How Hayya Card Holders Can Visit Qatar (2023 Updates)

Qatar’s Ministry of Interior (MoI) has announced the validity extension of Hayya Card for fans and organizers, whereby Hayya Card holders from outside the country will be allowed to enter Qatar until 24 January 2024.

This article will explain in detail the requirements, conditions, documents, and step-by-step guide on how Hayya card holders can visit Qatar in 2023.

What is Hayya Card?

Hayya Card is the mandatory fan ID which was launched during FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. The personalized and secure identification document was instrumental in facilitating the entry of international fans into Qatar during the tournament.

The card, which was available in digital (mobile card) and physical (printed card) formats, was also used for controlling access to stadiums, fan zones and public transport.

How Hayya Card Holders Can Visit Qatar
Sample image of digital Hayya Card

As per the original plan, international fans who entered Qatar using the Hayya Card were allowed to stay until 23 January 2023.

New Announcement About Hayya Card

On 30 January 2023, Qatar’s Ministry of Interior announced that the validity of Hayya Cards would be extended until 24 January 2024. Following the announcement, all Hayya Entry Permits have been automatically updated with the new validity date of 10 January 2024.

This means that existing Hayya Card holders who have left Qatar can re-enter the country multiple times using their Hayya Entry Permit (until 10 January 2024). They will be allowed to stay until 24 January 2024.

Hayya Card Validity Extension 2023
Announcement from Qatar’s Ministry of Interior

Hayya With Me (1+3) Feature

The “Hayya With Me” feature allows Hayya Card holders to invite up to three family members or friends.

Only international fans with a Hayya Card can use this feature. Qatar residents with a Hayya Card cannot use this to invite family members or friends.

You can find more information on our updated guide about Hayya With Me (1+3).

Guests who are coming under Hayya With Me will need confirmed accommodation. Here is our guide on how to register as host for friends and family.

Requirements To Visit Qatar in 2023 Using Hayya Card

To be eligible for entry Hayya Card holders need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Confirmed accommodation: Hotel reservation OR stay with family and friends (as mentioned on your Hayya Entry Permit).
  2. Passport validity for a minimum of 3 months upon arrival in Qatar.
  3. Health Insurance as per the new MOPH requirements.
  4. Round-trip flight tickets

Please note that Health Insurance for visitors is a new requirement introduced in 2023. You need to buy insurance from any of the registered insurance providers in Qatar. The premium for basic insurance is QR 50 per month. Read more about mandatory health insurance for visitors here.

Cost of Entry Using the Hayya Card

As per the MOI announcement, there will be no fee for Hayya With Me feature. It is mandatory to have health insurance.

Hayya Card holders can also use the e-gate facility at Hamad International Airport, which means your immigration process will be quicker.

Duration of Stay Allowed

The MOI announcement does not mention anything about the maximum duration of stay per visit. When we checked with the Qatar Government’s Hukoomi Helpline, we were told that there is no limit on the duration of stay.

The last day to enter the country will be 10 January 2024, while the last day to leave will be 24 January 2024.

Documents Required For Entry Using Hayya Card

A traveller using this facility should have following documents:

  1. Passport
  2. Hayya Entry Permit
  3. Return Flight Ticket
  4. Health Insurance
  5. If the accommodation type on entry permit is hotel, hotel booking is also required.
  6. If the accommodation type is Family & Friends hosting, keep a copy of the host’s QID, tenancy contract, contact details, and a print out of the home’s blue address plate.

Host and accommodation details are not usually asked in Qatar, but may be asked in your country of departure.

About Hayya Entry Permit

Hayya Entry Permit is a document that allows an international fan to enter the State of Qatar. The Hayya Entry Permit allows multiple entries into Qatar within the validity period.

Hayya Entry Permits issued in 2022 were only valid until 23 December 2022. Following the announcement from MOI, the validity of all Hayya Entry Permits have been extended until 10 January 2024. This means you can enter multiple times before 10 January 2024.

How To Download New Hayya Entry Permit

If you have forgotten how you did it last time, here is how:

Step 1: Open your “Hayya to Qatar” app

Step 2: Login using your Hayya account email id and password

Step 3: Click on the “Hayya” icon

Hayya icon on Hayya app
Hayya Icon on the mobile app

Step 4: You can see the “Hayya Entry Permit” below “My Hayya”

Hayya Entry Permit on Hayya App
Sample illustration by

Step 5: Click on “Hayya Entry Permit”

Hayya Entry Permit Validity
Hayya Entry Permit with updated validity

Note that the date of the last entry is now shown as 2024-01-10.

During 2022, Hayya Entry Permits were sent as PDF files via email. If you are travelling in 2023, you can download the Hayya Entry Permit from your mobile app or Hayya portal.

During your travel, you can either use the digital version or print it out.

If you want to receive entry permit as PDF file by email, you can call the Hayya call center on +974 4441 2022 and they would send it to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I do not have a Hayya Card. Can I apply for one now?

As per the available information, you will need a “Hayya With Me” voucher code (from an international Hayya Card holder) to apply for a Hayya Card.

How many times can I enter using the Hayya Card?

Hayya Entry Permit allows multiple entries until 10 January 2024.

Can Qatar residents invite family members using Hayya With Me feature?

“Hayya With Me” feature is only available to international fans who applied using passport number.

Is physical Hayya Card required for travel?

No, Digital Hayya Card and Hayya Entry Permit is enough for travel.

Do the 1+3 need to arrive together?

They can arrive in Qatar separately.

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  1. Hai, I got hayya approval for my wife and son by different vouchers but son’s is 2 yrs old only, i forgot to add my son in dependent . If any issues when they travel?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Jothi, It is OK to have separate accounts for children (need not be dependent). Just make sure you have separate Entry Permits.

  2. Hi,
    I resubmitted my mother’s hayya application after it displayed data error and it has been in pending status since 26th February 2023.

    How long will it take for approval?

    Do you know of any similar cases?
    Please help.

  3. Hi,

    I resubmitted my mother’s hayya card application after it reflected data error and it has been in pending status since 26th February, 2023.

    How long will it take for approval?

    Do you know of any similar cases?

    Please help.

    Best Regards

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Saad, New applications as well as updated applications are taking 1-2 weeks. Sometimes it is 3 weeks.

  4. Hi team,
    My husband is working in Qatar.. so now I wanted to visit by work visa and I have a son but my husband has applied Hàyya for me and my son due to Fifa.. but I know that if I have work visa I should cancell my hayya but how about for my son to invite him to Qatar and also I want to invite my mother for lookafter him by Hayya but she doesn’t have Hayya… please advise or explain about this…

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Manu, If you want to apply for work visa, you can cancel your Hayya by contacting Hayya Support at [email protected] or or (+974) 4441 2022. If your son is added as dependent, inform the Hayya Support that you don’t want to cancel your son’s Hayya. To invite your mother you will need another Hayya Voucher Code. Once you get another code, the process is the same as “Hayya With Me”.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Joe, Return air ticket is not needed when coming by land border. You will need vehicle insurance which can be purchased at the border. All other requirements are same.

  5. Hi Team,
    I have two sons aged 18 and 15. i wish to bring them with hayya vouchers. Can i bring my 15 year son with my wife who is having QID. 18 year old son will come alone later. is it necessary both sons come together as 15 year son’s voucher will be created under 18 year old son

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Nasar, It is OK if the dependent comes alone. Or else you can create two separate accounts with separate emails for each son. Those under 18 can also have separate account (need not be added as dependent). Just make sure each one has their own Hayya Entry Permit.

  6. Hi DG Team,

    Earlier I had applied for Family Visit Visa Application for both my wife and my son and they were pending for nearly a month, so i applied for hayya visa for both of them. ( There was no option to cancel Visit Visa Application, they were under process till now).

    Now my wife got hayya visa approved and has Hayya Entry Permit but not visit visa and my son got visit visa approved but not hayya. Both have necessary documents such as return tickets within a month, insurance for the duration of stay, confirmed accomodation through hayya host etc etc. Is it possibile for them come together in different visa/hayya entry ?? Will there be any issue in airport ??

    Please advice.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Arif, If they are planning to stay longer, please cancel the visit visa before travelling. Recently many others have been issued visit visa at airport instead of Hayya.

      1. Yes i understand that, but both my Son and Wife have been given different visa. Hayya Visa approved for Wife and Visit Visa approved for Son. Is it possible for them to travel together and be given entry at the same time ??

      2. Hi DG,

        “Recently many others have been issued visit visa at airport instead of Hayya.”

        Please clarify the above statement, you mean if we have our approved hayya permit also they are issuing visit visa at airport?

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi Karthik, If you have both Hayya visa and family visit visa are approved (for the same person), the Immigration officer may not see Hayya Visa on his screen and select Visit Visa instead. In some cases those who visited with Hayya Visa received SMS for medical test, because they were issued visit visa. So our advice is to cancel visit visa before travelling.

  7. I am QID holder and my hayya card is match ticket holder category, my baby is dependent as under my hayya card, can i apply for him hayya with me category using voucher code?

  8. Hi DG,
    I am currently holding VOA (multiple entry) in Doha, and i got the HAYYA card approved, can i convert my VISA type in Doha?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Vivi, As far as we know (from the experience of others) you need to exit and come back on Hayya. MOI is not changing to Hayya visa from inside the country.

  9. Hi,
    Please advise me if anyone comes by the one-way ticket by haya holder,, is there any problem?
    if they will book return ticket as a demo ticket.
    Thank You

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Farjana, What you get from travel agents as dummy ticket is also accepted because normally the return ticket would be cancelled only after you reach Qatar.

  10. I applied hayya card for my wife and 3year baby, got approval for wife before 1 week but my baby’s hayya still pending, both i was submitted same time.

  11. Hai Doha Guides,
    While adding my wife and daughter name in accommodation as host i cannot able to enter their full name due to more number of words, so i entered only my wife name without any surname. Is it ok?

    And how long it will take time to update the accommodation details in hayya.
    Please advise.

  12. Hi DG,
    Please advise whether we can apply accommodation by using National address certificate to host the hayya visitors, and this will approve?

    In case it is approved whether it is accepted during boarding in india.
    Please clarify.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi GK, If you don’t have tenancy contract, you can try uploading National Address Certificate. We have seen that it is generally approved by Hayya Team. If the visitor has all documents including Hayya invitation email, QID of host, National Address Certificate, and blue address plate of the house, it is normally accepted during check-in.

  13. hi sir/mam
    we got my hayya card and my daughter one but 3 times my sons hayya was rejected because of his big name.then hayya center officer’s said don’t resubmit again we will do.if some have same experience plz tell me how long they will take.we are waiting for that.please kindly explain.

  14. Hi DG,
    I applied hayya with me voucher to my wife and daughter, its approved and received Hayya entry permit without accomodations.
    So I need to host family in my hayya portal, and then accomodation will be included in hayya entry permit?
    If accomodation included means again I will get hayya entry permit to my mail.
    Please guide me.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Mohamed, Once accommodation is registered and you have added the guest, the guest will receive an invitation email from Hayya. Guest’s Hayya account’s accommodation status will be updated automatically. They will not receive another Hayya Entry Permit if they already received once. Sometimes you can see the accommodation status update when you scan the QR code on Entry Permit. Even if it doesn’t it is accepted.

      1. Thanks DG,
        Received invitation and accomodation status also updated in the entry permit when I scan the QR code.

  15. Hi DG and Others,

    Please advise any one travelled with Hayya voucher from India by showing National address certificate as the proof of accommodation.

    National address certificate accepted?

  16. HI Team,

    my friend coming to Qatar through hayya from India, but I have only rental agreement ( not tenancy contract ) i have national address certificate, it is enough for while boarding time in india ? or not ? please provide information.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Advith, If you have already added him as a guest using National Address Certificate, keep copies of following: Hayya invitation email, National Address Certificate, your QID card, and blue address board to show during departure.

  17. Hayya entry permit showing only first name not showing last name ? but when scanning QR code showing full name. is that ok?

  18. Hai DG,
    I applied “Hayya with me” for my wife, i got approval. but its under my friend tenancy contract. he is hosting her. is it any problem or not?
    because i’m nepal but he is india.
    Thank you.

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