Qatar Travel And Quarantine Rules

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As a result of COVID-19, most countries have implemented special entry and exit restrictions. Qatar, being a highly visited destination, has been imposing various measures from time to time to control the spread of the pandemic.

The travel policy by Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) is reviewed from time to time, depending on the domestic and international situation. This article explains everything about Qatar Travel and Quarantine rules in place now, including entry restrictions and eligibility for home quarantine.

26 OCT 2022 UPDATE: As per the latest travel policy announced by Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), pre-travel and post-travel COVID testing and Ehteraz pre-registration are not required from 1 November. The Ehteraz mobile app is only required for entering public and private healthcare facilities.

21 SEP 2022 UPDATE: From 1 November to 23 December 2022, visitors’ entry into the State of Qatar will be restricted to holders of the Hayya Card only. Visit visa services will be suspended during this period. The following categories will be excluded from the Hayya Card requirement:
– Qatari citizens, residents and GCC citizens holding a Qatari ID card 
– Holders of personal recruitment visas and work entry permits 
– Humanitarian cases through the airport (based on the approval from the official application platform)

1 SEPTEMBER 2022 UPDATE: Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has announced a new travel policy which will come into effect on Sunday, 4 September 2022, at 6 pm local time. This article has been updated to reflect these changes.
* Quarantine is no longer mandatory for all travellers arriving from abroad. However, if passenger tests positive for COVID-19 after arriving in Qatar, quarantine measures must be followed as stipulated by the State.
* Country classification based on COVID-19 risk (Red List and Standard Health List) is no longer applicable.

Qatar Travel And Quarantine Rules

From 1 November 2022, the following travel rules shall apply:

  • Quarantine is no longer mandatory for all travellers.
  • Vaccination is no longer mandatory for visitors.
  • Ehteraz pre-travel registration is no longer required.
  • COVID Testing (pre-travel or post-travel) is not required.
Traveller Woman At Airport Wearing Mask

Ehteraz Green Status

The Ehteraz mobile application with health status indicated as Green is only required to gain access to public and private healthcare facilities around Qatar. The Heath Status on the Ehteraz mobile app for fully vaccinated persons will be green with a golden frame.

The Health Status of citizens, residents, and visitors who have received the vaccine outside Qatar will remain green without a golden frame until their vaccine data is updated in the system or through the Overseas Vaccine Portal.

Vaccines Approved in Qatar

The following are the vaccines approved in Qatar for immunity status:

Approved VaccinesConditionally Approved Vaccines *
​Pfizer / BioNTech (Comirnaty)​Sinopharm
Moderna (SpikeVax)Sinovac
​AstraZeneca​ (Covishield / Oxford / Vaxzevria)Sputnik V
Janssen / Johnson&Johnson (One dose)Covaxin

Fully Vaccinated: Anyone who received any of the following COVID-19 vaccines approved/recognized by the Ministry of Public Health within its immunity validity period:

Vaccine TypeImmunity Validity
Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zenica COVID-19 vaccines9 months from 14 days after 2nd dose;
12 months after the booster dose
Jansen & Jansen COVID-19 vaccine9 months from 14 days after 1st dose;
12 months from 7 days of receiving the booster dose
Conditionally approved COVID-19 vaccines*6 months from 14 days after the 2nd dose.

*A positive Serology on Antibody Test lab result is required and is valid for 30 days from testing.

For those who received booster doses using MOPH-approved vaccines, immune status is extended to 12 months from 14 days after the booster dose.

Recovered: Anyone who had a medically confirmed COVID-19 infection acquired either locally or overseas is considered to have immune status valid for twelve (12) months from the date of the infection. There should be an official and verifiable laboratory test result as evidence of the past infection.

Unvaccinated / Non-immune: Anyone who does not meet the above criteria.

To be considered vaccinated, travellers vaccinated outside Qatar must present an official vaccine certificate (in Arabic or English language) with a valid QR Code that includes the following information:

  1. The name of the traveller must be identical to that on the passport
  2. Doses and dates of vaccine given (one dose for the Jansen vaccine and two doses for other vaccines)
  3. Type/name of the vaccine
  4. The serial number of the vaccine batch and QR code (if available).

Travel Helpline Numbers

For more information, you can contact the relevant entities responsible for each process, and they are as follow:

  • ​For Ehteraz approval, please call on (109) inside Qatar or (+974 44069999) outside Qatar.
  • For health or vaccination queries, please call the hotline (16000) or the Governmental Health Communication Center through the Ministry of Public Health Website​.​​

Please see the MOPH website for the latest updates. As the rules can be revised at any time, we strongly recommend you check this regularly for any changes that may affect your plans.

FAQ on Qatar Quarantine Rules

Is hotel quarantine required for unvaccinated travellers?

Quarantine is no longer mandatory for all travellers arriving from abroad. However, travellers who test positive for COVID-19 after arriving in Qatar must undergo quarantine measures by the procedures followed in the State of Qatar.

Will my Ehteraz status change during isolation?

The Health Status on the Ehteraz app will remain red throughout the isolation period until the result of the COVID-19 test comes out negative.

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  1. I booked Mekaines hotel on 10th March 2022, and I am a vaccinated person, now I am on Vacation, please advise according to the Qatar new low if I would be able to cancel the booking and get back the cost?

  2. Hallo Doha guides,
    Sir I book quarantine hotel I pay qatar government announced new rules fully vaccinated people now not quarantine no hotel booking cancel.oftar my money return giving.pls give me sajest me sir.

  3. shajid areekkadan

    Hello DohaGuides,
    My wife and kids are travelling from India on a new permanent visa (wife is fully vaccinated but not kids off course). Are my kids considered ‘visitor from exceptional red listed country’ even though they are on PERMANENT visa? if so, not allowed to enter Qatar? Would they be allowed to enter since travelling with vaccinated parent? please advise.


  4. I am from Nepal fully vaccinated…with jansen .but I have booked 10 days to apply for refund sir..please help me…my agency told me that it is compulsory…and the rule has been changed since Oct 6.
    What is the procedure


    Dear Sir,
    Greetings for the day..
    I am an Indian Citizen and fully vaccinated..
    For Indian citizen can get on Arrival visa..? If yes can you help to share the details..( If not please help to share the details How to get Visa)

    Thanks alot

  6. Dear Sir,
    I am planning to visit Qatar this coming October; I am from red list Country but , Fully Vaccinated ( two doses of Pfizer) ,
    I would like to inquire if it’s mandatory to book a quarantine hotel.
    Best regards.

  7. What Is the procedure of quarantine under 21 age new visas in makenas one of my friend book quarantine In makenas but he is under 21 age makenas inform through mail book Hotel quarantine what is the best procedure kindly help in this regards

  8. My ehtetaz app is not updating even after my pcr negative result is released. It is still in green color but not updated at all. No record or so

  9. Can I book any hotel package in Qatar to serve my quarantine period?
    I belong to the Group B category of visitors. I tried booking via Discover Qatar but I am being asked for QID which I do not have since I am a resident of UAE (Nationality-Indian).
    How can I enter the country on visit visa and serve my quarantine as per the updated laws

  10. Are un vaccinated expectant resident mothers traveling from a yellow zone country exempted from hotel quarantine if traveling with a vaccinated husband?

  11. Please explain what is mean by there is no exception for unvaccinated children travelling from red list countries under family visit.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Suhai, Currently unvaccinated children (visitors) from red list countries are not getting approval to travel. We’ll update if there is any change to this rule.

      1. Hi how about the unvaccinated children 13 y/0 from special high risk country country like philippine. Are they allowed to entry under family visit visa?

  12. Dear sir/ mam I had made my qarantine booking in Mekanis but now rules are changing from QATAR government so money will be refunded of Full or partial
    Please advise

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Karunesh, Please make the request for a refund. You would receive a full refund if the booking is after 12th July.

      1. Dear sir I mekanish hotel booking but I took two doses of vaccine from Qatar I have a certificate so will my hotel be cancel so can I get the money back?How long will you return the exclusion


    when can we expect MoPH Qatar to lift mandatory 10 days quarantine for travellers from these 6 countries?

  14. Can me and my husband share a room in hotel to book for the quarantine stay? If yes, how? It will be less expenses for us if it’s possible. Thank you

  15. my family 7 days hotel corontine after 6 days covoid test found wife and kids positive and given again 14 days home corontine is after complete of 14 days corontine need any again test OR ehtraz automaticaly Green

  16. My daughter in Indian have taken 2 doses of Indian made COVISHIELD vaccine , with the second dosage administered on 22 Feb 2021 with the certificate titled as FINAL CERTIFICATE FOR COVID-19 VACCINATION. I have recently applied for the quarantine exception through [email protected] , but they are asking for certificate for dosage nr-1 . There is no such certificate in India how can I get the necessary assistance for the quarantine exception.

    In India this certificate is being issued through the AAROGYASETHU APP same as our ETERAZ in Qatar.


    [email protected]

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Radhakrishnan, Please check if your vaccination certificate has details of the first dosage. We believe the Final Certificate issued in India usually has only the second dose details. MOPH is asking for details about the first dose. There is another provisional certificate (issued after the first dose) that has details about the first dose. Please see how you can get that.

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