How To Change Passport Number in Qatar ID (2024)

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All expatriate residents in Qatar are issued with Qatar ID cards with important details like QID Number, Name, Nationality, Date of Birth, Profession, Sponsor, QID Expiry and Passport Details.

Often the passport number and other passport details need to be changed in the QID when the expatriate’s passport is renewed or reissued. This article explains the detailed steps on how to change passport number in Qatar ID and answers the most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Can I travel with my old passport number in Qatar ID?

Yes, it is possible to travel outside Qatar even with the old passport number in your QID. All you have to do is carry both passports (old and new) during travel. However, it is advisable to update the details if you have enough time to do so.

2: Can I enter Qatar with the old passport number on Qatar ID?

Yes, if you have renewed your passport outside the country, you can still come to Qatar without updating the passport details in your QID. Just ensure that you carry both the passports (old and new) while arriving in Qatar.

3: What are the conditions to update passport details in Qatar ID?

There are only two conditions to update the passport details in QID:

  • The residence permit has to be valid
  • The QID holder should be inside the country

Fees for Updating Passport Details in Qatar ID

The service fee to change passport number in Qatar ID is QR 100. There will be an additional charge of QR 20 if you are opting for Q-Post delivery.

How To Change Passport Number in Qatar ID

Option 1: Update Passport Details in Metrash2 Mobile App

Step 1: Log in to your Metrash2 mobile application

If you haven’t activated the service on your mobile, here is our detailed guide on activating Metrash.

Step 2: Click on “Residency”

Step 3: Click on “Change Passport Details”

Step 4: Enter QID number and click on “Next”

How To Change Passport Number in Qatar ID Metrash

Step 5: Enter new passport details

You have to provide the new Passport Number, Issue Date, Expiry Date and Place of Issue. After verifying the details, click on “Next” button.

Step 6: Upload new passport images

Take photos of the new passport’s main page and second page. Use the mobile camera vertically and ensure all data is clear and readable. Otherwise, your application will be rejected. After uploading the photos, click on “Next”.

How To Change Passport Number in Qatar ID Metrash

Step 7: Select the delivery option

You can choose Qatar Post (Q-Post) or “Nearest Service Center”.

  • If you select Q-Post, you must enter the address in the next screen. There would be an additional charge of QR 20.
  • If you select “Nearest Service Center”, you can collect the new card from any MOI Service Center.

Q-Post delivery usually takes 2-4 working days. If you have selected “Nearest Service Center”, you can collect the new card even on the same day.

Step 8: Make payment using a debit/credit card.

Option 2: Update Passport Details through MOI Portal

To use this service, the applicant must log in with a smart card and be registered with Metrash. Hence this option is more suitable for companies or typing centres.

Step 1: Log in with your smartcard to the MOI E-Services Portal

How To Change Passport Number in Qatar ID MOI Portal

Step 2: Select “Residence Services”, then “Transfer Residence Permit to New Passport”

How To Change Passport Number in Qatar ID MOI Portal

Step 3: Enter the QID number of the resident whose residence data are to be transferred, then click on “Next”

Step 4: Enter the data of the resident and new passport

Step 5: Select the reasons for transferring the residence, then click on “Next”

Step 6: Select the delivery method for the new residence permit

Step 7: Attach a clear copy of the new passport (maximum two copies)

Step 8: Click on “Pay Fees”, and pay the applicable fees

  • In the case of personal transactions, the user will determine the method of receiving the new residence permit (either by personally going to the Expatriates Affairs Department or via Qatar Post).
  • In the case of enterprise transactions, the new residence permit will be delivered by Qatar Post.

Option 3: Update Passport Details by Visiting the MOI Service Centre

Step 1: Visit any MOI Service Centre.

Step 2: Take a token from the reception

Step 3: When your token number is displayed, go to the designated counter and give your old passport, new passport and Qatar ID.

Step 4: Make the payment of QR 100 using a credit/debit card

Step 5: After a few minutes, they would keep your old Qatar ID and print a new Qatar ID with updated details

FAQ on Changing Passport Number in Qatar ID

Is it compulsory to change passport number in QID before travel?

No, you can still travel by carrying both old and new passports.

Can I update my passport number while I am outside the country?

No, passport details can only be updated while the QID holder is inside the country.

Should the QID holder personally visit the service centre to update details?

No, in the case of family sponsorship, the husband can do this on behalf of his wife or children.

Would my Qatar ID expiry date change after updating the passport details?

No, the new QID will have only a new passport number but the QID expiry date will be the same as the previous QID.

Within how many days of passport renewal should I update the QID?

There is no defined time period for updating passport details in QID. However, it is advisable to do it soon to avoid complications.

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  1. hi Doha guide team
    can u please clarify
    my family staying more than 6 months ( almost 11 months) outside qatar but her passport valid less than 3 months and qatar id valid till 2025. can she enter qatar their passport or need to renew.

  2. Hello doha times
    I have uploaded newspaper after 14 days but I’m out of the country
    Received the message “Declare letter uploaded successfully “
    But it’s been 8 days and no update
    Please advise what to do

  3. Hi
    My son’s QID and passport are expiring at the same time. Is it possible I can renew the QID with the new passport details or do I need to renew QID with old passport and then change passport details?
    Please advise.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Taha, You can renew the passport first and update the passport details during QID renewal. If there is no option to update passport details on Metrash during renewal, you may need to visit any MOI Service Center.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Farhan, Try to renew the passport before applying for change of sponsorship. The change of employer process will take at least few weeks.

  4. Thanks for this information. I have a slightly different situation as I have just updated my passport into my married name so I have a passport with a different name and number. I am supposed to travel in 3 weeks and I have been advised that I won’t be able to update my QID in that time. Will I still be able to depart and re-enter Qatar with an old passport and QID in my maiden name and my new passport in my married name? Any advice hugely appreciated.

    1. Hi Jane, In case of passport renewal only passport number will be changed and you will be allowed to travel if you have both the passports with you. However since you have changed the name also, there should be enough evidence that both persons are the same. It would be helpful if you carry the documents that you used during the name change (marriage certificate, affidavit etc.). This may be required when you are coming back. You can also double check this with Qatar Government Helpline at +974-44069999 or [email protected].

      1. Hello jane..i have the same suitation as yours..i already changed my passport with my husbands family name and changing thr name into Qid wil take time..please advise how was your experience?and how long it took for the changes in your Qid? Do i have to advertise into the newspaper?and did you travel with the different qid name?please reply and i have to travel in 7 days

    2. Hello jane..i have the same suitation as yours..i already changed my passport with my husbands family name and changing thr name into Qid wil take time..please advise how was your experience?and how long it took for the changes in your Qid? Do i have to advertise into the newspaper?and did you travel with the different qid name?please reply and i have to travel in 7 days

  5. Hi, I just received my new QID with the updated passport number and date of expiry. But unfortunately there is missing one letter in my passport number? I dont know how it happened maybe MOI typo error because the image of my new passport was uploaded to their system.
    My biggest concern now is, is this will affect when I will have my vacation? Do the immigration officer will not allow me to enter bck to Qatar with this issue?

    Changing info in QID will take another 100 riyals.. and my sponsor just pay 120 when they updated my passport number and expiry, before they renew my qid. Or I can go to MOI service center to just rechange this because I think this is just a typo error in their behalf.

    Thank you for any response. appreciated.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Angelica, You can visit MOI Service Center and let them know. If it is a mistake on their side, they will do it for free.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Daniel, You have to renew the passport from your Embassy inside Qatar. You cannot renew QID or travel with an expired passport.

  6. Hi DG Team,
    My family arrived in Qatar on family RP visa and got their QID today. But my son passport expiry date is different on QID than actual. Only the difference is in the year. Month and date are correct.
    Is it required to correct the passport expiry date on QID?
    Will there be hiccup while travelling out of Qatar ?
    Appreciate your feedback

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Shemi, If passport expiry year on QID is earlier than the actual one it is better to fix it by visiting any MOI Service Center. In the current scenario it won’t be an issue but we never know when there is a system update and it flags your passport as expired.

  7. Hi,
    Family visa for my spouse has been approved with the passport, which will be having 6 months expiry on September 24th,2023. She will come to Qatar maximum by September 10th, for two weeks.

    Could there be any problem in the QID process due to this close passport expiry date, or we are good to go? Otherwise, if she gets her passport renewed, then it would be strenuous exercise to get to the immigration office and get the family visa re-issued.

    Your advice will be much appreciated!

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Kji, 6 months passport expiry is considered for visitors only. For RP holders, it is OK as long as it is valid at the time of entry. You can renew it after reaching Qatar.

      1. Instead of renewing Family visa, I am thinking of getting QID on current passport, as passport renewal will take long and my family has to be in Qatar before September 10th, due to some reasons.

        I will get the Passport and QID updated later on. So, it is possible to the QID on current passport? that is what I need to ensure.

        Thanks for your feedback.

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi Kji, From your message we understand that the passport is expiring in 24 March 2024 and you will enter before 10 Sep 2023.
          In that case you can get the QID on this passport and later change the passport number after renewal.

  8. Hi ,I have ready renew my passport but both the passport old and new has different date of birth I can travel because my QID is valid or no.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Edward, The DOB on passport should be matching with DOB on QID. Sometimes they will not check that. But if they check that and see a difference you may be denied entry. So it is better to fix the issue or update passport details on Metrash.

  9. Dear DG Team ,

    My Son RP Visa is Approved with Old Passport no. , But he is already Moved into Qatar with New Passport no. in Visit Visa.

    How to update the new passport no. in RP visa ?

    Please Suggest how to update as its holding to get The QID for School Admission

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Arun, Since RP is already approved, you have to visit the Immigration office to update the passport number.

  10. Hi i have renewed my passport do i need to update new passport nbr in QID . If i will not update now can i still travel from DOH and enter in DOH with old passport nbr in my QID

  11. Hello,
    My family residence visa approved , buy my spouse passport will expire date is less than 6 months so can she enter Qatar or do I need to renew passport in India before she travel.

    Plz advice.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Santosh, She can travel now. But it is better to renew the passport from India as it would be cheaper to renew. Otherwise you will have reprint the Qatar ID after passport number is changed.

      1. Will it not be a problem if she come with new passport, where in her visa old passport details mentioned? Plz clarify.

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi Santosh, Once passport is updated, you can visit any MOI Service Center with passport copy + visa and update the passport details in the system. They can issue new visa printout.

  12. Not able to proceed, I am receiving error “kindly check with immigration department”. Why is that so?

  13. When i go metrash2 update my passport details.
    Thye show this message “Kindly, Check with the immigration department ”
    Why show this?

  14. Hi, for the new Passport number changing in QID, Passport photo can I upload it directly from the photo gallery or should I take a live camera photo? Kindly advise.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Ben, Yes, you can do that and save the card printing fee. Note that only sponsor can renew the QID.

  15. Hello team,
    I’m planning on applying for family visit visa for my wife and 3 months old son. Is it necessary to get the birth certificate of my son and my marriage certificate attested before applying for family visit visa or is it required to be attested only while applying for family residence visa

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