How To Change Ticket Holder Name (Qatar 2022 World Cup)

NOTE: This article is about the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ and has not been updated after December 2022.

FIFA has launched the official Ticketing App for World Cup Qatar 2022™ on 17 October 2022. Users will be able to access their mobile tickets, change their information, and transfer them to others using this app.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how to change ticket holder name using the official ticketing app. We will also explain how to send the mobile ticket to your guests and the options to enter stadium as a group.

Delivery of Mobile Tickets

All tickets purchased through the FIFA online ticket platform will be delivered as mobile tickets on the Official FIFA World Cup 2022™ mobile ticketing app. A mobile ticket is a secured ticket that can be accessed using the official app.

If you are the main ticket applicant (ticket purchaser), you will receive all mobile tickets, even those intended for your guests, on your mobile ticketing app. If necessary, you can change the guests’ names or send them their tickets through the mobile ticketing app.

Can the main applicant transfer his ticket to someone else?

Earlier there were reports that users will be able to change the primary applicant using the ticketing app. The app, however, only allows you to modify the names of guest ticket holders.

According to the FIFA website, the main applicant’s name cannot be changed. The website says:

“As the main ticket applicant, you cannot send any tickets allocated to your use to a different person. You are only entitled to send the ticket from your original guest(s) to another guest(s).”

Source: FIFA Website

It is not currently known if a new feature will be available in the later stages for changing the main applicant.

How To Change Ticket Holder Name

To change the guest’s names and send them through the Official FIFA World Cup 2022™ mobile ticketing app, you need to use the “Change guest” feature. This allows the main applicant to change the details of one of the guests.

Before you proceed you should download the “FIFA World Cup 2022™ Tickets” app from App Store or Google Play Store.

For more details on how to download and activate the app, see our detailed guide on FIFA World Cup Ticketing App.

Once you have download and logged in to the app, you can see your mobile tickets in the app. You can aso access your ticket(s) by clicking on the menu on the top left and selecting “My Tickets”.

You can find “Change guest” option by clicking on the ticket details on your mobile ticketing app.

Change Ticket Holder Name

Click on the “Change guest” icon, edit the guest details as required, and save it.

After this,you can either keep the guest’s ticket on your mobile app or send it to the guest’s mobile app using the “Send your ticket” feature.

How To Send Tickets To Others

“Send your ticket” allows the main applicant to send the guest ticket to guest(s).

  • The main applicant can send the ticket by inserting the email address used by the guest to register for the mobile ticketing app.
  • Guests who have not downloaded the mobile ticketing app will receive an email inviting them to download the app and create an account to access their tickets.
  • Guests who have already downloaded the mobile ticketing app and created an account will receive an email and a notification on the app. Then they can see the tickets assigned to them in their ticketing app.

How To Enter Stadium With Guests

While entering the stadium, there are two options available:

Option 1: Keep all tickets on main applicant’s mobile app

Keeping guests’ tickets on the main applicant’s mobile ticketing app. In this case, the main applicant and guests should enter the stadium together through the same gate.

If a ticket is allocated in a different block of the stadium, the ticket holder must scan his/her ticket at the respective gate to access the stadium. In this case, please consider sending the ticket to your guest before the match.

Option 2: Each person keeps his ticket on his mobile app

Send the ticket to the guest’s mobile using the “Send your ticket” option. In this case, the main applicant and guests can enter the stadium separately, as each has their tickets on their phone.

You are responsible for ensuring your guests have their tickets in their mobile ticketing app.

If you have face any issue or have an incompatible phone, please contact FIFA Customer Support by calling +974 4144 2022 for Qatari residents or +41 565 512 022 for international customers. Customers already in Qatar can also visit the FIFA Main Ticketing Center (MTC) at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mobile ticket?

A mobile ticket is a secured ticket that you receive on your Android or iOS smartphone using the Official FIFA World Cup 2022™ mobile ticketing app, following an online purchase of tickets.

Can I change the guest name once again on a ticket?

Yes, it is possible to change the guest’s name again. However, the tickets you send to one guest (Guest A) must be returned to your phone before they can be allocated to another (Guest B). If Guest A doesn’t send it back to you, you cannot give it to Guest B.

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    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Pankaj, you can only change a guest’s ticket to another. There is no option to change the main ticket holder.

  1. hi, my friend got his uncle to visit qatar and booked him a ticket for a game but now his uncle is in qatar but is unable to attend the match so is it possible for my friend to change the guest ticket and if so will that affect the hayya card of his uncle?
    thanks in regard

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Salem, If your friend’s uncle has already entered Qatar using this Hayya, it is better not to change the guest ticket. Changing guest tickets may cancel the Hayya Card, which will make him liable to pay penalty during departure. It is a big risk.

  2. If a main applicant sells his ticket after sending the guest tickets to another person do the Guest tickets lose their tickets as well

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Darren, This is what the FIFA website says: “If the original ticket purchaser wishes to submit their own ticket to the resale platform, they must submit all other tickets purchased by them for the same match. Guests are not permitted to attend any matches without the original ticket purchaser.”

  3. Hi
    Visa card is blocked in my country(Syria)
    Can I buy a ticket with my uncle’s card (he is outside the country)
    Then use his ticket account to enter the stadium?

    1. Hi Amre, If your uncle is buying two tickets he can add you as a guest. You cannot enter using his ticket (there is no option to change the primary ticket holder after purchase). Did you try using any other card?