Family RP Reader Experience 2

Below is the experience of Doha Guides reader Devendra Ram shared on 25 October 2023. We are re-publishing this Reader Experience as a post so that it may help others.

Comment on 25 October 2023

Family RP visa applied for wife and son on 30-Sep-23. On 03-Oct-23, rules changed, requiring additional documents: employment contract and salary certificate.

On 5-Oct-23, the application was canceled without any notice. I reapplied with additional documents on the same day.

On 12-Oct-23, the application was canceled again.

On 17-Oct-23, I visited Duhail Immigration office Hall-11, and I found out that the application was canceled because the uploaded documents were not appearing in their system, even though all documents were within the required size (below 500 kb in JPEG format).

They told us to reapply using the Metrash “Take photo” option instead of uploading from the phone. I reapplied immediately, and they changed the status to the 2nd stage, “Under Review.”

Important lessons learned:

  1. If the status appears as “Cancelled” or “Rejected,” immediately go to the Immigration office and check for the reason. Don’t make assumptions like I did.
  2. Carry the original documents or, if not available, carry color prints for taking clear photos.
  3. Avoid taking photos at the immigration office Hall-11, as shadows can appear in the image. Try taking photos outside Hall-11 in an open area for better clarity.
  4. When taking a photo using Metrash, the initial image may appear blurry, but after clicking “capture,” the image clears up.

On 18-Oct-23, the application status changed to the 3rd stage, “Under Process” for both wife and son.

On 19-Oct-23, I visited the immigration office again, Hall 11. An officer confirmed that the wife’s visa is under CID verification.

On 22-Oct-23, the wife’s visa was approved, while the son’s visa is still under process.

On 24-Oct-23, I visited the immigration office again, and within 5 minutes, the son’s visa was approved.

My details: Profession: General Supervisor, Private, Chemical Engineer

Thanks to the Doha Guides team, admins, and members of this group for sharing your experiences and some unique case studies. We appreciate your efforts in helping those in need.

Members should plan to visit the immigration office whenever they are stuck; this will be helpful in the current situation. Try to make the most of the current opportunity, unlike a few months back.

All the very best to the members looking for their solutions.

Devendra Ram

Doha Guides Team has made minimal changes to the comment to make it easy to read. Thank you Devendra Ram for sharing this in detail.

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  1. *Alhamdulillah*
    *RP for Wife Success Story*
    ~Applied on Nov 4

    ~Due to doc issue application re applied on Nov 14( from duhail Emigration)
    Lady officer change status on spot to under process ->under review.

    ~Nov 15 -under review ->under process with visa number.

    ~Nov22 -Visa Approval sms came(Approved)

    ~Dec8 – Entered qatar on Rp visa

    ~Dec11 – Medical completed(from medical commission) with in 6hr medical Ok sms came.

    ~Dec 13 -Finger print done(from Alkhor service centre) with in 1hr-finger print Ok sms came.

    ~Dec 14 -printed ID from Alkhor service centre

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