20,000 after the tournament, with the excess seats – from the upper tier – being donated to football development projects overseas.

Al Janoub Park, within the precinct, opened in February 2020. It features cycling and running tracks, children’s play areas and other green spaces. Eventually, there will be a marketplace and community facilities, including a mosque and a school.

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