Family RP Reader Experience 3

Below is the experience of Doha Guides reader Ahmed shared as a comment in November 2023. We are re-publishing this Reader Experience as a single post so that it may help others.

Comment – 10 November 2023

Hi All,

The process for obtaining my wife’s RP visa was not very stressful for me, but it was indeed confusing. I applied in October with all the necessary documents. It took two weeks, and the status changed from “under process” to “under review.”

After another week, it again changed to “under process.” While I thought it was completed, I received a message about “missing documents.” I reattached the marriage certificate as required, and the status changed back to “under process.”

After two more weeks, the status once again changed to “under review.” Then last week, I received another message for a “missing document.” Once again, I uploaded it, and the status changed back to “under process.”

Subsequently, I visited the Duhail Immigration office, where the lady officer at Hall 11 checked my application and changed the status to “under review” again.

After a 4-day wait, this Sunday, the status changed to “Under Process.”

Yesterday, on the 7th of November 2023, I revisited the Duhail Immigration office, and the Captain approved my application. Today, I received the approved visa.

– Ahmed

Doha Guides Team has made minimal changes to the comment to make it easy to read. Thank you Ahmed for sharing this in detail.

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