List of Pentecostal Churches in Qatar (2024)

Qatar has more than 300,000 Christian expatriates belonging to various denominations. While the majority are Roman Catholics, there are also many Protestants, Anglicans and unaffiliated Christians.

This article lists the Pentecostal Churches in Qatar and Pentecostal, Evangelical, Full Gospel and other groups affiliated with Inter Denominational Christian Church (IDCC) and the Anglican Centre.

The Mesaimeer Religious Complex is a plot in Abu Hamour allotted by the Qatar Government to construct six Christian churches. You can read more about the Religious Complex and Qatar’s Christian Churches here.

About IDCC

The Inter Denominational Christian Church (IDCC) is a group of 11 Indian Christian Churches in Qatar. Located inside the Mesaimeer Religious Complex, the IDCC offers independent worship spaces to these churches of different denominations.

About The Anglican Centre

The Anglican Centre is a ministry of hospitality of the Church of the Epiphany, the Anglican Church in Qatar. It is also located inside the Mesaimeer Religious Complex.

Today the Anglican Centre is the spiritual home for more than 85 Christian congregations and groups. Besides the sanctuary and chapel used by the Church of the Epiphany, the Anglican Centre has 26 other worship spaces.

Anglican Centre is home to many Pentecostal Churches in Qatar
Anglican Centre, Doha

Pentecostal Churches in Qatar

Below is the list of Pentecostal Churches in Qatar and various groups affiliated with the Anglican Center.

Pentecostal Churches At IDCC

  1. Pentecostal Churches (Building 2)
  2. The Pentecostal Mission (Building 3)

Pentecostal Groups At Anglican Centre

  1. Celestial Church of Christ (African Pentecostal)
  2. Christ Soldiers Fellowship
  3. Christian Revival Fellowship (CRF)
  4. Church of Christ the Lord
  5. City of Glory Ministries
  6. Divine New Life Fellowship
  7. Ebenezer Pentecostal Fellowship
  8. El Bethel Power Ministries
  9. El-Elyon Assembly of God
  10. Forward in Faith Ministries Int..
  11. Full Gospel Sanctuary International Ministries
  12. Heavenly Feast
  13. Immanuel Revival Church
  14. Justified by Faith International Ministry
  15. Kingdom Chapel Ministry International
  16. Mahanaim Indian Pentecostal Church of God
  17. New Life Fellowship Doha
  18. Oaks of Righteousness
  19. Peace House Mission (International Pentecostal)
  20. Peniel Assembly
  21. Peniel Revival
  22. Philadelphia Pentecostal Assembly
  23. Power House Fellowship
  24. PMG (Indian Pentecostal)
  25. Qatar Nepalese Christian Ministries (QNCM)
  26. Royal Mission International Ministries (African Pentecostal)
  27. Shalom Assemblies of God
  28. Sharon Fellowship
  29. Sri Lankan Assembly of God – Doha
  30. The Church International – Qatar
  31. The Lord’s Chosen – CRM
  32. Voice of God
  33. Word of God
  34. Young Holy Mission

Evangelical Churches in Qatar

Below is the list of Evangelical Churches and various groups affiliated with the Anglican Center.

Evangelical Churches At IDCC

  1. Doha Tamil Churches (Building 3)
  2. St. Thomas Evangelical Church (Building 3)

Evangelical Groups At Anglican Centre

  1. Church for all Nations, Doha
  2. Church of Christ
  3. Global Church for All Nations (Multi-cultural and multi-national evangelical service)
  4. Gethsemane Prayer Fellowship
  5. Grace Fellowship
  6. Great Commission Church
  7. Life In Christ Fellowship
  8. Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries
  9. Saving Grace Global Ministry
  10. Seventh Day Adventist

Other Protestant Churches in Qatar

Full Gospel Groups At Anglican Centre

  1. Apostolic Fellowship Tabernacle Doha (AFT)
  2. Bethel Church of God
  3. Bethesda International Ministries
  4. Christ is Coming International Ministries (CICQ)
  5. Every Nation Qatar
  6. Faith in Jesus City Church – FIJCC
  7. International Revival Church
  8. IFGF GISI Qatar
  9. International Churches of Christ – Qatar
  10. International Miracle Ministry
  11. Jesus Cares Full Gospel Church
  12. Kannada Full Gospel Church Qatar (KFGCQ)
  13. Kenya Christian Fellowship in Qatar
  15. Suvartha Full Gospel Church, Doha
  16. Voice of Salvation
  17. Word of Life Church

Other Churches At IDCC

  1. Brethren Churches (Building 3)
  2. St. Thomas CSI Church (Building 6)
  3. Telugu Christian Fellowship (Building 3)

Other Groups At Anglican Centre

  1. Arab Brethren Congregation (Brethren)
  2. Christ Commission Fellowship – Doha (Filipino Group)
  3. Christian Fellowship Church (Discipleship)
  4. Doha Apostolic Christian Fellowship (Christian Congregation) 
  5. Ebenezer Inter-Denominational Church-Doha (Interdenominational)
  6. Emmanuel Telugu Fellowship (Fellowship)
  7. Ethiopian Christian Fellowship
  8. German Speaking Christian Church (German Lutheran)
  9. Golden Lampstand (Non-Denominational)
  10. Lifestyle Church (Interdenominational)
  11. Inter Denominational Christian Fellowship (Ecumenical)
  12. Jehovah Jireh Intl Ministries (Gospel)
  13. Jesus Christ Fellowship (Charismatic Fellowship)
  14. Jesus the Resurrected Christ Christian Ministries (Christian Organisation) 
  15. King’s Revival Church Intl (Doha) (Charismatic)
  16. New Apostolic Church (Protestant)
  17. P D Agape (Protestant)
  18. Paigam Church of God
  19. Philadelphia Assembly (Bro. Bakht Singh) (Believers)
  20. PKKIQ
  21. Rehoboth Assembly (A Parish Of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God) 
  22. TrinityJonte Global Ministries (TrinityJonte Global Ministries)
  23. Tuesday Fellowship (Tuesday Fellowship)

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