Non-obvious Ideas About Dubai Real Estate

Looking for a new place to live or an opportunity to invest in something that will appreciate over time, most foreigners choose Dubai. Apartments in Dubai for sale by the sea are among the most frequent solutions for investors and homebuyers alike. However, it is important to be aware of what you are going to purchase.

With recent initiatives in progress and a promising real estate market with competitive prices, now is the ideal time to invest in Dubai real estate. To obtain greater investment opportunities, explore non-obvious ideas about property in Dubai.  

Visible luxury and splendor: Breaking the stereotype of being expensive

Dubai is a well-known international hub of luxury real estate and profitable business. Irrespective of the price increase, apartments by the sea in the metropolis are cheaper than in other major cities in the world. 

There are a number of affordable options for people with tight budgets and rich millionaires. For example, foreigners can purchase a 1-bedroom apartment in stylish ELITZ 2 in Jumeirah Village Circle for AED 690,000 or a 2-bedroom apartment in Dubai South. In both cases, future owners will enjoy close proximity to international schools, developed public transportation, and comfortable living conditions in a prestigious district. 

Elitz 2 Dubai Project

Looking for exceptional luxury, foreigners with substantial income can afford a 5-bedroom apartment in JBR, Dubai Marina for approximately AED 50,000,000 or a 5-bedroom apartment in Business Bay for the same price. Property provides a number of indoor and outdoor services, such as CCTV, children’s playground, lobbies, restaurants, conference room and others. 

Only for millionaires? Breaking the myth about the non-affordability of luxury real estate

The Dubai real estate market offers a diverse and dynamic landscape. Due to a wide array of options and a large price range, the market caters to the needs and preferences of each buyer. Prospective investors get the following benefits: 

  • Access to urban and contemporary lifestyle;
  • Living in a cosmopolitan city;
  • Witnessing the launch of fresh innovative ideas; 
  • Modern amenities;
  • Living in master-planned communities;
  • Close proximity to international schools, medical centers, shops, etc;
  • High sense of security;
  • Access to the sea; 
  • Pristine area. 

Investing in apartments by the sea, buyers are tempted to get more fresh air and free breathing. The air pollution in Dubai’s coastal areas is minimal. There aren’t many cars with harmful exhaust emissions, nor are there many plants that damage the environment by discharging sewage into the sea.

From an environmental perspective, the emirate of Dubai is particularly appealing due to its clean sea and fresh sea air. In addition, the government is always enacting new, more sophisticated environmental protection laws. Some apartments on sale are ready-made and already fully furnished for future owners not to invest in the scratch but to evaluate the atmosphere of the territory. 

Strict rules and restrictions: Breaking the stereotype of freedom and standards

Depending on whether you’re buying from a developer or a private seller, there are requirements associated with buying a home in Dubai. Before moving further, potential purchasers should make sure they are aware of these laws. However, it typically just takes four weeks (five weeks if purchased through a private seller) for ownership to officially transfer into the buyer’s name after all paperwork, including title deeds and property certificates, have been properly submitted.

Purchase of real estate by the sea can be a great solution or a heavy burden. To avoid any pitfalls, follow the next rules: 

  • Estimate your budget. Do not choose property for the price equal to all the money you have or even higher. Save something in case of unexpected issues and associated costs. Besides, consider furniture costs, décor, maintenance, etc.
  • Detect all defects and drawbacks of the property. Ask the professional, inspect the apartment and evaluate its condition. Such a thorough approach helps to avoid future substantial expenses. 
  • Be patient. Conduct a thorough market research or contact Emirates.Estate to find the suitable housing unit. Never assume that because someone is providing a great bargain now, it won’t end up costing more later on; carefully read all contracts before accepting and make sure you have all the questions you need to in order to avoid any misunderstandings later. 
  • See the perspective. While staying within budget may be your top priority when looking for a home, it’s also important to think ahead when choosing staff—too often, people focus only on current needs rather than potential ones as well. Long-term considerations include things like whether or not modifications will be necessary later on due to changes in lifestyle needs.

Desert climate precludes comfortable living: The reality about living in Dubai

It’s a frequent misperception that Dubai’s desert climate makes life uncomfortable, but this is not the case in reality. Even though it gets hot in Dubai, the city has used cutting-edge technology and creative ideas to make sure that people have a comfortable and enjoyable place to live.

Modern infrastructure can be found in Dubai, including energy-efficient devices, well-insulated buildings, and state-of-the-art cooling systems. These developments make a major contribution to keeping interior temperatures reasonable, enabling inhabitants to escape the heat and take advantage of a cool and inviting living area.

Due to Dubai’s dedication to sustainability, green areas and eco-friendly projects can be seen all around the city. By offering people outdoor places to rest and relax, parks, lakes, and landscaped areas help to balance the urban and natural environments. The city’s commitment to environmental awareness not only improves living conditions but also refutes the notion that the desert climate makes it difficult to live comfortably.

The bottom line 

There are many misconceptions about the real estate market, lifestyle and living conditions in Dubai. Most of them are worth nothing. For this, Emirates.Estate works closely with developers to provide you with the best investment choice in Dubai. The website offers a wide range of solutions to suit different tastes and budgets. If there are no suitable housing units for your very case, contact the specialists to get the individual consultation.

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