Complete Guide To New Qatar Currency Notes (2023)

Qatar Central Bank (QCB) unveiled the fifth series of Qatar currency notes in December 2020. The new Qatari Riyal banknotes have come into effect from December 18, 2020.

As per the latest announcement, all denominations of Qatar currency notes will have new designs and added security features. QCB has also introduced a 200 Qatari Riyal banknote for the first time.

QCB Unveils World Cup Commemorative Banknote

09 NOVEMBER 2022: Qatar Central Bank (QCB) along with FIFA and Supreme Committee for Projects and Legacy launched a 22 Qatari Riyal commemorative banknote and coins bearing the FIFA and World Cup logos. 

The currency with the World Cup trophy and Qatar 2022 logo has a picture of Lusail Stadium on one side with Al Bayt Stadium on the opposite side. The two stadiums are the venues for the opening and the final World Cup match. Also found in the background of the note are the Qatar National emblem, skyline, a dhow and Zubara fort.  

Qatar Commemorative Banknote For FIFA World Cup 2022
Qatar Commemorative Banknote For FIFA World Cup 2022

The new currency reflects the history of football in the country and is offered to those wishing to acquire it, including visitors to the country. The commemorative banknotes have legal force in terms of nominal value and specifications. It is also the first Qatar banknote to use polymer for production.

The Qatar Central Bank also unveiled 10 coins on the day.

How to purchase Qatar World Cup Commemorative Banknote?

According to Qatar Central Bank officials, the “22 Qatari Riyal” FIFA World Cup commemorative banknote can be purchased at QR 75 (seventy-five Qatari Riyal) while its nominal value will remain the same at QR 22. The commemorative banknotes will be offered through banks and money exchanges.

How To Exchange Old Qatar Currency Notes

NOVEMBER 2022 STATUS: In February 2022, Qatar Central Bank (QCB) said the period for exchanging old currency (fourth edition) notes is open until further notice.

The old notes will be replaced by banks for individuals with QID and bank accounts. Those who do not have accounts can also complete the exchange process at most banks. If they cannot do so, they can go to Qatar Central Bank to exchange the notes.

Visitors from outside the country can exchange old notes through banks or QCB. They also have to attach the disclosure document from the General Authority of Customs in Qatar issued at the port of entry.

Note that this may be a time-consuming process for visitors. If you have friends or relatives with a QID, it is better to get the notes exchanged through them.

QCB said the source of funds for any amount exceeding QR 50,000 should be disclosed according to the requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Committee.

New Qatar Currency Notes: Design Features

The front designs of the new banknotes share a common theme based on traditional geometric patterns, the State of Qatar flag, Qatari flora (Dreama) and an ornate gate representing the historical Qatari architecture.

The back designs comprise themes reflecting Qatari tradition, Islamic history, culture, flora and fauna and the development of education, sport and the economy.

1 Qatar Riyal Currency Note - New Design 2020
1 Qatar Riyal Banknote

QR1 shows Traditional Dhow (Bateel) and the Oyster and Pearl Monument.

5 Qatar Riyal Currency Note - New Design 2020
5 Qatar Riyal Banknote

QR5 shows a traditional desert scene comprising fauna (Arab horses, Camel, Oryxes), flora (Al Qataf) and a ‘hair tent’ (buryuut hajar).

10 Qatar Riyal Currency Note - New Design 2020
10 Qatar Riyal Banknote

QR10 shows Lusail Stadium, Torch Tower (Aspire Zone), Sidra Medicine and Education City (Qatar Foundation)

50 Qatar Riyal Currency Note - New Design 2020
50 Qatar Riyal Banknote

QR 50 shows the Qatar Central Bank building and the Ministry of Finance building.

100 Qatar Riyal Currency Note - New Design 2020
100 Qatar Riyal Banknote

QR 100 shows a picture of Imam Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab Mosque.

200 Qatar Riyal Currency Note - New Design 2020
200 Qatar Riyal Banknote

QR 200 shows pictures of Palace of Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani, Qatar National Museum and Museum of Islamic Art.

500 Qatar Riyal New Currency Note 2020
500 Qatar Riyal Banknote

QR500 shows Ras Laffan LNG refinery and LNG canter ship.

New Qatar Currency Notes: Security Features

The new bank will have 64 state-of-the-art security specifications.

Qatar Riyal New Currency Note Security Features
Qatar Riyal Banknotes Security Features

1) Each security thread shows the value of the denomination.

2) The numerals and horizontal line prints are raised for the benefit of the blind and the visually impaired.

3) When you lift the banknote up to the light, you can see the incomplete shapes on the front and back of the note combine to form the banknote’s value.

4) Lift the banknote up to the light to see the watermark of the State of Qatar Crest and denomination numerals.

5) Tilt the banknote and see changes to the appearance of the hologram.

6) Tilt the banknote and see the changes to the appearance of the security thread.

7) Tilt the banknote to see the Dreama flower on the gate changing colour and a bright circle moving within the flower.

Qatar Coins in Circulation

Qatar has coins of various denominations in circulation with its riyal currency notes. The coins commonly seen in circulation are 50 and 25 dirhams (100 dirhams make a riyal).

FAQ on Qatar Currency Notes

How long is the validity of Qatar’s old currency notes?

Major banks in Qatar have announced they will be accepting old banknotes until the 31st of December 2021.

Where can I exchange old currency notes?

Old currency notes can be exchanged at banks until the 31st of December 2021.

What should I do for exchanging old currency after 2021?

After the 31st of December 2021, holders of old banknotes will be entitled to recover the value from Qatar Central Bank within a period not exceeding 10 years from the date of the withdrawal decision.

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