How To Do Medical Test For School Admission In Qatar (2024)

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Qatar’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education now requires all students to obtain a “Fit to Join School Certificate” for enrolling in school. The certificate is also known as “Medical Fitness Certificate for School Admission“.

This article explains the step by step process of how to do the medical test for school admission.

What is Fit to Join School Certificate?

Fit To Join School Certificate Qatar Sample - Medical Test For School Admission

Fit To Join School certificate (School Entry Health Assessment Certificate) is an official document confirming that a child is physically fit to join school.

The certificate is issued by Government Health Centers across Qatar under the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC).

Medical assessments including a physician’s examination, dental checkup and a blood test would be required to obtain this certificate.

The Fit To Join certificate is now mandatory for students transferring within Qatar as well as all new students coming from overseas.

If you are a parent, please check with your child’s school to see if a “Fit To Join School Certificate” is required.

Documents Required

The following documents of the child are required to do the medical test for school admission:

How To Do Medical Test For School Admission

Step 1: Call 107 to fix an appointment

You would be asked to provide the Health Card number and Health Center. You can choose your convenient date and time from the available slots.

Step 2: Visit Health Center

On the appointment date, the child and parent has to visit the Health Center with the required documents.

Step 3: Register at the Reception

You would have to provide all the documents mentioned above. They would prepare a file and advise you on the next steps.

Step 4: Go for Nursing Assessment

At the Assessment Room, the nurse will check your child’s height, weight and vital signs. A vision test will be conducted. All vaccination records will be reviewed. A social worker or the nurse will ask the parent some questions about the child’s development.

Step 5: Go for Blood Checkup

At the Laboratory Room, the child’s blood sample would be taken. The blood results would be ready in 15-30 minutes.

Step 6: Go for Dental Checkup

At the Dental Clinic, the Dentist would examine the child’s dental health and oral hygiene. You would be advised if any further treatment is needed.

Step 7: Go to Family Physician

The family physician would conduct a physical examination of the child. He would also check the nurse’s assessment, the social worker’s evaluation, and blood test results. He would advise you if the child needs any further checkups or treatment.

Step 8: Collect SEHA Certificate and Student Health Record

Once the Family Physician’s assessment is completed you can collect the Fit To Join School Certificate (also known as Fit For School Certificate) and Student Health Record from the Main Reception.

The Student Health Record is a useful document with detailed results of all the assessments done on the day.

Step 9: Visit Nursing Assessment Room to affix photographs

The nurse will fix the child’s photographs on the certificates and stamp them. The whole process takes around two hours.

You can submit this Fit To Join certificate at your child’s school. PHCC will communicate the results of this medical assessment with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education through an online portal.

The health record of the student is valid for enrolment for two years from the date of issuing the final health report for the examination.

PHCC has confirmed that all health centres are ready to receive students and parents to facilitate all required procedures, and called on all parents and visitors to adhere to all precautions to ensure their safety and that of students.

The Corporation’s team has developed mechanisms and procedures for medical examination to register in schools so that examination procedures are carried out through only one visit and according to specific dates to reduce students’ attendance at health centres to ensure their safety while applying all precautionary measures.

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  1. Based on my friend’s experience, he told me whole process took almost half day. Not only 2 hours…. And it only can be done in morning time. Is that true?

  2. i called the 107 hotline but still there was no option of appoitnment yet in their system. I was thinking to go to the health center in Omar Bin Khattab other than Rawdat Khalil center (covid facility) to go through walk in.

  3. My child doesnt have a health card as we cant get a kahrama due to residing in a guest house. How can we get the medical report without a health card

  4. Our baby was vaccinated at 2 months and 4 months, but as parents, we decided NOT to continue vaccinating our son. It’s just a lifestyle choice. Does this mean we will have to homeschool our baby? Or can he pass this ‘fit to join school’ test by, for example, by getting his health assessed and showing that he is free from any disease?

  5. shova bohora khanal

    our baby born country vaccination card lost.
    but i need health certificate for school admission.
    what is the solution get health certificate?
    please give me reply.
    my baby age 8 years old.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Shova, You can try to get duplicate vaccination records from the hospital where you did the vaccination. If that is impossible, go to your Health Center (in Qatar) and check what can be done.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Shova, You can try to get duplicate vaccination records from the hospital where you did the vaccination.