How To Get Vehicle Entry Permit To Qatar During World Cup

NOTE: This article is about the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ and has not been updated after December 2022.

Qatar’s Ministry of Interior has announced that citizens and residents of GCC countries will be allowed to enter Qatar without a Hayya Card from 6 December 2022. Those who are crossing the Abu Samra land border using private vehicles are required to apply for a vehicle entry permit to Qatar.

This article will explain the steps and requirements to apply for a vehicle entry permit to Qatar through the Abu Samra land border crossing during the FIFA World Cup.

Latest Update

21 December 2022 Update: Abu Samra border crossing to resume normal operation: MOI

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) announced that the Abu Samra border crossing will return to its normal operation effective December 23, 2022.

The announcement is further to the previous circulars regarding the restriction of entry procedures through the Abu Samra border crossing for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, said the Ministry.

According to MOI, travellers will be received at the Abu Samra border checkpoint in accordance with the usual procedures previously applied, which include the presentation of approved travel documents.

The Ministry advises the public to complete the vehicle insurance procedure in advance via to ensure smooth entry through the port.

Before applying for a vehicle entry permit, make sure that either you have an approved Hayya Entry Permit or you are eligible for GCC Resident Visa On Arrival. GCC Citizens do not need a visa to enter.

How To Apply for Vehicle Entry Permit

Step 1: Go to the MOI Registration Portal

Here is the link to the English portal.

MOI Registration Portal For Vehicle Entry Permit to Qatar

Step 2: Click on “New Request”

Step 3: Register as a new user or log in

If you registered earlier for an Ehteraz permit, you can use the same email id and password to log in.

Or else you can click on “New user registration” and register using your email id.

Login Register Ehteraz Portal

Step 4: Enter your vehicle information

You need to enter details like country of departure, arrival date, passenger count, vehicle type, vehicle country, plate details, manufacture year etc.

Vehicle Entry Permit To Qatar Vehicle Details

After completing the details, click “Save & Continue”.

Step 5: Enter driver information

Here you have to enter details like the driver’s name, gender, date of birth, mobile number, and passport details.

Vehicle Entry Permit To Qatar Driver Details

After entering the driver details click “Save”.

Step 6: Upload the attachments

The required documents are Passport and Vehicle Registration (Istimara).

Click on the “Add” button to attach the files in jpg or pdf format. The file size cannot be more than 2 MB.

Once done, click “Continue”.

Step 7: Accept the undertaking and submit it for approval

Vehicle Entry Permit To Qatar Undertaking

Select the check box near “I certify that … ” and click on “Submit for Approval”.

Step 8: Once approved, purchase the vehicle insurance

If approved, an e-mail will be sent attached with the permit and a link to complete the vehicle insurance procedures.

Note: The vehicle would not be allowed to enter the State of Qatar without insuring it.

How To Buy Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle insurance should be purchased through the Qatar Insurance Company (QIC) website. Do not purchase the insurance until your vehicle entry permit application is approved.

Vehicle Insurance Fee

The vehicle insurance fee is as follows:

Insurance PeriodInsurance Fee
1 WeekQAR 100
2 WeeksQAR 120
1 MonthQAR 160
2 MonthsQAR 200

Procedure at the Land Border

Upon arrival at the land border crossing, you have to produce the following documents to enter the State of Qatar:

  • Approved Vehicle Permit
  • Vehicle Insurance Policy

Important Notes

  1. The vehicle entry permit can be used only once. It cannot be used for multiple visits.
  2. You must enter through the land border crossing only.
  3. If the information provided is found incorrect, the application may be rejected, or the approvals issued may be revoked at the discretion of the concerned authorities.

Helpline Contact

For technical support, you can call +974 2350777 Inside and Outside the State of Qatar. You can also email: [email protected]

Travelling Through Saudi Arabia

If you are not starting your journey in Saudi Arabia, you will also need a Saudi visa and car insurance.

Saudi Arabia offers a free multi-entry e-visa to Hayya Card holders, and you can learn more here. GCC Residents can also apply for a one-year multi-permit Saudi visa online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for a vehicle entry permit to Qatar?

From 8th December 2022, there will be no fee for a vehicle entry permit to enter Qatar. Note that you are liable to buy the vehicle insurance as explained above.

When should I apply for a vehicle entry permit to Qatar?

You should apply at least 12 hours before travelling.

Can GCC Residents enter Qatar without Hayya Card?

If the visitor is eligible for a GCC Resident Visa On Arrival (the profession should be eligible), Hayya Card is not required.

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  1. Dr Monzer Hassan Sadek

    I am resident in both Qatar and UAE. I have applied for a permit to enter Qatar without response and the number provided never answered (27 time tried).
    do i need to have a permit if I am a resident in Qatar but driving my car with UAE plate?

  2. This Khalid Badarneh from Dubai
    I have requested for car entry permit since 3 days but still pending an I have already booked hotels and paid some of them.I have to move on Dec-19 and I am a fraid the approval will be late and I miss my hotel reservations.
    Kindly help me
    Request no.: 7905133
    Best Regards

  3. Hi, I am UAE resident and want to enter Qatar on road with private vehicle through Saudi Arabia (have Saudi visa). My UAE visa is due for renewal in 2 months, but all my family members visas are valid for more than three months and passports more than six months. Will I be allowed to visit Qatar with my family. I am the sponsor.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Abdul, A minimum GCC visa validity of 3 months is required for getting a GCC visa on arrival in Qatar. We suggest that you renew before travelling to avoid issues at the border.

      1. Mohammed Ali Abutaha

        Already I did for 5 days i wrote an mail unfortunatly no reply and try to call no one pick up the phone. It is very terrible to leave people like this without help!!!!!

      2. Mohammed Ali Abutaha

        I tried to call this uumber several times but no reply and you know that . It unawise and uplanned decesion from qatar for this procedure. I applied 3 times but no response. From the customer point of view and curtesy you have to tell us the truth that there will be no car permission. My childern are very disappointed

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi Mohammed, This is the contact number given on the official website. Alternatively, you can also try calling the Government helpline at +974-44069999 (We are not sure if that would help).

  4. Hi good evening my name is Hayatullah Mobariz I living Abu Dhabi it’s first time I want to go qater by my car
    Already I apply for my car entry permit
    But I don’t know will Saudi Arabia need transit visa? If yes how to get from where thank you

  5. Qatar may have done a fantastic job with Fifa but, This request for car permit application on private cars for people entering qatar via Saudi land border, the system does not work. I was sent a video of people trampling over people to get on the bus. Its so dangerous especially with children. A family have been stuck at the border for nearly 6 hours because the their car permit still has not been approved.

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