Tasheer Saudi Visa Center Qatar: Appointment Guide (2024)

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Tasheer Saudi Visa Center in Qatar is the designated center to handle visa applications for Qatari residents who wish to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The center offers services for various types of visas, including tourist, business, medical, family visit, work, and other types of Saudi visas.

In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information about Tasheer Saudi Visa Center Qatar, including location, contact details, timings, holidays, and how to book an appointment.

What is Tasheer Visa Center

Tasheer Visa Center is a visa service center that offers assistance to individuals who wish to apply for a visa to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was previously known as VFS Tasheel and is now operating under the name Tasheer.

Tasheer Visa Centers are now located in around 40 countries worldwide.

Services Offered By Tasheer

The visa service center for KSA (Tasheer) provides a range of services, including visa application submission, biometric registration, visa fee payment, and medical insurance premium payment. Tasheer Visa Center aims to make the visa application process easier and more efficient for individuals who wish to visit Saudi Arabia.

Services include dissemination of visa information and application guidance, fee management, identity management with biometric enrollment, visa application submission, status tracking and passport delivery.

Tasheer Saudi Visa Center Qatar Location

Tasheer Saudi Visa Center in Qatar is located at Ezdan Mall, First floor, Near Gate 1, Al Qabiya Street, Doha.

You can find the location map here.

Tasheer Visa Center Contact

For any queries, you can email the Tasheer Center in Qatar at: [email protected] or visit the official Tasheer Website.

Tasheer Visa Center Timings

The opening hours are as follows:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Application submission & passport collection)
  • Friday & Saturday: Closed

How To Apply Saudi Visa Through Tasheer (Offline)

The process of applying for a Saudi Visa through Tasheer Service Center can be summarised as below:

Step 1: Prepare documents

On the Tasheer website, visit the ‘Visa Information and Guidelines’ section to know your visa category. Refer to the ‘Documents Required’ section and obtain the necessary documents.

Step 2: Book an appointment

The steps for booking an appointment has been explained in detail below.

Step 3: Submit visa Application

Upon arriving at the center, you will be provided with a token and called to the counter where you can submit your documents.

Step 4: Biometric enrolment

Upon submitting your documents, you will be requested to submit your biometrics information (Biographic data, fingerprints and facial image) at the Visa Service Center.

Step 5: Track application

You may track the status of your application from the ‘Track Status’ section of the website.

Step 6: Collect your passport

Once your processed application is ready for delivery, you can visit the Visa Service Center to collect your passport.

Tasheer Saudi Visa Center Qatar Appointment

The Tasheer website has an option whereby visitors can book an appointment in advance.

Is it mandatory to schedule an appointment?
It is advisable to schedule an appointment on the website to avoid waiting time at the Visa Service Center. This is due to limited slots available for walk-in applicants. There are however no limitations for walk-in customers at the lounge, provided the maximum capacity is not reached.

How To Book Tasheer Appointment

To book an appointment with Tasheer Visa Center for a Saudi visa, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Visit the official Tasheer Visa Center website

The website link is: https://vc.tasheer.com/

Select your country and language.

Step 2: Click on “Appointment” and then on “Schedule”

You can find this option in the top menu.

Book Appointment For Tasheer Saudi Visa Center Qatar

Step 3: Select Nationality and Visa Category

Several types of visas such as Business Visit, Tourism, Medical, Personal Visit etc. are available for selection.

Now you can see the earliest available date.

Tasheer Saudi Visa Center Appointment Available Date

Step 4: Confirm the date

You have to scroll down the page, give consent for personal data use, and click on “Continue”.

Tasheer Appointment Confirmation

On the next page, agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 5: Enter your email and passport number

Tasheer Save Application Details

Passport numbers are optional at this stage.

You will receive an OTP by email. Enter that OTP to verify your email address.

Step 6: Choose a visa category

You should also select if this visa is for an individual or a family. You should select the number of applicants if you are a family. Click “Next”.

Tasheer Appointment Visa Details

Step 7: Enter Sponsor Details

Please note that an invitation or pre-approval (from a Saudi resident or company) is required for some visas. You can give the invitation or pre-approval number and sponsor ID at this stage. If you don’t have it, click “Next”.

Tasheer Sponsor Details

Step 8: Enter the Applicant Details

Enter your personal details, including your name, passport details, and contact information. Click “Next”.

Tasheer Applicant Details

Step 9: Confirm Appointment

At the last step, confirm your appointment type, date and time. You will receive confirmation via email.

The appointment letter will provide you with details of your appointment, the Visa Service Center address, fees to be paid and other relevant guidelines for your application.

Make sure to bring all the necessary documents and fees to your appointment to avoid delays or rejections.

Attend your appointment at the designated Tasheer Visa Center with all the required documents.

How To Reschedule Tasheer Appointment

You can reschedule or cancel an appointment by going to the Reschedule Appointment page. Enter your Appointment Reference Number, Passport Number and Date of Birth.

Reschedule Tasheer Appointment

After you click “Submit” you will get the option to reschedule.

How To Cancel Tasheer Appointment

The “Cancel Appointment” section allows an applicant to cancel an existing confirmed appointment. To cancel an appointment, go to Cancel Appointment page, enter your Appointment Reference Number, Passport Number and Date of Birth.

Cancel Tasheer Appointment

After you click “Submit” you will get the option to cancel.

Cancelled appointments cannot be retrieved. If the applicant still wishes to submit an application, a new appointment must be booked online or by visiting the Visa Service Centre.

Other Available Features

Waitlist an Appointment

The Waitlist Appointment section helps an applicant request a preferred date other than the scheduled appointment date. In the case of availability, the applicant is invited to visit the Visa Service Centre as per the preferred waitlist appointment.

Reprint Appointment

This section allows an applicant to save or print the Appointment Letter. This must be submitted to the Visa Service Centre at the time of the appointment.

Retrieve Application

Using the Retrieve Application section, an applicant can recover an incomplete appointment application. An Applicant must select the Retrieve Application option while scheduling an appointment to save and retrieve the information.

Modify Information

Modify Information enables an applicant to edit general information like Nationality, Qualifications, Address Details, etc.

Please note that once an appointment has been booked only selective fields can be edited online. For further assistance, contact your nearest Visa Service Centre.

Tasheer Qatar Holidays in 2024

Tasheer Saudi Visa Center Qatar will be closed on the following days:

Feb 13, 2024National Sports Day
Apr 10, 2024Eid al-Fitr
Apr 11, 2024Eid al-Fitr I
Apr 12, 2024Eid al-Fitr II
Jul 15, 2024Eid al-Adha Holiday
Jul 16, 2024Eid al-Adha Holiday I
Jul 17, 2024Eid al-Adha Holiday II
Dec 18, 2024National Day

Saudi Embassy in Qatar

Please note that Tasheer Visa Center in Ezdan Mall is not the Saudi Embassy in Qatar. Tasheer Visa Center is the official agency outsourced for processing Saudi Arabian visas.

Tasheer is responsible for the administrative and non- judgmental tasks of the visa application process for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Tasheer Saudi Visa Center in Qatar?

Tasheer Saudi Visa Center in Qatar is located at Ezdan Mall, Doha

Who needs to apply for a visa to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

All foreigners (except GCC nationals) need a visa to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

How many times can an applicant change the appointment date?

Applicants can make changes to their appointment dates up to five times only. Additional changes cannot be done by the Applicant. In such a scenario, the Applicant can either walk-in to the Visa Service Center or take an appointment in the “Lounge” category

Does a person have to apply for a visa personally?

Yes. The visa application must be submitted in person along with biometric information as per the requirements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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  1. HAI ,
    Good Morning,
    I have the appointment on 4th April @ Thasheer morning 09.15 ..with this appointment I can do the medical ??visa application already submitted ??from where i can do the medical ??with this appointment I Can dot the medical ??or they will arrange the medical center?
    Jabir 55514027

  2. Aslamo alykum
    I have valid KSA tourist e visa which i got on my USA visa but didn’t travel to USA
    now I want to get another e-visa on my QID basis.
    I can apply another e-visa or i need to cancel 1st current visa
    what is the procedure to cancel e-visa
    can you help for this process

  3. Assalamaliakum
    I had an appointment today and visited office in Ezdan mall, but due to some changes in appointment letter they sent us back and asked us get an new appointment,Now I am trying to get an new appointment the portal shows ENTERED PASSPORT NUMBER EXIST FOR FUTURE DATE due to this Iam not being able get reappointment or reschedule date . Pls suggest what should be done.

    Thank you

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Aysha, Please call their customer care and explain the issue. They can remove the old application from the system.

  4. Hello I currently have a Saudi E-tourism visa and want to get a business visit visa can Tasheer help me with this or do I need to get the original VISA cancelled at the Embassy?

  5. I am a Philippine passport holder and I am currently in Doha Qatar for vacation (entered using Hayya with me A3) and want to travel to KSA for Umrah, what are the requirements needed to be able to perform umrah and what are the requirements that Saudi immigration will be looking for?
    Inshaa Allah I will be flying Doha-Medina
    Thank you so much.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Abdulmu, The requirement for Umrah is to have a Saudi Tourist Visa. If your Qatar visa is Hayya With Me (C), you can return to Qatar using the same. Note that A3 visa is different from Hayya With Me and is single entry. If your visa is valid till January 2024, it is Hayya With Me (C).

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Abdulmu, You can go for Umrah if you have a Saudi tourist visa (it has no connection with Qatar’s Hayya visa). If your visa type is Hayya Tourist (A1) it will be single entry which means you cannot re-enter to Qatar using same visa. If your visa is Hayya With Me (C), it is multiple-entry which means you can re-enter using same visa.

  6. Indian On visit Visa in Qatar Can apply Stamp Saudi Multiple one year Visa from Qatar ? Visa will be sent by his son in Saudi to Qatar Stamping.

  7. Which office can be issue visa from saudi in qatar.
    I am living in qatar but employement visa is ready in saudi.I dont know which office has license in qatar to send my visa or directly to embassy but i dont have any license number to send from saudi to Qatar.
    I want all medical procedure in qatar for saudi visa without visiting home country

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Atif, All visa applications for Saudi are handled by Tasheer. Kindly contact their helpline. If they are not able to help, your sponsor in KSA should check with the local authorities in KSA.

  8. Hello

    Can I kaptain a family visit visa for Saudia, I am holding a Sudanese passport and my father wants to send me a visit visa but I need an office to handle the processing at the Saudia embassy in Qatar. The visit form will have the Qatar as the coming from location.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Mutaz, Please contact Tasheer Saudi Visa Center in Qatar. Contact details are given in the article.

  9. I am Bangladeshi, working in an aviation company. I want to apply for Saudi sticker multiple visa, how can I do it? I will benefit from proper advice.

    Thanks &Regards

  10. Hi,
    Got my saudi tourist visa (90 days multiple entry). But unfortunately there is 1 spelling mistake on the 1st name. Instead of MOHAMMAD it printed as MAHAMMAD. It will be ok for travel or i have option to correct the spelling on my visa.

    Kindly advise.

  11. Do i need to apply online or i can come at your center and do the application? My flying date is this coming 6th of July, do i have enough time for the visa application?

  12. I am a Philippine passport holder but currently working in Qatar. Can i get saudi visa upon arrival?

  13. My mother and brother arrived here in Qatar through Hayya Visit Visa, they want to go for umrah. Are they eligible to go for umrah?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Noor, Currently Umrah is not allowed due to Hajj season. Please check back after 19 July 2023.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Kaye, Currently Umrah is not allowed due to Hajj season. Please check back after 19 July 2023.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Vinoth, In March 2023 Saudi has removed the profession eligibility for GCC Residents. Anyone can apply.

      1. Hi im currently working here in qatar for 2 years by sept i have ticket to fly back in phil. But i have a work visa offer from saudi arabia what i need to bring along to your office for visa stamping

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