Saudi Visa For Qatar Residents: Step By Step Guide (2023)

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In September 2022, Saudi Arabia announced new regulations that enable GCC residents the option to apply for an eVisa. The ministerial decree signed by the Minister of Tourism Ahmed Al-Khateeb has made it quicker, easier and more accessible to visit Saudi Arabia.

The new decree means that Qatar residents can now apply for a Saudi visa, without having to visit the Saudi Embassy in Doha. In this article, we will be explaining the requirements, fees and step-by-step instructions on how to apply online for a Saudi visa for Qatar residents.

Recent Updates

09 MARCH 2023 UPDATE: Saudi Arabia has announced that all expatriate residents in GCC countries, irrespective of their profession, will be allowed to obtain a tourist visa.

The decision was announced by the Ministry of Tourism. “Expatriate residents in GCC countries by applying through the “Visit Saudi” platform to obtain an electronic tourism visa, provided that the residence permit is valid for no less than three months.

Saudi Visa For Qatar Residents: Eligibility Requirements

  • The passport should be valid for at least 6 months.
  • Qatar ID should be valid for at least 3 months.
  • Health insurance must be applied through the eVisa application platform.
  • For children under 18, the parent is required to apply first.

Visa Validity

The multiple-entry visa is valid for one year (365 days) from the issue date. You can stay for up to 90 days (total) during this one year.

To stay in Saudi Arabia for more than 3 months, or for other travel purposes, a visa must be obtained through the embassy.

Required Documents

The following should be ready before you start applying:

  • Recent passport-sized photo with a white background, taken in formal/modest clothing
  • Scanned Passport
  • Scanned Qatar ID card
  • Credit/debit card for online payment
  • Email address to receive the approved eVisa

Saudi Visa For Qatar Residents: Cost

The total cost for a Saudi Visa for Qatar Residents (including service charges) is around QAR 329. Medical insurance must be obtained from the visa platform and costs extra.

Below is a breakdown of the costs:

FeesCost (QAR)Cost (USD)
Visa Fee (Saudi Riyal 300)290.6179.85
Electronic Visa Processing Fee36.4010
Banking Service Fee1.820.5
Health InsuranceExtraExtra

How To Apply For Saudi Visa For Qatar Residents

The visa application process will be entirely online on the Saudi Government’s Unified National Visa Platform. Qatari residents must apply for the e-visa at least 5 days before going to Saudi Arabia. Travellers are advised to allow extra time in case of unexpected delays.

Step 1: Go to the Saudi Visa Platform Website

The link is

If you see the Arabic page, click on the “E” icon (blue circle) on the top left to change to English.

Step 2: Click on “Login” and select “Individuals Login”

You can see the option on the top right of the page.

Saudi Visa Platform Login
Click on the login button

Step 3: Log in or Register on the platform

Saudi Unified National Visa Platform Login
Register or log in using your password

If this is your first time, click the “Register” link. You can register using your email address.

Saudi Visa Platform User Registration Page
User registration form
  • You will receive an email for activation. Click on “Activate”.
  • Once registered, you can log in using your email and password.

Step 4: Click on “Add New Application”

You can find this on the right side of the dashboard.

Saudi Visa Platform Add New Application
List of visa applications

Step 5: Click “Agree” to the terms and conditions

  • Read the Online e-Payment Services Agreement and click “Agree”.
  • Read the Agreement and click “Agree”.

Step 6: Fill up the application details and upload a photo

How To Apply Saudi Visa For Qatar Residents
Select visa type and other information
  • Visa Type: Select “Tourism Visit”. Even if you select Tourism Visit, you can do Umrah.
  • Transport Mode: Select Air, Land, or Sea. When you choose the type of transport, it does not mean that you have to come” through it. So please choose the expected transport.
  • Country of Residence: Non-Qatari
  • Saudi Mission: Select “Doha”.
Saudi Visa Application Details
Fill up the applicant’s details
  • Enter your personal information. First Name and Last Name are mandatory. You can leave other fields blank.
  • Upload your photo. The photo must have a white background and be with uniform lighting.

Step 7: Select Nationality and “GCC Residence” option

Once you enter your nationality, you can see a question with some choices.

Saudi Visa Qatar Residents
Select GCC Resident

For GCC Residents’ Visit Visa, select “A valid residence for a period of no less than three months in the countries of the Cooperation Council for the Gulf Countries, including domestic workers who come with their sponsors”.

Step 8: Enter QID details and upload documents

Saudi Visa For Qatar Residents QID Upload
Add Qatar ID details
  • Residence Or Visa Number: Enter your Qatar ID number
  • Residence Or Visa Expiry Date: Enter your Qatar ID expiry
  • Issuing Country: Qatar

Upload your passport and Qatar ID copy. The files can be in JPG or PNG format, with a maximum size of 1 MB.

Step 9: Enter passport details and address

Saudi Visa - Enter Passport Details And Address
Enter passport details and address

Enter your passport number, passport type, issuing country, date of issue, date of expiry, place of birth, date of birth, marital status, gender, and address in Saudi Arabia (KSA Home Address).

You must also give travel details like port of entry and expected entry date to KSA. If travelling by air, enter your airport city. If travelling by land, you may choose “Dammam” or “Dhahran” as your port of entry.

You have to select if you want to perform Umrah. Choosing to perform Umrah is to facilitate the services provided to you and does not require any additional requirements, also it does not negatively affect the result of the request, and it enables you to perform Umrah during the year except the Hajj season.

You should also give your travel history for the past five years (country, purpose and dates).

Review your details and click “Save”.

Step 10: Purchase medical insurance

You may be required to purchase medical insurance from the visa platform.

On this page, you must enter medical insurance information, including entry date, address, mobile number and some basic health questions.

Step 11: You will receive updates in your email

Your visa application will be reviewed, and status updates will be sent to you by email. Usually, the process takes less than 24-48 hours.

On approval, applicants receive the Saudi Arabia visa by email. They should print the visa ready to present to immigration officials at the border.

The Saudi Visa documentation is uploaded digitally. Travellers do not need to present paperwork at a Saudi Arabia embassy or consulate.

Applying For Dependents

For children under 18 years, parents must apply for their eVisa first, and then reapply for minors.

Take note that if you are applying for your spouse, children, or any other first-degree relatives who are unemployed, you must input the same occupation you used for yourself.

Airport For eVisa Holders

Visitors with a Saudi eVisa can fly from Doha to the following Saudi Arabian airports:

  • King Khalid International Airport (RUH), Riyadh
  • King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED), Jeddah
  • King Fahd International Airport (DMM) Dammam
  • Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz International Airport (MED), Medina

Other Notes

  • Qatari passport holders (and other GCC citizens) do not need a visa for Saudi Arabia.
  • All other foreign visitors must have a visa to enter Saudi Arabia, even for short stays.
  • GCC residents with any passport/nationality can apply for an eVisa.
  • This visa will also allow you to perform Umrah.
  • In case the visa gets rejected, the processing charges are non-refundable.

Saudi Visa Helpline

For more information on Saudi Visa, you can call the Saudi Tourism helpline for Qatar at: 00800101091

For technical support in case of any error, please call +966 920011114.

You can also contact using email [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Qatar residents need visas for Saudi Arabia?

Yes, Just like all expatriates living in GCC countries, Qatar residents should also apply for a visa to enter Saudi Arabia.

How much is the fee for a Saudi Visa for Qatar Residents?

The visa application will cost 300 Saudi riyals ($80), excluding the health insurance fee.

How long is the Saudi visa for Qatar residents valid?

The multiple-entry Saudi eVisa is valid for a year, with the total period of stay in the kingdom allowed up to 90 days.

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  1. I Have taken a Saudi Visa from Qatar and travelled to Saudi on Feb 2023.
    After that my Profession in QID got changed from Engineer to Admin Supervior.
    I m planning to go Dubai via Saudi by car. So can I use the same old Visa, or do I need to re aplly.

  2. Thank you for the information.
    I am Indian residing in Qatar. Me and my family took Saudi visa 7 months before.
    Now my sons Passport expired and took a new passport.
    Can we go to Saudi with the same old Visa ?

  3. Hi I want to apply for me and my wife do I need to apply my visa first and after approval only I can apply for her visa or we can apply together?

  4. Hi.
    I am working for a company in qatar, and they are requesting from me to shift to Saudi for a new position. My question is:
    Is it possible to maintain my Qatar residency permit and have at the same time a Saudi residency to work in Saudi arabia? I do not want to lose my qatari permit while working in saudi arabia. How should i tackle this issue without losing my Qatari residency permit?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Leo, You can keep both residency. Just make sure you re-enter once in 6 months and be inside Qatar during QID renewal. However you need to discuss with your company about WPS salary transfer. They may be required to keep transferring salary to Qatar bank to keep your visa.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Abdul, We are not sure if it will be approved because the minimum requirement is 3 months validity for Qatar ID.

  5. Hi team,

    I’m seeking guidance on obtaining a car NOC for travel to Saudi Arabia. The car belongs to my friend, and I attempted to obtain the “car exit permit” through Metrash, but encountered an error. Are there alternative methods for obtaining the NOC? Please advise.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Ajmal, Please contact Metrash helpline on 109. If that issue doesn’t resolve you will have to visit Traffic Department.

  6. Hello.
    I’m wandering if this Saudi E-visa is transferrable into working visa in case I may find a job in Riyadh. Please answer. As my contract here in Qatar will finish this Feb 2024 and planning to move to Saudi. Thank you for the response.

    1. Hi Norhidaya, If you find a job in Saudi your employer will apply for a visa. In some cases you will have to exit and do the medical from your home country.

  7. Hi
    My parents are in Hayya one year visa which is expiring on Jan 2024. is it possible to apply Saudi tourist visa for them? The issue is Hayya visa has just two months validity from now.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Mohamed, Yes you can apply for Saudi Tourist Visa. You don’t have to show the Hayya visa during Saudi visa application.

  8. Saudi Multiple Entry Tourist visa has been taken for the parents who came to Qatar through Hayya. If they are going to Saudi Arabia or UAE by road, do they have to go with the person, whose QID is used to take the visa?

  9. Greeting of the day
    Respected team,
    Me and my brother both of us have been applied for Saudi busines visit visa a week back. The charges of visa and insurance have been successfully paid but in-spite of this, I have not yet receive my e- visa. Even we visited to Saudi Arabia embassy which is located in Doha Qatar, they suggest us this email adress to communicate regarding this. Kindly do the needful, The details are mentioned below.
    1. Name ( nooruddin khan ) & Application number ( 752469503 ).

    2. Name( imam husain ansari ) & application number ( 752462657 )

    Thank and regards
    Mr. Nooruddin khan

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Nooruddin, Please email to the address suggested by the Embassy. You can also check with the Saudi Tourism helpline in Qatar 00800101091.

    2. Hi Noor,

      Same problem happened to me now.
      I didnt received the visa copy, what should i do? did you got your visa please update me.

    1. Hi Mohamed, you should have approval if the car is not under your name. There is an option called “Car Exit Permit” in Metrash. The owner can do this through his Metrash.

  10. Can I get a normal tourist visa for Saudi if my passport has been valid for 1 month and my QID for less than a month, since I know that I won’t qualify for the multiple entry visa?

    1. Can I get a normal tourist visa for Saudi if my passport has been valid for 1 month and my QID for less than a month, since I know that I won’t qualify for the multiple entry visa? I am a South African citizen.

  11. if I receive the e visa multiple entry for 1 year while I am resident here and if I quit my job and my residency will be cancelled can I travel to Saudi Arabia with this visa.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Naser, You should have a valid Qatar Residence visa. They will check your QID while travelling to KSA. You can change your employer, but should have new QID.

  12. Assalam Walekum, I need to apply multiple entry visa of saudi for Umrah. but my qid is now valid for 2 months only. is there chance to get approval or I need to get my qid renewed first and then apply?

  13. Hi,

    It has been two weeks still my application shows as “send to embassy” and if i visit embassy, they asking to visit Tasheer – Visa center. Now, if i cancel that application, can i get refund?

  14. Hi, how should I apply for my wife’s Saudi eVisa? Would it be alongside my application, or she has to create another login for applying?

  15. Mohammed sameer khan

    I have saudi visa for Umrah purpose ,valid until 09/02/2024, it can be extandable before expiring, Please let me know the procedure is it same buying again with the same cost

  16. Hello. I applied for saudi visa on 26th june. The states was visa send to embassy. Still now under same process. We tried calling embassy. They are not answering . What should we do now ?

  17. When will be yhe hayya card holders able to get saudi arabia visa and to enter ksa by road from qatar ?

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