One Pass Qatar Review: Read This Before Buying (2024)

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In the prelude to the FIFA World Cup, Qatar Creates launched One Pass Qatar, an online sightseeing pass designed to help visitors save money when visiting multiple tourist attractions and events in the country.

This article will explain One Pass’s features, cost, validity, benefits, and frequently asked questions. We will also compare the features of different types of One Pass to help you decide if you should buy one. In the end, we have included a step-by-step guide on how to buy and use One Pass.

What Is One Pass?

One Pass Qatar is a digital pass for residents or visitors to Qatar looking to save money and time while visiting multiple tourist attractions and cultural experiences. The One Pass would give access to over 300 cultural, culinary, fashion, and art experiences in Doha.

Moreover, One Pass holders can get free access to heritage sites, discounts at fashion shows and concerts (free for Diamond One Pass holders), discounts at 250+ dining and adventure offers, and much more.

According to Qatar Creates, One Pass is your getaway to Qatar’s best experiences.

About Qatar Creates

Qatar Creates is a year-round national cultural movement that will curate, promote, and celebrate the diversity of cultural activities in Qatar through an unprecedented program of high-profile events, exhibitions, live shows, and openings.

The all-new format of Qatar Creates was launched in June 2022 by Qatar Museums and Doha Film Institute Chairperson and Fashion Trust Arabia Co-Chair HE Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani.

One Pass Qatar Price

Four types of One Pass are available: a Silver Pass costs QAR 199, a Gold Pass costs QAR 399, a Platinum Pass costs QAR499, and a Diamond Pass costs QAR1,999.

One Pass TypePrice (QAR)Price (USD)
Silver Pass9927.33
Gold Pass19954.66
Platinum Pass499137.05
Diamond Pass1,999549.02

One Pass Benefits Comparison

Below is a comparison of the features based on the information available on the official website. We have sorted it so that it is easy to compare.

(QAR 99)
(QAR 199)
(QAR 499)
(QAR 1,999)
Validity5 days3 months12 months12 months
Access to 5 Museums
Access to Exhibitions5 Exhibitions15 Exhibitions15 Exhibitions15 Exhibitions
Access to Heritage Sites
250+ Dining & Adventure Offers
Gift Shop Discount10% Off15% Off20% Off
QC VIP Lounges (Exclusive)
Musical Show Ticket20% off40% offFree
Fashion Show & Concert TicketFree
FIFA Artist Water Bottle

As you can see here, the main difference between the passes is in four areas:

  • Gold, Platinum and Diamond Pass give access to 10 more Exhibitions.
  • Gold, Platinum and Diamond Pass give additional discounts at Gift Shop.
  • Gold and Platinum pass gives savings on the Musical Show, while Diamond gives free access.
  • Diamond gives free access to Fashion Show and Concert.
  • Finally, Diamond Pass holders get access to 12+ QC VIP Lounges and FIFA Artist Water Bottles.

One Pass Qatar Validity

The Silver Pass will be valid for 5 days only, while Gold Pass is valid for 3 months, Platinum and Diamond Pass are valid for 12 months.

You can use your Platinum and Diamond Pass as many times as you like to enter the specified attractions. There are some restrictions on Silver and Gold Pass. You can only use the discount on your own tickets for events. All food offers are subject to the terms & conditions specified by the vendor.

Attractions Included in One Pass Qatar


Qatar Creates has listed the following museums to be accessible with One Pass:

  • Museum of Islamic Arts
  • National Museum of Qatar
  • The 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sport Museum
  • M7 Art Museum
  • Mathaf Art Museum
  • Art Mill Museum 2030
  • Fire Station Museum
  • Fereej Al Najdah

Heritage Sites

The One Pass will also give access to the following heritage sites:

  • Al Zubarah Archaeological Site
  • The Old Palace
  • Al Ruwaida Archaeological Site
  • Barzan Towers
  • Zekreet Fort and Mosque
  • Al Rekayat Fort
  • Al Jassasiya Rock Art Site

Other Benefits

The One Pass will also give the following benefits to pass holders:

  • 250+ Dining & Adventure Offers (not valid for Silver Pass)
  • 10% to 20% discounts at Gift Shops (not valid for Silver Pass)

Diamond Pass holders will also get exclusive access to QC VIP Lounges.

How Much Can You Save With One Pass Qatar

Your savings would depend on how many of these experiences you visit. Non-resident ticket prices for some of the museums are QAR 50 and QR 100 each. The exhibitions inside some museums have extra entrance fees.

With One Pass, you get free access to all of these plus discounts at 250+ dining and adventure offers, fashion shows, concerts and gift shops.

Which One Pass Is Right For Me?

The Silver Pass will be worth your money if you are a regular tourist who wants to experience Qatar’s art and culture without denting your pocket.

If you plan to attend the Fashion Show / Concert, it is better to buy the Gold or Platinum Pass as you can save on the ticket prices, get access to up to 10 more exhibitions, and get an extra discount at gift shops.

If you genuinely want the full VIP experience and don’t mind spending extra, go for the Diamond Pass. Only Diamond Pass gives you exclusive access to the QC VIP Lounges. Considering the luxurious standards of VIP Lounges in Qatar, we are sure it would be an experience worth cherishing.

How To Buy One Pass Qatar

One Pass Qatar can be bought online through the official Qatar Creates website, by following the below steps:

Step 1: Go to Qatar Creates website

Here is the link:

How To Buy One Pass Qatar

Step 2: Click on “Login” from the top menu

Step 3: Sign up using your email and phone number

One Pass Sign Up

Verify your email using the link sent to your email id. Sign in if required.

Step 4: Select your One Pass

Once you decide on the category, click “Buy”.

Step 5: Select the required quantity

You can select the number of passes for each category.

Step 6: Click on “Check Out”

Once your shopping cart is finalised, click “Check Out”.

Step 7: Proceed to payment

Enter your payment details, and you will receive the confirmation in your email.

How To Use One Pass Qatar

Your pass will be sent to you as a PDF as well as an e-ticket which you can store on your smartphone. You will also receive an email with details of your purchase.

Navigate to the One Pass login page. Enter your ticket number when prompted. Select the attraction you’d like to make a reservation for. Select from the available days & times. Submit your reservation and attend at that time.

FAQ on One Pass Qatar

How to redeem Food, Dining & Adventure discounts?

Navigate to the Food tab. Select your preferred offer. Click & enter your ticket number to redeem the code. Show this code to the vendor when purchasing.

How to use OnePass to purchase event tickets?

Select buy event tickets. When you navigate to the checkout, enter your ticket number when prompted to activate your One Pass exclusive discount.

What do I do if I lose my One Pass?

You can reach out to the Qatar Creates team via the website’s contact form and they will assist you to have this rectified.

Does my child need a pass to enter Museums & Exhibitions?

Children under 12 enter for free. All other ages will require One Pass.

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