Family RP Reader Experience 4 (Parents RP)

Below is a real-life experience shared by Doha Guides reader Muhammed as a comment in February 2024. We are re-publishing this Reader Experience as a single post so that it may help others.

Parents’ RP Success Story

Government Employee with 20k+ Salary. 60+ Age. QID Printing Process with Health Insurance

Below is the journey for Parents’ RP (Above 60+ Age):

1. 16th October 2023: Applied through Metrash2.

2. Received rejection after 2-3 days with a message ” Request converted to committee”.

3. 15th January 2024: Saw a message that a doctor received RP for parents.

4. Requested our PRO to push through.

5. Same day status changed from “Rejected” to “Under Process” with visa number.

6. 23rd January 2024: Received single entry approval under “Family-Yearly Visit”.

7. 23rd January 2024: Applied for KSA visa under GCC residency (Parents have UAE residency). Utilized GCC Taxi Transfer service that’s in the group (+974 3020 1007). The whole process was smooth and took around 4 hours.

8. Got the Entry Transaction message same time. Utilized GCC Taxi service for the rest of the service as they are expert in all processes.

9. 25th January 2024: Completed medical. Got OK message for medical on the same day.

10. 28th January 2024: Fingerprint done for mother. Got approval of fingerprint OK message same day.

11. Father’s fingerprint was not accepted. So had to do manual fingerprint. This process has to be adhered to properly or they will keep rejecting all the documents required. I had to go to the Ar-Rayyan – Criminal Evidence and Information Department (CEID) for them to recheck if fingerprint can be done normally or manually.

This process took 2 days for me to get the required documents from my employer and bank, as MOI does not accept the letter of salary credit history from the bank if it doesn’t address the following below. I had to go to my original bank branch and speak further with the Branch Manager to accept the change as below:
السادة/ وزارة الداخلية
السيد/ مدير إدارة الأدلة و المعلومات الجنائية

12. 1st February 2024: Visited Ministry of Interior Services Centre Mesaimeer early morning to complete the QID. It was informed I would require 1-year insurance for my mother.

You may get this done faster if you get in touch with Qatar Bima Insurance (Counter is available at the same branch) opens at 7:30 am, easier to WhatsApp: +974 7738 7344. Share the passport and they will send you a payment link of QAR 475 for 1 year and policy certificate will be shared with you to print or if at the desk they will print it for you. The policy is OK with high copay 40%.

13. Got the token number and got the QID printed in 5 minutes.

14. Got Fingerprint OK message for Father in 3 days, utilized the same process and got insurance certificate through WhatsApp after payment, took the national address certificate (Metrash2 – 10QR, Valid only for 30 days) with me this time to update both Parents’ address.

16. Got the QIDs for both of them. Mention the occupation as None, with 1 validity starting from the end of fingerprint.

Overall process is a lot smoother if the Fingerprint is normal & not manual.

Also important to note that first you have to have well-dressed when entering the government offices. If you’d like to go to Duhail to check on rejection, Government Employer & 20k Salary, they will ask you this before you enter. Morning hours are preferred for you to speak to the Captain and Committee if they are available.

Doha Guides Team has made minimal changes to the comment to make it easy to read. Thanks to the writer for sharing this in detail.

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