Mobile Networks in Qatar: How To Get FREE Hayya SIM Card

One of the most frequently asked questions by first-time visitors is which is the best mobile network in Qatar. Well, the decision-making is not very complicated here as Qatar has only two mobile networks: Ooredoo Qatar and Vodafone Qatar.

In this article, we will discuss the two mobile networks in Qatar, and how to get free mobile SIM cards as a Hayya Cardholder during the World Cup.

Mobile Networks in Qatar

Qatar has two mobile networks: Ooredoo Qatar and Vodafone Qatar.

Founded in 1987, Ooredoo QSC is a Qatari multinational telecommunications company headquartered in Doha, Qatar. It is the leading communications company in Qatar, delivering services for both consumers and businesses. It was the first operator globally to launch commercial 5G services in Qatar and is one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunications companies.

Vodafone Qatar PQSC is a Qatar-based public shareholding company that is engaged in the telecommunication sector. The Company began commercial operations in 2009 and is serving 1.9 million mobile customers as of 31 December 2021. With over 28,000 institutional and retail shareholders, Vodafone Qatar is 92% Qatari-owned.

Both Ooredoo and Vodafone have excellent coverage all over Qatar. Their mobile plans and tariff are almost similar. Often Vodafone provides slightly cheaper plans than Ooredoo. However, Ooredoo remains the leader in market share.

International Roaming in Qatar

Qatar’s mobile networks have collaborated with most international telecom providers and hence international roaming is available everywhere. However international roaming can be very expensive in Qatar, especially if you use mobile data. It is recommended that you get a local SIM card which can often come free for visitors.

Free Hayya SIM for World Cup Visitors

Ooredoo, the official telecommunications operator of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, has announced free Ooredoo Hayya SIM cards for visitors during the World Cup.

Ooredoo Hayya SIM cards will offer 2022 local minutes, 2022 local SMS and 2022 MB data, valid for three days. 

Free Ooredoo Hayya SIM Card Qatar World Cup

Eligibility For Free Ooredoo Hayya SIM

The Ooredoo Hayya SIM is for fans visiting Qatar during the FIFA World Cup with a valid Hayya ID. The Ooredoo Hayya SIM is not available for residents of Qatar even if they have a Hayya ID.

How To Get Ooredoo Hayya SIM Card

If you are a Hayya Card holder visiting Qatar, you can get the free Oooredoo Hayya SIM card by following the below steps:

Step 1: Go to Ooredoo Website

Here is the link to the Hayya SIM page:

How To Get FREE Hayya SIM Card

Step 2: Enter your Hayya Card number

Each Hayya ID is eligible for 1 free Ooredoo Hayya SIM.

Click “Next”

Step 3: Take a selfie on your mobile

When prompted, you need to take a selfie photo using your mobile phone.

Step 4: Select your preferred option: eSIM or physical SIM

  • If you selected eSIM, you will receive the activation message via mail.
  • If you selected a physical SIM card, you can collect it once you land in Qatar.

In either case, SIM will be activated only after you land in Qatar.

Here is a video from Ooredoo about Hayya SIM Card:

How To Collect Your Ooredoo Hayya SIM

Visitors obtaining their Ooredoo Hayya SIM online will be able to have the SIM delivered to any location of their choice in Qatar, while those choosing an eSIM will receive it via email. 

SIM Dispensing Machines

Ooredoo has also installed SIM dispensing machines at a huge number of convenient locations, including at airports, seaports and land entry points. 

The SIM dispensers are equipped with cutting-edge AI-based verification technology, enabling fans to verify themselves with a selfie and activate their SIM within 60 seconds.

Buying From Other Sales Channels

You can also opt to buy the SIM card from other sales channels with the BAU activation process. These include Ooredoo sales points, SSMs, Hotels, Doha Metro Stations, Fan Zones and the e-shop.

How To Activate Ooredoo Hayya SIM

Activation of the Ooredoo Hayya SIM will be quick and efficient. Once a customer completes the online registration process, the Hayya SIMs will be activated as soon as the customer connects to the Ooredoo network in Qatar. 

Here is a video on how to activate the Ooredoo Hayya SIM:

How To Recharge Ooredoo Mobile

The free SIM you receive will be valid for three days and will offer 2022 local minutes, 2022 local SMS and 2022 MB data.

If you are staying more than 3 days in Qatar, you can easily recharge on the Ooredoo website or using scratch cards purchased from regular stores. Here is how to recharge online:

Step 1: Go to the Ooredoo website’s Hala Recharge page

Hala is the name for Ooredoo’s pre-paid mobile plans.

Step 2: Enter your mobile number

Ooredoo Mobile Recharge Options

Step 3: Choose your recharge offer

You can find several recharge options including combinations of mobile data, call minutes and SMS.

For example, with Hala Super Recharge 60, you can get 8 GB of local data, 120 min local minutes and 30 days of validity for only QAR 60 (USD 16.50).

Step 4: Pay online using your credit or debit card

  • The Ooredoo Hayya SIM is only a visitor SIM. So the only validation will be the travel document (Passport).
  • Hayya SIM will not be available for any Qatar resident with Qatar ID.

Vodafone Free SIM for World Cup Fans

Similar to Ooredoo, Vodafone is also offering excellent promotions for World Cup fans.

The new promotion called “Free Unlimited Data for Fans” is available to all Hayya Card holders. The offer will give a Free Fan SIM bundled with unlimited data for two days, along with 3000 local minutes and 3000 local SMS.

Vodafone Fan Package World Cup

After enjoying unlimited data plus voice for free for two days, fans can continue to enjoy everything they need in one simple package, including unlimited data, local and international calls, 22 GB of GCC roaming data to use when visiting neighbouring countries. There is also $275 worth of entertainment vouchers for just $20 (QR72) valid for 7 days or $40 (QR145) valid for 14 days. 

How To Get Vodafone Free SIM with Fan Package

Vodafone SIMs are available to fans at all entry points in Qatar. There is also free delivery anywhere in Qatar if you book through the Vodafone website.

How To Get Vodafone Fan Package

The My Vodafone App is now customised to enable self-activation via Artificial Intelligence for live face verification and is linked to the customer’s Hayya Card for identification and security purposes.

Fans will not need to go to a store as they will be able to digitally purchase and self-activate their SIM via the My Vodafone App by following some simple steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check the balance of the Hayya SIM allowance?

You can check your SIM allowance balance by dialling *129# or Ooredoo App.

What are the benefits of Hayya SIM?

The Ooredoo Hayya SIM offers 2022MB Data, 2022 local minutes and 2022 local SMS valid for 3 days.

How can I transfer credit to another Hayya SIM customer?

Dial *130*Mobile Number*Amount# or Easy Transfer via Ooredoo App.

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