Amerni Qatar Mobile App: Registration and User Guide (2023)

Amerni Qatar is a mobile application launched by the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) for providing its services online.

It aims to provide citizens and residents of Qatar access to the services of the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs in an easy and accessible manner.

The application allows them to avoid phone calls, to go to the Ministry’s offices and to remotely access the information requested through:

  • Personal services such as those related to housing, security or family affairs.
  • Corporate services such as those related to employment or establishment data.

Who Can Use The Amerni App?

Amerni application can be used by all segments of society. It is aimed at serving citizens as well as residents who work in the private sector and labourers and includes drivers and domestic workers. The application is also useful for owners and representatives of private-sector establishments.

Users will now be able to file complaints against violating manpower recruitment offices, domestic workers can also file labour complaints, in addition to other services provided by the Labour Relations Department.

How To Register Amerni Qatar Mobile App

The app is available in the Arabic and English languages in App Store and Google Play.

To log in to the Amerni app, you would first need to register for Tawtheeq National Authentication System (NAS). Here is our detailed User Guide to Tawtheeq. You would use the same username and password to log in to the Amerni app.

Below are the steps to log in to the Amerni app:

  1. Download the “Amerni Qatar” app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  2. Change the default language if you want to (English is available on the top left)
  3. Sign in with your Tawteeq (National Authentical System) account
  4. Check if the information is correct and proceed
  5. You can activate fingerprint if needed or else click Cancel
Amerni Qatar Mobile App

What Services Are Available on Amerni App?

Currently, there are more than 30 services available on the Amerni app. Services are divided into services targeting individuals and services targeting establishments.

Some of the services available on Amerni app are as below: 

  1. Housing Application Follow Up
  2. Rent Allowance Follow Up
  3. House Purchase – Ownership Request
  4. Title Deed Request
  5. Instalment Exemptions Request
  6. Labor Approval Request
  7. Labor Residency Extension
  8. Establishment Transactions Suspension Follow Up
  9. Establishment’s Inclusive Statistics
  10. Labor complaint follow up – individual
  11. Labor Complaint Follow Up – Corporate
  12. Job Nomination Follow Up
  13. Job Seeker’s Registration Certificate
  14. Nursery Location
  15. Report Violation of Nurseries
  16. House Loan Request
  17. House Request for People in Need
  18. Senior Staff Loan Variance Disbursement
  19. Social Security Follow-Up
  20. Social Security Documents
  21. Labour approval Details Follow-Up
  22. Inclusive Statistics Approvals
  23. Updating Establishment Official’s Data
  24. Updating Establishment Branches’ Data
  25. House Keeping Complaint Request
  26. Complaint against Labor Office
  27. E-Notice Apply
  28. E-Notice Inquiry
  29. E-Notice Apply (Corporate)
  30. E-Notice Inquiry (Corporate)

For full list of services, click here to see Mobile Application Guide.

For any assistance, you can call Amerni Hotline 109.​

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FAQ On Amerni Mobile App

What is Amerni mobile app?

Amerni is a mobile app launched by Qatar’s Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) to give citizens and residents access to their services.

How can I register for Amerni app?

You can logi n to Amerni app using the Tawtheeq (National Authentication Service) username and password.

How can I report an issue with Amerni app?

If you are facing any technical issue with Amerni app, you can call the hotline on 109.

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  1. I have tried many times to register with Amerni app on my phone so that i can submit my complaint, but still failing out. Is there any help you can give me? I will be greatful

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