Best Iftar Deals in Doha: Iftar Box Kits Under QR 40

Ramadan is a month for gratitude, sacrifice, and reflection, but let’s get real – it’s also about food. While we all know that the best Iftar is at home, there are a few places that offer a delicious extravaganza that is hard to miss!

There are plenty of restaurant options all over Qatar that offer amazing Iftar deals like Iftar boxes, Iftar kits, Iftar combo deals, bundle meals, etc. Here are the Best Iftar Deals in Doha offering Iftar Box Kits under QR 40:

List of Best Iftar Deals in Doha (2023)

MRA Restaurant

MRA Restaurant is offering Arabic Iftar Kit at QR 35, South Indian Iftar Kit at QR 36, Iftar Combo Meal Set at QR 34. You can also get a simpler South Indian Combo at QR 27.

MRA Arabic Iftar Kit 2023
MRA South Indian Iftar Kit 2023
MRA Combo Iftar Kit 2023
MRA South Indian Iftar Combo 2023

MRA Facebook Page

Zaitoon Restaurant

Zaitoon Restaurant offers a regular Iftar Box at QR 29 as well as Premium Iftar Box at QR 43. You can find a number of Indian delicacies in these boxes, including special Hyderabadi Haleem.

Zaitoon Restaurant & Grills Iftar Box 2023
Zaitoon Restaurant & Grills Premium Iftar Box 2023

Zaitoon Facebook Page

Absolute Barbecues

Absolute Barbecues has introduced their Iftar Meal box at QR 39, featuring Indian specialities like mutton haleem, chicken pakoda, chicken biriyani, butter chicken etc. You can also get family Iftar Box that serves 2-3 persons.

Absolute Barbecues Iftar Box 2023
Absolute Barbecues Iftar Family Box 2023

Absolute Barbecues Facebook Page

Rotana Restaurant

Rotana Restaurant’s Iftar Box is priced at QR 25 with ghee rice, mutton curry, kebab/barbecue etc. There is also a budget-friendly option for QR 15.

Rotana Restaurant Iftar Box 2023
Rotana Restaurant Iftar Kit 2023

Rotana Restaurant Facebook Page


IndiGrill has a special Iftar Meal Box for QR 29 per person. It has chicken tikka biriyani, mutton seekh kebab, samosa, aloo chana chaat, etc. You can also get family buffet box to enjoy with your family.

IndiGrill Restaurant Iftar Box 2023
IndiGrill Restaurant Family Iftar Box 2023

IndiGrill Facebook Page

Al Osra Restaurant

Al Osra Restaurant’s South Indian Iftar Box costs QR 29 and has ghee rice combo or chicken biriyani in addition to porotta / appam, chicken 65 etc. The North Indian Iftar Box costs QR 32 and has Hyderabadi chicken biriyani, butter chicken, haleesa etc.

Al Osra Iftar Box 2023
Al Osra Premium Iftar Box 2023

Al Osra Facebook Page

Punjab Restaurant

Punjab Restaurant has a simple Iftar Box that costs QR 15 as well as a Premium Iftar Box for QR 55. These are available in all three branches of the restaurant.

Punjab Restaurant Iftar Box 2023
Punjab Restaurant Special Iftar Box 2023

Punjab Restaurant Facebook Page

Malabar Palace Restaurant

Malabar Palace Restaurant offers Iftar Combo Box for QR 22 and chicken biriyani Iftar Box for QR 16.

Malabar Palace Restaurant Iftar Box 2023
Malabar Palace Restaurant Iftar Combo 2023

Malabar Palace Facebook Page

Hot Chicken

Hot Chicken offers Iftar Boxes for QR 23 and Mini Combo at QR 15.

Hot Chicken Iftar Combo 2023
Hot Chicken Iftar Mini Combo 2023

Hot Chicken Facebook Page

Farsa Restaurant

Farsa Restaurant’s Iftar Box costs QR 27 and has a rice speciality, parotta chicken, snacks etc.

Farsa Restaurant Iftar Box 2023

Farsa Facebook Page

Black Olive Restaurant

Black Oliver Restaurant has four different Ifthar Combos, each priced at QR 20. There is also a simple Iftar Kit at QR 12.

Black Olive Iftar Box 2023
Black Olive Iftar Kit 2023

Black Olive Facebook Page

Calicut Notebook Restaurant

Calicut Notebook has a dine-in Iftar set menu for QR 18.

Calicut Notebook Iftar Combo

Calicut Notebook Facebook Page

Kickoff Restaurant

Kickoff Restaurant has different types of Ifthar Combos Boxes for QR 16 each.

Kickoff Restaurant Iftar Combo 1
Kickoff Restaurant Iftar Combo 2
Kickoff Restaurant Iftar Combo 3

Kickoff Restaurant Facebook Profile

Ginger House Restaurant

Ginger House Grill & Restaurant offers Chicken Dum Biryani Combo for Iftar, priced at QR 20.

Ginger House Grill & Restaurant Iftar 2023

Ginger House Facebook Page

Indian Grill House

Indian Grill House has non-veg Iftar Combos for QR 20 and QR 25.

Indian Grill House Iftar 2023
Indian Grill House Iftar Combo 2023

Indian Grill House Facebook Page

Royal Istanbul

Royal Istanbul offers two types of Iftar Box Meals at QR 18 each.

Royal Istanbul Iftar Box 2023

Royal Istanbul Facebook Page

Keema Chapati

Keema Chapati has a budget friendly Iftar Combo priced at QR 13.

Keema Chapati Iftar Combo 2023

Keema Chapati Qatar Facebook Page

Pak Pakwan Restaurant

Pak Pakwan Restaurant offers Iftar Combo Meals starting from QR 19.

Pak Pakwan Restaurant Iftar Combo

Pak Pakwan Facebook Page

Lucky Food Restaurant

Lucky Food Restaurant offers two types of Iftar Boxes at QR 18 (chicken biryani) and QR 20 (mutton biryani).

Lucky Food Restaurant Iftar Combo

Lucky Food Facebook Page

Modern Asian Restaurant

Modern Asian Restaurant serves Iftar Box Combos at QR 18.

Modern Asian Restaurant Iftar Combo

Modern Asian Facebook Page

Rawabi Hypermarket

Rawabi Hypermarket is offering different Iftar Boxes at QR 12, QR 18, and QR 22.

Rawabi Hypermarket Iftar Box 1
Rawabi Hypermarket Iftar Box 2
Rawabi Hypermarket Iftar Box 3

Rawabi Hypermarket Facebook Page

This list will be updated with more offers throughout this Ramadan. If you know about an amazing restaurant in Doha that is offering such an Iftar deal, please do comment and we can update this.

For a free listing on this page, you can send us an email with the details. Also, make sure to share this page with your friends and family.

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